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Financial status of general authorities? 33 StillAnon01/12/2015 07:07PM
Where I want to live ab01/13/2015 10:27AM
TLC marriages will likely fail axeldc01/13/2015 07:07AM
My Christmas Tree Susan I/S01/12/2015 10:39PM
I was scammed by my parent's church. redpill01/12/2015 06:47PM
Interesting observation about magic garmies video verilyverily01/12/2015 12:02AM
sending little boys to get money 31 raiku01/12/2015 12:11AM
I need a bulldog family attorney in Provo area 30 anon4this05/08/2012 10:47AM
Why? So Awkard! 11 ladyhawk01/11/2015 06:38PM
Casino Anyone themaster01/12/2015 10:26PM
Fresh off SLTrib, Gay LDS men likely to divorce wives...Dehlin chimes in... ConcernedCitizen01/13/2015 11:51AM
Too big to be a Missionary 14 themaster01/12/2015 10:20PM
Why register? 16 Left Field01/13/2015 12:01AM
Dehlin to be excommunicated? Not so fast - 18 thingsithink01/09/2015 05:58PM
Does the Mormon church ever hire pregnant unmarried folks? Jerry the Aspousetate01/13/2015 08:50AM
The protective undies as protection...evidence? 31 verilyverily01/12/2015 01:34PM
DesNews announces new missions and "growth" -- NOT icedtea01/13/2015 12:24AM
So has Glen Beck found out the truth? 34 jkjkjkjk01/12/2015 10:37PM
Is BYU like other Universities? 32 Brigham's Johnson07/13/2014 01:24AM
Hey all! It's been a long while! mew01/12/2015 10:07PM
What would a Bishop do with an intelligent 18 year old male? Elder OldDog01/12/2015 05:40PM
Another of my mind-wandering-whilst-working questions Chicken N. Backpacks01/12/2015 07:38PM
O/T Public announcement of Atheism in Egypt will give you jail time Phazer01/12/2015 10:10AM
Mormon mom's answer: How much should you pay the baby sitter?(link) 32 southern idaho inactive01/12/2015 01:42PM
followup - Why I'm not an Atheist, even though I'm not a theist either. 43 ab01/12/2015 07:29PM
don't know how to feel right now 11 secularhumanguy01/12/2015 02:48PM
Blessings received from reading RFM - an example Agnes Broomhead01/12/2015 07:05PM
Orwell's 'Animal Farm' and Mormonism? 10 torturednevermo01/12/2015 12:50PM
Implosion? Nah. Just a constant metamorphosis.... 25 staind01/10/2015 11:44AM
ELDER BERRY, continuation of gay married mormon men thread cl201/12/2015 08:29PM
Propaganda Cold-Dodger01/12/2015 08:03PM
I phone separation anxiety. One cause of missionary breakdowns? LINK Carol01/12/2015 04:57PM
Gay married True Believing Mormon men common? 44 Elder Berry01/12/2015 04:40PM
Does the morg have anything to offer single 25 years old's in today's world 11 southern idaho inactive01/12/2015 04:47PM
Was Helen Mar Kimball's "marriage" to Joseph Smith for "eternity alone"? 26 baura11/13/2014 07:32AM
news from the mission field 14 nailamindi01/12/2015 04:21PM
Joe Smith in top 100 Americans!! NeverBeenaMormon01/12/2015 07:05PM
OT, but relevant. An interesting Ted talk on homophobia 11 MJ01/09/2015 07:17PM
What were birthday's like on Sundays 16 kativicky01/11/2015 12:19PM
Heavenly Mother 10 erisophia01/12/2015 05:48PM
found a TBM I know on the registered sex offenders list !!!!! frankie01/11/2015 11:54PM
Think Utah is becoming less Mormon? Think again! 24 sharapata12/03/2014 12:00PM
I'm only an investigator, but I need help getting out 37 erisophia01/12/2015 03:26PM
Former Exodus Leader comes out with apology axeldc01/12/2015 05:37PM
Which is better spent - 10 percent income on lottery tickets or tithing? 17 Elder Berry01/11/2015 09:25PM
Excellent review of TLC's Mormon Exgay show axeldc01/12/2015 09:15AM
Does your TBM family members ask to come visit you? anonsometimes01/12/2015 05:11PM
Backrubs by unrelated young females to each other - normal? 17 Agnes Broomhead01/12/2015 11:41AM
O/T Family films barely registered at this year’s Golden Globe Awards(link) southern idaho inactive01/12/2015 05:02PM
Stop making me go. 31 killmenowqq01/11/2015 11:09AM
Question for Steve Benson Re: 14 Fundamentals Speech A New Name01/12/2015 01:46PM
Returned missionary and Oregon lineman at national championship while wife southern idaho inactive01/12/2015 03:53PM
History Repeating Itself: Like Monson, ETB Couldn't Get Out of Bed, Either 20 steve benson01/12/2015 01:27PM
Companions taking their endowments out for the first time Elder Berry01/11/2015 04:14PM
More Mall Mayhem...JC Penny stores lose more 40 storefronts......O/T ConcernedCitizen01/12/2015 03:38PM