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steps of repentance kolobite10/14/2013 09:53PM
The need for recovery 13 rt10/14/2013 02:20PM
Is there such thing as the wrong type of converts? 32 nevermo110/14/2013 02:25PM
To lose virginity or wait? (adult themes, semi-urgent, haha) 38 Indecisive10/14/2013 05:38PM
Hurry, quick! How will u be spending Sunday? 15 Levi10/12/2013 08:25PM
Which is it? Do you "take out" or "receive" an endowment? Rowell back10/14/2013 04:40PM
Argument against Spalding-Rigdon theory 36 AnonAbdulJabbar10/14/2013 12:18PM
Ever Shared With A Mormon ... 22 Ex-CultMember10/11/2013 10:15AM
After the Rapture.... GNPE10/14/2013 08:24PM
This May be Old, But it's New to Me (Somewhat Adult) untarded10/14/2013 08:40PM
Mormons don't want to be part of Society. They want Society to be mormon. Ihidmyself10/14/2013 08:48PM
You know who you are. 10 Lilith10/14/2013 12:21PM
Idaho missionary killed... 26 rexburgtoaz10/11/2013 05:09PM
TBM Ex and my kids 18 anonforthisone10/12/2013 06:21PM
Please help - advice needed (Cont.) Kaitlyn?? left4good10/14/2013 07:39PM
Question on Name Removal 14 brokenwings10/12/2013 12:34AM
thanks for the coffee advice!! n/t (n/t) jonny10/14/2013 07:22PM
Need of resources ronin10/14/2013 06:20PM
This may be a shot in the dark.... Amy10/14/2013 02:53PM
BYU study on "sensory boredom", but it's not about 3 hour blocks! Chicken N. Backpacks10/14/2013 06:52PM
Distangling yourself from the cults energy sebcole10/09/2013 09:34PM
The uninspired Q&A - place your hands over your ears and repeat 3 times... Elder Berry10/14/2013 02:17PM
responding to people who want to talk about THEIR version of the church 12 blacksheep10/12/2013 10:37PM
Link to good blog post nurshandstrengthen10/14/2013 05:33PM
Cupcakes.... Catfood10/14/2013 12:46PM
Teaching moment with the kids redpill10/14/2013 04:19PM
BYU just called asking for money 30 CA girl10/12/2013 02:29PM
LDS Men really hate going to church 32 soju10/14/2013 11:37AM
Follow the Prophet reuben10/14/2013 09:45AM
Satan- the first Exmormon redpill10/14/2013 02:52PM
The "No Paid Clergy" Cop-out...So What's YOUR Definition Of No Paid Clergy? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/14/2013 03:38PM
Still more on Nazareth... 21 rt10/10/2013 05:01PM
Mormonism Is A Christian Heresy 25 anybody10/11/2013 10:04AM
Does Mormonism exploit mental illness? 33 oceanluvr10/11/2013 11:19PM
The Great Mormon Failure erictheex10/14/2013 03:33PM
Elizabeth Smart on NPR Fresh Air bentleye10/12/2013 01:58PM
Want the mishies to leave you alone? sizterh10/14/2013 03:25PM
Apologist lunch hayduke10/14/2013 03:05PM
In Defense of This Site's Amazing Administrators . . . 20 steve benson10/12/2013 10:41PM
Mormon Bogey Men: The Top Ten esias10/14/2013 11:43AM
Change Of Bishoprc, But NO Testimonies Include Anything Unique To Mormonism heretic10/14/2013 12:31PM
Are the beehive symbols that Mormons use supposed to look like d...(adult) 10 forbiddencokedrinker10/14/2013 10:58AM
Bearing the Truth of Anything is the Same as testimony True Order of Testimony10/14/2013 02:03PM
Brigham Young may have killed the Smiths 12 ontheDownLow04/13/2011 01:31PM
Is Boyd K. Packer a Vampire? 10 Gay Philosopher10/12/2013 08:04PM
Answers for Sale Pathway10/14/2013 12:50PM
Church history museum 12 PapaKen10/12/2013 03:38PM
Two Missionaries have been killed in the past two days! 35 flyinghigh10/11/2013 07:42PM
Yay!! It's back :) fidget10/14/2013 07:03AM
Matthew 24:24 (KJV) Jojo10/14/2013 12:56PM
Liquor Stores Closed in Utah on Columbus Day?! SantaZelph10/14/2013 10:54AM
The most interesting Apostle in the world... Probitas10/14/2013 10:56AM
***Board now set to Read Only*** Susan I/S10/12/2013 11:09PM
Habitual masturbater called as teachers quorum prez! 24 Lush10/11/2013 09:10PM
To all my clever exmormon friends 32 Bartok10/09/2013 06:46PM