my Mormon family has selective memory of the temple

by Romy Mar 2012

I recently revealed my disbelief to my mom, dad and another family member and told them my first issue came up from looking up mason secrets after hearing someone at work talking about masons. I had NO CLUE what I was in for because I have never been through the endowment, looked up anything about the ceremony, watched Big Love, heard anything from friends etc...so when I got a lot of google links back about the similarities of masonry to the mormon temple ceremony I was shocked.

Did you go through Washing and Annointing before 1990?


I'm curious if anyone here experience the washing and annointing before 1990, did you really have to do that fully naked? What was your experience? What were your thoughts? Were you shocked? prepared?

Veils on Women in Mormon Temple: question

by yin Feb 2012

I've never been in the temple ceremony. I left before I was ever married/took out my endowments.
The women wear veils. Do they actually cover their faces? Or is this a pre-1990 practice?

The attitude of Mormon temple workers


I have read several threads concerning irritable, bad tempered, bad attitudes, ect of some of the temple workers. Is this the norm or the exception? Are they all old as well as crabby?

Bra and panties!! - no more Mormon Garments

by ddrakep

My wife has finally quit wearing her g's and I couldn't be happier. What were others peoples' thoughts when this happened to them? Love seeing how sexy she is again. They were so gross. [g's = garments - Mormon underwear that is given to Mormons who go through the temple endowment to wear 24 hrs per day]

This time I don't have to stand out in the rain! (kinda long, humor me) new

By NormaRae Dec 2011 Daughter's earlier temple marriage

Temple weddings

by non-believing dad Dec 2011

I posted awhile ago about going to my step-daughter's temple wedding coming up this spring. It is very important to my tbm wife that I get a TR and go. I told her I could do everything I needed to get a TR [temple recommend] except lie about the church being true.

What is all this: "What is Wanted?" thing

by subliminal Dec 2011

The "what is wanted" thing? I don't get it. I'm sure the jokes will be more funny then.

Raptor Jesus
When you go through the veil at the temple.
To meet Elohim, you tap on this metal bar three times, and then Elohim's arm comes out and Elohim asks, "What is wanted?"


How long were you a Mormon before you knew Mormons wore special garments?

from: questioner Nov. 2011

I was baptized in 1985 aged 10 going 11.I never knew or heard of any temple garments that mormon wear until I was aged 15,yet I was active until that time.It was not until 1996 aged 21 when I left Mormonism that I learnt that mormon wear garments to be worn in order to receive a temple recommend by their bishop etc.