A NeverMo wearing garments...

jessupnorth Jan. 2014

So, as I NeverMo, I've always wondered what it was like to wear garments. All of my girlfriends do, and I wondered what it's like. So I got hold of some new ones for myself, and wore them for the first time today. Here are some of my thoughts;

1)Getting dressed this morning....almost every shirt I put on have some sort of hint they were there...whether it be the sleeves, the neckline, the aymbols on the breasts, or the curl of the bottom of the shirt. It took me half an hour to find a shirt that completey camouflaged the lines.
2) The shorts: when I put my leggings on....the bottoms of the shorts rolled up, and wouldn't lay smooth...leaving wrinkles and lines....not cool. I fought to pull he legs down while pulling the waist of my leggings on my waist. I fought with this all day long.
3) as the day went on, they got itchy, and I had the 100% cotton!
4) I felt like I was wearing a diaper once they had a chance to loosen up.
5) I felt less pretty, unattractive, kinda like an old lady.
7) I tried to go clothes shopping, and I felt like I had to keep putting on more layers just to cover them...next thing you know...im warring garments plus a laying top, and a shirt, and a sweayer...AND NOW IM HOT!!!

How do mormons deal with it....I've work them one day, and I already want them off for good!

Edit: I should also add, the sleeves don't stay put...they either extend and stick out of my t-shirt sleeves so you can see them, or the come up above my shoulders and bunch up. I have to keep fiddling with them AND now the inside of my legs feel sore because the bottoms are rubbing togther when I walk. Why oh why do mormon girls put up with this?!

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I enjoy your observation about having to cover up with endless layers. My wife, TBM, will wear 4 to 5 layers, in the summer. 3/4 length sweaters are a year round afair. Garments ensure frumpy style.

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Your post suggested something to me:

How many new converts, who emotionally make it past Baptism and through their Endowments, go home with a few sets of fresh, new garments and find that half their wardrobe is now off-limits? And how many will continue with the garments through the itch phase to a point where they're no longer irritating?

BIC Mormons have watched their parents and others wear then, purchase attire, and manage them in such a way that they are somewhat natural and comfortable. But the converts don't have years of this "power of example."

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I would say I'm pretty modest by mormon standards, but this goes beyond that. I felt like even my modest clothes were no longer modest....in order to wear garments, I would have to almost buy my clothes a size bigger in order to hide the lines and symbols.

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*coughs politely*
I must say that it's not like anyone ever asks to actually SEE if you're wearing the holy undies.
The worst example was a member of the RS Presidency who tried wearing a business skirt with the undies. *snickers* She came to church and EVERYONE could see them.

Ex-Sister Sinful Shoulders
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Write an article and submit it to Cosmo or Oprah. Take photos. They may send a professional photographer shopping with you...

I read an article once where a reporter tried a burqa for a day. She had a terrible time seeing... There was a photo of her roller-blading in the burqa.

Better you than me. I would never try garments. Being "exposed" to them growing up cured me of ever wearing the hideous things. I feel sorry for young Mormon brides, ugh!

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I was a convert for love in a totally non-Mormon Pennsylvania. I didn't really grasp what I was in for. I think if I had to pick one thing I hated the most about being a Mormon, it was the garments. Not long after getting married I was trying to find something in my closet to wear and even the most modest tops showed something. I got so frustrated and angry I literally ripped a fairly new shirt apart with my hands and threw it in the trash. I can still remember the feelings I was having at the time, thinking to myself, "You chose this, stupid woman...this is now your life."

You tried them out in January...try wearing them in the summer in a part of the country that gets hot and humid. It's torture. Everyone else is wearing shorts and tank tops and you're in sleeves and capris at best. It took me years to wear capris after I left the church because it reminded me of the hot summers trying to hide garments.

Ex-Sister Sinful Shoulders
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That is heart-breaking! Just when you should be feeling beautiful and desirable...

PA humidity in August is torture with regular underwear.

Did you remain married to your Mormon guy?

I can't believe they would try and enforce the policy in Africa or the Med 

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OMG yes, the stupid capris and roomy t shirts in the summer, because shorts were impossible to wear (unless they came down to your knees, which looked stupid and frumpy).

