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If women get the priesthood, what will we call it? 29 exmo5908/05/2014 08:58PM
Mudslide in Uchtdorf's Neighborhood releve08/06/2014 04:40PM
To those who feel alone in a crowd of TBMs, there's hope thewhyalumnus08/06/2014 05:31PM
Flooding Facebook with 1,000,000 Temple Posts 18 auroraura07/29/2014 02:48PM
Surprised by a guy I thought was TBM who is a closet disbeliever. 10 Craig08/06/2014 12:47PM
What Issue Of The Ensign Do Priesthood Holders Use @ Their Fertility Test? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/06/2014 01:18PM
Why we should lampoon or confront Mormonism boydslittlefactory08/06/2014 07:27PM
Robert Rey, MD - Dr. 90210 Robert08/06/2014 10:57AM
Mopologists are going to jump all over this BoM "proof" Stray Mutt08/06/2014 02:56PM
girls pretending to be less intelligent than they are 36 scmd08/06/2014 06:35AM
Happiness is... colorado08/06/2014 02:00PM
In the news to me dept. - Missionary Sisters Only Conference Elder Berry08/06/2014 04:42PM
"If we don't teach our children to follow Christ... 12 nonsequiter08/06/2014 02:55PM
Anyone know how missionary work is going in Russia(U.S.S.R.)? 13 southern idaho inactive05/19/2014 10:58AM
"These Magnificent Temples Point To How Rich The Mormon Church Is" (link) Prof. Plum08/06/2014 05:16PM
What exactly do you think temple worship is? 29 BYUboner08/04/2014 11:37PM
Which TBM Relative's Food Supply R U Gonna Mooch When The Big One Hits??? (n/t) 15 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/05/2014 08:44PM
Doing it themselves generation - I guess "tremendous growth" changed truth Elder Berry08/05/2014 07:49PM
Life update: Quitting, the Cult, and College 22 Knight in Waiting08/05/2014 08:24PM
Spending your summer vacation camping with TBMs rt08/06/2014 02:57PM
What is happiness in The Morg? 21 Elder Berry08/01/2014 07:55PM
What Did You Hate Most About BYU? 43 byu alum08/06/2014 11:59AM
Mormon porn 12 Robert08/05/2014 11:19PM
John J Stewart, 1925 - 2014 Good Clean Fun08/06/2014 10:45AM
Does Monson Have A Jet On Stand-By Or A Tunnel-Shelter When Missiles Fly??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/05/2014 08:41PM
O/T Help in the Love Dept (Adult) 20 Faithful Husband08/05/2014 07:43PM
The one and only truly inspired modern scripture Tom Padley08/05/2014 04:09PM
Under the guise of friendship somnambulist08/06/2014 12:25PM
Theodicy (/θiːˈɒdɪsi/ from Greek theos "god" + dike "justice") as exMo thewhyalumnus08/04/2014 09:08PM
Did The Lord Ever Command The Wives To Marry The Prophet? SuperBigGulp08/06/2014 09:54AM
My Father Just wrote a scathing "article" on "filthy" people like me 42 iwenttothewoods08/05/2014 09:13PM
Mormon Expressions We Hate (cont. thread) 41 notable nate08/04/2014 11:09PM
Ouija (continuing closed thread) 26 RPackham08/05/2014 12:56PM
Mission Calls... Inspired or not? 35 cwm31s08/05/2014 08:39PM
The Mormon Church is Like...(finish the sentence) 35 thinker08/05/2014 10:02PM
Gay, Christian, and Celibate from DesNews 18 Xyandro08/05/2014 01:31PM
Soulmates? please help, so confused (o/t) 30 anonlurker08/04/2014 08:56PM
o/t having major foot surgery tomorrow, feeling the nerves 12 jonny07/31/2014 09:33PM
What are the steps for getting into church leadership? 30 ultra08/05/2014 11:15AM
Move over Catholic Priest child abusers, these Jews have you beat. 18 dagny08/05/2014 10:03PM
One messed up life 16 SLC guy08/04/2014 07:03PM
Outfoxed by ”The Black Box”-The Latter-day Swindling of an LDS "Prophet" ct 31 steve benson08/04/2014 08:58PM
Depression and suicide 10 crissykays08/05/2014 04:19PM
'Transmormon': Fascinating video 16 Lorraine aka síóg08/05/2014 05:01AM
Ebola; RM's, would the old you want to evacuate Holy the Ghost08/05/2014 03:21PM
Community Mental Health Issue elciz08/05/2014 12:00PM
Dangerous Cult Leaders moose08/05/2014 05:49PM
Article: A non-Mo living among Mormons Stray Mutt08/05/2014 11:16PM
Famous Mormon demonstrations of faith (The rest of the story) gentlestrength08/06/2014 12:21AM
What would it be like living in an atheist country? 33 behindcurtain08/02/2014 08:53PM
Is Mormonism the #1 Plastic religion / 'Faith Based' culture? GNPE08/04/2014 12:56PM
Step Down Monson...Step Down Now...U Sir Are A Fraud & A Charlatan! Yikes! (n/t) 11 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/05/2014 04:27PM
Feeling guilty for scratching the paint off the crotch of a Joseph Smith 10 Anon this time08/04/2014 11:14PM
ex mormon answers mormon questions subeamnotlogedin08/05/2014 09:02PM
Missoula Montana Mormons Miffed over Mayor's Morals jefecito08/05/2014 09:37PM