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St George - Reporting on our first meeting SafeHarbor03/12/2014 11:20PM
Is dedication to mormonism an addiction? Wilruff03/12/2014 11:58PM
writing my Ltr to TSM, 'to speak my truth', but: GNPE03/13/2014 02:08AM
Do Christian Believe Anything Continued 11 janeeliot03/12/2014 06:54PM
T - 2 days and counting... Heathen03/12/2014 10:29PM
Should I resent my father? 31 Sleepless in Seattle03/11/2014 02:59PM
Leaving Christianity Behind neopagan03/12/2014 11:25PM
Proxy Endowment for the living or the dead? sanctorian03/12/2014 07:22PM
Arguing with a TBM is like . . . . utahstateagnostics03/12/2014 07:07PM
Do sealings have to be preformed in the temple? 10 rainwriter03/12/2014 06:24PM
Three new slamtoons - one from the UK about - guess who? cricket03/12/2014 11:27PM
Killing Laban 31 kokaubeam03/11/2014 06:42PM
Did U Avoid Potential Good Friendships Simply Because They Smoked Or Drank? (n/t) 11 BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/12/2014 08:33PM
OMG, 2 Jehovahs Witlesses just left. Holy Baloney, Mormons arent this stu 31 serena03/12/2014 02:04PM
two mishies caught me outside with the dog 16 Fascinated in the Midwest03/12/2014 12:15PM
The problem with the LDS Church 26 Boyd K Pecker03/12/2014 10:19AM
What The Oblivious Hell.....(Essays related). 17 ArghYeMateys03/11/2014 11:38PM
The "Zion Curtain" remains... 14 zenmaster03/12/2014 02:57PM
Growth of RfM? 15 Count Chocula03/12/2014 07:23AM
I so appreciate ... past-that03/12/2014 09:45PM
Are garments made in China? deco03/12/2014 04:54PM
Another missionary injured on mission stoppedtheinsanity03/12/2014 04:35PM
New missionary rule or just old Mormon arrogance? 12 JamesL03/12/2014 05:40PM
General Conference Talks (Not a thread about Monson) athens41503/12/2014 09:12PM
o/t Am I the insane one?? help! 23 jujubee03/12/2014 07:02PM
Utah Winery? Its True! 11 kilergrove03/12/2014 03:35PM
Garments and fungal infections 31 Anon cos embarrassing03/12/2014 04:23AM
I hate Mormon funerals 30 drilldoc03/10/2014 07:26PM
Why Send 18yr Old Elders Away...Can't They Stay Home & Do Missionary Work? (n/t) 19 BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/11/2014 08:29PM
Utah fossil theft Lostmypassword03/12/2014 08:41PM
Korihor - the victim of bullying crookedletter03/12/2014 10:54AM
Just got blind sided by a family member. Didn't see THIS coming. 23 Pooped03/12/2014 09:46AM
O/T I still can't see Tribune comments..have tried everything. gemini03/12/2014 06:04PM
o/t I'm getting $113 a week for unemployment for 22 weeks! 31 southern Idaho inactive03/11/2014 08:44PM
Does anyone personally know RIchard Bushman or Teryl Givens? AnonAbdulJabbar03/12/2014 10:56AM
can I look at porn without feeling like a sinner? 16 anon for this03/11/2014 06:11PM
OT Am Invited 2 Tony Robbins But Can't Figure Out What This Guy Is Selling? (n/t) 14 BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/12/2014 02:58PM
People that made a difference in this world anon-9-1303/12/2014 04:36PM
Funny things kids say about God part 2. Nevermo1.03/12/2014 06:35PM
It is just so confusing chocolatetestimoney03/12/2014 05:23PM
Was All "Anti" Material U Were Hit With On Your Mission End Up Being True? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/12/2014 03:18PM
Need Advice....Anyone resign without their spouse? 17 notanymore02/15/2013 04:11PM
No longer loyal to Boy Scouts, boys join Trail Life(link) 12 southern idaho inactive03/01/2014 04:09PM
Is it common tbm thinking that God does -everything- that happens? rainwriter03/12/2014 05:48PM
More Church growth data 22 texexmo03/12/2014 12:12PM
Do Christians believe anything? 32 sonoma03/11/2014 08:50PM
In Search of Believable Religion, Part I 31 Tal Bachman03/12/2014 01:55PM
The peace that comes from leaving the gospel 13 HopefulNOM03/12/2014 09:22AM
What would cause someone to be passed over for callings their ENTIRE LIFE? 36 AnonTX03/12/2014 12:12PM
Jerkoff Husband of the LDS mom in Orem who died in childbirth last May 32 AngelCowgirl03/12/2014 10:58AM
not so heavenly "celestial" marriages jujubee03/12/2014 04:31PM
Joseph Smith's bad spelling 19 Steve07/28/2011 05:39PM
48 Laws of Power: Law 27 Blue Oyster Mormon03/12/2014 04:15PM
Crazy Lies/Stories Missionaries Tell other Missionaries mondaymorning03/12/2014 02:18PM
The Pope has a new print magazine, foundoubt03/12/2014 02:36AM