The attitude of Mormon temple workers


I have read several threads concerning irritable, bad tempered, bad attitudes, ect of some of the temple workers. Is this the norm or the exception? Are they all old as well as crabby?

I found most to be extremely smiley, and happy to be there.
More often those attending were crabby. There are people of all ages there, but there are more older people on missions. At least one I remember was creepy.

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“How can you tell if someone is converted to Jesus Christ?”

For forty-five minutes those in attendance made numerous suggestions in response to this question, and the leader carefully wrote down each answer on a large blackboard. All of the comments were thoughtful and appropriate. But after a time, this great teacher erased everything he had written. Then, acknowledging that all of the comments had been worthwhile and appreciated, he taught a vital principle:

“The best and most clear indicator that we are progressing spiritually and coming unto Christ is the way we treat other people.”

from Ashton talk; The Tongue Can be a Sharp Sword

eta: Would they allow this talk today? would be be REQUIRED to re-tape it? Would Ashton be put of Emeritus Status the Next Day?

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So true Guy!

In my experience nearly every single temple worker fell into two categories:
Creepy or Crabby. 99% were in the crabby group. I never understood it then because serving in "the house of the Lord" was supposed to be utterly magnificent right? It was only after I left that I began to feel very sorry for those who felt spritually black mailed into spending hours upon hours everyday on their feet during their golden years. I'm sure when many of them were planning out retirement it didn't include feeling like a Walmart greeter minus the fancy blue vest.

I never once went to the temple
where the women weren't total bitches. They'd nitpick at such stupid things as if the bow on your sash wasn't tied perfectly.

When I did baptisms for the dead--they'd get you in an open shower stall after you were done and not give you a towel until you handed them your "jumpsuit." This was very traumatic to me as I have always been over the top modest and where was I taught to be modest? Mormonism. Then they get you in the temple and strip you naked many times.

Like someone else said 99% were either creepy or crabby. The guy they sealed me to over and over again was creepy--the last time i went to the temple. Why they didn't pull my husband aside to do sealings with me is beyond my capability to understand.

CA girl
I met a nice one once
One of the bitchy ones rented me a temple dress that was a clingy polyester and 2 sizes too small for me. You might as well have just painted my naked body white for how revealing it was - I was sooo embarrassed. When I went to show the ancient, bitchy lady it didn't fit and ask for a larger size, she just got all snippy and said it "Looked fine to me and this wasn't a fashion show and you need to wear what you are given, young lady." The younger, middle-aged woman who was doing all the running while the bitty ran the counter stopped and said "No it doesn't look right and anyway, it doesn't matter. If she feels it's uncomfortable and immodest, then we need to get her the dress she'll feel comfortable in." The older lady gave me and the nicer lady one hell of a dirty look then marched off, grumbling to help another patron. The nicer lady smiled and got me the dress I wanted, much to my relief.

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When you run an assembly line you become a robotic individual who inevitabley sees the constant flow of faces as just that. Unconsciously, they eventually fall into a pattern where their main duty is to maintain an orderly and environment.

You see this same look in the faces at the ticket booth, and at the fastfood counter.

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Now I can skip church tomorrow with no guilt.Those words really get to the heart of my beliefs. Thanks.

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I found them mostly nice, but they like to feel like they are doing something productive so they nitpick. I got in trouble for being efficient when moving my robe to the other shoulder. "you must completely remove the robe" Oh brother. I guess if they wanted us to be efficient, they would have just put it on the correct shoulder to begin with.

"the correct shoulder "
pretty much says it about a Temple Visit, 'eh?

the comments in This Thread... C/Should be a WAKE UP to ChurchCo... isn't the Temple the highest/best experience in Morland?

ChurchCo Folks: It's a utter SHAM, a Complete FRAUD, 100% HOAX.

Provo Girl
Two temple matrons argued over my wedding dress!
Two decades ago I spent several hundred dollars on my wedding dress. I designed it myself and a very talented dressmaker created it. We worked hard to make sure it was modest or "temple standard" so I wouldn't need one of those hideous inserts. It was a lovely dress and it suited me.

At the temple, two temple matrons in the dressing room argued for 5 minutes over my dress. One insisted I'd need an insert over the collar of the dress because it was supposedly immodest. I said, look, we designed it to be temple standard and my garments don't show at all. (I was in my early 30s and knew how to stand up for myself. I was no sweet 19-year-old you could boss around.)

The other temple matron said to this one: "You leave her alone. Her dress is just fine. In fact, its the most modest one here today."

Another time, I went into the Manti temple for a freind's wedding. I was wearing drop earrings that were dressy, but not loud. On our way to the dressing rooms, a temple matron stopped me and told me my earrings were too big and to take them out. I told her politely I fully intended to take them out when I changed into my temple clothes. She stood there, trying to decide whether to continue arguing with me. I just continued walking.

Honestly, they're lucky any one shows up any more to go to the temple. YOu'd think they'd worry about more important things.

Glad I won't be spending my retirement as a temple worker, GAG

Honestly, they're lucky any one shows up any more to go to the temple. YOu'd think they'd worry about more important things.
I've said for a Long, Long time that 99.9% of Mormonism is a DISTRACTION away from the Basic Values of Christianity.

If this thread doesn't Prove It, nothing else C/Would.

Thanks for ALL the posts, You've MADE MY DAY!

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A long time ago, I became a part-time "Jehovah" at the veil. On my rookie start, I was met "through the veil" by a very humble man who could not repeat required Maso-Mor(m)onic dialog, not even if doing so might save his life, not even his spiritual life. At least four times I tried unsuccessfully to elicit the correct order of mumbo jumbo from this poor man. I was stumped until I was told by an old mentor, who stood beside me, to bring my petitioner through the veil. A little scolding I got, and was sternly told that it was church policy to insure a happy temple experience for its patrons. How had I messed up I wondered. I was a patron myself but I was not having a good time. I was embarrassed. I even felt guilty, but for what I could not ponder.

I would like to say that with my next petitioner at the veil, I recited portions of "The Three Little Pigs". I think that would have been happy relief, at least for me.

That was my very last Mormon temple trip to the holy veil. I requested name removal years later after I became fully cognizant of the fact that Joseph Smith was a liar.

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When I was a teenager, our ward made a baptism trip to the Logan temple, the closest one to us at the time. It was my first temple trip like that so I was really excited to go.

I remember NOTHING else about the experience besides the bickering and back biting that went on with the little ladies in the dressing rooms who were helping us get ready. I was so shocked by that.

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Temple workers: picky about things that do not matter and some look happy and some look miserable

Hillbilly Heathen
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When I got my endowments and was sealed at the Washington DC temple in 2000, I was left with two terrible memories - one, of course, was the endowment session itself. A terrible experience for me.

The second - how incredibly humorless, grouchy, and bitchy the temple workers were. (Especially the old female ones). One in particular was the haughty lady who ran the clothing/garment shop. She left my wife, a convert of just a year, in tears.

I can honestly say that my first temple experience was the beginning of my conscious exit out...

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I have run into a few that I am sure had dementia or some other condition that would explain their unacceptable behavior. Most of the temple workers were decent, in my experience.These are people who herd the masses and do it in a "sober" manner.

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