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Old posters return and report and other experiences here on RfM.

A loving tribute to flattop/XYZ

msmom Mar. 2013

Dear Exmo friends,

If you have been here for a while you will recall our good friend flattop. He died Monday evening. I just spoke with his partner who gave the OK to let this community know.

A tribute to RfM lurkers.

Cheryl Feb. 2013

Once someone loudly accused me of hating lurkers. Not true. I love 'em!

I think about them often when I post and I wonder what they're thinking about all of the threads and issues at hand. Once at an exmo conference a lurker told me she read and often had appreciated my posts for five years although she had never once replied or posted anything on her own.

My ten years on RfM

Phantom Shadow Dec. 2012

From an old journal, unedited:

“Dec 26, 2002

“Three weeks ago I discovered exmormon.org. I have been fascinated by it and spending a lot of time reading the Recovery from Mormonism board

The scars of Mormonism are always very evident on this board.

jacob Dec. 2012

I think for some of us the wounds are still quite fresh and for others just a memory, but we all share a bond. We were hurt for a higher cause, and we learned that the higher cause was a fraud.

Visit from 1st counselor -Local Mormon Leader

sallycinnamon Dec. 2012

I've been inactive for the last 6 months. I'm in my early 20's, my immediate family has moved 3 hrs away for my dads new job. I stayed to continue school. Last night about 7 pm my doorbell rings at my apt. It's the bishops 1st counselor who I know from going to high school with his daughter. [RfM posters respond and Sally's reply are below]