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Afraid to express what I really thought about the teachings from the Bible 20 deconverted201005/27/2013 06:15PM
14-year-old son and porn (con't.) 35 Richard Foxe05/28/2013 08:47AM
The Atheist higher-ups believe in satan ? Dave the Atheist05/28/2013 11:52PM
Pope is wrong. Just ask his research team. 10 Happy_Heretic05/28/2013 09:18PM
Thank the gay Atheist Dave the Atheist05/29/2013 12:07AM
OT-shout out to fellow teachers and others who have summer free 15 fidget05/28/2013 12:02PM
I need insight - OT 13 butofcourse05/28/2013 07:58PM
TV Show Polygamy USA and MONSON 35 pewsitter05/10/2013 11:02AM
Active teenager, any help please? 20 soccer2005/28/2013 08:12PM
The Mormon Proposition (Prop 8) back up on youtube 20 The Oncoming Storm - bc05/27/2013 03:51PM
My first glimpse of someone buried in temple clothes. 21 Twinker05/28/2013 09:58AM
Opposition not because the church is true but because its a cult australian downunder05/28/2013 10:47PM
Royal Caribbean betters the LDS mall with ΒΌ the cost. 12 AmIDarkNow?05/28/2013 10:20AM
so much lost time nailamindi05/28/2013 08:43PM
Does anyone else smell a Serious FAKE?? 33 Nevermo105/28/2013 12:57PM
DI cuts hours to avoid providing health insurance 12 axeldc05/28/2013 04:52PM
DI cutback employee hours for Obamacare! JohnStockton1205/28/2013 08:51PM
Gordon B Hinckly's Black Walnut Tree Pulpit 21 DonQuijote05/27/2013 11:15PM
Ritner's book just jumped $10 in price on Amazon. 12 Makurosu05/16/2013 10:30AM
and more bs from my dad 46 Anonymous User05/28/2013 01:33AM
Tragedy in Utah 19 left4good05/24/2013 02:37PM
Why do Mormons gush so on FB about their perfect marriages & families? 32 CA girl05/28/2013 01:40AM
Missionaries given iPad and Internet access 21 kjourney05/27/2013 12:22AM
More bad press for the mormons - because they did not oppose the BSA!!! icanseethelight05/28/2013 06:18PM
God finally gave me a sign! I'm going back to church! 11 Elder Berry05/28/2013 11:53AM
Take a girlfriend to "Temple Square.." 23 magnite05/20/2013 04:22PM
Portland, Oregon Happy Hour twojedis05/24/2013 02:50PM
Mission calls being CHANGED - Happens often, but rarely discussed 32 sharapata05/28/2013 02:03AM
The Supreme Court might settle nothing regarding Prop 8 Stray Mutt05/26/2013 07:42PM
Stuck in a bad relationship? What cults teach us Phantom Shadow05/28/2013 12:42PM
Enjoying a Good Cup of Coffee...Wasted Days as a TBM 12 NNT05/28/2013 11:43AM
The Rev. Benjamin King and his sermons. forbiddencokedrinker05/28/2013 07:27AM
my mind is constantly in battle 31 goodscreenname05/28/2013 07:20AM
Tal's open letter to gay mormons smithscars05/28/2013 09:52AM
Eating in E. Utah....1000bp Richard the Bad05/28/2013 12:13PM
If you wanted yet another reason for ditching garments exbishfromportland05/27/2013 08:21PM
slightly O/T: help with writing assignment Jesux of Nazdaq05/28/2013 03:26PM
Knowing vs Believing Uncle Dale05/28/2013 02:54PM
Uh-Oh, Looks like they're on to me! exbishfromportland05/28/2013 03:00PM
Location, location, location Stray Mutt05/28/2013 07:49AM
Quote from lesson on apostasy 22 almostthere05/19/2013 12:47PM
Inflating numbers a little? an99105/27/2013 12:25PM
If Elohim ran the DMV/DOT baura05/27/2013 07:57PM
Question for Raptor Jesus CuriousCrush05/27/2013 10:37PM
Is truth more important regardless of outcome? 21 orange05/27/2013 12:05PM
Possible to undo the TSCC's "google-bombing"? 20 utahstateagnostics05/15/2013 05:32PM
Oliver Cowdrey's excommunication Don Budgie05/28/2013 08:56AM
The purpose of religion 10 utahstateagnostics05/27/2013 12:56AM
my hypothesis: Mormonism encourages - favors competition, not cooperation GNPE05/28/2013 11:41AM
Interesting bit of info that I can't and won't verify Elder Berry05/27/2013 01:23PM
"If you'd just went to church, you would have known!" 10 Gelaendewagen05/27/2013 11:03PM
Bad Family eldorado05/27/2013 11:18PM
Memorial Day Remeberance of Leonard Matlovich. MJ05/27/2013 01:55PM
Where is Joseph Smith buried? 21 pigsinzen05/26/2013 08:47PM
this leaving lark is not so easy 17 Lydia05/27/2013 09:01AM