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Do our bodies have spirits? 32 Paint01/23/2013 12:35PM
Consummation Rooms in the Temple 32 olympia01/25/2013 11:22AM
Mick Jagger and a GA Confrontation 34 breedumyung01/25/2013 10:52AM
responding to Homeless 35 Luis C. Ferr01/25/2013 12:55PM
Mrs. Hela's orientation issues, and how it led her from the church. helamonster01/25/2013 01:14PM
Book of Abraham 33 Conflicted Mormon01/25/2013 12:46AM
Constipation rooms in the temple? Rowell back01/25/2013 02:54PM
Manti T'eo: Aren't gay athletes the ones most likely to have fake girlfriends? 33 anagrammy01/23/2013 02:17PM
OT - When did Americans shift from saying "yeah" to "ya"? 34 ozpoof01/09/2013 06:19PM
It's dumb luck that Mordecai thinks what he thinks. 12 rodolfo01/23/2013 03:42PM
If Jesus wanted to layoff The Prophet, how would he do this? (n/t) 27 Elder Berry01/24/2013 08:05AM
Mouthwash Albinolamanite01/25/2013 11:45AM
Marriage encounter Matilda01/25/2013 02:01PM
OT - Military repealing combat exclusion! 11 Naomi01/25/2013 10:26AM
OT: Do I intervene or let it go? 16 Desperately Seeking Advice01/24/2013 02:48PM
EWWWWW! 26 dominikki01/24/2013 03:35PM
Super fun RS activities! 34 twojedis01/24/2013 03:32PM
as the world turns so do the days of intellects lives (answer to homeless) 34 sparkyguru01/24/2013 03:01PM
"Anyone who thinks sitting in a church can make you a christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car." Garrison Keillor (Goodread Quotes) (n/t) heretic01/25/2013 12:21PM
Well this is...weird 15 Carrots Tomatoes and Radishes01/24/2013 02:41AM
Mortality Rates compared with Decline in Church Members 15 mormonveil06/20/2012 11:14AM
Utah's Green Air 14 axeldc01/24/2013 06:08AM
why do i still feel the need to pray when i feel down or i am ill 12 doris01/24/2013 05:37PM
Question about the way temple "new names" are handled doubtisavirtue01/25/2013 04:08AM
Smart Mormons (link) wendy01/25/2013 03:04AM
Military opening combat jobs to women (mostly O/T) 36 2humble4u01/23/2013 06:06PM
God exists 20 The Oncoming Storm - bc01/24/2013 04:41PM
"To perform proxy baptism to a Hindu is "deeply offensive" because of the belief in rebirth..." 10 Elder Berry01/23/2013 06:33PM
A much calmer life without prayer hysteria 15 emmahailyes01/24/2013 03:04PM
Mormonism and suicide 33 Mia01/24/2013 09:59PM
But you can't DISPROVE evolution... 14 citizen not logged in01/24/2013 09:08PM
Getting ticked off about garments 41 twojedis01/23/2013 10:19AM
The Book of Mormon is TRUE...? 39 My name is Tara01/25/2013 01:50AM
I have a question about... Sexuality! (Potential for adult conversation.) 21 temporarily anonymous01/24/2013 01:44PM
A creed for atheists 36 Kaitlyn01/24/2013 07:36PM
How to tell my tbm best friend I've left? 10 daydream01/23/2013 05:03PM
OT - Photos of Utah man carrying rifle 32 josie01/20/2013 11:25PM
what was on your shelf? 25 sparkyguru01/24/2013 04:56PM
Is anyone else like me - NOT seeing any significant apostacy in their friends and family? 32 CA girl01/24/2013 11:17AM
Clothing california01/24/2013 09:57PM
OT - Can anyone help me with a trip itinerary from Baltimore USA to Hangzhou China? saviorself01/24/2013 06:36PM
Oral Roberts couldn't cure my cousin of polio. heretic01/24/2013 04:24PM
Ronaiah Tuiasosopo's Lawyer Joins in Taking Advantage of Mormon Manti Te'o 11 munchybotaz01/24/2013 10:47AM
The biggest surprise after ditching the mindset is . . . dissonanceresolved01/24/2013 09:55PM
another Lost Cause/Battle for the Corp: GNPE01/24/2013 10:38PM
Does Facebook make you feel bad about yourself? 35 turnonthelights01/24/2013 02:31AM
12 reflections on the recent LDS race statement 13 sherlock01/24/2013 01:30PM
Breaking News: Dept. of Defense reportedly announcing tomorrow that its policy ban against women serving in combat will be ended. What will this mean for LDS sister mishies? steve benson01/23/2013 09:13PM
Mormonism considered as mixed nuts Don Bagley01/24/2013 08:25PM
Evolution, my 2 cents 31 goat01/23/2013 03:35PM
No great insight, but RM... 11 Holy the Ghost01/23/2013 05:19PM
"How sad it is to think of the multitudes who have gone to their graves on this beautiful island (Hawaii) and never knew there was a hell." Mark Twain (PBS Special) (n/t) heretic01/24/2013 06:28PM
My mother can not let go 11 jesuswantsme4asucker01/24/2013 05:16PM
To homeless: How to time travel michaelm (not logged in)01/23/2013 11:47PM
Another blessing of leaving the church - tithing related The Oncoming Storm - bc01/24/2013 07:26PM