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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: February 21, 2016 01:49PM

A longtime Mormon friend of mine posted something to her Facebook page to which I responded and noticed another Mormon from way back when that I only have bad feelings towards had made a remark about me and my children when my friend asked her collective friends what memories they have of her?

I answered with one of my children when they were infants at Christmastime and a memory we shared.

This other person says her memories were of me and my children with my friend, no less and something that rubbed me the wrong way.

I let her have it. Haven't seen or heard from her in gosh over 20 years. She then told me oh, I meant how much we loved you, blah blah blah.

I was like, you loved us so much you left my children out of the last Christmas program in the ward we were in because I was a working single mother.. That was her reasoning she gave me that last Christmas we were there. I paid a full tithe, was in full attendance, and had been the ward chorister for more than five years straight. But my children were the only ones plus a Hispanic couple's child who'd been left out of the Christmas program that year by design, despite we were full time attendees with our kids. Our children were well behaved. It wasn't a behavioral issue at all.

I'd brought a baked good my stepmother had made for the potluck dinner that night too, she'd sent all the way from Idaho. She balked about that. Because I didn't make it myself. My stepmother was dying, and passed away that Christmas Eve from cancer. But it wouldn't have mattered to this thoughtless woman.

That was the last Christmas program I went to at that Mormon church. The next Christmas program my children attended was at a Moravian church where they were fully participants, welcomed and included in the program without my asking.

It is hurtful, after all this time, that this convert Mormon woman still acts as though she did nothing wrong. My friend is telling me she is so sorry - she didn't even know. I haven't gotten to tell this woman off since that Christmas night all those years ago. Until today.

I got off of Facebook anyhow. It still hurts remembering what that woman put my children through, and me. I remember how she used to berate Idaho and Utah Mormon women and Mormons who moved to New York City back in the day. When she first converted to Mormonism she left her husband and followed her missionaries to Provo as she'd fallen in love with one of them.

Soon enough she was on a train back for New York City with her two little boys and remarried her husband who by then had joined the church like she did. She's goofy. I would normally not let her get to me. But she got to me today.

You'd think out of all the memories she'd have with our mutual friend, that out of the blue she'd come up with one of me and my children? That just seems strange to me, but then life is like that.

The Christmas memory I shared with my friend happened years before the one that happened at the last Christmas program I attended at the Mormon church with that b*tch.

It's people like her that cause people like me to become Latter Day Aints. Before I knew about Horny Joe and Fanny Alger and all the others, is the crap some of the members do to their own that make the church meaningless and the church of the devil rather than the house of the Lord.


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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: February 21, 2016 04:02PM

It's like this thing with the fricking Mormon church is never ending!

I don't wish to have to cut ties with my Mormon friend on Facebook. I suppose I may block the former Mormon friends that I no longer wish to have any contact with that are her mutual connections.

So far since responding to the other one's post/s, I've now had to respond to our former Relief Society president apologizing for her and saying let's just remember the good times. Let's just remember the good times? What good times? There weren't any! It's like if you pretend it didn't happen, well then by golly it didn't! Like the sordid church history. Sheesh.

These Mormon women just don't get it. Both her and the other are converts. I doubt they've ever even even read the CES letter, or will.

My very good friend was a convert, but she's been inactive for years. She is really teed off with the church since her father died. She has a much sharper intellect than the other two.

She can cut through the fog. :)

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