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Mormon Tithing estimated at $7 billion per year


Quite a good article. Takes financial disclosure required in countries such as Canada, UK, Australia and projects tithing at $7 billion per annum.

Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS

Cactus Jim Jan. 2013

Back about the year 2000 Flora Jessop was just starting her career publicly fighting the FLDS. Her 14 year old sister was about to leave Colorado City and Flora was trying to help her. But Ruby was lured back under false pretenses and she disappeared off our Radar screens. Flora came on this exmo BB and asked for help putting Ruby's picture on the internet. The result was the website

Is primary always manipulative?

rainwriter jAN. 2013

I've been in the primary for 2 Sundays, so I know that what I've observed could be the exception for our ward rather than the rule, but I'm somehow doubting that. I've seen 4 adults in the primary cry while testifying of the truthfulness of something, which at first doesn't seem like a big deal. But when it happens each week, it's clear that it's not only teaching the kids that emotions equate the spirit, but is also very emotionally manipulative.

Medical release from my mission

MS Jan, 2013

A while back I embarked on my mission after working for a solid two years to meet the worthiness bar. 6 weeks later I was home on a medical release for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Looking back on my early childhood I can vividly remember moments when I should have gotten help for mental and emotional concerns. Since being home I have wondered why and what caused me so many problems on my mission. All though I feel that my brain is just wired to worry, which causes my emotional distress at home. I can't understand why those who didn't take the church seriously even on their mission are mentally more stable.

The cult robbed me of my grief.

resipsaloquitur Jan. 2012

My first wife died after a year of marriage. I don't talk about it much because I still don't really know what to think, or how I feel about it. And it was almost 13 years ago.

Inspiring New Video Gives the Secret to Strengthening Testimonies

tecumseh Jan. 2013

I just had a link for this sent to me by the Stake Executive Secretary with a request to forward it to ward leaders. [ Admin note: This video is designed to strengthen Mormons' testimonies about cleaning the church toilets. This is over the top serious with music!! ]

My mission in hell - Suffer from Tourettes

anon for this Jan. 2013

I came home early from a foreign mission. The mission was the absolute worst experience of my life. It aggravated my depression and OCD to the point that I couldn't function and think clearly. My anxiety and snoring MTC companion kept me from being able to get enough sleep each night. I developed severe social anxiety while out that I have never recovered from.

Two sister missionaries in my mission were raped

CA girl Jam. 2013

This took place back in the 1990s. I arrived in the mission field with 5 other sisters. One of them, who I'll call Sister Smith, was assigned a trainer who was just amazingly beautiful. I found out she paid for her mission by modeling professionally. The two were assigned to a small, coastal town.

Leaving Mormonism how long does it take to start feeling better?

notanymore Dec. 2012

I absolutely LOVE not being a Mormon and I am just ecstatic to know the truth and be 100% free. But the aftermath has been just depressing. It's been almost a year since learning the truth and leaving and life has gradually improved since first telling friends and family. But then Christmas came and it feels like I'm at square one again. The holidays were horrible dealing with family.

My sister's mission president could have killed her.

jackjoseph Dec. 2012

My sister just came home from her mission to Latin America with a huge, scary lump on her thumb.

She had had it for two months. Her mission didn't let her see a doctor because they didn't want to deal with it. They figured she could just take care of it when she got home in a couple months.