The Inside Story Of A Former Third Generation Jehovah's Witness

by Paul Blizard

This former Jehovah's Witness discusses the 1975 prophecy

Freedom from Fear
In the fall of 1968, a special meeting was called at the Kingdom Hall in New Albany, Indiana. Everyone was expected to be there. I sat in the front row with my best friend. We always sat there. We were ten years old and as good little Jehovah's Witnesses, we believed that all new light sent to us from the Governing body was straight from Jehovah God. There was going to be new light passed on to us tonight.

She is both a former Mormon and a former Jehovah's Witness

Dear Eric K.

I am kind of messed up by my associations with these religions. I feel for the Mormons, but I was more seduced than convinced of its truth. I don't feel so emotionally tripped by it, as my involvement was fairly brief. I did make some close friends in there though and I regret that the promise of all those family values did not take for 3 out of 4 of my close friends.

A Former Jehovah's Witness

This is an interesting story for Mormons to read - to see how JWs react to "anti-JW" material and how they treat those who leave the WatchTower. This is used with the permission of the author. He can be written to at:

Steve Berg

Reply to an exit letter

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Good Exit Letters to Have Your Name Removed from the Mormon Church

Example 1

President R G. C.
______ Stake
______, WA

Dear President ____,

2 Nephi Chapter 5 of the Book of Mormon - Metals

I explain in my story that metallurgy in the Book of Mormon was one of the reasons I no longer believe the Book of Mormon to be a story of real people. Here is an article about a portion of the Book of Mormon - metallurgy.

In 2Ne5:5 Nephi and his family and friends separate from the Lamanites 12 years after landing in the Americas. They quickly develop a complex metallurgical culture that other civilizations in history required centuries to create. Here are the cast of characters:


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I am always irritated to the point of twitching every time I hear someone who is very depressed (like my mother) say, "The church is my life line. I don't know what I would do without the gospel."

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

No one can say with certainty who wrote it, or which author wrote which portions. It would literally take me days to write out the evidence which leads me to my current conclusions, time that I don't have. The evidence is out there, if you care to study it. However, if your prerequisite goal of such a study is to remain a Mormon, then I daresay any evidence that would lead you away from that predetermined goal would be useless to you.