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Posted by: Maude ( )
Date: May 20, 2015 12:20PM

Be a Courteous Poster (and one who doesn't get deleted).

1. Avoid Hijacking: Respond to the opening post (OP) that started the thread to avoid "hijacking" (going off on a tangent, taking discussion away from the original topic).

2. Avoid Multi-Posting on One Thread (Hogging): Threads are capped at 30 replies for moderation reasons. Generally, confine your replies to one or two in a thread to avoid filling it up quickly and especially with non-substantive or hijack-type responses.

Exception: If you are involved in an in-depth discussion of the thread topic, especially with the original poster (OP) latitude will be given on the number of replies you make.

Hijacking and Hogging are both reasons that your replies may be deleted. Yes, this is subjective, but that is part of the nature of moderation.

Reminder: Please observe the No Politics rule on the Discussion Board. The board is not meant to be about politics. Even when Mormonism intersects politics, discussion of political issues is not allowed. The reason is because this board is for issues related to recovery from Mormonism. Politics is inevitably divisive, not conducive to recovery. We have tried to allow discussion of issues that stray into the political arena. It is never pretty. We intend to stick with the no politics rule especially during the current US political season.

Issues: If you find difficulty posting or have questions to the admin please email We try to respond in 24 hr.

Thank you for continuing to respect this RfM policy

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