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Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics Maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No Maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe Maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info now 988 Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Can I ask missionaries to show me state IDs before I meet with them? 17 New Person06/12/2024 06:48AM
SBC Votes Against IVF, Gen Z Women Leaving Religion En Masse 15 anybody06/12/2024 06:49PM
Marijuana is not against WoW but let's see what the government says 16 Cyprian06/12/2024 06:25AM
What will be ChurchCos next 'Revelation' ? GNPE06/13/2024 12:37AM
11AM MDT Daybell dp verdict announced 30 wondering06/01/2024 12:50PM
Followup question to Anybody's thread asking... 27 blindguy06/10/2024 08:33PM
Sister missionaries Hockeyrat06/05/2024 05:22AM
Southern Baptist Convention. Women need to be stopped. 24 dagny06/11/2024 11:10PM
The LDS is only about obedience to whoever is in charge 14 Cyprian06/11/2024 04:52AM
Shout-out to weird Mormon euphemisms 19 cludgie06/11/2024 10:12PM
Real Spirit Children squirrely06/11/2024 01:44PM
Random death, or planned? Two Elders called to serve on "the othe side." 24 elderolddog06/05/2024 03:42PM
LDS invests in merchants of death 13 Plowshares06/07/2024 12:57PM
Pride 2024: Brigham Morris Young, The Victorian Female Impersonator anybody06/09/2024 12:58PM
Is TSCC becoming irrelevant? 32 gemini05/13/2024 05:10PM
Are temples designed by Liberace? 22 Vegas Baby!05/27/2024 07:05AM
new hymns and guitars may be allowed????(link) 34 gemini05/30/2024 11:39PM
Credibility ‘believability’ is the Coin of leadership; without it, the chur GNPE06/09/2024 02:58PM
Are Religious Fundamentalists Mentally Ill? 44 anybody06/05/2024 06:44AM
African American Fraternities And Sororities Accused Of Being "Demonic" 18 anybody06/09/2024 12:23PM
More problems with Ensign Peak Advisors 25 [|]05/02/2024 03:07PM
Why Does Virginity Give Partial Autonomy? 22 anybody05/30/2024 10:10PM
Thoughts On "Franklin" (2024). The Founding Fathers Weren't Demigods. 22 anybody05/15/2024 08:39PM
46 percent of middle class cutting retirement contributions 25 Heartless06/07/2024 10:00PM
For those who can access the SL Trib [|]06/09/2024 07:14PM
Gotta love Utah County 20 stillanon06/06/2024 10:13PM
    Share an exmo random thought to see if it frees up any brain RAM... 24 elderolddog06/08/2024 12:32PM
22 years ago today I returned from my mission 30 thedrive09/27/2011 01:07PM
Hopefully I never use the term "ward family" again 15 Brother X06/06/2024 06:45PM
60 days in subeamnotlogedin06/06/2024 07:40PM
My mom longs for the "good days" when we were active Mormons Hego06/08/2024 02:44PM
If God wants missionaries on the "other side", why doesn't he just... 13 slskipper06/06/2024 07:23PM
Charges dropped against stake president [|]06/07/2024 11:09PM
Are we who we are beause of our own initiative? 11 sunbeep05/31/2024 03:08PM
Temple Meeting in TX Last Night 16 Toronto Boy06/05/2024 04:23PM
Women mentioned by name in the scriptures... The stats 13 Happy Lee06/03/2024 05:44AM
The Bonfire Of The Vanities anybody06/06/2024 11:35PM
Thom Hartmann on religious evangelism blindguy06/04/2024 10:53PM
Do they sill have SLC temple missionaries kanel06/03/2024 01:09AM
For BoJ re Russell Moore (Southern Baptist) Nightingale06/05/2024 11:58PM
Why are vaccine denial and mask refusal religious issues? 60 anybody05/18/2024 09:33PM
Converts, what I've seen over the years. 27 PHIL05/30/2024 09:31AM
Missionaries ARGHH! 20 stillanon05/24/2024 06:02PM
Missionary arrested for rape 28 [|]05/14/2024 04:30PM
Does God have a wife 43 kylegordy05/30/2024 04:48PM
Osmond found in 16th century shipwreck Osmosis06/02/2024 05:54PM
References regarding JFS tearing out pages of JS journal of 1832 account of 12 Ratdog06/02/2024 02:20PM
Utah has one of the lowest sperm counts 37 spaz05/12/2024 07:03PM
The surprise resurface of trauma blackcoatsdaughter06/02/2024 09:41AM
Police & restraining orders against the whole mormon church. 30 Cheryl08/13/2012 07:32AM
What's in a Name? CrispingPin05/30/2024 11:12AM
NPR: Polyamorous families are recognized and protected in Oakland, CA blindguy05/31/2024 09:01PM
Will Islam eventually swallow the church? 65 Rubicon05/09/2024 05:13AM
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LDS Relief Society speaks up Subeamnotlogedin05/31/2024 11:47AM