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An example of Book of Mormon evidences and the scientific method

Jan 2012

One of the goals of science is not to prove theories right, but to prove them wrong. When this happens, a theory must be changed or thrown away. It is important to report the results even if the outcome proved the theory wrong.

Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth . . .

By steve benson Jan 2012

--Oliver Cowdery: Supposedly Devoted Follower of Mormonism--Who Died with a Decidedly Anti-Mormon Side--

**From Partner and Producer, to Hated and Excommunicated

Cowdery was not your average Mormon “special witness.” He was Associate Church President to God's supposed prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith and co-producer of the Mormon Church.

Is there any possibility that the egyptologists are wrong?

by angelina5 Dec 2011

studies on the Joseph Amith papyri are wrong? What are the proofs? I hope I am not posting too many new topics.

Re: Is there any possibility that the egyptologists that conducted
Don't feel bad about posting too much at all. I am only two years into this journey, and this board was a great help for me.

Joe Smith and his Marvelous Myth Machine: Ancient texts nov 2011

steve benson

It's suggested that Smith got the word "Nephi" from here or there, and the story of Lehi's migration to America from a stream in the Arabian Peninsula. On and on. One thing's for sure: He sure didn't get it from real life.