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Posted by: slclauren ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 04:32AM

He was showing up as a match for me on an LDS dating website in 2012. If he's not divorced, YIKES or YUCK. Either someone else is posting his picture and information or Jay is definitely a creep if he's not divorced and looking for dates.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 05:36AM

Jay announced on his website in March of 2011 that he and his wife would be divorced. Whether they went through with it or not, I can't say.

Here's a related thread from this board:,138531

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Posted by: Stray Mutt ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 08:19AM

...why he would be considered a match. Is it just that he's about the right age and in your area, or were there common interests/disinterests and psychographic parameters that would make him a good match for an apostate? Has Jay wandered from the path of righteousness?

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Posted by: alx71ut ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 10:23AM

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Posted by: John_Lyle ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 11:00AM

If you're a match, should we be watching you? You know, in case you go all mormon on us and start acting like a bishop or stake president–you know, creepy...


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Posted by: iflewover ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 11:44AM

He showed up as a match for me as well. In all fairness, I am looking for a semi-talented, former goody two shoes with ties to Mo's just my thing, so no judging. I'm putting a barbershop quartet together and Jay would bring a lot of game to that arena.

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Posted by: Tara2 ( )
Date: January 16, 2013 04:22PM

Well he will be touring in the UK from the end of the month so I am guessing there will be no dates at home for a while.

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Posted by: Senoritalamanita ( )
Date: July 31, 2013 06:18PM


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Posted by: Tara2 ( )
Date: August 02, 2013 12:11AM

Senoritalamanita Wrote:
> LOL!

It will happen again at the end of this month as they are touring
the UK for the second time this year!

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Posted by: mareve ( )
Date: July 31, 2013 07:16AM

Yes, he is divorced. The announcement was made shortly after his son got married.

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Posted by: icedtea ( )
Date: July 31, 2013 06:10PM

Ugh. Good to know. I will be single again soon and will avoid any dating website where his profile exists. I don't know him, but I don't want to, either.

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Posted by: lucky ( )
Date: July 31, 2013 06:25PM

slclauren Wrote:
> He was showing up as a match for me on an LDS
> dating website in 2012. If he's not divorced,

Even IF he is Divorced (being related to Marie Osmond) YIKES! YUCK!

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Posted by: notmonotloggedin ( )
Date: July 31, 2013 09:18PM

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Posted by: JasonK ( )
Date: August 01, 2013 01:25PM

Be aware that many people on dating sites post fake pictures (one match I got used a picture of a fairly well known pinup model.) I believe many sites create fake profiles, using scraped facebook profiles, including pictures.

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Posted by: Cowardly lion ( )
Date: August 02, 2013 03:16AM

Ya the guy who killed the little girl named Destiny in slc had a page on a mormon dating site. He had listed himself as single,templworhy & looking for an eternal companion. Turns out he had an ex w/ a restraining order on him! Be carefull!!

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Posted by: Cowardly lion ( )
Date: August 02, 2013 03:27AM

That being said...Maybe you can turn him to the dark side,Bwahaha

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Posted by: MormonGirl1 ( )
Date: December 06, 2013 01:54PM

Get YOUR FACTS correct. Destiny was killed by a very young man that lived next door to her family. I worked this case with the National Child Locator Service. The evil man that killed Destiny is in prison for life in Utah. You are spreading lis and hate. Shame on you.

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Posted by: gentlestrength ( )
Date: December 06, 2013 06:40PM

You work in law enforcement in Utah?

How is polygamy ignored legally? What do Americans in other states who want the child and spouse abuse that is common in poygamous commuities prosecuted need to do to get Mormons and employees of Mormons to stop ignoring polygamy and its' complimentary crimes?

I've confirmed that polygamy is prevalent in Utah and exists with open knowledge of law enforcement in almost every county in the state of Utah! Have you witnessed polygamy and signs of polygamy and not enforced the law? Why?

Joseph Smith walks amongst us today and openly mocks law enforcement.

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