Missionary Experiences

My 8 month mission experience new

pathist Aug 2013

I've been meaning to post this for a while now as a resource for anyone who is thinking about or is already on an LDS mission.

I am BIC and have been a member my whole life. I went to seminary, stayed active in church,

Currently serving missionary, want out!!

BuriedEgo May 2013

So I'm completely breaking the rules by even reading this site but I have an iPod touch and no one needs to know. I am currently serving a mission, like I'm in the field right now. I have been out a year and have found I can't wait till its over so I can go home and start a new life, without the church. I find it hard to believe any of the crap I'm supposed to be teaching. I came on my mission mostly out if the old "Mormon guilt" trick for putting my parents through hell as a teenager.

Mormon Mission to Japan - Steve Benson

steve benson Mar 2013

--Getting the "Call to Serve"

I remember how much my grandfather, Ezra Taft Benson, loved Asia, how he often told me that growing up and, in fact, how he sent me a postcard from Asia when I was a teenager letting me know that I would love that area and its Mormon Gospel-devoted Saints, too, should I go there on my mission.

Anyone else think your mission was run like a business?

rusty123 Mar. 2013

Was anyone else surprised when they got out into the mission field and realized how much the mission seemed to be run like either a military or a business instead of being run like an EFY or the one and only true church?

What was the worst part about your mission?

turnonthelights Feb. 2013

For me it was being with a crazy companion 24/7. I remember the best part of the day was when I could take an extra long shower and finally be alone! When I got home It felt like a luxury to be my own person again and not have to worry about someone else.

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 3

{Admin Note: Part 3 of Mormon Missionary Experiences]

toto Feb. 2013

And now, for your reading pleasure, a female's perspective.

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 2

[Admin note: Former Mormon missionaries reflect on their companions. Part 2 of 3}

bc Feb. 2013
Re: Missionary Companions

I may have a record for the most companions.

Mormon Missionary Companions part 1

drjubhut Feb. 10 2013

[Admin note: Former Mormon missionaries reflect on their companions. Part 1 of 3}

1. I didn't know you could be a mute and serve a mission. I don't think I heard him utter three words to me the whole time we were together.

Medical release from my mission

MS Jan, 2013

A while back I embarked on my mission after working for a solid two years to meet the worthiness bar. 6 weeks later I was home on a medical release for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Looking back on my early childhood I can vividly remember moments when I should have gotten help for mental and emotional concerns. Since being home I have wondered why and what caused me so many problems on my mission. All though I feel that my brain is just wired to worry, which causes my emotional distress at home. I can't understand why those who didn't take the church seriously even on their mission are mentally more stable.

My mission in hell - Suffer from Tourettes

anon for this Jan. 2013

I came home early from a foreign mission. The mission was the absolute worst experience of my life. It aggravated my depression and OCD to the point that I couldn't function and think clearly. My anxiety and snoring MTC companion kept me from being able to get enough sleep each night. I developed severe social anxiety while out that I have never recovered from.