The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Lori C May 2014

The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nasty Filthy Affair"

In 1833 Joseph and Emma Smith and an adopted daughter named Fanny Alger. According to Ann Eliza Web, "“Mrs. Smith had an adopted daughter, a very pretty, pleasing young girl, about seventeen years old. She was extremely fond of her; no mother could be more devoted, and their affection for each other was a constant object of remark, so absorbing and genuine did it seem”

Joseph however did not have paternal affections for this girl, rather sexual and lustful ones. He had an affair and then married this young girl, Fanny who became his first plural wife.

After the sexual affair and pregnancy were discovered by Emma between Joseph and Fanny, Ann continued and said..."“ was felt that [Emma] certainly must have had some very good reason for her action.(Throwing Fanny out of the house) By degrees it became whispered about that Joseph’s love for his adopted daughter was by no means a paternal affection, and his wife, discovering the fact, at once took measures to place the girl beyond his reach...Since Emma refused decidedly to allow her to remain in her mother offered to take her until she could be sent to her relatives...”

Oliver Cowdrey, a major player in the beginnings of Mormonism called the event..."A Dirty Nasty Filthy Affair" to which it was.

Imagine if you will being a young girl without family, being adopted by what seems like a good family and you trust them. Then one night your adopted "father" comes to you in an entirely lustful manner. Not only was it adultery, but an incestuous rape of the trust Fanny must have had in the Smith's entirely. She now was seen as a piece of sexual meat, lusted after by the very man who was meant to protect her. Now she was used, pregnant and then found herself kicked out of what she had hoped would be a secure home. It would prove to be the beginning of countless female lives torn apart by a wicked conman...named Joseph Smith.

I'd like to expound on this first polygamous event and detail other "dirty nasty filthy affairs" that began by this hateful, vile criminal.

Mormonism is a way of life. It is practiced by true believers every day, of every week, of every month. It controls what they eat, who they talk to, and what kind of underwear they wear. They are told told to breed and to indoctrinate their children into the church with no thought to the individualism of each child. The women are firmly meant to stay home and breed and indoctrinate, the men to run the church and to provide for his many children and wive(s) *he is fully aware that upon his death he will be allowed to take further wives who have already died.

And what is the carrot, the prize for all of this time and effort? Eternal life living with their personal god...or "Heavenly Father". They have created this particular god into a crazed lunatic who is so insecure and jealous that if you don't obey him completely, he'll cut you off and you'll live in a horrid place upon your death. Mormons want wealth and admiration so naturally they want to live in the best kingdom, with the best god, with the best happiness...therefore they submit entirely to the Mormon church and completely lobotomize their own will/agency/reason. And they use their gods view of family discipline...."you step out of are cut off, homeless and I never want to see you again". They learned well from the example of their god.

What is required of a Mormon?

In the temple Mormons must agree to the "Law of Sacrifice", and the "Law of Consecration " which are:

Law of Sacrifice

"And as Jesus Christ has laid down his life for the redemption of mankind, so we should covenant to sacrifice all that we possess, even our own lives if necessary, in sustaining and defending the kingdom of God."

Law of Consecration

"We are instructed to give unto you the law of consecration as contained in the book of Doctrine and Covenants, in connection with the law of the gospel and the law of sacrifice, which you have already received. It is that you do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion."

So...what happens when you have a society that places church/god/prophet above your family? What happens when you spend your earnings on a church instead of investing in your family? What happens when all your disposable time is spent in the church instead of pursuing worthy personal interests and relationships? When the church becomes your mistress and your focus is on it instead of yourself and your are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair"

I shall illustrate a few examples....

When you pay tithing to the church before buying food and paying rent/mortgage,or making sure your kids can see the dentist, go on a vacation, have good shoes, you are having a "dirty filty nasty affair".

When you cause division and turmoil in your home by forcing your children to sit through endless meetings that they do not want to attend but you force them are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When you choose to be a Mormon mother and you scream and hiss at your children for any sign of individuality that detracts from your paid (free roof over your head, food in your mouth, sex, total power in the home) purpose of forcing them to abandon all signs of themselves and abdicate their entire personal power to you to validate YOUR conformity to the church have having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When your children show interest in careers that have nothing to do with Mormonism or prescribed "roles" and you as a parent diminish these aspirations to keep your own reputation as a Mormon Indoctrination Master in are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair"

When you force your children to endure humiliating interrogations by the church's clergy..."bishop" regarding their private/sexual behavior and the level of their indoctrination into the church/cult, knowing that a failure to pass this interrogation will lead to social suicide and abuse by are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair"

