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The mormon church is a social club with 15 an99110/31/2013 07:09PM
Spencer W Kimball Lamanite talk 14 sundevildoubter10/31/2013 11:50PM
Baptism announcment came in the mail today 22 lush10/31/2013 01:38PM
Anyone else here NOT upset when being compared to Korihor? 17 Elder Berry10/31/2013 02:06PM
5 year olds calling my son out for "not going to church" 30 shareesus10/30/2013 05:00PM
I just feel so angry & miserable since leaving TSCC...How do I get past it? 25 anonthistime10/31/2013 10:37PM
temple garmies as Halloween costumes? 10 enoughenoch1911/01/2013 02:36AM
The proper care and handling of handmade quilts (o/t) 24 rainwriter10/31/2013 11:21AM
"HOLD TO THE IRONIC ROD" by Robert Kirby, Nov 15-16. Wish I could attend. ipo10/31/2013 08:18AM
Mishies as Halloween costume enoughenoch1911/01/2013 02:57AM
Anyone else heard this story? 27 Bartok10/30/2013 09:57PM
Why raise issues with church leaders? 15 8thgeneration10/29/2013 02:51PM
Daughter kicked out..... 25 Battle-Ax10/29/2013 10:24PM
Mormon God is a #%@# because... Inky11/01/2013 05:45AM
NY Times Reports how Navajos are Lamanites; converted through gardening 11 redpillswallowed10/31/2013 01:55PM
Funeral and anger 17 woodruff10/31/2013 06:59PM
Need Some Help Please kneedeep10/31/2013 02:14PM
One step at a time: Resigned my calling 23 oceanluvr10/31/2013 07:48PM
Sports and Religious Schadenfreude baura11/01/2013 04:59AM
Have fun with this. Open letter to exmormons - are you convinced yet? 35 notnewatthisanymore10/31/2013 11:17AM
The Church of the GREAT PRETENDING! enoughenoch1911/01/2013 02:44AM
I am overflowing with gratitude. My last Grief Therapy article. 15 SusieQ#110/31/2013 01:56PM
Steve Benson - do you have a compendium of Mormonism-related cartoons? 13 Elder Berry10/31/2013 11:54AM
Wanting to Share the "Why & What" About Your Disaffection... 12 Bite Me10/31/2013 01:52PM
I figured a way to crawl over or under or around the Book of Mormon! 20 Elder Berry10/31/2013 12:05PM
Hawaii Senate Approves Bill to Legalise Same Sex Marriage 25 flyinghigh10/31/2013 07:43AM
Halloween PapaKen11/01/2013 12:39AM
OT - I lost my Yorkie, Ella this week. 34 Rebeckah10/30/2013 12:50AM
OT: Cool Headline "Common Mormons Outsmart Enemies" left4good10/31/2013 07:22PM
Cartoons - They're Not Just For Kids! (Peanuts Hallowe'en) Nightingale10/31/2013 11:39PM
When will the church end this? gentleben10/31/2013 11:52PM
Scary movies cont... just to say I LOVE TrollHunter, too!! (n/t) hayduke11/01/2013 12:00AM
Anyone have news on today's Mormon Reformation activities? (n/t) Carol Y.10/31/2013 11:43PM
And we've risen out of the ashes... madalice10/31/2013 11:42PM
October Surprise turns into the "November Nihilation" bob1110/31/2013 09:54PM
What Halloween movies are you watching. Bonus if they invite an evil spirit 40 forbiddencokedrinker10/31/2013 02:49PM
Growth or Decline in Your Ward? 33 Ex-CultMember10/30/2013 10:19PM
O/T Oh my my wine 17 wondering10/30/2013 05:29PM
Did I miss the October surprise? 14 gentleben10/31/2013 06:52PM
Anyone live in a stake where they tried "ward seeding?" cludgie10/31/2013 08:37PM
My bujutsu soke used chiasmus ... it must be true! jackjoseph10/31/2013 03:35PM
Ex-mo thread paolina10/31/2013 10:30PM
7000 mission blogs in one place! 35 a new name10/31/2013 04:48PM
What happens to Martin ("MacNasty") Macneill when he dies? Titanic Survivor10/31/2013 10:00PM
You can't pray away the gay 10 axeldc10/31/2013 07:14AM
Writing Missionaries David Jason10/31/2013 03:09PM
Graveyard Of The Gods anybody10/31/2013 08:51PM
Deconstructing Linus and the Pumpkin Patch eternal110/19/2013 07:06PM
My brief encounter with missionaries En Sabah Nur10/31/2013 01:33AM
How Many Were/Is On You Ward Membership List? Ex-CultMember10/31/2013 10:04AM
The problem with trunk-or-treats in my area rainwriter10/31/2013 08:21PM
How long until missionary blogs are aginst the rules? zarahemlatowndrunk10/31/2013 08:01PM
How big were the Jaredites and other Book of Mormon peoples? JoD3:36010/31/2013 12:31AM
Slightly Adult OT - Catchy Name for Your New Church Senoritalamanita10/31/2013 07:57PM
Magic in Mormonism olympia10/31/2013 12:12PM