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Tom Monson's "Nasty" Coke Habit: Revealing Info from Inside His Family & from Those Who Work for Him (Plus, the Mormon Church's Long-Standing Anti-Coke "Revelation," Now Repealed)

steve benson Sep 2012

The Mormon Church has--yet again--performed a complete 180: This time on its now-defunct denunciation of consuming caffeinated sodas.

Reply from Elder Holland Mormon Apostle to my letter

By anointed one May 2012

Jeffery Holland [Mormon Apostle] Response and my reply
( Original letter - )
An excerpt from Anointed One's response: 'You absolutely amazed me with your email. You are a highly educated, articulate and well read person with a PhD from Yale. Yet, you do not address one issue in my letter. Instead, you sent me a mindless rant.'

Mormon Apostle Jeffery Holland was ambushed by BBC

by sherlock Mar 2012

The church was clearly very unhappy with the BBC documentary 'The Mormon Candidate', hand delivering a letter of complaint to the BBC, which mentioned that Elder Holland had been ambushed and then putting up the defensive on Facebook.

Oaks Admits Apostolic Arrogance.

by baura Mar 2012

The Mormon-sponsored Youtube video of Oaks admitting the Church is losing the 20-30 year old men he makes an interesting statement. He talks about AFTER he was called to be an apostle he was assigned to the missionary committee and told to assign missionaries. He claims he asked Bruce R. McConkie, "how do you know where to assign them?" The answer is telling: It starts at about 3:00 in the video:

Why do Mormon General Authorities deceive people?

by ktay Feb 2012

I mean really, what's the point? Is it for the tithing money or do the GAs really buy into all this nonsense? I've had my doubts for a long time but always thought it was somehow true until two days ago when I discovered this site. I'm sure you know what I'm going through. Lots of emotions. But what's pissing me off is wondering how could people be so stupid?

Time for a new Mormon Stake Presidency- here's how it was done

by thedrive Feb 2012

My brother serves on his Stake High Council. He called me to tell me that he got to meet a real-live General Authority this past week when they reorganized the Stake Presidency. This is how he explained the process.

Mark Hofmann the Forgerer and Murderer with Mormon General Authorities

by steve benson Jan 2012

A Warning--What You Are About to See is Undeniable Proof That Your Mormon Church is a Fraud. How can anyone really trust an organization that buys documents which call into question the divine origins of the church for the sole purpose of keeping them from being published?

Are TBM Lurkers Reading This Board

by steve benson jan 2012

In another thread, poster Makurosu noted that Mormon Church president David O. McKay's statement, "No other success can compensate for failure in the home," wasn't original to McKay but, rather, was stolen from Benjamin Disraeli:

Mormons Believe the Berlin Wall Fell due to the LDS Church and Thomas Monson

by steve benson

Exhibit A in this regard: Monson's diabolical dance with East Germany's devil and Soviet-backed henchman, Erich Honecker.
Thomas Monson dancing with dictators.

Monson showed the world that he can play footsies with Commie thugs better than prize-winning partners on the BYU Ballroom Dance Team can glide their way into your hearts.

Mark E. Petersen's 1954 talk laying out the Church's position on race relations. (LONG)

by baura Jan 2012

The best job of laying out the Mormon position on race BEFORE the so-called revelation of 1978 was done by Apostle Mark. E. Petersen when instructing a group of Institute teachers and directors on August 27, 1954 at BYU.

This was OFFICIAL INSTRUCTION from an APOSTLE to RELIGION TEACHERS. This was not an idle statement or just an off-hand opinion.