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Even Toddlers Are Trying to Get Away! dogeatdog04/13/2013 12:59AM
Shiz BYU girls say charles, not logged in04/13/2013 02:47AM
Lerenzo Snow subeam04/12/2013 05:54PM
I don't know what is worse. The whole idiocy of the temple ceremonies, or how somberly serious all the TBMs took the secret handshakes. forbiddencokedrinker04/13/2013 01:02AM
KFC monopoly in Utah? 38 Dances with Cureloms12/22/2010 11:26AM
OT- anyone compost tea bags? I have been opening them up and throwing away string and bag. ozpoof04/12/2013 01:11AM
Just got home from a BYU-I Graduation L.A.EX04/13/2013 12:49AM
ATTN: Poster "Kimball" Queen of Denial04/12/2013 05:15PM
Letd compile a list of Prophet Marriages to Young women 19 and under ? Cokeisoknowtodrink04/12/2013 07:25PM
Welcome to the World of the Smiley-Faced Depressed: Rates of Depression and Suicide in Mood-Managed Mormon Utah . . . 17 steve benson04/11/2013 11:48PM
What exactly is "correlation"? 14 behindcurtain04/12/2013 05:43PM
Resignation update....Now we are receiving Holland talks in the mail! 12 notanymore04/12/2013 06:50PM
87 year old neighbor got love bombed Pooped04/12/2013 03:47PM
Im passed the shock. Now Im obsessing. Anger is fast approaching. 36 weepingwillow04/12/2013 04:35PM
random tears subeam04/12/2013 10:35AM
Goodbye Adam and Eve - hello Australopithecus. . .fascinating read. . .link attached 14 tamboruco04/11/2013 05:40PM
The bishop keeps calling..... 28 kabbima04/09/2013 08:56PM
This interview of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses sounds so much like us it’s uncanny pathdocmd04/12/2013 03:32PM
What will happen if the LDS church becomes less conservative (slightly adult) deco04/12/2013 04:20PM
What age group is leaving the church fastest? How old were you when you considered yourself out? CON'T THREAD 37 SusieQ#104/12/2013 01:32PM
No Way Am I Going to Let the Insinuations Go Unchallenged: In Defense of My Friend (Who Can No Longer Answer for Herself), Deborah Laake . . . 29 steve benson04/11/2013 10:36PM
Update Infinite Dreams04/12/2013 08:28PM
What year did you leave the church? 36 L.A.EX04/12/2013 03:20PM
A Mormon Prayer - Am I doin' it Right? Elder Berry04/11/2013 02:13PM
O/T If RfM had a smell..... 36 NeverBeenaMormon04/12/2013 11:04AM
I'm back... And more issues with the parents... 20 dragwit03/24/2013 02:01PM
Beverly Hills Mission? 10 Phantom Shadow04/12/2013 04:28PM
Is there a Cabela's meetup this Sunday? 10 Raptor Jesus04/12/2013 01:04PM
O/T Personality Tests continued bordergirl04/12/2013 06:14PM
If you could take a month off from Mormonism, where would you go? deepcreek04/09/2013 03:17PM
Why marriage matters 24 axeldc04/11/2013 11:51AM
My exmo self must be living right... ladybug04/12/2013 05:13PM
The other reason why the Mormon church may not be spending money fighting gay rights. 11 forbiddencokedrinker04/12/2013 11:40AM
Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out if a poster here is someone you once knew as TBM? 35 AngelCowgirl04/12/2013 09:19AM
My TBM (adopted) mother paid for my coffee ChrisDeanna04/12/2013 10:01AM
I need help identifying this old apostle. 11 forbiddencokedrinker04/12/2013 02:28AM
Oh dear. I'm afraid my relative(s) are STILL flipping out re: bishop in the strip club LOL 17 ambivalent exmo04/11/2013 08:10PM
Bradley Manning Bradley04/12/2013 12:16PM
Is this to be believed? 16 michael04/12/2013 09:39AM
OT - Meyers-Briggs criticism 34 snb04/06/2013 03:42PM
Isn't missionary work mean-spirited? kolobian04/12/2013 03:01PM
Returning to this board 15 sicklethruster04/09/2013 02:29PM
How I deal with Mormons and their visits, and encounters. (Repeat post from several years ago!) SusieQ#104/12/2013 02:41PM
How do I copy text on a moron chat? 24 Quoth the Raven Nevermo04/11/2013 06:03PM
Annual mass resignation event 22 The Oncoming Storm - bc04/11/2013 10:21AM
Just watched Monson's talk and I have to ask... 15 sparty04/11/2013 12:05AM
latest twist on Joseph Smith's flaws being a good thing 33 Jesus Smith04/11/2013 05:38PM
An unexpected turn of events 13 watto04/12/2013 06:38AM
how long did you lurk before posting, and why did you start posting? 32 Pil-Latté04/09/2013 01:59PM
The complex present and the quick fixes - all the isms volrammos04/12/2013 01:24PM
What age group is leaving the church fastest? How old were you when you considered yourself out? 38 CA girl04/12/2013 11:15AM
If only LDS missions were like this.... notsurewhattothink04/11/2013 11:54PM
I would like to sustain George Orwell as a prophet, seer, and revelator deco04/12/2013 01:06PM
Bait a mormon, UK style antipodeanheathen04/12/2013 10:25AM
Screw it. This won't go away... 31 ragingphoenix04/11/2013 11:18PM