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Getting ready 11 curtis04/12/2014 05:40PM
Today's gospel doctrine lesson 27 fundamentard04/13/2014 01:03PM
What I should have said.. dangit! mer mer04/13/2014 11:25PM
7 dead infants found in Pleasant Grove home AmIWhiteYet?04/13/2014 10:28PM
Missionary Moment LOL 10 eunice04/13/2014 05:01PM
Factions in Q12 NeverBeenaMormon04/13/2014 06:51PM
He is risen Dave the Atheist04/13/2014 10:04PM
My four year old had no idea who Jesus was Inky04/13/2014 08:20PM
Does the spirit prevent Mormons from typing LOL? 11 blankstare04/13/2014 03:37PM
Religious Trauma Syndrome: How Some Religions Lead to MentalHealth Problems druid04/13/2014 06:37PM
What will the church do to help the mall survive? It's chances are doomed. 24 Devoted Exmo04/12/2014 08:29PM
Any Believers? 33 bella1004/13/2014 05:41PM
Benefits of Resigns? 24 tomie04/11/2014 10:35PM
Please tell me how to find meet-ups in the Salt Lake area reformed Egyptian04/13/2014 04:27PM
On This Day in Mormon History (Apr 12) baura04/13/2014 02:20PM
I Actually Felt Embarrased For Believing Mormons This Morning.... 11 heretic04/13/2014 02:30PM
Priest Quorum just visited, had 20 smelly kids in my living room. 16 Anonymous Lurker Guy04/13/2014 04:05PM
My sexist side to ordain women's (adult) The Holiest of Molies04/13/2014 07:18PM
Calling a shrink!! Shrink needed!!...NOW!!! ConcernedCitizen04/13/2014 05:51PM
The bishop said I had to stop masturbating. 31 jebus04/11/2014 09:26PM
mormons and healthy sex lives 15 anon for this04/12/2014 09:06AM
North Orange County BREA CALIFORNIA meetup April 13 11 kj04/03/2014 09:46PM
Changing Attitudes Toward Gays Email 10 this alien04/09/2014 03:49PM
How Mormons act wen they get around me patty cakes04/13/2014 05:26PM
Will the church help these members? 11 Hopeful, maybe04/11/2014 07:15PM
By TBM view: What happened to pre-Priesthood blacks and pre-Mormons? (n/t) (n/t) 13 Hi There04/13/2014 02:28PM
Today's Headline on Ridiculous Journalism by TSCC zombre04/13/2014 01:05PM
Anyone see 20/20 last night? Moonie weddings make temple marriage look tame Poopedf04/13/2014 12:44PM
Are never-mos welcome at meet-ups? 20 reformed Egyptian04/13/2014 01:50AM
I HATE TBM SIL! 28 anonymityitis04/13/2014 01:38AM
So much for the "support" bella1004/13/2014 12:05PM
On This Day in Mormon History (Apr 13) baura04/13/2014 02:29PM
Outed by my own child: "But my mom doesn't believe that!" 24 BI04/11/2014 11:36AM
Any westerners heard this about Harry Reid? randyj04/13/2014 03:12PM
Mexico appears to be in a growth slump. 13 kingbrigham04/13/2014 09:57AM
Interesting section of George P. Lee's letter 12 raiku09/14/2013 04:38PM
Friend magazine "Primary Songs" and Prop 8? rainwriter04/13/2014 02:28PM
Worst (?) job in Morland?? GNPE04/13/2014 01:37PM
I do not miss Sacrament Meeting 10 hotchi04/13/2014 01:52PM
New QUIZ GAME for Mos, ex-Mos, & 'gators! GNPE04/13/2014 12:49PM
I have just watched PBS America brigantia04/13/2014 03:15PM
If women are given the priesthood... neopornadvocate04/13/2014 03:11PM
Will the only true church excommunicate Cliven Bundy? 37 brotherjoseph04/12/2014 11:37PM
Monetary-compartmentalized LD$Inc. drones forward...your tithing at work. ConcernedCitizen04/11/2014 12:23PM
Happy Hare Krishna 40 Tupperwhere04/12/2014 08:22PM
National Siblings Day grrrr Elder Berry04/10/2014 08:20PM
Was Joseph Smith an atheist? 26 deco04/12/2014 01:38AM
My airport experience Dave the Atheist04/13/2014 12:26PM
DD Reading BOM with a highlighter! 15 i finally left04/12/2014 01:35PM
When you were TBM... 10 lily04/12/2014 03:10AM
Finally resigned 14 Jesse04/11/2014 09:23PM
Book rec written by a Bible scholar who is a believer 12 Phantom Shadow04/12/2014 02:08PM
Do you think that the mormon cult leaders giving a f#%k.... Krampus!04/13/2014 03:17AM
Re-reading "1984" 13 Stray Mutt04/12/2014 09:47AM
Excellent reason why you shouldn't live in UT 25 notmonotloggedin04/09/2014 12:37AM