"The truth does not matter"

Facing Tao Dec. 2013

Or so does my TBM [Mormon] wife tell me with regards to TSCC [this so called church]. "It is good for the kids," so it's worth overlooking the fact that the whole thing is made up??

Santa Claus is like that.. it's a fun story for small children. But at latest by around age 10, usually earlier, they figure it out. But, belief in Santa Claus does not run their entire lives. It does not make decisions for them of the significant events in their lives. It does not require you to shell out perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars – at least many tens of thousands – over the lifetime to support building Santa Claus Land.

Why would anyone want to overlook the truth of how the universe works – or at least about how it certainly does _not_ work in favor of "it being good for the kids"? To live in a lie, do you want your kids also live in a lie. And their kids? Because it's good for them? I don't get it. Many people *die* for the truth, and consider it the most important thing in the life.

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I am in your exact same boat. "it is a good way to live and raise your family", is what I am told. There are plenty of clubs out there too join, there are plenty of goodwill groups that help teach people and kids good moral values. I want truth in religion. Strange that my wife doesn't want this. I am concerned about raising my children and trying to hide truth from them just for a way of life or lifestyle. Sooner or later, like myself, they will run into the same information I have found and when that happens I need to know what to tell them.
Facing Tao
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Chris Johnson's video, "Reformed Egyptian", and the list of points mentioned on this site should be enough for any reasonably intelligent person. I am planning to expose children to this well ahead of the time when they would otherwise potentially consider going on a mission. I realize it will mean a disaster with wife, but a disaster with wife may occur way before then anyway. In fact, she is already concerned that I'm "undermining her attempt to raise our children with good values" (and that is only referring to me not being happy about having to attend the meetings).

Being from a relatively non-religious background myself, this situation is certainly something I did not see coming.

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I was raised in the church by parents who believed every word of it, and still do.

If I had reached adulthood and learned that my parents had knowingly raised me in a religion that was full of lies and deception, I would have been furious. I would have zero respect for anything they had ever said or did. IMO, it's insane to knowingly raise children in a fear filled system full of lies.

If you do that, save your money for therapy. Your family will need a lot of it.

Facing Tao
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Perhaps I will have the opportunity to discuss my point of view sooner rather than later, after it becomes increasingly obvious that I'm not participating in TSCC activities. When the word of me having shared my point of view with the kids gets back to my TBM wife, though, and it unevitably will, **** will hit the fan. :(

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I just don't understand how anyone can still believe in this Mo-ism bs. I mean the physical historical evidence makes it clear that it's false. & when people say that "the devil" made all of the "contradictions" in order to "lead us into sin", all I can do is roll my eyes.
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One person's truth is another's untruth.

So I am (heretically) unconcerned with "truth" however one chooses to define it.

What distinguishes this cult:
This cult makes people sick.
There is at it's core evil.

This is what compels me to dedicated sustained action against it.

Facing Tao
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Yes.. in that way it's possible to explain away *anything* and *everything*. Of course, that's the way TSCC wants it: that way it is impossible for any criticism to stick with true believers. Like CA Girl said in another thread, only internal awakening or realization will awaken TBMs. Any external attempt to disprove the dogma makes them to hang on tighter and close their eyes tighter. "SATAN IS TRYING TO GET ME!!"

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It makes me REAL ANGRY when people assume that non-Mos don't have good values, that non-Mos don't raise their children to have good values........
well tell that to Nelson Mandela's parents; Mother Theresa's parents; Obama's mother and grandparents; I could mention many others, but I don't need to.

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Is teaching children blind obedience to authority really a good thing no matter what that person says or does especially if it's in the name of god? Have your children ask questions and think critically. No doubt, people in TSCC won't like it, but kids need to learn to stand up for themselves.

After all, when your kids are old enough, shouldn't they be asking how does Santa delivery all those gifts? Why does some good but poor kid get nothing for Christmas and some rich evil little bastard get tons of stuff?

Personally, I think it's time members start asking why they should give TSCC 10% of their income and what exactly is the church doing with that money?

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It's NOT "good for the kids!" It's f*cking TOXIC for the kids! The kids suffer most of all, particularly when they are teens and are aware of the suffering.

The Invisible Green Potato
Re: "The truth does not matter"

If the truth doesn't matter then what was this song about? (from memory):

True to the truth that our parents have cherished,
True to the truth for which martyrs have perished,
To god's command, soul, heart and hand,
Faithful and true we shall ever stand.

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You see that sort of sentiment amongst the intellectual-new ordery-"we still love the culture" modern turd polishing movement. I can't think of a more frightening phrase than the truth doesn't matter.

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Re: "The truth does not matter"
There are other ways to teach your children to be good people. And they aren't near as expensive as TSCC.
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I thought that if I had children that I would find a church that taught morals-- since no children, then I didn't have to do that-- but if I did I would NOT have gone back to the TSCC. It is an unhealthy environment for children and teaches the boys misogyny and the girls submissiveness.

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