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Does the anger ever end????

wendybird Mar. 2013

I resigned from the church over 8 years ago and thought I had resolved most things and moved on. Lately my rage has returned towards the Mormon faith and all Mormons in general. My daughter has turned 16 and has a full and normal life free of the Mormon machine. I look at her and see how much the church stole and destroyed my youth.

Mormon Mission to Japan - Steve Benson

steve benson Mar 2013

--Getting the "Call to Serve"

I remember how much my grandfather, Ezra Taft Benson, loved Asia, how he often told me that growing up and, in fact, how he sent me a postcard from Asia when I was a teenager letting me know that I would love that area and its Mormon Gospel-devoted Saints, too, should I go there on my mission.

Anyone else think your mission was run like a business?

rusty123 Mar. 2013

Was anyone else surprised when they got out into the mission field and realized how much the mission seemed to be run like either a military or a business instead of being run like an EFY or the one and only true church?

Mormon Missionary Murdered by his Companion

steve benson Feb. 2013

I recently received email correspondence from a family member of a Mormon missionary who was horribly and tragically killed by his companion while serving in the Louisville-Kentucky mission--which, at the time, was headed by my uncle, Reed Benson, as its president. (His assignment there ran from 1975 to 1978).

Mormon Life Short Courtships

curiousnevermo Feb. 2013

Hey all. I have (another) question I hope you don't mind answering. I love Mormon mom message boards (I know, I know), and every so often I see a thread like "How long did you date before you married?" And each of these threads seems to be a freaking competition to see who married the fastest. I'm talking "I went on two dates and then got engaged"

What was the worst part about your mission?

turnonthelights Feb. 2013

For me it was being with a crazy companion 24/7. I remember the best part of the day was when I could take an extra long shower and finally be alone! When I got home It felt like a luxury to be my own person again and not have to worry about someone else.

Mormon Cosmology

anagrammy Feb. 2013

Hi all you newbies. Welcome Mormons! Sit up straight because you will learn something new for a change.

This is my most-requested post and I get lots of requests from people who want to know if there are any space alien beliefs in Mormonism.

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 3

{Admin Note: Part 3 of Mormon Missionary Experiences]

toto Feb. 2013

And now, for your reading pleasure, a female's perspective.

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 2

[Admin note: Former Mormon missionaries reflect on their companions. Part 2 of 3}

bc Feb. 2013
Re: Missionary Companions

I may have a record for the most companions.

Mormon Missionary Companions part 1

drjubhut Feb. 10 2013

[Admin note: Former Mormon missionaries reflect on their companions. Part 1 of 3}

1. I didn't know you could be a mute and serve a mission. I don't think I heard him utter three words to me the whole time we were together.