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4 days ago
Joseph Smith: when he claimed to be a prophet nobody was mormon. Samuel the lamanites - all the people had fallen away. Moroni - who was he speaking to? The descendants of the lamanites who were....wait for it...not converted. Who did Jesus speak to? How about Paul taking the message to the Greeks? Yeah I'm thinking your claim just got shot down in flames. And as for the Ebola
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12 days ago
I have my own criticism of Beck not sharing ugly mormon history. To his credit he does limit pro-mormon guests and spouting out doctrine other than universalism God is love, pray yadda yadda stuff that his base tends to agree with. I really enjoy the history he does share but often mormon religious type stuff is not expounded on. By doing so, he keeps more people interested and subscr
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15 days ago
That's funny, about the book. Great book!! My brother confiscated it from my house when he was visiting lil sis told me and I just laughed. HOpe he read it!! My dad died of pancreatic cancer, which they were pretty sure had metastasized from previous colon cancer. They caught the colon cancer early though he was almost 60. Back then they weren't doing the 50 thing so much. So h
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