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Trying to discredit "apostates" Baal07/22/2014 02:18AM
How do I end a relationship tactfully 37 Anon on this07/21/2014 12:24PM
OT-Need computer help, watched you tube videos, now no video will play 12 Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/20/2014 06:32PM
Anybody know how these young women have felt about their missions? brook07/20/2014 06:56PM
Video Help nomonomo07/21/2014 06:32PM
The Essays in other language Godzilla07/21/2014 01:41PM
Especially for Mormons BYUboner07/21/2014 04:47PM
The Occult in the Temple? 12 Already Gone07/21/2014 02:18PM
temple clothing bag: such a waste of a good bag cocoaberry07/21/2014 07:26PM
Something I saw and made me really mad 11 Godzilla07/19/2014 02:08AM
Think the big 15 ever clean any toilets? 21 funeraltaters07/20/2014 07:44PM
Temple Clothing 24 kimnotnaomi07/21/2014 10:47AM
Ministering Angel your “reward” for being faithful?? Mormon Observer07/21/2014 04:10PM
Saying farewell for at least a time byepolar07/21/2014 10:05PM
Why don't the brethren just go all in? 11 brucermalarky07/21/2014 03:11PM
Church Building Stank Yesterday SEcular Priest07/21/2014 09:11AM
The LDS leaders are plagiarizing… Lil bit07/21/2014 04:26PM
Don't watch VH1 24 testimonyman07/21/2014 11:05AM
No Man Knows My History 28 NeverBeenaMormon07/20/2014 05:50PM
I Notice that the Stake Primary is Having a Temple Baptism Day Next Month SEcular Priest07/21/2014 07:10PM
After your mission... shiningwaters07/21/2014 12:04PM
O/T Today I sent Perkins a "Thank You" card for my job interview a few week southern idaho inactive07/21/2014 08:05PM
Major Stepping Stone in Recovery From Mormonism 14 braindead07/21/2014 01:29PM
Please Share Three Nephite Stories... 27 artemis07/20/2014 11:00PM
Are there Morg songs you detest? 32 Cheryl07/21/2014 04:54PM
Screen Saver 10 copper07/21/2014 06:47AM
For LDS Husbands and Wifes who are hurting;................... ConcernedcCtizen07/21/2014 07:46PM
How have I never heard of the Hosanna Shout? Yeah, not a cult. 43 ozpoof06/14/2014 12:28PM
No death before Adam and Eve themaster07/21/2014 07:10PM
Ogden Temple Architect Fireside oneflewwest07/21/2014 04:05PM
'Females' 33 Woman07/20/2014 09:33PM
Inappropriate tv continued.... 24 deco07/20/2014 08:20PM
Joseph Smith video rewrite shiningwaters07/21/2014 06:00PM
Black Mormon Pioneers - SL Trib article Plaid n Paisley07/21/2014 03:58PM
I got a kick out of this picture nonsequiter07/21/2014 05:13PM
Growing up hearing Diety is male. 33 Lilith07/20/2014 10:14AM
Truth or urban legend 35 vectorvirus07/20/2014 09:00PM
Clarification on my position on our personal RIGHTS re: religion/beliefs. SusieQ#107/18/2014 09:58PM
O/Topic - Get Tacky! 19 Elder Berry07/15/2014 12:13PM
Uh oh. Google Answer saying Mormonism is a cult... left4good07/21/2014 02:07PM
If the brethren were smart kolobian07/21/2014 11:52AM
Can you claim tithing as a tax deduction? 31 CARL PAGAN07/19/2014 09:24PM
Breaking in a new bishop BYUboner07/21/2014 04:15PM
New CTR ring issued:....."Cleaning Toilets Right." 20 ConcernedCitizen07/20/2014 11:43AM
Church Punishment Over a Teddy Bear 35 c48gl07/21/2014 02:51AM
changing world views ... video (OT?) anon watcher07/21/2014 11:34AM
Why LD$ inc loses, with John Dehlin, no matter what thewhyalumnus07/21/2014 02:42PM
Talk about the church clamping down... Bednar's Barber07/21/2014 02:09PM
Who was the highest up person to publicly defect? 17 nomonomo07/20/2014 03:18AM
saw an article about people touring "where Nephi walked" already gone07/21/2014 02:04PM
What can I do? I'm not real anymore07/20/2014 11:59PM
The FROG analogy 13 lilburne07/20/2014 01:54PM
The joy of cussing! (Language) 12 BYUboner07/20/2014 11:02PM
All The Single Ladies 13 Dunno07/20/2014 11:15PM
Before NDE literature was popularized Keith Vaught07/21/2014 11:26AM