When you force your daughter to attend Young Women's where she will be taught and manipulated into giving up her dreams and aspirations to become a stay at home mother and force her children into Mormonism as well as be a permanent maid and domestic slave to her husband, have not only abused your daughter's integrity and human rights, but you as the parent are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When you as a man work full time out of the house and then accept a calling of Bishop, Stake President, or any leadership position that takes you out of the house a further 30 hours a week unpaid, and leave your wife to take sole care of the are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When you force your children to serve unpaid missions that will hurt their minds, destroy their finances, put their health and well being in dangerous, perilous position, AND waste their precious time, KNOWING they are being further indoctrinated making you look even more like a "Righteous Mormon Indoctrination Master" are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When you see your wife suffering through a pregnancy and yet you still expect her to do this repeatedly regardless of her are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair"

When you choose to get married in the LDS temple knowing your young siblings and anyone who is not a member who has helped you get to where you are will not be allowed to are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When you pressure your children into early marriage with no funds, no experience as adults on their own and further pressure them to breed in a state of personal poverty...knowing full well the church intends to kidnap these are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When you child is married and in an abusive or otherwise unhealthy relationship and they come to you for respite, rescue, or help and you tell them to "endure and obey", "keep up appearances", "don't tell anyone", are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair"

When your child tells you they are gay and you force them into the torturous bowels of BYU and "Evergreen" to have electrodes connected to their penis's, scrotum's, and nipples as part of "aversion therapy" to correct their heinous sin causing them to suicide or carry horrible self loathing the rest of their lives are a murderer as well as having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

When your child tells you they no longer wish to attend church as they do not believe it and you force them to go under threat of being kicked out of the are having a "dirty filthy nasty affair".

The list could go on and on and on. The point being...if you put the Mormon church/god first in your life and you have a spouse and are guilty of adultery. If your time and money and talents are going to build up the church instead of your are having an affair just as much as a person steps outside of marriage for another relationship. If you actually think you can spent upwards of 40 to 70 hours away from your wife and kids and think those children will love and respect you and want anything to do with you as an adult, you are mistaken. If you don't put your family first and organize your life to where you as adults can function and be happy and honest and actually want the children YOU created...don't expect love, cohesiveness or bonding or anything that resembles a family in your later years. What you have loved and given to and supported is a money grabbing, soul destroying corporation masking as a church and they have stolen your time, your talents and your money and......your children...and YOU allowed this other relationship into your marriage/family and paid him/her well.

If you want to be a Mormon that is your choice and right. But...if you choose to get married and have children and YOU force THEM into agreeing with YOUR are indeed having a very selfish, very real...DIRTY, FILTHY, NASTY AFFAIR.

Lori C
Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Ok, here is the deal about masturbation. Remember the church is all about breeding more members. As it stands...the youth are not allowed to recognize their sexuality or urges at all. They are to deny themselves. If they slip up they get horribly humiliated in front of the bishop and parents and congregation. What they are wanting is for the girls to remain virgins...the boys to serve 2 years in major indoctrination gulags known as "missions" and as a reward for their service...they get to come home and marry a virgin who will cook, clean, mate and submit to him for life. By then they will both be SO HORNY that they will marry quick and hopefully get pregnant before anyone starts to think clearly about what the hell they just did.

Now, if a youth masturbates that means they are managing their own sexual urges. If they do this, then sex is no longer mysterious and they will focus their attentions on school and normal interests. This is a threat to the church because of you take the mystery away then people are not going to jump into Mormon marriage just to sexually release. Then the Mormon population as well as tithing numbers go down. It's all about control.

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

My wife informed me that several months ago Dr. Oz stated on his show that male masturbation is one of the best ways to prevent prostate cancer.

He didn't say anything about going blind!

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Spot on Lori C. Liked the way you put things.

And yes, Masturbation is all about controlling the young. they want them wanting it so bad they will marry the first one that remotely shows interest as soon as possible. This is what the church wants. More tithe payers. The future of tscc depends totally upon the current members / teens having BIC children. They know they want survive without them.

Lori C
Now to hear BKP and others talk about masturbation NON stop makes me so furious. They are controlling these youths just for their own profit...they makes so much damn money off these kids and there suffering!
Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Joe was a classic sexual predator. Groomed young girls in his own home too many times. Groomed them and later 'married' them.

My Take
Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Mormon leaders go to great lengths to hide all the adulterous activities of the lying, sexual predators that founded the religion.

... but ...

Mormon leaders demand full disclosure from young people regarding the innocent act of masturbation -- all the while announcing that "sexual sin is next to murder in seriousness".

Members must disclose all of the most personal matters in their lives while the leaders insist on disclosing nothing about the church's present or past indiscretions.

Mormon leaders use God's name to protect themselves -- while using God's name to humiliate and control the membership - even the most innocent and vulnerable, and the damage is life-long.

