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Do they still give out Patriarchal Blessings? 27 kathleen01/07/2018 02:02AM
NPR: The Sexual Assault Epidemic No one Talks About blindguy01/08/2018 09:09PM
Buddist Monk Says Cleaning Up Is Good For You, Has Spiritual Meaning 12 anybody01/08/2018 07:11AM
NPR: Many Top Evangelical Leaders Still Reject Mormonism As Christianity 31 anybody01/05/2018 05:30PM
TBM faulty memories... 28 ificouldhietokolob01/09/2018 10:04AM
A religious con once again ... Dave the Atheist01/10/2018 12:39AM
o/t cell phone number look up question 15 gemini12/23/2015 10:41AM
Your Horoscope — Week Of January 9, 2018 Dave the Atheist01/09/2018 11:42PM
Saw this on FB. Hope it goes viral nonmo_101/10/2018 08:09AM
Readers take the time to write to update me on my genealogy 23 steve benson01/09/2018 12:40AM
LDS have new president! 23 baura01/08/2018 11:20PM
o/t Some Brit comedy to make you smile brigantia not logged in01/09/2018 11:14AM
Possible new "revelations" by Nelson 12 6 iron01/09/2018 06:36PM
My definition of forgiveness 24 donbagley01/08/2018 10:19PM
Caches of ancient Roman sling bullets exist, but none from Zarahemla anybody01/09/2018 04:34AM
Seventh-day Adventists OT 24 fordescape01/01/2018 04:03PM
Why are there no more priesthood 70s in LDS wards? Liz01/09/2018 05:47PM
(o/t) Nerd fact: You can sing the first 16 squares the tune of "Delta Dawn" anybody01/09/2018 07:32PM
Old Family Pictures memikeyounot01/07/2018 08:50PM
Bill Nye doesn't seem to like flat earthers 24 Dave the Atheist01/08/2018 12:15AM
When accuracy is painful ..... smirkorama01/09/2018 01:23AM
Conversation about one-on-one interviews with xbp (ex-bishop) 12 valiant01/09/2018 10:07AM
The false dichotomy of theism vs atheism 39 koriwhore01/07/2018 04:32PM
High Priest questions Heartless01/08/2018 02:07PM
A first! Religious Minister found guilty of "Spiritual Abuse"! grandstander01/08/2018 07:02PM
New Ward Council: RS Style 27 messygoop01/09/2018 01:44AM
Any Connection? GNPE01/08/2018 10:40PM
Humanity loves theocracies and frauds? Zelot?01/09/2018 02:55PM
how did you tell your parents you didnt want to be mormon anymore? 61 chelseamarie07/01/2012 01:00AM
Still bothered about Mormonism mess 12 veritessalee01/08/2018 05:11PM
Q-15 Playing not to lose instead of playing to win? 21 cricket01/07/2018 08:53PM
Standoff Trial Ends, Case Dismissed 13 anybody01/08/2018 03:25PM
Nasty Girls Soccer ~ Elizabeth Lambert vs BYU ~ ziller01/08/2018 11:06PM
I found a new mantra Babyloncansuckit01/09/2018 12:02PM
The Mormon father and son on Season 4 of “60 days In” Whiskeytango01/07/2018 04:24AM
Book recommendation: Faith No More by Phil Zuckerman waunderdog01/07/2018 07:27PM
Why Are They Waiting So Long Til They Bury Momson 53 SEcular Priest01/07/2018 09:02AM
Why does the US Military flag folding ceremony have Christian meanings? 13 anybody01/08/2018 07:34PM
Mormons petitioning NY Times over Monson's obit. 14 StillAnon01/08/2018 08:53PM
My Pre Council Experience Yesterday With HP Group Leader SEcular Priest01/08/2018 09:39AM
On topic-Documentary "A Universe From Nothing" LINK Topper01/09/2018 02:59AM
Return and Report on Our First Priesthod Council Meeting 35 SEcular Priest01/07/2018 07:06PM
"the CES letter" relievedtolearn01/07/2018 11:43PM
in Sunday school class desertman01/08/2018 07:51PM
Speaking as a man 14 CrispingPin01/07/2018 12:29PM
Was everyone's fast and testimony meeting on Monson!?? (n/t) 21 Anonymous 201/07/2018 03:37PM
True believers must have reasons: 10 more money01/08/2018 01:01PM
Dinner tonight 15 Humberto01/07/2018 08:08PM
Garments Gone 12 robinsaintcloud01/03/2018 12:20PM
More on finding a church 27 fordescape01/04/2018 04:08PM
Monson and Beneficial Life Insurance 33 merryprankster12301/05/2018 02:36PM
Muslims May Become America’s Second-Largest Religious Group By 2040, Pew Re 50 Anonymous 201/04/2018 02:39PM
To change the subject off of Monson--What's it like to be a temple worker? 12 exminion01/07/2018 03:00PM
Are Mormons (who are all over the place lately) "God-Fearing"? 28 Nightingale01/06/2018 03:17PM
Fun With Monson! logged out this week01/05/2018 11:34PM