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Mormon Male leadership: Do you think they are humble, unpretentious? mia05/14/2013 04:50PM
Talk at Rick's College or I mean BYU Idaho... 17 habiff05/14/2013 11:00AM
Can anyone help me with some church growth numbers? NotNow05/14/2013 07:55PM
Kerry Shirts, I need an apologist's perspective 16 Elder Berry05/13/2013 08:28PM
Barn Stars--continued lazyeye05/14/2013 03:47PM
Monday Introduction 19 Senoritalamanita05/13/2013 05:15PM
Spiritual witnesses about Mitt Romney- links? almostthere05/14/2013 04:49PM
Respect your elders 15 Green Potato05/13/2013 12:15PM
How much does a chief pilot of cockpit crews or senior vice president of flight operations earn? 17 Jesus Smith01/15/2013 04:40PM
More thoughts on Sister Wives twojedis05/14/2013 06:31PM
Teachings of Spencer W Kimball 14 Anon Time05/14/2013 04:33PM
Online article Tara205/14/2013 05:21PM
Emotional Blackmail Probitas05/13/2013 11:41PM
Joseph Smith as Herbalife Guru in Israel? 2+2=405/14/2013 04:42PM
backyardprofessor apology 33 fudley05/13/2013 08:45AM
Most educated States within the USA subeam05/14/2013 09:45AM
Did you ever believe in this definition of God? 8thgeneration05/14/2013 02:27PM
Doing some charity today. drilldoc05/13/2013 04:57PM
BYU grad and actor Aaron Eckhart loves his cigars Dent05/14/2013 09:46AM
OT: even if there weren't Nephites, this is unbelieveable Chicken N. Backpacks05/14/2013 03:27PM
to be a woman in tscc, you are choosing... 21 weepingwillow05/13/2013 03:59PM
Homosexuals and the celestial kingdom? 18 jl171805/14/2013 12:23PM
Why did you decide to go on a mission? 36 Tyresias05/14/2013 08:31AM
NOT Trolling,just curious 21 Nevermo105/13/2013 04:05PM
Can a 3 year old be 'modest' ? 35 dogeatdog05/13/2013 09:53PM
Does anyone have information on where the term.... 11 habiff05/14/2013 11:42AM
An event that keeps happening: Vandalism; blame "haters"; oh, just kids cludgie05/14/2013 12:48PM
Greedy @$% missionary trolling 27 anotherheretichereagain05/12/2013 08:28PM
We beat this dead horse over and over but it won't go away quinlansolo05/14/2013 02:02PM
In a Pickle, Making up for Past Transgressions 19 DonQuijote05/03/2013 06:16PM
Dead an hour but revived and living now Uncle Dale05/14/2013 01:01PM
Some nice quotes from 'Mormons & Gays' website sherlock05/14/2013 02:04PM
Mormon Dictionary 14 tig05/14/2013 08:02AM
js wives search the one and only05/14/2013 09:59AM
Jesus Christ, instead of a beam in their eye they have a bolder in the as.. jacob05/14/2013 11:37AM
Content on Wikipedia gentlestrength05/14/2013 01:01PM
Can someone tell me if these are garments? 21 deco05/12/2013 01:02PM
Made it Back to Church... 17 NNT05/13/2013 08:47AM
If you really want to stop the "knock at your door" do this: 34 rowan11/15/2011 09:00AM
The Deceptive Relief Society President 22 mia05/13/2013 07:00PM
I just broke my mother's heart. 33 nickname05/14/2013 02:08AM
Does anyone know about those metal stars all those mormons put on their houses and sheds? 37 imlois1310/24/2010 03:57PM
Born Unworthy to be Loved 31 pewsitter05/11/2013 08:35PM
Mormon Masculinity--were you man enough? 34 Inverso05/13/2013 01:58PM
Open Letter to Lapsed, But Still-Believing Mormons who Marry outside TSCC Anon for Today05/13/2013 12:40PM
mormons trained on when to turn brain off, (bit of a rant) 13 mandy05/13/2013 12:46AM
LDS BIGGEST FAILURE is... GNPE05/14/2013 12:46AM
Do you know any Master Baiters? Elder Berry05/14/2013 09:13AM
Pick-up trucks - Continued 11 backphil05/13/2013 07:14PM
Are you kidding me? tig05/14/2013 08:08AM
Annoyed by lack of integrity toasty05/13/2013 05:51PM
Purpose of religion 35 twojedis05/13/2013 02:59PM
Just sent a tell-all message to the missionary who 14 Inglaterra05/10/2013 11:55PM
JS: "I made a fruitless attempt to pray, my toung seemed to be swolen..." Widget05/14/2013 02:18AM
for those who still believe in God and Jesus...? weepingwillow05/13/2013 04:40PM