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13 days ago
steve benson
. . . murder, and another ETB relative having successfully kept Brigham Young out of jail despite Young's complicity in the Mountain Meadow Massacre--as well as having cheated poor mill workers out of their rightful pay, while killing Indians? If true, that's True-Blooded-Blue Mormon Royalty Rubbish for ya. Still, it's been solemnly asserted on this board that by virtue of being relate
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19 days ago
Elder Berry wrote: <If this were true they would publicly acknowledge it. It would be a selling point for this lobbiest/PR loving for profit corporation passing itself off as a religion. >They would be stupid fools to not highlight this "sacrifice" of their top leadership. There are multiple times in LD$ history in which the leadership wasn't very honest with the Federa
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22 days ago
...good point on the LDS power brokers; Romney, Huntsman, etc. The Church also enjoys having them in their pocket for whatever political or financial lobbying or voting that needs be. Reid, Hatch, Romney, Huntsman; Masters of LDS tradecraft.
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26 days ago
The facts, as we know them, are that these people are well above average in terms of home value. Now in the case of several of them, some deceased, they were essentially life long church employees (Hinckley, Maxwell, Monson, Packer, etc.). Many have worked for extended periods in positions in which the business was owned by the LDS church...Holland and Oaks as BYU president, Bednar as a BYU Ida
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28 days ago
BTW.. Bonneville is owned by LDS --------------------- At Bonneville Communications, our ability to touch the hearts and minds of audiences makes us an essential resource for organizations with vital messages. For more than 30 years, our creative professionals have designed public service and direct response messages for national nonprofit organizations
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29 days ago
So if Huntsman does not consider the cojcolds to be a charity, why are they still tax exempt? They are a self-serving for-profit corporation, and we pay their taxes.
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30 days ago
The LDS church claims 15 million members yet real activity rate is around 5 million. Although a large number of the 5 million members of the LDS church pay tithing, a much smaller number of members generate significant income/wealth that impacts overall church tithing figures. Such members would include individuals/families such as the Romney's, Huntsman's, Marriott's, Sorenson's, and many others
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