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Posted by: bdawn ( )
Date: November 15, 2011 11:00PM

I have no words except reading this makes me want to puke. Then kick his ass and tell him he's not a victim, either. When I first started reading the blog I was praying that we had another pasternoster-esque type and that this wasn't REALLY real, but after poking around a bit I just don't know. What a douche. And then some.
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Posted by: nattums ( )
Date: November 15, 2011 11:02PM

Your excerpt is enough to let me know I'm not giving him the pleasure of one more hit to his site to read that trash.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: November 15, 2011 11:07PM

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Posted by: otherlives ( )
Date: November 15, 2011 11:08PM

No, he's real alright. My bf saw this online and asked me if Mormons really believe this stuff. And I had to say, at least in my experience, yes. I mean, I can't count the number of times a rape story was tied to horribly twisted.

So horrible. I'm pretty sure he's the real thing. Apparently has a book out about being a re-mormon--he left and then returned triumphant to the fold.

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Posted by: mormonimposter ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 01:21AM

Sounds like he realized it was all a crock and left...and then returned because he realized he could use it to make himself feel superior over everyone else who wasn't as good as him.

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Posted by: greekgod ( )
Date: November 15, 2011 11:54PM

He's either a troll or failing as a human being.

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Posted by: Adult of god on another computer ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 12:10AM

One thing for sure is that he's VERY creepy.

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Posted by: AlmostFell ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 12:16AM

I like that he has a glaring typo right at the top of the page. "When this Mormon writer indites, the thinking has been done!" Um, genius, I think the word you were looking for is "indicts."

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Posted by: Derrr.... ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 07:32AM

Obviously you didn't look up the definition of "indite." Derr.

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Posted by: AlmostFell ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 08:29AM

My mistake. I didn't realize that "indite" was a word. I guess I've been in the legal system too long. :)

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Posted by: SL Cabbie ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 01:00PM

There is, apparently a slightly archaic word "indite" that means to "make up" something literary... He certainly makes up something obscene...

And an archaic meaning of that one is "to dictate"; that one kind of fits, too...

I wonder if he was one of those I ran into on that Slate/Christopher Hitchens "essay rumble." There was one nutwad who didn't fare well at all... Real peanute brittle defenses...

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Posted by: Calypso ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 12:31AM

This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen online. Wow.

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Posted by: Makurosu ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 12:56AM

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Posted by: CA girl ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 12:59AM

God willing, he will get sent to prison some day and be given an opportunity to see that he is wrong.

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Posted by: greekgod ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 01:02AM

Your concern is not without merit, bdawn. It really makes you wonder what kind of person he is. He's using the church as a shield for his own warped thinking.

He probably needs counseling. Unfortunately, the harsh criticisms of the posters are probably doing more harm than good, but as we all know, you reap what you sow, and he's sowing some bad shit.

I know that my first reaction was one of hostility and criticism, but some people are just so deluded, you could hammer them over the head with common sense (mixed with a little outrage) and it just wouldn't faze them.

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Posted by: anon for this ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 07:21AM

How he reads the Book of Mormon -

Moroni 9:9 And notwithstanding this great abomination of the Lamanites, it doth not exceed that of our people in Moriantum. For behold, many of the daughters of the Lamanites have they taken prisoners; and after depriving them of that which was most dear and precious above all things, which is chastity and virtue—

But there is no such thing as a rape victim. The BofM lied. The "daughters of the Lamanites" are to blame for not defending their virtue.

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Posted by: RAG ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 07:52AM

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Posted by: Soft Machine ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 07:53AM

Someone (American unlike me) should post links on Mitt Romney's campaign site to make sure people know what he stands for!

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Posted by: rowan ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 08:45AM

Let him spew his ignorant venom. Let the world see what a bite of Mormon "meat" really tastes like.

If every "golden" were to read "The Miracle of Forgiveness" as well as the BOM, how many converts would The Chruch see?

It is when this kind of stuff is hidden--that is where the danger lies.

I hope this man brings a lot of attention to the real beliefs of Mormonism. I do not want this man to be silenced, but rather I would that he be allowed to shout from the housetops, so to speak.

He is a warning of what is the real truth in Mormonism. He would make a great one to be on one of those..."And I am a Mormon" commercials that I have read about on this site, but have not seen myself.

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Posted by: SL Cabbie ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 09:32AM

Okay, I can see it is... Gotta get a new barf bag attachment for the old you-know-what catcher before I look at this stuff much...

