What do you think of the LDS general authorities?


What are the General Authorities motives behind leading people astray if the GA's do indeed know that the LDS church is false? Do you think the leaders or General authorities of the LDS faith know that it's false, or do you think that they are delusional and really think it's true?

A lot of the skeptics of the LDS faith claim how the lds faith is a corporation, however who does it benefit for them to be a corporation? The leaders of the church? If it does benefit the leaders, how so?

It doesn't make sense for people to claim the faith to be a corporation. Sure they have a lot of businesses and such but is that a bad thing or is that a smart thing? The whole corporation thing may come from the tithing that the faith commands to be in good standing, but what if that really is a commandment from God?

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GA's get living expenses and the prophet is put up in a condo. As usual Mormon style, their "expenses" amount has never been revealed, but I am sure it is a pretty penny. I equate it to a high ranking position in any company.
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I don't know what those guys believe.
I'm pretty sure they have all of the information I do, and a lot that I do not. I find it impossible to "believe".
IMO, the only way they could know the church is true is if God himself actually did appear to them in person and give them a revelation.
If that has happened they aren't telling us about it.
They have a lot of family employed by the church, not including themselves.
Can you imagine what would happen if they announced that its all a fraud?
Businesses,banks, and people would be crashing all over the place. It would be very messy.
I don't think any of them want to witness or be a part of that.
Like I said, I don't know what they believe. I find it hard to believe that they think or know this is gods one and only restored true church. I just don't see how that is possible. I think they are like a lot of business men. They will do and say whatever it takes to keep the ship afloat and profitable. They just don't have to do the whole tax thing. They have an interesting business model. Their employees pay them to work for the company. Good deal if you can get it.
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I believe they all think it's the true church and that they are special with special callings. If any ever secretly doubt, they would never admit it, and fear of humiliation or fear of eternal damnation or loss of income would keep them silent and compliant. They have a lot hinging on their testimonies and many people look up to them for wisdom.
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Every single one of those so-called GA's is a lying-geriatric-loser as well as a charlatan and an imposter.

And I guaran-dang-tee you that they know they are.

But why would they give up such a gilded lifestyle at their ages since no entity or corporation in the real world outside of Moronism would hire any of these obvious scam-mongers.

It all boils down to embarrassment. Embarrassment is what keep many if not all Morons in the Morg in the first place. The fear of embarrassment of having to admit to your own family, kids, friends and acquaintences that you have been so wrong about Moronism for so long a part of your life that it is just easier to continue play-acting than to suffer the fallout of an authentic life.

That to me is the bottom line.

Or so it seems to me...

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The 15 are very powerful and have great influence at BYU and other church doings--influence over hiring, policies, etc. They have stepped all over some people in the past and hurt families

I do believe that most of them do believe everything,

I think we would be very surprised if their salaries, perks, benefits were all disclosed--I would guess it is much more generous than we believe

I still am pissed that they do not disclose financial statements. Members are asked to disclose everything about their lives but the church can do anything they want. Something is very wrong. What are they trying to hide? Don't members have a right to know?

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I heard their LDS "salaries" are linked to their former salaries in a proper job, e.g. 50% of whatever they were earning before, with expenses on top.

I don't think it's mega-bucks, to be honest, though it is certainly what would be considered "comfortable".

I am not one who believes that all the GAs know the church isn't true. I believe they know most of the "problems" with the history, but I think they mostly believe they are covering it up for "The Greater Good". They probably have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but are well aware of the weaknesses of men, including former Prophets. They see their role as being a calling from God, and try their hardest (without the slightest hint of genuine revelation) to steer the church towards where they believe God wants it.

I know my views are considered generous by most people here. Maybe they will better conform as I progress through my "recovery" :)

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Most of them are aware of the problems, they have to be because they have given general conference talks wherein they acknowledge at least parts of things we all know about (re: Holland's ranting GC talk a couple years ago). They also receive letters from struggling members, resigning members, etc., where the issues come up. They know.

They are in fact part of a corporation that directly and personally benefits them and their extended families. GBH had three of his children on the board of church owned companies. TSM has a son who teaches at BYU (with only a Master's...). I am sure there are many others. They write books and we don't know how big the "advances" are on these books that may sell only a few hundred copies. Money is funneled to them in sundry ways.

They know. They may be exercising their right to ignore what they know, but I think they in fact know it is not true. They have alot to lose by coming out.

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I agree that they know everything but I think they rationalize or can quickly dismiss these things.

I am sure it involves, power, embarrassment, denial, and other things.

I knew many of these things for years but dismissed them for various reasons. I told myself that there has to be a logical explanation for these things because the church is true. I think they are in it so deep with power, ego, influence, etc., that they would not budge their position.

I agree with their influence--I know specific cases that make me very upset.

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Do you think they are invested enough to be willing be martyrs without admitting they don't "have" the truth if they don't believe?

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I think they are true believers just like in any leader of other religions. They are dedicated and loyal.They have a great amount of influence over the members.
Just the run of the mill con artists building their downline......... 

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Joseph Smith Jr. knew that he was a con-man.

Every single one of the Q-12 imposters know that they have no more of a "special conduit" to any "god" than any other human on the planet.

Each of the top-15 know they are heartless compassionless con-men themselves. Every day they wake up in the morning and look at their mugs in the mirror they have to thank their lucky stars that their scheme is still working on the credulous and unenlightened minions in their LDS Inc company masquerading as a church organization.

There is no getting around that fact.

