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Other Than The BOM...What Contemporary Writers Make Mention Of Moroni??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/26/2015 07:48PM
Does the morg GA'sapprove of all missionary call videos on YouTube?? southern idaho inactive02/26/2015 08:57PM
News from Happy Valley 17 Cahomegrown02/26/2015 01:52AM
On This Day in Mormon History (Feb 26) baura02/26/2015 08:39PM
OT - Need the name of an old Science Fiction Movie 18 themaster02/25/2015 10:14PM
All the world knows Mormonism is a scam -- only BIC/TBMs need convincing (n/t) anybody08/01/2014 08:00PM
Why Scholars Believe Jesus Existed (link) 37 Tal Bachman02/26/2015 04:19PM
Taco Bell Wifi blocks 33 Bamboozled02/26/2015 12:34PM
'500 Little Known Facts About Joseph Smith' Oh, really? 19 Chicken N. Backpacks02/25/2015 12:52PM
Wedding in Maui 18 bourneidentity02/22/2015 12:13PM
temple weddings & Mission plaques 11 Elder Berry02/25/2015 06:32PM
Brother Elder President Disciple Man axeldc02/26/2015 05:50PM
OT: Aussie vs Kiwi Accent 26 exdrymo02/22/2015 12:52PM
Three-Fisted Exmo Tales ~ “The Voyage of the Golden Exmo” – Chapter 5 ziller02/26/2015 04:59PM
Renewing vows? Too soon? 13 utahfantasy02/25/2015 11:26PM
Joseph Smith was sooo full of... 15 Godzilla02/25/2015 05:33PM
Ehrman and Commprehending Scholarship 30 janeeliot02/25/2015 11:07PM
I don't know that we teach that..... iplayedjoe02/26/2015 06:11PM
Young adults putting off marriage, treating it as capstone to other achieve southern idaho inactive02/26/2015 04:58PM
Mormons REVEL in what they deny their gay members: Xyandro02/26/2015 05:07PM
Resigned? Inactive? Still participating? No need to obey bishops! 16 Cheryl02/26/2015 06:25AM
New game: "Show me where it says..." Chicken N. Backpacks02/26/2015 04:22PM
Arrgghh!! Mormon apologetics driving me nuts! Chicken N. Backpacks02/26/2015 01:30PM
A truth never taught to children that must be (video) blindguy02/26/2015 02:12PM
Checking on, creepy... 17 stillhavetobeanon02/25/2015 05:47PM
Protocol 21 anon66602/25/2015 01:22PM
Will The GA Charlatans Ever Reap The Shame & Punishment They Truly Deserve? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/26/2015 12:53PM
$24 million missing from retirement accounts... 10 PtLoma02/26/2015 10:23AM
Fast & Testimony kolobian02/26/2015 01:23PM
'Nother round of ...Whatcha Readin'? 32 Pil-Latté02/25/2015 06:42PM
O/T Chinese women common traits/behaviors 30 Mythb4meat02/26/2015 01:21AM
What does historical Jesus even mean? 34 dupsterfnuberdork02/25/2015 07:08PM
The first 30 seconds sounds like a weird ancient cult Chicken N. Backpacks02/26/2015 10:38AM
Stephenie Meyer, Mormon Author - and Feminist (link) 37 Tal Bachman02/25/2015 04:16PM
wooden submarines 34 lostinutah02/22/2011 04:32PM
Did TSCC alter your number of kids/choice of spouse? 21 lexaprosavedme02/25/2015 01:04PM
How big is my (the damned to Outer Darkness) slice of berry pie? 20 Elder Berry02/24/2015 08:30PM
"flipping" points of view Cold-Dodger02/25/2015 10:05PM
Another mormon busybody ladell02/26/2015 11:51AM
Maybe TSCC is so concern about gays because... 20 Godzilla02/25/2015 05:27PM
anybody else happen to be sitting in SLC airport waiting for a flight? (n/t) Ctus02/26/2015 12:47PM
CONT: Ward needs a pianist and now they know I play smirkorama02/25/2015 01:47PM
My email to cl2 this morning re: our gay/straight marriages (a must share) 39 shannon02/25/2015 10:42AM
Gender redefined: isn't it supposed to be eternal? 12 anonuk02/24/2015 07:30PM
Question about Monson summons Dallin Oaks jokes02/26/2015 10:20AM
Idaho wants recognition as a Christian state. 36 moose02/25/2015 03:17PM
SLC cop on LGBT parade... interesting 18 verilyverily02/25/2015 10:51PM
Quantum Entanglement Documentary - Atomic Physics and Reality ab02/25/2015 07:11PM
I remember as if yesterday 14 Ketchup02/24/2015 03:55AM
Anyone know anything about a Sex Abuse lawsuit in NC involving LDS? UrDaddy02/26/2015 10:56AM
Friends, Romans, Country(men), Scholars & Students: It's not about PROOF. 29 Nightingale02/23/2015 06:00PM
Resignation/Temple Recommend Question 24 hagarthehorrible02/25/2015 10:32PM
with numerous, recent findings about coffee/tea ... GNPE02/25/2015 10:38PM
A video I recommend munchkin02/23/2015 11:50PM
If you have doubts about the Church and haven't married suffering02/23/2015 07:47PM