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New Essay: Book of Mormon And DNA Studies

Simon in Oz Feb. 2014

A few quick responses on the essay. Unfortunately I don't have the resources of a PR company and an army of apologists at my disposal so its pretty rough. [Reference http://lds.org/topics]

The Burning of the Nauvoo Temple

steve benson Dev. 2013

Remember how you were brainwashed in true-blue Mormon concentration-camp-of-the-mind classrooms that it was evil agents of Satan who burned down the Nauvoo Temple?

If Mormons Think the LDS Church Has Long Opposed Racism, They're Wrong ...

steve benson Dec. 2013

Sadly, the Utah Mormon Church, well into the 20th century, has an historical track record of squalid, bigoted and anti-civil rights attitudes, teachings and practices which targeted African-Americans under its supposed "control."

A Mountain of Lies: Those Treasure-Laden Caves Under the Hill Cumorah

steve benson Nov. 2013

Although Joseph Smith's co-Mormon Church president and sidekick, Oliver Cowdery, couldn't get his personal dowsing stick to function when it came to the Book of Mormon's translation junction, he was nonetheless able to locate caves in the Hill Cumorah piled high with ancient plates.

Lamanites Everywhere but Nary A Drop of Jewish DNA

steve benson Nov. 2013

--Identifying from Whom the Lamanites Originally Descended

Providing Cover on Joe's Lovers: Emma Was a Money-Minded Co-Conspirator...

steve benson Sep 2013

. . . who--in silence and deceit on both the nature of Mormonism and the abominable antics of her husband--ran conscious interference for Joe's despicable personal behavior and for the fraudulent cult that he concocted. There is a wealth of evidence to support that conclusion, including that provided by examination of Emma's money fights with Mormon Church

FARMS Rushed to Defend the White Salamander

steve benson Aug 2013

If, in fact, the Book of Mormon gold plates were delivered to Joseph Smith not by an angel but by a white salamander (as Mark Hofmann's eventually exposed. forged Martin Harris letter claimed), then, back when that news broke, the Mormon Church had some big-time explainin' to do.

So when do members hear the official head in hat with seer stones lesson?

dk Aug 2013

A while back, someone posted an official primary lesson that talked about JS translating the BOM from gold plates. So, when do members hear the lesson that says JS translated the BOM by putting his head in a hat with seer stones?

[Note: The hat and seer stone was mentioned in a 1993 Ensign, but never incorporated into official lesson manuals.]

Did Joseph Smith Produce Children in Polygamous Relationships

steve benson July 2013

What, if any, DNA evidence exists indicating that Joseph Smith fathered children through his polygamous escapades and not through his marriage to his first wife, Emma?

Disappearing Generation of Lamanites

Simon in Oz May 2013

Hi Folks,

In the final death-throes of apologetic responses to the decimating DNA, the church’s official unofficial scripture-twisting BYU-funded excuse makers have claimed that we wouldn’t expect to find Lamanite DNA because it has been diluted away beyond detection. Yes, these prophet-dismissing testimony tramplers now believe that the disappearance of Lamanite genes is sort of exactly what they expected based on their latest twist of scripture.