Yes...i will agree that they can fool credulous gullible people that surround them as well as their followers who look to them for authoritarian BS...but it still does not change the fact that they are all still bottom-feeding low-life scum con-men...every single last one of them.

And yes i will have to admit that it is a brilliant scam...yet one of the world's cruelest hoaxes that destroys families in the here and now by selling a "life insurance policy" to credulous folks that they can never make good on.

Or so it seems to me...

Carol Y.
Authorities? More like General A**H**les. 

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Have you heard them talk? Zero passion.

If I were a prophet and spoke with god, I probably wouldn't waste time at general conference talking about my imaginary friend that died twice in WWII.

Nope, I would talk to god the night before, and then go to GC and say "Okay, listen up sheeple... god said that we should probably just buy hanes and fruit of the loom... if you have a rock'n body or feel like rock'n bodies you should wear VS or CK underwear. Oh, and instead of announcing new temples every GC we are supposed to announce new homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks. Oh, and god also said to stop being dicks... especially you Steven L. Brink of American Fork, UT"

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I think every single one of them believes it wholeheartedly.

guys who have the audacity to accept the sacred (mythical) title of "apostle"? ( and I am saying that as an atheist)

when a person is that self infatuated why not take it half a click more & go all the way by declaring themselves a MORmON god? in the case of MORmONS the correct title is ASSpostHOLE.

bribing a supreme court judge

it has a formal legal corporate charter, operates globally & takes in billions of dollars, if its not a large corporation then what is it? and if you insist its Jesus' work then you really are a MORmON!


its not hard to remember that this guy is a MORmON ASSpostHOLE as well as being a MORmON profit.

Just Browsing
What do you think of the LDS general authorities? *CAN YOU SAY EXECUTIVES*
"CORPORATION OF THE COCJCOLDS INC." They are just like the "CORPORATE EXECUTIVES" who have risen through the ranks of any multi-national corporation.

Glad to be there-- They do not rock the boat -- hoping to be made "CHAIRMAN" one day..


I have zero respect for them...ZERO
When GBH was getting his ego stroked by Larry King, and GBH was denying common mormon doctrines (stand for something?), my son was serving a mission in France. I know how much crap a missionary gets in France because I served there also.

So while my 20 year old is giving EVERYTHING to mormonism, and left his life at home to declare what he believed to be true, GBH could not muster the strength to declare what his church believed. He was a huckster, and a liar.

They all know its a sham, and not what it claims to be. I have zero respect for any of them. They clearly have chosen to support the corporation over the individuals they "serve"...the exact opposite of what christianity is supposed to be about.

They have lifetime employment, lifetime insurance, lifetime benefits, zero chance of layoff, and for some reason are worshipped everywhere they go. They are frauds and phonies.

I think about them as little as possible. 
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Boring, each one.

they haven't come up with Anything since I Don't Know when;

the real story here is how is it / why do the sheeple follow them? look at the sorry examples they each/all are!

the GA motto outta be: "Ambiguity R Us"!

their sayings are Nothing More than trite & banal.

Good links. Thanks.

Here's an example of the text presented in the first video:

[From Cannons diary entry made December 17, 1892. The entry records an apostles meeting]
"The brethren were told that our success in the Church suits was in a great measure due to the fact that we have a partner of Justice Stephen J. Field of the Supreme Court of the United States in our employ, who is to receive a percentage of the money is the suits go in our favor, and the property is returned to us..."

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I bet Uchedorf was makin' $200K+ as a Lufthansa 747 Captain...so do the math...
Dave the Atheist
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They make their money by being board members of mormon corporations.
And since their income is not directly from TSCC the claim of "no paid clergy" is valid ... or so they say.
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Amen on the food banks, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens!!! Then they will announce that all the temples will be turned into drug/alcohol rehabs and foster homes. Every GA will now work at the temples, caring for the poor and needy .... I could go on and on...

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Too funny . . .

Re: What do you think of the LDS general authorities?
not much

Re: I have zero respect for them...ZERO
GBH once said in effect that...even if the church wasn't true, that mormonism made him a better man/husband/father...and insinuated that well, if that was good enough for him then it was good enough for every one else.

TY GBH for that prophetic insight, and please say hi to Jesus for me the next time you see him!

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Turkey's don't vote in favour of thanksgiving...

General Authorities live very well off the Church.
Were membership to reduce further than it already is, they or the people that follow in their footsteps are going to have to get real jobs in addition to their Church calling - you know, like all other members have to.

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Even in my most TBM days, I often wished that they would be more like the old ones who said stuff. Many times I was bored with their talks that never seemed to be more than reminders of duty. I could pull out the books I grew up with and those guys said all kinds of things pertaining to the kingdom. One book I own is called To Draw Closer to God, and the whole thing is nothing but topics on how to succeed at being obedient, and experiences in helping people stay the course.

Todays head honchos do not declare, but only remind. Today they are so afraid of being picked apart by the Gentiles that they pretend not to believe certain topics, they change their teaching manuals to gloss over once-essential teachings, and even change the words of their President of the Q12 when people balk at his words.

Where are the Samuels who would dare to stand on the high wall? Where are the revelations to be added to the D&C?

Every one of the Q15 has a degree in business, education, law, and marketing. Everything the church does (at least in the public eye) is clearly run by PR studies.

It has been shown that almost all are related either by blood or by marriage.

What do I think of the GA's? I think that that is all they are- General Authorities.

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ronas Wrote:
> I think every single one of them believes it
> wholeheartedly.

Maybe not every single one of them, but almost all of them. Self-deception is a very powerful thing.

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