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Ugh...daughter baptized today albertasaurus11/23/2013 09:55PM
Christmas packages to my favorite missionary bloggers BG11/23/2013 11:17PM
Question about Brides' Experience at Temple 12 jujubee11/22/2013 09:55PM
Missed opportunity stillburned11/23/2013 06:19PM
the best one yet gotta find my password11/23/2013 07:53AM
Gay marriage and the law of chastity 20 serslyqustning198111/23/2013 04:15PM
Bednar, Tithing, and Why Tithing is not Christian 11 Sarony11/20/2013 08:17AM
Sexual abuse reporting laws challenged by TSCC? 10 snb11/23/2013 10:09AM
it is so cold out there. How can anyone throw out their children 11 anon 2111/23/2013 12:09AM
you need to read the book of mormon Dave the Atheist11/23/2013 09:58PM
Native American DNA Scruples11/23/2013 08:38PM
O/T Problems with parents jujubee11/23/2013 07:21PM
If Mormon Apologists were 1/10 as critical crom11/23/2013 09:12PM
Prepare your mission papers, get shots and die... kls link 22 Cokeisoknowdrinker11/23/2013 07:11PM
Reincarnated Joseph Bradley11/23/2013 09:08PM
When did the LDS church officially stop being a cult? 32 gentleben11/23/2013 02:17PM
My anger is gone. I watch. rationalist0111/23/2013 06:13PM
IMO the church is purposely ambiguous about many of it's doctrines Frightened Inmate #211/22/2013 09:00PM
O/T surreal stuff kicks it. rationalist0111/23/2013 06:46PM
The Mrs Robinson syndrome, boy seduced by older woman 31 Quoth the Raven Nevermo03/05/2013 10:55AM
When the learner is ready, the teacher appears Keith Vaught11/23/2013 05:39PM
O/T Pet shaming Dave the Atheist11/23/2013 03:27PM
O/T To Steve Benson rogermartim11/23/2013 02:50PM
The devil buries more bones in Utah. schlock11/23/2013 02:40PM
Sylvia Browne & JREF in reply to matt EssexExMo11/23/2013 05:17PM
My RM son is reading Rough Stone Rolling - what are the chances 11 Mary Lou11/23/2013 09:24AM
Looked up Lucy Mack Smith on Wikipedia Mary Lou11/23/2013 03:30PM
The Mormon woman and gay marriage. 18 MJ11/23/2013 12:22PM
November weddings (incl former Rfm'r) Phantom Shadow11/23/2013 02:29PM
marriage vs sealing temple ceremony Heartless11/23/2013 11:16AM
OT: Death of a Charlatan: Famous Psychic Sylvia Browne 31 Senoritalamanita11/21/2013 01:31AM
My 13 year old daughter just got a coffee today 28 newnamenephi11/10/2013 11:04PM
Some may think it a stretch but are missionaries enslaved? 16 brigantia11/23/2013 04:14AM
You create what you believe! 33 Keith Vaught11/22/2013 06:24PM
Question for Mormon Brides on wedding night (ADULT) 32 thingsithink11/22/2013 10:27PM
Families are told that only God can judge the deceased anon 2111/22/2013 02:02PM
"Sinning" & how we're brought up Tristan11/22/2013 09:43PM
Ruling on Tax Exemption for housing for ministers not logged in (usually Duffy)11/22/2013 11:22PM
Breaking the Faith on TLC Sunday at 10 paulbot11/21/2013 12:59PM
a less ugly temple veil? jujubee11/22/2013 11:38PM
Coffee for the Heart Greyfort11/22/2013 10:04PM
Cain again Dave the Atheist11/22/2013 10:50PM
Share your experience offending a Mormon ( f-words, cussing) 33 Itzpapalotl03/10/2012 12:32AM
Adult ADHD, Drugs, and Results 31 Gay Philosopher11/19/2013 10:02PM
1000 years on earth is 1 day on Kolob 15 Mormoney11/22/2013 05:31PM
London trip - Return and Report (on-topic) Ragnar11/23/2013 09:17AM
Temple handshakes reuben11/22/2013 11:35AM
Joseph Smith Bisexual? StoneInHat11/23/2013 01:52AM
Here a rough draft of my talk for my mom's funeral on monday 20 southern idaho inactive11/22/2013 02:28AM
Consider the blessings radio ad. gentleben11/23/2013 11:27AM
adult s abuse anon4this11/23/2013 11:11AM
Patients share their life regrets. Stray Mutt11/23/2013 11:15AM
Hi There Are non-Mormons allowed to...11/23/2013 09:09AM
Baptism for the Dead 15 Agate11/22/2013 05:04PM
Posted this on my facebook anon13141511/23/2013 10:04AM