Both ways, the General Authorities are employed the most filthy of businesses!

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Lori, your filthy affair analogy is excellent. You really highlighted many of the abuses I endured growing up. Money to church first, punishment for failure to believe, etc. My childhood was a dirty nasty filthy affair.

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Too good of a thread not to send back up to the top!

Or so it seems to me...

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Excellent observation to a fine degree . But I can shorten it just a bit . CULT .

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Millions of people are still suffering and reliving a version of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young's Dirty Nasty Filthy Affairs.

Mormonism is the bastard child of all those affairs.

Lori C
I'm still living it...I'm shunned. My family see me evil and taken by Satan. Doesn't matter what I achieve, or do or them...I'm something to be avoided, love and resource withheld from.

So yes...every single thing I wrote is applicable to me, right now, 2014.

This is why I did not marry or have children. As an adopted child...I saw how my parents supported the church at the expense of all of us kids and my mother was crazy angry/controlling. I feel like if I did not go to church...I may not even be with you today. The threat was horrific. To a 13 year old...being told I'd be on the street if I didn't go to church was crushing.

The StalkerDog™

Lori C...
Once again, you are totally right on. You're a dang fine writer, ya know that?

I hope you're in a better place in life now.

Lori C
Why thank you Mr. StalkerDog...

I appreciate that. I work long hours in a vineyard and all of these issues come bubbling up out of me. It's the best therapy...long hours doing the same just lets your mind deal with issues it has suppressed.

I'm finally realizing that my father has indeed given his life to the church...all his time, his talent, his love, his money, his devotion and he has and will defend it til the day he dies. I'm actually quite jealous that he has put his love there and not with his kids. This is why I know that people who live the Laws of Sacrifice and Consecration truly are living an adulterous life. They just see their children as more Mormon pawns...not as individuals who are waiting to love they are just nameless pawns who deserve harsh punishment and severe shunning if they dare choose not to relinquish their minds and souls to the organization.

I don't know how any Mormon can claim to have an "Eternal Family" when they've spent all their family time...however little that is...scolding, demanding, forcing them to conform. How is that love? How is that cohesiveness? It isn't? I'd rather be by myself with a good movie any day that with a bunch of fake people who would sacrifice me on the alter...any day.

Edmond Dantes
Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

Fanny was not a polygamous wife. We have no marriage records: no ceremony, no accounts of Joseph and Fanny aving been spoke of in that manner by those who knew.

It was adultery, plain and simple.

Emma spoke of it that way--differentiating it from women she referred to as polygamous wives. Just like others who knew of the affair--like you mention Cowdery saying.

Let us all recognize what Joseph did, exactly how history does, and stop speaking of Fanny as a polygamous wife, which elevates Joseph's debauchery into something Mormons could deem more palatable.

Facts are stubborn things. And Joseph's adultery should scare any Mormon into the realization that he wasn't always what the church makes him out to be, and it certainly puts into question his later introduction of polygamy. Is it possible, in light of the apostasy of prominent Mormons after the Alger affair, that Joseph used a 'revelation' about polygamy as a way to pre-empt a similar fiasco from occurring? As a way to contain the character assassination he would endure if people thought of them as affairs, instead of abrahamic, god-sanctioned marriages?

Lori C...great piece of writing...well stated...sorry you had to go through all of that

The StalkerDog™
Writing is great therapy...
...and when it helps other people, like yours does, it's like a bonus!

My mom has kept a journal since 1965... NOT the LDS-type βƱ ⱢⱢ$Ħ!† journaling that the dumb ole choich makes ya do, but a for-real journal. She says she knows she ain't as good a writer as you are, but it is still good for her. I hope it helps you, too.

Lori C
Good point Edmond. Very well spoken.

Thank you StalkerDog. Yes, it helps me immensely. And also to have a board like this where I can put it all out there and validate myself as well as help others is a total bonus.

When I was in the church/home I was so help, no real interaction at all. So, now I feel so authentic that I love feeling alive.

As per Joe and Fanny. It was adultery...but I still have to ask myself from Fanny's point of view if she was on board with it or if she felt pressured and "promised" this life and world to come.

Joe Smith was as corrupt as the day is long and had not a shred of respect for woman kind.

Re: The Mormon Church: A "Dirty Nast Filthy Affair"

This is the very reason the recent "tell all" polygamy essay doesn't mention Josephs many sexual partners (wives?).

I wonders how Joseph Fielding Smith could look anyone straight in the eye when discussing his great uncle "Holy Joe".

What a crock Mormonism really is. And to think I petaled that untrue garbage for two full years of my young life.

"Recovery from Mormonism -"