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More Nail-Pounding into the Mormon Church's "Lamanite DNA" Coffin . . .

steve benson May 2013

--The Scientific Evidence Against the Mormon Church’s Claim of a Genetic Link Between Book of Mormon “Lamanites,” Present-day Native Americans and Semitic DNA

From “Bedrock of a Faith Is Jolted,“ by William Lobell, as published in the “Los Angeles Times”:

Turns out advanced ancient civilizations leave a lot of stuff behind

pandora Mar. 2013

I visited the Asian Art Museum in SF today to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. It was amazing. There were swords, things for horses and chariots, beautiful warriors and armor. Even a small gold belt buckle was on display which made me think about all the small day to day things that remain long after the people who used them are gone. All of these artifacts were from around 200 bc or 600 years before the great battle at the hill cumorah.

Why did Joseph Smith marry women who were already married to mormon men?

plig Feb. 2013

Why did he marry 11 women who were already married to Mormon men? He married many of these women after sending their husbands on Mormon missions.

The Back Story on Backing Off: Was Bruce R. McConkie Upset with Members of His Own Family Supposedly Spreading WIld Tales about the Black-Priesthood Temple "Revelation"? . . .

steve benson Dec. 2012

Mormon Church apostle Bruce R. McConkie, in a public sermon to LDS seminary and institute teachers in August 1978 at Brigham Young University, spoke in dramatic fashion about what he insinuated actually did (and did not) occur in the Salt Lake temple some two months earlier when then-Mormon Church president Spencer W. Kimball told the assembled First Presidency and members of the Quorum of the Twelve that the LDS Church was abandoning its anti-Black doctrine--one which had historically denied the priesthood to men of African descent.

France and Polygamous Missionaries


When I was a missionary in France in the early 80's, there was a lot of hushed talk about a missionary that had convinced a couple of other elders and some of the sisters to break away from the church and 'go back to their roots' by forming a polygamous group [in the late 1950's]. This obviously caused a big stir in the region. Some excommunications took place, and many of the members, even in the early 80's still didn't fully trust the American missionaries.

Thoughts on LDS Reform (Long Winded)

holytheghost Nov. 2012

Official LDS church historian, Elder Marlin K. Jensen (now emeritus) is being candid about the LDS church’s problem of rapidly decreasing membership numbers due to historical issues which are now coming to light

Mormon Church Falsely Claims 1890 Manifesto Ended Polygamy

steve benson Nov. 2012

In an unending effort to twist history and turn it on its head, the Mormon Church dishonestly declares (despite mountains of documented evidence to the contrary) that its 1890 "Manifesto" ended, dead in its tracks, the Mormon practice of polygamy. As is so often the case, the historical record speaks loudly and clearly to the contrary.

Lamanites Lamanites Everywhere but Nary A Drop of Jewish DNA

steve benson Oct. 2012

--Identifying from Whom the Lamanites Originally Descended

Thus Spake the Prophet Joseph Smith:

"When I was about 17 years old I saw another vision of angels in the night season after I had retired to bed I had not been asleep . . . [

"[A]ll at once the room was illuminated above the brightness of the sun an angel appeared before me . . .

Horses in America and Book of Mormon

spanner Sep. 2012

Just posting some links to recent stuff on Horses in America. Research is honing in on the time horses finally went extinct in the Americas, which was thousands of years before the Jaredites supposedly set sail.

Romney There No Help for the Millionaire's Son?...

steve benson Sep 2012

There are certainly a wide variety of factors at play in who ends up winning the presidential sweepstakes in just over 50 days (Many of those reasons are overtly and non-religiously political, so we won't address them in this forum, per Admin rules).

However, the Big and Legitimate Question here at RFM is:

Will Mitt's Mormonism end up doing him in?