Time for a new Mormon Stake Presidency- here's how it was done

by thedrive Feb 2012

My brother serves on his Stake High Council. He called me to tell me that he got to meet a real-live General Authority this past week when they reorganized the Stake Presidency. This is how he explained the process.

On Tuesday he received an email from the General Authority asking him to send a picture of he and his wife to the GA for review. The GA asked for a color picture, in church clothes, and needed it by the next day. On Wednesday the GA flew into town and started conducting interviews with the prospective candidates that the current SP recommended. In all, there were 18 men on the list- each a member of the current HC, his Counselors, and a few Bishops. Each man had 15 minutes alone with the GA and the current Stake President and were asked 3 questions.

1. Name 3 men on this list who you would consider a good candidate for Stake President.

2. Are you planning on living in this Stake for the next 10 years?

3. Name one man on this list you wouldn't want as a SP and tell us why.

The GA recorded the answers, the candidate was dismissed, and the next one brought in. The interviews were conducted Wednesday and Thursday and the top vote-getter was called in at 10PM on Thursday for a final interview. He was told that he was the person the Lord had chosen to be the next Stake President and that he had until the next evening to choose Counselors and make any changes in the High Council that he wanted to. He was told to return the next evening with his names.

Friday evening the new SP returned to the Stake offices and provided the GA with the names of his new Counselors and 3 men he wanted released and 3 men to replace them. The GA and the new SP then called the new SP's Counselors on the phone and asked them to come to the church immediately where they were extended their calls.

On Sunday the GA stood up in conference and released the current Stake Presidency, called the new Stake Presidency, released the 3 old High Counselors and called 3 new ones in their place. (The new HC's were called in for interviews at 7AM on Sunday morning, just 3 hours prior to Stake Conference.)

It was over in a matter of minutes. What really sucked about the situation were the men that were released from the HC and had no idea it was coming. My brother, who was retained on the HC, said that the new SP got rid of the guys who were "open" to new ideas and not so hard-line during Courts of Love and discipline. The guys he called are by the book and will toe the party line immediately. He said that he will keep his head down and look for opportunities to be positive. He even uttered a swear word during our conversation which never happens. I guess he was pretty fired up about the situation.

So there you have it. Leadership by a popularity contest. So much for inspiration and guidance in the process. BTW, each member of the new SP has a decent looking wife so the picture must have played a part in the process.

Very interesting.
Always interesting to see a little bit behind the curtain.

It's infuriating to watch the mormons think that jebus is running the show.

Re: Time for a new Stake Presidency- here's how it was done
I've know this was the way its done for a long time. My last sp campaigned for the job. He kissed a lot of butts for a long time to get that job. Now he spends his days showing his true talent. Running people out of the church. One of these days I'm going to send him a thank-you note.

When I first found it wasn't warm and fuzzy revelation, it was a shock. Another fairy tale bit the dust.

Re: Time for a new Stake Presidency- here's how it was done
Yeah, my TBM dad was involved in this process once, but obviously wasn't popular enough. I think he's too liberal for their tastes.

Mind you, how else will a GA based in another city have any idea who the best candidates are... that's right, God doesn't tell them!

You Guys are Missing the Big Picture...
Of course it was inspiration. Each of those 18 men were inspired by the spirit to give the names. The GA already knew who the new stake president was going to be based on his own inspiration. When this was confirmed, through the spirit--by the other men, that was his confirmation.

Whew; even after 15 years I can still pile the correct mormon BS when I need to. Not a talent I'm really proud of.

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Thanks for the post. This doesn't surprise me in the least. The Lord has chosen the new SP my ass!
Queen of Denial
Re: Time for a new Stake Presidency- here's how it was done
This is pretty much in line with how interviews were conducted in a Sandy, Utah stake last year, according to my former bishop uncle. Though, he didn't seem to be upset by it.

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Shucks, and they say it isn't a business!

Yup; That's "mormon inspiration' fer ya!
another mystery 'solved'!

