Mormon Therapist speaks out about masturbation

upsidedown Dec. 2012

It's a great article that speaks out against the church policy and describes some of the danger in the view that masturbation is sinful.

Mormonism - the Enron of religion

T-Bone Aug. 2012

I recently saw a presentation by author named Bethany McLean. She had written an article on Enron before the company declared bankruptcy, and all analysts were praising the company. But she found some red flags

Most Important Element of A Damaging Cult

anagrammy Nov. 2012

Today one of my daughters called me and asked me to give her the single most important element that makes a religion a cult.

New Order Mormon?

amberbock Oct 2012

This term is new to me. Is this something that is commonly known throughout the church now (inactive for +10 yrs.) Is it "OK" to tell your bishop you are a NOM [new order Mormon] and still get a temple rec.? Can't wrap my mind around this thinking.

In defense of converts to the Mormon Church

by caedmon June 2012

I often read comments on this board that the only people who join TSCC [this so called church] today are low income, uneducated rubes who are clearly of subpar intelligence.

Well, I know three converts well, one is my daughter. She and the other converts I know joined TSCC at a difficult transitional point in life. TSCC knows that people in that stage of life are vulnerable to their pitch and they actively go after them. She was always the child who needed someone to hold her hand in new situations until she got her bearings.

Is the Mormon church really greedy?

Just wondering what your guys thoughts are on this? I know a lot of people are angry at the apparent lack of charity when you look at the money spent vs estimated tithing earnings and dollars spent on malls, investments etc.

I was born into a cult but I have never been LDS - Christadelphians

by Amellifera Feb 2012

I realize this isn’t a space created for me, and I hope I’m not intruding. I’ve spent the past 3 days reading this forum. My husband doesn’t understand why I’m so fascinated. He thinks it has something to do with the fact that we live in Utah. It doesn’t, really, though I found this forum because I was curious. The major reason I’ve been reading your discussions (in all of my free time for the past 3 days) is because I was born into “The Truth” as well. Though they call themselves Christadelphians.

Reading about the murder of Laban. Would you kill if God told you to?

by rowan 2011

I was reading on this site a thread that dealt with the murder of Laban and just how unbelievable the story is. That got me to wondering...if God told you to kill someone, what would you do? What if it weren't God, but the Prophet or a GA or even a Bishop? Think Mountain Meadow Massacre here.

Is Tithing Money used to Build to City Creek

by Rosyjenn Dec. 2011

I know it's a waste of time arguing on youtube but I was addressed in a response about the church on a video.

The posters questions are: "Do you have any documentation proving that any of the General Authorities receive money from the Tithing Fund as part of their stipends?

Xango juice Nov 2011


I went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game recently. Their main sponsor is "Xango"