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instead of going to church today Becca06/23/2013 07:58AM
Church without God - by design 34 saviorself06/23/2013 09:00AM
The mentality behind "multiply and replenish the earth" pathist06/23/2013 03:47PM
TSCC church is so boring. sexyanonymousgirl06/23/2013 04:27PM
"Your Body Is NOT A Temple...It's An Amusement Park. Enjoy The Ride!"... BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/23/2013 03:15PM
What causes the missionaries to show up? perceptual06/23/2013 02:42PM
Cult Websites and the Color Blue--Any psychologists here? left4good06/23/2013 03:39PM
I'm concerned that this big announcement will get my mom going 22 munchybotaz06/23/2013 05:56AM
Proof of the Laminates found ! Dave the Atheist06/23/2013 03:56PM
Proof of the Lamanites found! perceptual06/23/2013 01:50PM
Summer Solstice Fun 10 rachel106/22/2013 05:08PM
OT but I'm about tired of people getting nostalgia for a prepc world. 32 Chromesthesia06/22/2013 04:00PM
Had a FB fight with a family member over modesty... Ugh! 34 fidget06/22/2013 07:52PM
Inappropriate time for family prayer 23 peacelovemoana06/23/2013 02:01AM
June 23rd Announcement 23 New Announcement06/22/2013 10:07PM
New Pew LGBT Survey--Includes a Religion Section left4good06/23/2013 03:31PM
Racism against white people 40 saviorself06/23/2013 09:26AM
Bikini video 14 freebird06/23/2013 09:12AM
I think im going to go to church today 10 waisted24years06/23/2013 11:03AM
My thoughts on the exciting New Mission President's thing Elder Berry06/23/2013 02:53PM
Colorado meetup 20 steven8805/31/2013 11:33PM
What I should do if I let the missionaries in perceptual06/23/2013 01:52PM
O/T 509 homes destroyed in Black Forest fire. 14 Dave the Atheist06/19/2013 10:04PM
Hilarious way to get missionaries off your doorstep 12 perceptual06/22/2013 01:51PM
Celebrity guest Barbra Streisand sings about TBMs .... beyondashadow06/23/2013 02:27PM
A Case Against Tithing To The Mormon Church azsteve06/23/2013 01:30PM
email from dad: Special Worldwide Leadership Missionary Broadcast June 23 14 as-if06/22/2013 05:08PM
Things to say when Mishies knock on your door. 10 baura06/22/2013 10:12PM
The threefold mission of the church. hardjourney06/23/2013 03:42AM
O/T, sort of, shunning for outer garments (language) (long) aquarius06/23/2013 02:14AM
Beer: the self-guided tour 32 Curelom Herder06/21/2013 03:36PM
More Love Bombing to come? Joe's Steelclad Tapirs06/23/2013 11:54AM
omg...I'm having a middle of the night freak-out. Need the night crew! 17 shannon06/23/2013 02:04AM
Why are Mormons so afraid of different points of view? kjourney06/23/2013 12:20AM
Mormons don't understand risk assessment. forbiddencokedrinker06/23/2013 02:31AM
Could TSCC's increased missionary work focus backfire? 22 sherlock06/22/2013 04:34AM
Ex SIL and her skin color breedumyung06/23/2013 10:20AM
The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science — Editor's Picks — Medium blindguy06/22/2013 08:12AM
It's amazing that the Church has so much influence in America. 28 behindcurtain06/22/2013 11:40AM
What was your understanding of Joseph Smith's role in polygamy? 30 Hold Your Tapirs06/19/2013 01:02PM
Meetup - Sun 23, 10am Cabelas food court, Lehi, UT The Oncoming Storm - bc06/22/2013 08:16PM
So freakin' holier-than-thou! sstone06/22/2013 05:37PM
Yes Privacy Laws are Real, not a Fantasy...yea! 13 burnned06/22/2013 11:01AM
Lies and Truth Probitas06/22/2013 10:40PM
Thank You all for your love & support. LEELA06/22/2013 11:27PM
OT: 99% of Human Progress Has Come in the Past 10,000 Years robertb06/23/2013 04:22AM
I need new friends! releve06/22/2013 09:35PM
One Way to Escape the Reactivation Crusade 11 Southern ExMo06/22/2013 03:08PM
Laci Green - exmormon sex educator peacelovemoana06/23/2013 02:28AM
"More Stones" LEELA06/22/2013 11:39PM
OT Paula Deem cont 30 Infinite Dreams06/22/2013 03:26PM
Just caught my son watching questionable programming... antimarkite06/23/2013 12:24AM
20th century white supremacists -- continued Uncle Dale06/22/2013 11:44PM
2 views of modesty - how it's normally viewed, & how Mormons view it Infinite Dreams06/22/2013 11:55PM
Snappy comebacks to things TBMs say #318 11 baura06/22/2013 02:56PM