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Service Missions caedmon09/29/2014 05:45PM
Brent Metcalfe is the man!! exodus09/29/2014 01:08AM
Will Holland have something to say this weekend? rocketscientist09/29/2014 10:31AM
TBM accidentally buys the Book of Zelph anon9009/29/2014 12:42PM
LDS "modesty": is there any other way? GNPE09/26/2014 06:33PM
Mormon sex aids? 16 Williamtwo09/28/2014 11:31AM
Utah happiest state in new poll. Say what? Hoffaex09/29/2014 03:36PM
Did any Masonic groups ever try to sue TSCC... 16 Anonymous User09/28/2014 11:04PM
For those being pestered by Mormons coming to the door at all hours... jerry6409/29/2014 08:08PM
Question about the Church's "Essays" baura09/29/2014 01:48PM
Heard today in ward conference: Monson says oceans receding? 32 generationofvipers09/28/2014 01:40PM
Book of Mormon evidence 19 VxPx09/29/2014 12:54PM
Why am I reminded of Mormon Temple Work from this article? Elder Berry09/29/2014 04:06PM
Any experts on editing Wikipedia? TBMs giving trouble openeyesguy09/29/2014 10:51AM
I'm an "athier" peiriannydd09/29/2014 02:24PM
I've made my exit complete crawling out from under The Book of Mormon Elder Berry09/29/2014 03:54PM
SB: A question for you. King Brigham l09/28/2014 02:07PM
Wishy Washy Wife Wannabe a Nazi TBM - But Can't wastedtime09/29/2014 01:21PM
Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs (the movie) eternal109/29/2014 03:58PM
Worst verses in the BoM? 22 prefan8409/25/2014 01:20AM
From forwarded family missionary email GC = Superbowl for Missionaries Elder Berry09/29/2014 03:06PM
I'm just really angry (kind of long) (swears) 22 Cupcake Baby09/26/2014 09:00PM
Phoenix Temple Cultural Celebration***ADMIN NOTE*** 27 Wallace N. Ladmo09/26/2014 05:25PM
Interesting article from The Atlantic azeus09/29/2014 03:05PM
Leaving TSCC has helped me find my backbone exldsdudeinslc09/28/2014 09:33PM
Jesus hates me this I KNOW (swearing) 11 ultra09/29/2014 10:58AM
Arizona Phoenix Mission the outlander09/29/2014 10:32AM
I had an abortion -- Cont'd from closed thread 11 summer09/26/2014 07:56PM
Re: Hypothetically speaking; does Dawkins think you are beyond naive, 38 quinlansolo09/28/2014 09:45PM
Becoming Like God Essay 18 almostx09/27/2014 12:57PM
Is something else going on here? Just more indoctrination? somnambulist09/29/2014 07:54AM
For converts - was Mormonism's Native American Jew/Christian Primitivist... Elder Berry09/29/2014 01:26PM
The Mormon "STAGE" 16 Lori C09/28/2014 09:18PM
Thank you Brother-in-law. You saved The Church from being to blame Elder Berry09/28/2014 11:18AM
Kate Kelly - I know she appealed her luv court decision. 11 sandie09/27/2014 08:27PM
Living an authentic life 22 foggy09/26/2014 11:46AM
Well-meaning Church members don't know 18 Elder Berry09/25/2014 04:35PM
Holland asks stake presidents to ask all to see 'Meet the Mormons' 30 Already Gone09/28/2014 01:20PM
Splitting hairs over one's athiesm 32 Doug the Apostate09/27/2014 09:10PM
Conflicts with parents over TSCC Strength in the Loins09/29/2014 04:59AM
Two Utah MLMs first in line to make money from tragedy of ebola virus. 31 Villager09/25/2014 05:12AM
William Law letters gentlestrength09/28/2014 02:37PM
Why did I serve a mission, cont'd, and other stuff PapaKen09/28/2014 06:45PM
I had an interesting talk with my son... michaelc194509/28/2014 11:40PM
Was today Fast Sunday? my ward's TBM deacons just came by for money 15 southern Idaho inactive09/28/2014 04:37PM
Shunning the Polygs WillieBoy09/29/2014 09:47AM
Mormonism is a form of Masturbation. behindcurtain09/28/2014 08:09PM
Who presided over the Relief Society Conference? (n/t) laurel09/29/2014 12:31AM
Mormon Feminists in the Globe msmom09/28/2014 08:14AM
Reference for pre-existance determined race, wealth in this 12 Steven09/28/2014 01:20PM
CA girl...I'd love to hear about your mission if you are willing to share.. (n/t) 14 Lori C09/28/2014 07:02PM
violence escalating in 'Short Creek' FLDS inspired... FBI involved 23 GNPE09/28/2014 12:02PM
3 members of the first presidency... tig09/28/2014 12:46PM
Trying to fit somewhere 14 tx2step09/28/2014 12:34PM
Anyone here served in Russia on their mission??? Going to Russia to Teach09/28/2014 10:13PM