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The church puts a spin on EVERYTHING 14 exbishfromportland06/06/2013 03:09AM
Passive-aggressive things Mos say to exMos (with subtext) 36 baura06/05/2013 11:52PM
Maybe they are on to something... antimarkite05/31/2013 02:03PM
This is how I made it work with a believing spouse. (Re-post & Updated) 23 SusieQ#106/06/2013 11:13AM
Promtings Nomoe06/06/2013 05:46PM
Funding missionaries but not garments freckles06/05/2013 10:46PM
The best funeral? 13 ragingphoenix06/05/2013 10:32PM
Sharing my experiences helping my DW get out... She's Almost Out06/05/2013 06:25PM
"HOT MOM" PERP ARRESTED!!!!! cont. o/t 35 shannon06/05/2013 11:30PM
Atlanta Meetup, Wed June 5, 6:30 pm 19 The Oncoming Storm - bc06/01/2013 01:52AM
The Church Fading? Not Really! Here's why CONTINUED lucky06/06/2013 03:39PM
Older siblings not so perfect after all Outcast06/06/2013 03:38PM
Interesting dream last night. Could someone interpret? Carrots Tomatoes and Radishes06/06/2013 03:27PM
Sharing your beliefs after becoming an evil apostate. 35 Raptor Jesus06/05/2013 02:37PM
Thinking of BY..(inappropriate joke) magnite06/06/2013 03:15PM
sithlord and twojedis in San Antonio next week 17 twojedis05/29/2013 02:02AM
Remember when mormons were better than Christians? ("Apology" inspired) 12 tapirsaddle06/05/2013 12:02PM
As a temple Mormon, did you know about New Name schedule? 15 raiku06/06/2013 12:30PM
How does the Mormon church follow Satan? 36 Carrots Tomatoes and Radishes06/05/2013 10:33PM
Anger Anger Anger randy06/06/2013 02:33PM
For my son's graduation from HS his Dad dyed his own hair More Moon06/06/2013 02:27PM
For those of you married to a tbm... 38 procrusteanchurch06/06/2013 09:32AM
When a missionary dies... Observer06/05/2013 05:01PM
Fear of death 24 iwhisper06/05/2013 12:46PM
another currently serving missionary 38 lostutahn06/05/2013 05:42PM
Are there any good "balanced" histories of mormon "persecution" Chicken N. Backpacks06/06/2013 11:44AM
The next Mormon moment? caedmon06/06/2013 11:12AM
Just wondering misterzelph06/06/2013 03:26AM
The Church Fading? Not really. Here's why...... 35 staind06/06/2013 03:15AM
Now that SSM is legal in a few states, how does TSCC handle SSMs? GNPE06/06/2013 12:22PM
Dating Rules 35 itsneverover06/05/2013 07:06PM
Another exciting adventure of G Man & Peter P pewsitter06/06/2013 12:45PM
85,000 missionaries by fall 2013 25 amiwhiteyet06/04/2013 07:09PM
What am I doing? 32 Kiss me kate06/06/2013 03:13AM
Mormon etiquette on Facebook. al-iced06/06/2013 10:21AM
This seems to be a familiar topic... topsacred06/06/2013 11:46AM
Denial doesn't know what love is... Random FB thread06/06/2013 12:02PM
Love the Mormon, hate the Mormonism. 12 wolfsbane06/05/2013 11:18PM
tip toeing around TBMS suzanne06/06/2013 11:20AM
Striking correlation between drinking coffee and longevity just a thought06/06/2013 11:13AM
Mormon royalty and church leaders seem so out-of-touch Outcast06/06/2013 11:17AM
Rumor from Provo... MJ06/05/2013 11:24PM
What Would TSCC b if leaders 'really had' inspiration/revelation 'from abov GNPE06/06/2013 03:02AM
Repressed Memories 13 anon for this06/05/2013 02:27AM
Ran into the missionaries... 25 SusieQ#106/05/2013 11:12AM
Predictions for the Cult diablo06/06/2013 12:14AM
New To This Board? What's Your Story? Ex-CultMember06/05/2013 11:57AM
Rate The Butt-Hurt Notme06/05/2013 08:45AM
Another Point of View OccasionalLurker06/05/2013 06:21PM
RM's - How long did it take you to leave TSCC after your mission ? 49 brett06/05/2013 03:04PM
Seminary teacher arrested for stealing prescription drugs(link) fidget06/06/2013 06:31AM
Polygamy vs Slavery. diablo06/06/2013 05:26AM
Really? No pain medication during Joseph Smith's leg operation? 19 Villager06/05/2013 03:55PM
What are some arbitrary or unethical mission rules? Or Church rules? 28 tombs106/04/2013 05:48PM
And the Moon Shall Turn To Blood 18 Eddie Jr06/05/2013 07:21AM