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I screwed up my computer, now Yahoo won't let me sign in. wine country girl11/28/2010 06:35PM
More bad PR for the LDS church michaelm (not logged in)07/05/2014 06:28PM
Anybody else feel the spirit with this? exmo5907/04/2014 11:41PM
fabricated bio/resume kairos07/04/2014 11:48PM
I moved into a nest of Mormons!!! (cussing) 15 icanseethelight07/03/2014 03:23PM
Christian Anti-Masterbating group's mascot caught-arrested, yes, doing it moremany07/03/2014 08:26PM
Church Discipline 11 thehammer07/03/2014 05:29PM
What will the future ward and/or stake look like? ain't got no name yet07/05/2014 12:19PM
CES Letter - Gonna lose a friend 34 checkingout07/03/2014 01:28AM
LDS Church releases video about the history of women and full-time mission southern idaho inactive07/05/2014 03:48PM
Bar set on fire in the name of the Lord..& other recent mish blog gems sha'dynasty07/05/2014 11:38AM
Freedom from the Press? Justice Dept Investigating LDS Church/Deseret News 33 steve benson07/03/2014 10:55PM
Well, I heard the D word. 23 mayonnaise07/04/2014 08:37PM
Apparently They Have "Tough" Questions For Us. (link) 21 I'm a Dinosaur07/03/2014 06:20PM
Wife asked me to leave over the issue of icons 10 byepolar07/03/2014 11:27PM
Weird to resign today? 12 utahfantasy07/04/2014 09:21AM
Shunning 20 thedesertrat107/04/2014 09:21PM
Too many Mormons around you? Move to Andorra. Only 5 in the whole country. Jerry the Aspousetate07/04/2014 02:41PM
The Church is ALWAYS Right (even when it is wrong) 16 dalebroadhurst07/04/2014 04:38PM
question to former missionaries 11 jeff_5807/04/2014 02:19PM
Dont Momrons see the inherhent arrogance in this train of thought? nonsequiter07/03/2014 10:55PM
How quickly the shelf falls... 22 exodus07/03/2014 08:22PM
Help! 12,000 missing missionaries 12 outsider07/04/2014 09:12AM
Legality of lying to animal shelter? 24 AnonForRightNow07/02/2014 11:18AM
Not raising child in church--how to tell parents 24 westernwillows07/02/2014 12:07PM
Self plagiarism. Raptor Jesus07/05/2014 01:03AM
The Wind-up Doll 11 yamsi07/03/2014 09:19PM
Do RMs still think they deserve virgins? Are young mobot women holding out Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/05/2014 10:33AM
How can you tell if someone's Mormon, w/o being rude/asking? 17 bookratt01/13/2012 08:42AM
I see what you did there: faith-promoting numbers 17 Stray Mutt07/03/2014 10:47AM
The Book of Mormon the Musical -- The Movie 23 Scooter05/13/2011 03:19PM
Is the increase in the number of missionaries permanent? 20 thingsithink07/03/2014 09:07PM
Excommunications, resignations - those numbers don't matter. 10 canadianfriend07/04/2014 01:47AM
Does marriage counseling in TBM marriages work? EveEphraim07/05/2014 12:00AM
OT- remember to keep pets safe this 4th of July 15 fidget07/04/2014 08:56AM
4th of July History lesson to all our un-American posters. 25 Raptor Jesus07/04/2011 11:58AM
Missionaries ever become gay lovers? 25 Carl Pagan07/04/2014 06:00AM
Why dont mobots proudly march in parades in silly temple garb? 11 Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/04/2014 11:35AM
TBM says Mormons are like fruit flies. Both have free will. I think TBMs .. 10 Jerry the Aspousetate07/04/2014 11:23AM
I'm grateful for religious freedom . . . 10 slipperyslope07/04/2014 10:26AM
Why isn't the "prophet" very visible to the world 34 JustThinkin07/04/2014 11:37AM
Human beings are not logical thinkers, and that is a problem... 30 elciz07/03/2014 09:38AM
I HATE THIS G*D* CULT!!!!!!! Anon4thisonetoday07/04/2014 03:24PM
"Meet The Mormons" Another Nail In The Coffin Of Mo'ism... (continued here) 25 BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/03/2014 07:13PM
What’s the following all about: “…sex with God, in all his orifices…” ? kingbrigham07/04/2014 04:04PM
I still can't bring myself to reveal my temple name.... 39 Anon4thisObviously07/04/2014 12:47PM
Patriarch and Pariah, NYT review Heresy07/04/2014 06:43PM
Book/website recommendations... Anon222707/04/2014 04:52PM
Oh crikey - "our underwear is a way of showing our love to our HF....." ozpoof07/04/2014 04:06PM
Smitten at last ab07/04/2014 12:25PM
Ordain Women ellenl07/04/2014 09:40AM
O/T: Those of you in Eastern US especially in NC please... 13 kativicky07/03/2014 02:08PM
I fell off the wagon 17 Lex07/02/2014 05:52PM
Maybe you can learn from Dr. Love's mistake - Cont'd Greyfort07/03/2014 07:46PM
LDS growth statistics -- my analysis Reality Check07/03/2014 11:39PM