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n/t (n/t) dydimus08/18/2013 06:39AM
How to be Passionate about something David Jason08/17/2013 12:49PM
Mormons are Dumb and Gullible...Seriously! ddt08/18/2013 12:12AM
OT - What would be your reality show tag line? / thing you are known for ? romy08/18/2013 01:29AM
Patriarchal Blessings vodkamdew08/17/2013 04:16PM
excommunication question dcgsage08/18/2013 12:13AM
Help! I'm getting pressure to be outted! David Jason08/18/2013 12:09AM
Spiritual Experiences: OT? left4good08/17/2013 11:41PM
Family member with Alzheimer's . . . what were your early clues? o/t 24 shannon08/17/2013 05:18PM
Not sure how long I can bite my tongue 20 moonbeam08/17/2013 02:55AM
need authorities who confirm the morg is not the fastest growing religion 17 EssexExMo08/17/2013 03:33PM
LDS Excommunication 33 anonymousse06/13/2013 11:27PM
Satan is a dimtwit 20 Holy the Ghost08/17/2013 02:46PM
TSCC is a lot like Kodak 15 sherlock08/17/2013 05:17AM
History Channel "Ancient Aliens": Moroni Was A Space Alien 14 StoneInHat08/17/2013 04:00PM
Did Joey Smith Have a Psychiatric Disorder? 13 Gay Philosopher08/17/2013 11:45AM
Highland Cathedral... 22 knotheadusc07/31/2011 10:35PM
Orson Scott Card 19 StoneInHat08/17/2013 12:00AM
How to talk with Bishop II 18 brokenhearted08/15/2013 11:34PM
Modesty for 6 month olds? 24 marriedtoexmo08/16/2013 12:35PM
How do I learn to live a normal life? 10 behindcurtain08/16/2013 11:04PM
facebook homophobia (maybe ot) 11 nerdfighter08/17/2013 12:56AM
The line Joseph used to pursuade the ladies 30 Daphne08/16/2013 07:36AM
Best deal ever..... LikeABoss08/17/2013 10:20AM
sacrament meeting anonny08/17/2013 05:01PM
End masturbation interviews protest 34 Rowell back08/16/2013 10:13AM
My "Repentance" Process...What a Joke! 12 Anon Heretic08/17/2013 03:43AM
Cabela's meetup - 10:00 am Sunday morning - Lehi, UT Bite Me08/17/2013 12:30PM
To Susieq#1 and everyone else on the board, question 20 snuckafoodberry08/16/2013 01:17PM
Mormons & their psychic powers! Joseph Smith was not the only psychic SusieQ#108/16/2013 07:08PM
To Steve Benson and any others who were affected by the Illuminati thread snowyowl08/17/2013 02:41PM
people bored in gemini08/17/2013 12:45PM
more on DNA and native americans 13 darth jesus08/16/2013 04:09PM
What should I do? Family issues with Mormon girlfriend. Stay or run? 32 anon4now08/16/2013 05:22PM
Heart is racing right now... 15 mrsostrike08/16/2013 11:51PM
BOM Lit Class at U of U Bombadilgirl08/17/2013 12:21PM
What one Mormon mindset did/do you have the most trouble overcoming? 38 CA girl08/16/2013 11:39PM
Green Coffee Bean Extract- to treat diabetes, overweight, heart disease. 30 Taddlywog04/12/2012 12:01PM
Poll: What church/denomination do you attend or feel most comfortable? 33 FreeRose08/16/2013 09:26PM
where was your funnest vacation o/t 35 deco08/16/2013 11:02PM
Where are all the funny posts? 30 whatmeworry08/16/2013 12:00AM
Going out with a bang 27 David Jason08/16/2013 11:45AM
Condom goes inside garments or outside? (n/t) 11 exdrymo08/17/2013 01:30AM
Calling all computer geeks: Something weird just happened wine country girl08/16/2013 11:24PM
Todays joke checker of minor facts08/17/2013 02:33AM
Share your "Digs" at the Church Large or small. druid08/16/2013 08:01PM
Do you want to know why the FB posts about the church are stupid? Carrots Tomatoes and Radishes08/15/2013 10:34PM
Mormons feed the hungry in Ohio Anon just in case08/16/2013 10:42AM
TSCC has changed its summary of D&C 132, JS' polygamy 'revelation' 11 Widget05/26/2013 05:17PM
nt (n/t) 23 dydimus08/16/2013 07:47PM
Babycenter: I don't know that we teach that 18 TheyCallMeTheStreak08/15/2013 10:28PM
Consider this lurkers. Are you on your own team? 26 blueorchid09/08/2012 03:04PM
In the name of religion wondering08/17/2013 01:00AM
"Imagine" by John Lennon . . . What if the world could be like this? 34 shannon08/02/2013 05:47PM
spacetroopers greengobbledyguck08/16/2013 09:57PM