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Written by Cathy Walker-Gilman to Mrs. Romney - WOMEN

ChrisDeanna Sep 2012

Dear Mrs. Romney:

I work very hard in my daily life to assume the best about people. So the only thing I am going to assume about you is that you are probably a pretty nice person with a good heart. I like to make this global assumption without the taint of the opinions of others.

And I would appreciate it if you would stop assuming things about me.

Mountain Meadows Massacre Anniversary Reflections on Visiting the Site of the Covered-Up Mormon Cult Murders of 120 American Immigrants . . .

steve benson Sep. 11 2012

Below are some lingering thoughts and images of my visit a few years ago to the site of the Mountain Meadows Massacre:

The highway signs indicating one's approach to the Mountain Meadows Massacre site are innocuous and give absolutely no hint of the horrible atrocity that occurred there. The roadside signs, at both the one mile and half-mile mark on opposite sides of the highway, simply say, "Mountain Meadows."

Inconvenient Truths Left Out of Sermons for the Sheep: Pratt was Killed by the Husband of a Woman that Pratt Had Run Off With (which may have triggered the Mt. Meadow Massacre)--

steve benson Sep 2012

Anyone here know the REAL reason Apostle Pratt was killed? . "The 'assailant' was none other than the HUSBAND of a woman that Parley P. Pratt seduced into being his NINTH polygamous wife. . . .

Book of Abraham Facsimiles 1,2 & 3

nlocnil Aug 2012

**Book of Abraham Facsimiles Compared**

Interpretation of Joseph Smith vs modern Egyptologist. In a visually appealing format for better understanding.

Desperate Mopologists Claim Ancient Bulgarian Gold-Plate Find Proves Book of Mormon

steve benson Aug 2012

Below is some predictable silly putty propaganda from an LDS outfit--calling itself the "Genesis Group" and marching under the heavenly banner of "Ancient America Foundation"--regarding a "gold plate book" found in (drum roll, please) Bulgaria--the famous landing spot, of course, for Lehi, Nephi and the rest of the original Mormon pioneer clan.

Media reports are taking note of the repeatedly demonstrated fact that Romney is a Mormon who apparently is internally lacking in essential core moral values . . .

steve benson May 2012

Many examples of that obvious reality have been provided in mainstream media accounts where Mo Mitt displays this insidious personal impulse of his--one which reporters are finding particularly strange (not to mention increasingly frustrating), since Romney (supposedly a man of deep Mormon faith) who is openly seeking an office of public trust, is deliberately remaining an evasive engima to the nation due to his steadfast refusal to express moral principles that are supposedly rock-rib related to doctrinal particulars of his LDS religion.

FAIR - Book of Mormon Translation - Stone in a Hat

by SpongeBob SquareGarments May 2012

On March 29 & 30 of 2012, there was a live presentation held at the Utah Valley University entitled 'Mormonism and the Internet'. In Scott Gordon's presentation at the 41:07 mark he has a slide that says "Translation with a Hat". He then lists 5 LDS sources that he claims states that Joseph translated the Book of Mormon with a hat.

Young Mormon Male Mitt Romney Gang-Assaults a Gay Classmate Violence-Justifying LDS Church Apostle Boyd K. Packer Burst with Pride

by steve benson May 2012

In a homophobic screed launched by Mormon Church apostle and then-acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Boyd K. Packer, entitled “To Young Men Only,” Packer justified physical violence against gays.

Packer's hate-filled speech--delivered to young Mormon boys at the General Priesthood Session of Mormon Conference in October 1976--condoned committing acts of physical assault on gays as the situation warranted.

My letter to Elder Holland re Book of Mormon (very long)

by anointed one May 2012

Here is a copy of letter I sent with specific questions regarding his proclamation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon

Meldrum's mtDNA X lineage claims vapourized

by Simon in Oz Apr 2012

In 2010 Rodney Meldrum appeared in a DVD documentary "Lost Civilizations of North America" where he promoted his flawed X lineage theories. The documentary was produced by Mormons and is clearly intended to give scientific credibility to Meldrum's theories by including several short interviews with respected scientists who have studied North American Indian tribes. http://www.lostcivilizationdvd.com/