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Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics Maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No Maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe Maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info now 988 Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Article: Indigenous Pre-Colombian Trade Routes In The Americas (PDF) anybody09/27/2023 01:32PM
Overly sensitive about this 11 beachlover09/27/2023 05:31AM
Aye yi yi, AI Done & Done09/27/2023 12:51PM
Did Jesus turn water into non-alcoholic wine moehoward09/27/2023 10:56AM
Only in Utah 29 summer09/24/2023 04:58PM
22 corporate churches broken into in Salt Lake County 16 Heartless09/22/2023 06:56PM
Nephites Didn't Build Them, And They're Going To Be UN World Heritage Sites anybody09/26/2023 09:11PM
Moroni vs airplanes Heartless09/27/2023 10:01AM
How many temples is enough? 25 joebagodonuts09/19/2023 03:10PM
Gator ate someone .. 13 Dave the Atheist09/26/2023 01:20PM
Drinking games for General Conference 18 bradley09/22/2023 11:22AM
More Crazy Dept: Religious Fundies, Raw Milk, And Bacteria anybody09/27/2023 09:00AM
Diamonds, rubies or Book of Mormon? 12 Heartless09/22/2023 04:13AM
Should parents have a say in what books are in their kids library? 51 schrodingerscat09/15/2023 08:11PM
O/T tell Dave Illya Kuryakin has died sbg09/25/2023 06:57PM
Rapture now happening on September 23rd 2023 34 anybody09/22/2023 09:26AM
Invictus bradley09/24/2023 10:00PM
What are good ways to stay sane when forced to watch GC with family? 16 Chez09/26/2023 02:48PM
I had a hunch a modern day Joseph Smith would make movies. 11 Villager09/25/2023 04:03PM
Happy Equinox, Welcome To Autumn (n/t) anybody09/23/2023 08:51AM
What exactly are the problems with the "experiment" outlaid in Alma 32? (n/t) 22 Chez09/26/2023 12:23PM
Why can't you people be normal? 27 bradley09/24/2023 08:16AM
o/t: why does my mother like disparaging my hobbies? 25 Bughuul09/22/2023 08:36PM
I did not get kicked out of a musical today. 22 Dave the Atheist09/14/2023 07:28PM
Sister wives subeamnotlogedin09/25/2023 07:16AM
Gordon Monson’s latest justification for remaining in CULT of Joseph’s Myth schrodingerscat09/25/2023 12:58PM
long discussion with devout family members and realize that 29 green mm09/25/2023 12:17PM
“The Crick” schrodingerscat09/24/2023 09:22PM
Romney Went from Saint to Persona Non Grata to "Don't Mention His Name" newcomer09/19/2023 02:39PM
Poll - Do you believe in God, god, a higher power or none of the above? NT (n/t) 42 schrodingerscat09/14/2023 02:36PM
Everyone who doesn't believe in vaccines should expose themseves as a test 27 anybody09/14/2023 01:46PM
Roy G Biv's Baked Bean Recipe 32 Roy G Biv09/18/2023 01:41PM
O/T Computer Science is largest single department at BYU 32 Brother Of Jerry09/21/2023 12:43PM
Why White "Christians" Think Everyone Is Against Them 42 anybody08/25/2023 10:30AM
The Great Dechurching of America. schrodingerscat09/19/2023 07:16PM
One can't see God without holding Priesthood? 28 BoydKKK09/20/2023 01:30PM
Death of Wallace B. Smith (JS g-gson) and RLDS president Jordan09/24/2023 04:16AM
Singles Conference 18 amiable09/08/2017 10:15AM
      The rumored successful bribing of a US Senator raises the question... 13 elderolddog09/22/2023 09:34PM
McConkie charged 12 enish goon dosh09/15/2023 10:23PM
blindguy: Take care 13 Nightingale09/20/2023 06:08PM
O/T T-Rex race Dave the Atheist09/23/2023 09:10PM
Seeing Dead People 30 PollyDee09/18/2023 08:54PM
O/T Utah will be hit by an asteroid Sunday evening! 11 summer09/22/2023 07:39PM
Jeffrey Holland's wife passed away (link) 18 gemini07/20/2023 10:10PM
Utah woman arrested for child abuse ... 39 Dave the Atheist08/31/2023 05:44PM
Things they will say at conference and things they won't say: 17 slskipper09/21/2023 10:11AM
On Boy Scouts... 10 BoydKKK09/17/2023 12:33PM
War in Heaven questions 21 BoydKKK09/13/2023 08:28PM
Our security certificate expired (HTTPS) now fixed today 10 Eric K09/21/2023 10:28AM
Mormon therapist charged with abuse [|]09/20/2023 09:33PM
Religious issues and questions I have that even The Cat hasn't answered ... elderolddog09/20/2023 04:27PM
Did you really believe you were downloaded into an Earth body from Kolob? (n/t) 19 anybody09/19/2023 04:06PM
Here's a new book...(2023) 10 messygoop09/20/2023 01:19PM
Cody Wyoming neighbors fight back against LDS Inc. 25 stillanon08/25/2023 05:58PM