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The New Pintrest Primary Presidency 11 Elder Berry10/13/2014 09:19AM
I'm a BIC RM and I was never taught that I'd get my own planet 40 Sperco10/13/2014 09:34AM
LDS Website - Password Now Required 12 HaroldTheCat10/12/2014 11:42AM
Missionaries, Meet the Mormons and a Quilt Show 25 serslyqustning198110/12/2014 05:03PM
Church "discipline" for those who confess to the bishop 12 Screen Name10/13/2014 12:11AM
Non-Mormon's take on Mormon Housewives Elder Berry10/13/2014 03:36PM
DVD Meet the Mormons coming soon themaster10/13/2014 10:12AM
Catholic Church changing views..... wanderinggeek10/13/2014 02:03PM
towards recovery - What music do you like now? 33 optional210/12/2014 04:37PM
While getting things ready to sell on Ebay, I found my old verilyverily10/13/2014 03:37AM
"Misconceptions" about Mormons 12 healing4peace10/13/2014 01:13AM
16 Stones mlsmit710/13/2014 10:48AM
TBM's take on being pressured to see "Meet the Mormons" Elder Berry10/12/2014 11:32AM
Temple recommend is a passport to the Celestial Kingdom sherlock10/13/2014 06:37AM
9 reasons to stop being afraid of Mormons 16 scarecrowfromoz10/12/2014 05:54PM
What if it's all twooo?? (adult -ish) cupcakelicker10/13/2014 02:10AM
A sales manager's take on Meet the Mormons outsider10/13/2014 01:47AM
shout out to foundoubt shannon10/13/2014 07:30AM
FAIR defends Meet the Mormons (link) sha'dynasty10/13/2014 12:23PM
Its evil to wait too long to get married...sheesh! 15 gizmo10/08/2014 06:10PM
Church pushing TBMs to wear Mormonism on their sleeves toast10/13/2014 12:48AM
TBM Females are Brainwashed themaster10/12/2014 04:33PM
Meet the Mormons - Sunday Matinee? Robert Hall10/13/2014 10:35AM
Angry clearlynow10010/12/2014 06:15PM
Meet the Mormons, is it a re-make? Godzilla10/13/2014 10:21AM
Does anyone else think that Meet the Mormons is not for recruitment 25 deco10/11/2014 02:01AM
Meet The Monson Elder Berry10/10/2014 02:23PM
What is the origin of the Masons? Knights Templar?? 12 Fred Wilson10/11/2014 05:53PM
Do the GA's hate their jobs? 10 behindcurtain10/11/2014 11:05PM
Visited Moridor this weekend... michaelc194510/13/2014 03:20AM
Just got a new horse instead of wasting it on tithing $ 15 utahmonomore10/12/2014 09:00PM
Temple Buildup and Disappointment boogles8410/12/2014 12:11PM
The Duggar kids don't even get married as early as Mormons. 20 brook10/11/2014 02:29PM
I'm here again... 16 sunsetgirl10/12/2014 08:21PM
The First Presidency=The Three Troubledoers......... ConcernedCitizen10/11/2014 08:53PM
"Men for Ordaining Women" Facebook Page JackMormon10/12/2014 08:50PM
How many of us are delaying or not going to see "Meet the Mormons"? southern idaho inactive10/12/2014 09:05PM
Meanwhile, at a different church Stray Mutt10/12/2014 03:19PM
Do Women Count? (link) 12 exodus10/12/2014 01:06AM
Everyone is equal in gods eyes, but you're special!!!!!! Yomo10/12/2014 06:35PM
More "miracles" which arent miracles... nonsequiter10/12/2014 09:56PM
Great IMDB post. Meet the Truth StillAnon10/12/2014 11:07PM
TBM wastefulness Anonymous User10/12/2014 11:21PM
25 years ago tomorrow 10 Nolongerin not logging in10/12/2014 02:38PM
recreational camps greengobbleyguck10/12/2014 01:45PM
Thank you for your support and patience I think I made it now volrammos10/12/2014 10:06PM
Ex-Mormon Quiz: Name that Skeptic 31 Tal Bachman10/12/2014 05:01AM
"Hastening The Work" (tm) Was there mention of it at GC? 13 Levi10/11/2014 10:44AM
Update-My Daughter's Upcoming Baby Blessing- Forcing me "Out of the Closet" 12 magicrocks10/12/2014 10:48AM
Angry clearlynow10010/12/2014 05:49PM
Meet the Mormons #10 32 BrightAqua10/12/2014 11:33AM
o/t cat videos.... nough side. 16 greengobbleyguck10/09/2014 11:28PM
A Movie about Mormons . . . baura10/12/2014 08:31PM
Reporting on SM Godzilla10/12/2014 08:14PM
Boy Scouts kill motorcyclist hayduke10/12/2014 07:53PM