My brother was in the SPency
when the SP wanted to realign ward boundaries he objected and noted the counsel of the regional rep and also said that such a decision needed to be unanimous. He was released at the next Stake conference, a new couselor was called and the ward boundaries were changed. Of course it resulted in what the regional rep said happens when ward boundaries are changed -church attendance fell dramatically.

Mormon Observer
So instead of an evening gown and swimsuit showing....
We have pictures of the potential SPs in church clothes with their wives.

Anyone with a 'dog wife' or 'sweet spirit and burning testimony' but "plain" that is, not 'hotty' wife will get the boot out.

Must have proper trophy looking wife with nice suit with set of pearls about her chubby neck and beauty parlor hair with garish nails.....

Also he has to look good in a suit. Must be proper color/type of suit, no loose tie, conservative tie and WHITE shirt tucked in!

Be sure and shave everything fellows! (wouldn't hurt if your paper white shirt was paper thin enough to show the shadow of your garment line behind your tie either!)

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I have been involved in the change of SP twice--once when I was a Bishop and once when I was on the HC. Both times it was similar to what you described thedrive. We were told about the process ahead of time. It became a popularity contest in both cases. Out of the two times, one was handled smoothly and efficiently and the other was a total mess--confusion, indecision, and delay. I was also aware of some bad mouthing of others they didn't want in that position and I was also aware of some campaigning and strategies by others. Some believed it was totally inspired from above and others were a little skeptical about the process. I saw and heard a number of opinions. In one of the cases, it was so botched up and done so poorly, I could not believe it. At the time, I was convinced it was not inspired in anyway. Well, it is mostly a popularity contest as I think everyone can see.

The Lord works in mysterious ways

I didn't understand randomly replacing three HC members.

Not random
"Thedrive" says that the new SP "was told that...he had until the next evening to choose Counselors and make any changes in the High Council that he wanted to." So the new SP probably axed 3 HC men he didn't feel comfortable working with, and "called" 3 other men that he did.

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In my experience, the stake folks knew the wards pretty well. It sounds like the GA doesn't know the stakes he controls, probably because there are a lot of them, and he didn't exactly come up through their ranks. The GA probably doesn't have enough time in the area he controls to learn the nuances. Or care.

If there is a disconnect between the sheep and the top, the GA sounds like the level it happens at.

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I'm a convert and had been a the church just a couple of years when a new Stake President was being called. One of his counselors was very loved by all in the stake, he was a very good and caring man. And no surprise he was called as a stake president. Here is what I remember from that stake conference meeting.

The new SP shared how the Lord had fooled him because he was all sad as he cleaned up his desk/office, I don't know what he had, to later call him to be SP. He even chocked a time or two during his testimony.

There was someone, maybe the GA who extended the call, bear his testimony and he said that many men, high priests I think, had been interviewed over the last few days and all of them were asked who do you think should be the next SP? and all of them, except for the man who was called, responded that the new SP should be the one. He bore testimony that this was a calling from heaven. He said something like he already knew who but wanted to get a confirmation. At that time I thought that was amazing and I believed that God had revealed the same answer to all these men.

I guess the practice is still the same.

How would it be
I have been on the ministerial search committee at our UU church for almost a year. It will be over a year of work by the time we're finished. We've had reatreats, conducted cottage meetings and did an extensive congregational survey to make sure we had our finger on the pulse of what the congregation wants. We've had to go through a rigorous process of doing a congregational record with tons of financials, balance sheets, etc., doing a 60-page packet to lure them in, reading many ministerial records and resumes, reading and listening to former sermons, conducting phone interviews, calling on references, traveling to hear them preach, and we're still at it.

So many times I've told the committee that maybe the Mormons have it right. God says you're it, end of subject, put a little rancid olive oil on your head and poof! You're the bishop or SP. Of course, then again, you get the kind of idiots that most bishops and SPs are.

We should end up with a fabulous minister and at this point it looks like it is either going to be a woman or a gay minister whose partner is an exmo. Cool. Both are just incredible, but we now have to sell ourselves to them. The process you just described is so freakin bizarre. I think I'll read this to our committee just for a good chuckle.

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