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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Growing up Mormon in the Promised Land greenturkey01/23/2014 04:07PM
A Tiny Spark judyblue01/23/2014 02:15PM
Having been officially an ex-Mormon for 16 months.... Lethbridge Reprobate01/23/2014 12:41AM
Q&A with Bednar that caused my shelf to collapse La_Capa01/15/2014 07:50PM
A black perspective on Mormonism exblacksister12/23/2013 08:21PM
Reposted from main board, my exit story. safetynotguaranteed12/22/2013 09:27PM
a convert's short lived journey pamelaf321112/11/2013 03:19PM
. silhouettes12/05/2013 07:41AM
False Traditions Young Brave12/04/2013 11:14PM
The end of the Mormon era writingmystory11/20/2013 09:42PM
I am so glad I left! NoOneCanKnow11/20/2013 12:13AM
Left the church almost 9 years ago and I've never been happier phillip1234511/16/2013 07:16PM
Leaving isn't easy, but no regrets lifeafterlds11/16/2013 04:51PM
Currently Stuck Mormon kpearl11/12/2013 06:05PM
Somehow I've always known I wanted out nomorefencesitting11/12/2013 04:48AM
What's the background to Urchdorf's apology? thedocumentor11/08/2013 01:33PM
Left at eleven formerwhittierpick11/07/2013 10:18PM
Religion lost, relief found. roombazumba11/02/2013 09:06PM
Overcoming a religion I was born into. thatcherexmormon11/02/2013 04:47AM
It's all about the $$$ jmh18110/28/2013 10:46AM
Why, and how, I left... Mr.Philosopher10/27/2013 01:46AM
Family Exit bishopatheist10/27/2013 12:24AM
A Dramatic but relatively painless exit NCgirl10/22/2013 07:46PM
Freedom and Peace zezebel10/20/2013 10:46PM
Years after I left, I found I'm still in the process of leaving. peepster10/16/2013 02:58PM
To Live a Life. sebcole10/09/2013 09:55PM
Masturbation, my Sons goodbye story. eutahbear195210/04/2013 11:06AM
Leaving Orem on a bus oremgirl10/01/2013 01:55PM
Feeling of Impending Doom anonforthis09/24/2013 09:33AM
Recovering drug addict finds rebirth and happiness after leaving Mormonism paravis09/12/2013 12:20AM