Funny when we're accused of not using "official" sources

by AngelCowgirl Nov 2011

I find this highly amusing, because in all my pages of typed quotes, only one thus far is from The Seer. The rest of them were pulled straight from Journal of Discourses and other sources of "official church doctrine". Besides, how can we be expected to believe and follow just some words from an apostle and not others?

Is this the LDS "secret" of how we came to be here?

by rowan Nov 2011

This is what I have understood from what I have read here and elsewhere.

All the people of earth existed as "a separate intelligence" before they agreed to become spirit children of Heavenly Father.

What are your big three reasons for leaving Mormonism?

From: What me worry Nov. 2011

There are many "proofs" that the church isn't true. But in my mind three of them stand out above the rest.

1-Racism. Blacks and the priesthood, lamanites cursed with a dark skin, preoccupation with lineage and blood of Israel. One word, Vile.