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Enjoy this life! Put 10% in your retirement account every month! (n/t) Retiree02/03/2014 11:10PM
not showing the SI swimsuit show on KSL jonny02/03/2014 11:02PM
A Sandwich Costume For The German Church Tour...>WTF. 19 I'mNotGoingToTakeIt...Anymore.02/03/2014 02:58PM
O/T - SEAHAWKS!!!!! 14 Strength in the Loins02/03/2014 06:46AM
What are the historical origins of the fast and testimony meeting? (n/t) knighterrant02/03/2014 10:53PM
Mormons like Spartans paulbot02/03/2014 10:55PM
On This Day in Mormon History (Feb 3) baura02/03/2014 09:20AM
THE NEXT ESSAY tenaciousd02/03/2014 07:14PM
Which essay released to will have most negative impact to Church? 17 zenmaster02/03/2014 03:52PM
More Nail-Pounding into the Mormon Church's "Lamanite DNA" Deceit steve benson02/03/2014 10:09PM
The Essays cwm31s02/03/2014 08:31PM
BYUI film wounded on the battlefield shakinthedust02/03/2014 09:55PM
BoM's Middle Eastern Mariners Had No Jewish DNA Cuz God Turned It to Asian steve benson11/17/2013 10:10PM
Lamanites, Lamanites Everywhere but Nary a Drop of Jewish DNA . . . steve benson02/01/2014 01:35AM
The Decline of Mormonism may have caused the Decline of Wendover. behindcurtain02/03/2014 05:43PM
For sanitationengineer and Hold Your Tapirs whitethunder01/31/2014 06:28PM
The Only True Church? Holy Ghost helps non-Mormon woman find her keys stillburned02/03/2014 08:26PM
OT- need some distraction while waiting for medical test results 30 fidget01/30/2014 09:11PM
"Translating" The BOM Pictures On The Church Website Appear 2 Be Updated... BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/03/2014 08:49PM
Let's talk about something REALLY important.... 31 nonmo_102/03/2014 08:02AM
nomo question 14 sunnynomo02/03/2014 02:14PM
Too busy having babies to pay attention to what is going on in school? 14 Elder Berry02/01/2014 02:48PM
Satirical take on Laban's murder (language, gore, etc.) joesmithsleftteste02/01/2014 05:39PM
Source of TSCC membership records... The Holy Spearmint02/03/2014 07:05PM
Time for us all to move on 30 scribble02/03/2014 04:59PM
One excellent "TV preacher" broadcast daily Mythb4meat02/03/2014 05:53PM
Brief DoTerra oils update (somewhat O/T) NeverMo in CA02/03/2014 01:28PM
O/T - Hey confused Truth B Told01/26/2014 11:08PM
A little gem from yesterdays bulletin: rutabaga02/03/2014 07:10PM
Crowd Sourcing The End Of "The Church" 29 nationalnewscampaign02/01/2014 03:28PM
Superbowl grinch. Anon for this.02/03/2014 06:34PM
Revealed Temple Name Lorenzo's Ho02/03/2014 12:29PM
Follow Up to Holland's Sincere Appeal 10 Doubting Thomas02/03/2014 02:50PM
If The Holy Spirit Tells TBMs The BOM Is True, Then All Empirical Evidence heretic02/03/2014 01:59PM
Finding Family The Holy Spearmint02/03/2014 06:23PM
Spencer W. Kimball on masturbation RealityCheck02/03/2014 05:20PM
Interesting Take On Shunning Christians (semi-topical) schlock02/03/2014 06:03PM
Why don't LDS use the Joseph Smith Bible? brandelion02/03/2014 11:40AM
"I Fired God" Awesome book about leaving a Baptist Cult dissonanceresolved02/03/2014 05:41PM
weird anti-masturbation video 24 fubecona02/01/2014 01:50PM
Are full-time missionaries happy? 30 RealityCheck02/03/2014 10:14AM
Elder Holland is on the edge amos202/03/2014 03:56PM
Mormonism is a Shakespearean Cargo Cult. 14 forbiddencokedrinker01/31/2014 06:55PM
Are Mormons Christian? 30 Crathes02/03/2014 02:13PM
Knight In Waiting - How did it go with the parents? n/t (n/t) Cali Sally02/03/2014 01:31PM
Unlike current GAs, Spencer Kimball knew lamanites... BG02/03/2014 04:37PM
Is it just me or... 12 funeral taters02/03/2014 01:06PM
TBM DH "You can't resign from the truth" 21 Dennis Moore02/03/2014 09:49AM
FAIR: Futile Apologetics for an Inane Religion (post acronym suggestions) 29 Tal Bachman02/01/2014 02:40PM
question about male programming 30 anon sex ?02/01/2014 09:11AM
Kind of O/T My t.v. line-up tonight nevermo102/03/2014 03:24PM
WML in PEC, "We have nothing going on, that's it" Hold Your Tapirs02/03/2014 02:06PM
Maybe my wife is ready... squeebee02/03/2014 02:47PM
They make it so easy to believe... canadianfriend02/03/2014 02:40PM
Elder Holland Speaks in Stake Conference - Report 31 saul02/03/2014 12:08PM