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13 days ago
May 12, 1838 - Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon request annual remuneration of $1,100, each. The council gives 80 acre lots to each and grants their salary request. Council member George M. Hinkle "bitterly opposed it, as the Church had always been opposed to a salaried ministry." May 12, 1844 - Joseph Smith publicly exclaims, "I calculate to be one of the instruments of setting
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17 days ago
Isn't that special.. he has headquarters in Utah,New york and Grand Cayman.
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17 days ago
Clark's ex-companion
Regular poster, but must be anon on this one: The second I clicked on the article I recognized this MP. He was my missionary companion (19xx) in the Spain Madrid Mission in the city of Xxxxx where he was made branch president over the 5 or 6 members. We were together for one transfer. I COULD NOT stand him. He was my least favorite companion. He was ultra-arrogant and into himself – 100% nar
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29 days ago
How is it that a few of the so called Mormon royalty were members of a fraternity at U of U - like Huntsman Senior, who became a GA, his son Jo, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and the late Stephen Covey? I am trying to picture an active Mormon participating in a university fraternity. Esp. Covey and Huntsman Sr. Does not compute!!! Unless (shudder) they were secretly party animals,
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