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Mountain Meadows Massacre Anniversary Reflections on Visiting the Site of the Covered-Up Mormon Cult Murders of 120 American Immigrants . . .

steve benson Sep. 11 2012

Below are some lingering thoughts and images of my visit a few years ago to the site of the Mountain Meadows Massacre:

The highway signs indicating one's approach to the Mountain Meadows Massacre site are innocuous and give absolutely no hint of the horrible atrocity that occurred there. The roadside signs, at both the one mile and half-mile mark on opposite sides of the highway, simply say, "Mountain Meadows."

Inconvenient Truths Left Out of Sermons for the Sheep: Pratt was Killed by the Husband of a Woman that Pratt Had Run Off With (which may have triggered the Mt. Meadow Massacre)--

steve benson Sep 2012

Anyone here know the REAL reason Apostle Pratt was killed? . "The 'assailant' was none other than the HUSBAND of a woman that Parley P. Pratt seduced into being his NINTH polygamous wife. . . .

FAIR - Book of Mormon Translation - Stone in a Hat

by SpongeBob SquareGarments May 2012

On March 29 & 30 of 2012, there was a live presentation held at the Utah Valley University entitled 'Mormonism and the Internet'. In Scott Gordon's presentation at the 41:07 mark he has a slide that says "Translation with a Hat". He then lists 5 LDS sources that he claims states that Joseph translated the Book of Mormon with a hat.

Poisoning of Samuel H. Smith - Joseph Smith's Brother

by steve benson

--The Strange Death of Samuel H. Smith, Brother of Joseph Smith and Heir Apparent to the Assassination-Emptied Mormon Throne--

The Supposedly Barren Salt Lake Valley--Another Mormon Lie Caught and Treed . . .

by steve benson Mar 2012

--A Barren Valley or a Legend Barren of Truth?

Persistently-propagandized Mormons have long claimed that when Brigham Young arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, he and his cohorts found the place to be devoid of trees--except, supposedly, for a single cedar, tenaciously clinging to life in a desolate wasteland that the Mormons boast to have (according to scriptural prophesy, of course) resurrected to resplendent glory.

The Mormon Church's Materialistic Moneyed Myth: The Lie of an "Unpaid Clergy" . . .

steve benson

[Figures from] Canada, where finances for non-profits have to be reported: “... They also had 184 full-time workers who split a total of $15,237,479, of those full-time workers, two of them made between $80,000-$119,999; six of them made between $120,000-$159,999; and two others made between $160,000-$199,999. The two who made between $160k to $199k were probably the regional authority Seventies in the area...

Mormon Endorsement of Hitler and the Nazis

by steve benson Feb 2012

Below are examples of the LDS-owned "Church News" and "Deseret News," etc., going on record endorsing the "inspired" Adolf Hitler on the Word of Wisdom; anti-Jewish genealogical research; the Nazi straight-arm salute and organization; plus several LDS Church member compliments of der Fuherer.

LDS First Presidency Directive to Segregate Blacks from Whites in Relief Society Classes . . .

by steve benson

The Mormon Church had confidence that Ezra Taft Benson [former Mormon prophet] would follow orders when it came to dealing with racial matters.
Dew failed to mention that one of those “problems” had to do with Black women sitting too close to White women during Relief Society lessons.

Earth to the Lying Mormon Church: Quit Falsely, Disproveably Claiming That Your 1890 "Manifesto" Resulted in the End of Mormon Church-Sanctioned Polygamy. It Did Not . . .

steve benson

In an unending effort to twist history and turn it on its head, the Mormon Church dishonestly declares (despite mountains of documented evidence to the contrary) that its 1890 "Manifesto" ended, dead in its tracks, the Mormon practice of polygamy.

As is so often the case, the historical record speaks loudly and clearly to the contrary.

Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth . . .

By steve benson Jan 2012

--Oliver Cowdery: Supposedly Devoted Follower of Mormonism--Who Died with a Decidedly Anti-Mormon Side--

**From Partner and Producer, to Hated and Excommunicated

Cowdery was not your average Mormon “special witness.” He was Associate Church President to God's supposed prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith and co-producer of the Mormon Church.