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New splinter group ? edgereiver11/10/2014 06:34PM - link without improving "their" search engine position ozpoof11/11/2014 08:49PM
OMG - the JS polygamy essay made CNN's "Breaking News"!!! exodus11/11/2014 12:45AM
Addicted to Big Love 10 Doug11/10/2014 11:51PM
CNN article on Joseph's wives 22 jcrichards11/11/2014 05:28PM
O/T 19 kids and counting spin off?? whole hour devoted to josh and anna southern Idaho inactive11/11/2014 09:16PM
Remain Mormon and become guilty by association to Smiths sex crimes 37 copolt11/11/2014 01:53PM
To me, the best thing about the new polygamy essays is... 15 randyj10/24/2014 05:12PM
Mo "historian" Bushman blows off historical BofM problems he doesn't like steve benson11/11/2014 04:56PM
For newcomers to RFM: the angel with drawn sword redux... randyj10/29/2014 05:59PM
Movie version of Angel telling Smith to take multiple wives jkjkjkjkjk11/11/2014 08:35PM
The "Do you affiliate with any group . . . " TR question. 11 Cheryl11/11/2014 11:39AM
I'm NOT happy about JS polygamy/ child molesting hitting the news 26 mobegone11/11/2014 02:36PM
What will be the next Anti-Mormon lie to be validated by the essay team? yamsi11/11/2014 07:09PM
Clinton admits sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky!!! 13 baura11/11/2014 01:02PM
JS Polygamy Ruthie11/11/2014 07:20PM
Given all his "wives", do we have an idea of his progeny? Void K. Packer11/11/2014 07:41PM
"I am a Mormon" gets a hammer blow thanks to Essays 20 AmIDarkNow?11/11/2014 10:28AM
New Evidence Found: JS Personal Confession of Sexual Sin . . . steve benson11/11/2014 06:06PM
Is Arizona more crazy Mormon than Utah? 24 Elder Berry11/10/2014 05:40PM
With Joe Smith's polygamy splattering the news pages, break out the hymnal steve benson11/11/2014 06:55PM
And now the BBC joins in... Tori11/11/2014 06:42PM
I tried to help David Cozzens and family out of the church 25 years ago thingsithink11/11/2014 07:01PM
On topic irony - he can't see the beam in his spiritual eye Elder Berry11/11/2014 02:21PM
Mormon Church Makes Staggering Confession About Its Founder! AOL Home Page! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/11/2014 05:36PM
Sharing the NY Times article with Mormons - would this work? 32 CA girl11/11/2014 11:02AM
The national discussion should be if churches should be taxed. deco11/11/2014 02:01PM
Hi backphil....From closed thread ok11/11/2014 05:41PM
Should LDS leadership, such as TSM deco11/11/2014 05:26PM
Missionary story on polygamy MTfounder11/11/2014 05:32PM
Marriage reform Phazer11/11/2014 03:36PM
More Good Foundation on Facebook's cliché post of a sunset Elder Berry11/11/2014 04:06PM
Any Smith descendants among today's GAs? 12 Anon411/11/2014 02:07PM
Perspective moose11/11/2014 04:46PM
Facebook Newsfeed is lit up with the National Story on Joseph! NOT thewhyalumnus11/11/2014 04:22PM
Church members don't know . . .?? 11 smo11/11/2014 12:04PM
Does anyone own a pocket size D&C/PoGP fudley11/11/2014 03:57PM
How are Mormons reacting on their sites honest111/11/2014 01:11PM
CNN has video with the story allpau11/11/2014 04:05PM
The Wall's Fall: Monson Dances with Dictators; Mos Say God Made Him Do It 11 steve benson11/10/2014 11:57PM
Heavenly Father stopped kidnapper. StillAnon11/11/2014 03:04PM
I really hope Colbert and Jon Stewart pick up the plyg story deco11/11/2014 10:37AM
Goodbye fireworks, hello disco jcrichards11/11/2014 03:45PM
Mormon essays hit drudge report - nytimes 76 Phazer11/10/2014 10:12PM
JS had up t 40 wives story all over now ..... GC11/11/2014 02:03PM
Vanity Fair: ... formerly known as ... LOL weeder11/11/2014 03:10PM
Book of Mormon creation and drug usage Phazer11/11/2014 01:41PM
Joseph Smith second only to Jesus Christ... 12 london11/11/2014 01:16PM
Finally! TBM's Get A Dose Of Honest-2-Goodness Revelation...From The Media! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/11/2014 12:51PM
Just noticed another thing... Chicken N. Backpacks11/11/2014 12:44PM
Smiths wives shum11/11/2014 10:10AM
Mormons are Pagans 35 zenith11/10/2014 09:50PM
Fanny = Lady Madeline? gulfcoastguy11/11/2014 02:13PM
Plural marriage essay makes the New York Times 28 Babaika11/10/2014 10:24PM
UK perspective on today's headline ... check the reader comments. beyondashadow11/11/2014 12:46PM