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17 days ago
It probably is common, as blood sucking LDS Inc is continually draining financial resources, money is tight, so men operate like that in the hope to get by. But GUESS WHAT ! Many MORmON women approve. They like men who are in a controlled and controlling mode that submission to MORmONISM creates. That can be demonstrated, because any woman (any Person) who had any sense would realize that LDS
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20 days ago
Tall Man, Short Hair
i hate politics Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Well that experiment blew up fast. Well, we're 3 minutes out of the box, and the main argument seems to be whether the POTUS is worse than Hitler or simply just as bad. I say we maintain the ban but grant special dispensation to Benson since he's perhaps the only true political professional in our midst.
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22 days ago
LDS, Inc. is one of the largest real estate holding companies in America. It owns three of the largest cattle ranches in the US. It also owns the largest cattle ranch in Canada. LDS, Inc. is the largest land owner in Florida, as well as Utah and Idaho. Besides the beef industry (selling to McDonald's, Burger King, etc), it is big in the sugar industry, selling sugar to Budweiser (I can't spel
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