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4 days ago
I've seen multiple GA's on planes flying coach before. Once was on first class. They also fly on Huntsman's jet, but I think that's just Huntsman's way of buying his ticket to the CK.
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16 days ago
There are indeed "Hotel Suite" like rooms in some of the temples for dignitaries and others that have to travel. In fact Tom Phillips tells of him and his wife staying in the "Honey Moon Suite" in the Preston Temple the night before his 2nd anointing. His (& John's) statements/questions: No she wasn’t. It was me that invited her, and I then booked….and what we did
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17 days ago
Why not send colonies to desert and drought areas, to find ways of surviving there, and possibly growing food, making use of the land we have. How about living on the bottom of the ocean, and farming there? How about the polar regions? Spend money on cleaning up our air quality. Force Huntsman Chemical and other major world polluters to cease and desist. Try to control the population explo
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18 days ago
I don't get how people arrive at there being a 'theocratic legislature' in Utah. Sure, you end up with strict liquor laws and in some places business hours laws as a result of the Mormon legislature. That's it, though. There is nothing codified in state law that gives preference to anyone of any religious stripe. Gay marriage is legal here, for crying out loud. To see what issues were proposed du
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22 days ago
So I had to play this are just a few things from mine. (It only has my Dad's side. I don't know why, but I can't find my mom on this.) Name Relationship Group Brigham Young 10th cousin (Prophets) Joseph Smith 10th cousin (JS Papers-- Not JS the Prophet) Hyrum Smith 11th cousin (8 witnesses) ((he was first to show up, so include JS jr, Alvin, all of them as
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30 days ago
gentlestrength,1502776 Earlier thread on powerful LDS names. My specifics for LDS power would be as follows: The Church gives an individual/family money for no reason other than to exist, survive, even better thrive. (Investor class, great, great dad or mom did the work--wealth stays in the family--The Sam Waltons) (I know of no one like this) The Church give
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