A person's brain on mainline Mormonism...

I've got an online buddy who is wondering why I "don't do Pres. Paternoster." Stuff like this is why (and that statement is only about me. If you love Pres. P, go for it with my apostate blessing. Hey, I used to read "Ask Gramps" even).

Okay, I used to use the nickname "Crock" for a certain LDS apologist/attorney who posted on MA&D and tried to pass himself off as a historin, but this guy might be a better fit... Tough call...

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Posted by: rt ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 10:55AM

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Posted by: GayLayAle ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 11:09AM

This whole blog post just REEKS of someone who is desperately trying to justify and rationalize his own disgusting actions. "She dressed like a slut and flirted with me...that gives me every right to fuck her 'against her will.' Yeah, she wanted it! Her mouth said 'no' but her slutty dress said 'yes'." FUCK. YOU.

"I don't care what did or did not happen to her." Yeah. Clearly, you lowlife fucking piece of Mormon trailer trash. FUCK YOU.

It's reading things like this that make me REALLY HOPE THAT HELL EXISTS and that this guy ends up spending eternity getting gang raped with hot pokers and traffic cones covered with sandpaper and hydrochloric acid.

This is some fucked up shit.

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Posted by: quebec ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 11:19AM

"This whole blog post just REEKS of someone who is desperately trying to justify and rationalize his own disgusting actions"

Those were my exact thoughts.

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Posted by: Rebeckah ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 11:24AM

Well that sentence just REEKS the love of God, doesn't it?

With loving examples like that in the Mormon faith it's just amazing that everyone doesn't convert on the spot.

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Posted by: quebec ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 11:16AM

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 11:42AM

Too many in the church who think they are being "noble" by agreeing with old doctrine and the old leaders when most if not all of the current 15 now reject and wish would go away.

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 11:44AM

This is unbelievable... sex related issues in the church will be the straw that breaks the camels back. This is all incredibly disgusting. I'm sure Ballard regrets his talk about members getting on the Internet and telling the world our story.

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Posted by: Teddy ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 03:12PM

I asked him whether he thought lynching him was bad. I really wonder.

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Posted by: iscreamsunday ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 03:24PM

What a FA all the way. I believe I had just posted a story about a family home evening (when I was a little girl) at my uncle's home. He was teaching from the very same DISGUSTING quote from SWK... 'it is better to DIE defending one's virtue than to live'???

The one moment of extreeme pride I took in my father is when he shook his head, and told my uncle to stop and then said he would speak to his children and let us know that if anything so awful was ever to happen to us, that he expected us to do anything possible to LIVE, whether that was trying to escape (if we could), fighting it that would give us a better odds of escaping, or just doing whatever it took to remain alive. He wanted us back, no matter what.

My uncle tried to say some BS that it was not what the prophet said, and my father said he could care less if the prophet or God himself came to him and said it, that was not what he wanted his children to do.

Now here is this nutcase, quoting from one of the most perverse and immoral quotes I have ever heard, and one that makes my blood boil over. How DARE anyone put the blame on the victim as if they deserve to be raped? No one deserves that. That quote is a license for all perverts/pedophiles/molesters and worst type of people to do what they please and escape responsibility for their actions.

I would have like to ask this Ahole is he was a rapist... he certainly has a little soft spot in his heart for them.

Waste of breath and oxygen in this world.

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Posted by: GayLayAle ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 03:36PM

This guy needs to be strung up from the nearest tree.

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Posted by: intellectualfeminist ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 03:42PM

I've heard of this "Crook" character (appropriate name) before. I'd love to get in line to kick his mother-effing ass as hard and as many times as I can before I physically wear myself out, but I'm not gonna go there (literally or to his POS website). I hope karma works him over good.

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Posted by: Smiling Dog ( )
Date: November 16, 2011 03:56PM

Here was my response. I'm pretty sure it won't see the light of day, but was cathartic writing it...:)

"Hey fuckwit, I don't give a shit about your posting policies and I'm sure you will ban me - because you're a $@##^. I happen to personally know a rape victim and if she were to see your comments on the subject, I'm pretty sure she would feel raped all over again. I know what the mormon church has said about rape in the past and if you believe only what your fucking cult tells you, then you are a goddamn moron (which is more than obvious by the blather that you post here). People like you are pathetic. You have no capacity to think for yourself and I'm pretty sure you are fucking retarded...I hope, nay pray, you have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the untruthfulness of this blog...#$%&."

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