I threw out all the capris when I left the church. I'll never own another pair. Real shorts and tshirts/tanks feel so awesome.

I hated those damn garment the second I put them on, and never did get used to them. They're ugly, frumpy, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. I was always adjusting and fiddling with them, and they severely limited my clothing choices.

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Ex-Sister Sinful Shoulders Wrote:
> Did you remain married to your Mormon guy?

No we divorced after 22 years and four kids. The church wasn't the ultimate reason, but it was a contributing factor for sure. We've been divorced for about 13 years now. He's engaged to a chickie 17 years younger that he's trying to convert. I don't envy her one little bit.

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Breastfeeding was something I loved so much, but it was so difficult with garments when you weren't at home. My oldest was born when the nursing garments were still a zipper down the front. That was ridiculous. Then they got those flaps, but still so hard to hide the undershirt you had on under your top.

I guess it's one thing when you're in Utah, but I feel like over the years I spent a huge amount of energy on hiding those freaking garments.

Re: I can't believe they would try and enforce the policy in Africa or the Med
Or Florida, Alabama, Mississipi, Georgia...yeah...basically anywhere.
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The minute a woman puts on garments she feels what I call the 10/10. Ten pounds heavier and ten years older.

I lived in the midwest during some of my garment years. It was horrible. It kept me a prisoner to air conditioning.

One year I was a girls camp counselor. It was 100ยบ with 90% humidity. It didn't let up at night. The garments were the first thing to go. The stake YW leader came to spend one night. She was a Utah mormon transplant. She went without underwear, and cut her pants and sleeves off with a butcher knife. She couldn't take it.

After that, I never wore garments again in the summer. It was just plain stupid. In fact, I would tell people that to wear them was to experience hell in this life. Why would I do that to myself?

I visited Utah one summer. It wasn't much better. I'd wear the tops if I had a t-shirt that showed lines. Other than that, no thanks.

I'll never forget shopping for clothes in Utah. I was in my early 30's. The lady kept bringing me things that my grandmother would wear. I didn't buy anything.

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Many years ago the garments were sold over the counter at Penny's -- we got ours there in UT in the 60's. This was long before Distribution Centers, of course.
They made a really nice white cotton Union Suit type garment that many found very useful and comfy for winter.
It was well known that non LDS men got them and wore them on the farm in the winter!
They also made long pants for women that they liked in the winter working on the farm, etc.
Apparently they didn't care about the markings! :-)

Re: I can't believe they would try and enforce the policy in Africa or the Med

My daughter and her husband and kids have lived in Florida for 4 years. She absolutely loves it,and tells me she seldom wears her garments. Sure makes my day to hear that!

Also,for many years before capris,I wore long pants all summer over the awful undies. And we lived in St. George for 2 years,hotter than hell.

Ex-Sister Sinful Shoulders
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It seems as if history is repeating, for him. They won't have much in common/frames of reference-music... Grown kids usually dislike young step-mothers/creepy factor.

Ex-Sister Sinful Shoulders
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These are nightmare stories... nursing with garments, ugh. The camp story is hilarious. Between garment stories and the hi-jacking of Relief Society, you ladies could write a book.

blind mule
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joseph smith did not wear his G's in Carthage jail; It was too hot and muggy

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That's why the bullets killed him. If he had been wearing them those bullets would have bounced off and he would have been saved.

It's hard to know if I should laugh or feel sorry for mormons in garmies.

The whole idea is so ludicrous. I have a set of new garmies just for the fun of it. They're very unattractive and uncomfortable looking.

As a kid, all of the adults I know wore them so I was used to the idea. The longer I'm away from Mormons, the sillier they seem.

I think the feeling of arrogance garmented Mormons feel make up for the ugliness and inconvenience and the regulation underwear lets them know they're in a special club where everyone else has the same panties under their clothes.

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Nursing garments are a JOKE! If anyone reading this still feels compelled to wear Gs and is breastfeeding do yourself a favor and get carinessa tops and just stretch the neck down.

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