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Window/bumper stickers 18 liminal state04/16/2013 06:36PM
Polygamy and the Temple. rutabaga04/17/2013 10:31AM
Telling your tbm mother 31 DonQuijote04/16/2013 03:31AM
My theory about new missionary age liminal state04/17/2013 10:00AM
News from Rome: Waddoups for president!! cludgie04/17/2013 12:24PM
Bill Casper and Feherty Four04/17/2013 12:14PM
I called my husband by his temple name... 35 AngelCowgirl04/17/2013 10:10AM
What will be Provo's wonderful announcement tomorrow?? 36 homoerectus04/16/2013 11:54PM
Living outside the flock - your best advice? volrammos04/17/2013 10:42AM
Is it possible to be a life-long worthily endowed male member without... Elder Berry04/16/2013 09:54PM
Ever notice how Holland can switch off his quivering voice in the second before his next paragraph starts? 15 ozpoof04/16/2013 12:52PM
Sister Sanctimonious takes on garments twojedis04/17/2013 09:38AM
Ode to Dodo esias04/17/2013 10:02AM
Ramses II- Ward Activities 20 Tupperwhere04/16/2013 07:44PM
Big money if any of you can catch Cain sneaking around the woods. forbiddencokedrinker04/16/2013 11:52PM
OT - Societal Supernova — The US Healthcare Problem: Causes and Solutions -- (Not Political) saviorself04/17/2013 09:59AM
New Zealand legalizes gay marriage. Australia won't, at least not while we're leading up to a federal election. ozpoof04/17/2013 09:20AM
Can someone recall the scripture Flyer04/17/2013 09:24AM
How do you sort out normal from abnormal after leaving mormonism? 15 tilliegilman04/16/2013 02:49PM
Incident Indicative of TSCC's "Real Attitude" Toward Women. 16 heretic04/16/2013 05:51PM
Underwear in the temple! ddrakep04/17/2013 06:39AM
If life is about learning, how are the GAs doing, stagnant in their denial and defending a lie? ozpoof04/17/2013 08:50AM
Admiration for Temple Survivors 24 frogdogs04/16/2013 06:54PM
Stuff tscc moms say alphonso04/17/2013 06:53AM
Mormonism is easy to believe as long as you don't think about it. 12 wolfsbane04/16/2013 05:12PM
Anita Moorjani in Sedona Gay Philosopher04/16/2013 09:50PM
Carnival of Souls...the mystery. ConcernedCitizen04/16/2013 10:31PM
End of the World Mania - I don't get it 26 Food_Storage09/21/2011 12:29PM
Steve Benson 16 Washed and Disappointed04/16/2013 10:38PM
OT-Electrician update. Pixie Dust04/16/2013 05:30PM
How About Some Humor Here? azsteve04/16/2013 10:07PM
How has your personality changed in the past decade? 35 Tupperwhere04/16/2013 11:44AM
Smoking and baptism 19 PinkPoodle03/14/2013 01:22PM
Why the accommodation? left4good04/16/2013 09:48PM
is belief in something despite proof it is false a form of mental illness? (n/t) 26 ozpoof04/12/2013 01:58AM
Worst little factory quotes 34 twojedis04/15/2013 03:19PM
How many of you RM's married at 21 to a teenager? Did it last? (n/t) 32 mia04/16/2013 06:09PM
LDS Utah Hunting ranch 201,000 acres 10,000 animals to kill 11 anon2dey04/16/2013 11:46AM
Judgement haylee2204/16/2013 10:17PM
Don't laugh at me.... 15 jl04/16/2013 10:14AM
The missionaries are knocking on doors in my neighborhood. Should I ignore them, or give them a welcome they will never forget? Ideas? (n/t) 24 forbiddencokedrinker04/16/2013 04:38PM
Any one in weber county?? ddrakep04/16/2013 07:03AM
withdrawn (n/t) liminal state04/16/2013 10:02PM
Sister Training Leaders-Change in Mission Leadership Structure 15 gentlestrength04/15/2013 10:18AM
isn't it great how communication works in tscc psychobabble04/16/2013 09:14PM
Did I see the JS peep stone? fudley04/16/2013 08:55PM
A good Facebook meme for a change. Stray Mutt04/16/2013 08:22PM
I was brave! 11 raisingspecialneeds04/16/2013 05:15PM
Church Scouting bypass - Is it because I'm ExMo or because I'm female? AngelCowgirl04/16/2013 06:20PM
Cali Sally Cheap Ward Activities continued04/16/2013 08:19PM
When did you take off your garments? 34 weepingwillow04/16/2013 11:53AM
Ward Activities - Were they always this cheap? 33 deconverted201004/15/2013 05:10PM
Remember Super Dell? And Totally Awesome Computers? 34 ALittleFactory09/01/2012 01:00AM
Principled people who never reveal their principles - everything is wrong, but what is wrong? volrammos04/16/2013 05:33PM
Bull from the Mormon Male Bull: "Our Women" Are "Happy" and Don't "Agitate" for a "Revelation" Giving Them the Mormon Male Priesthood . . . steve benson04/16/2013 06:23PM