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Shame on Lone Peak High School 22 Alpiner Too08/19/2014 10:42PM
NEW Seminary LEGAL Agreement 32 Doubting Thomas08/19/2014 07:34PM
Impressions from Temple Square ltlgenie08/20/2014 11:20PM
For your reading pleasure! Elder What's-his-face08/20/2014 08:26PM
I once saw three knee fights. 12 Cinnamint08/20/2014 06:19PM
Class structure in the ex-mo community? Really? 31 theseeker08/20/2014 06:41PM
TSCC temple designs NeverbeenaMormon08/20/2014 07:44PM
SWK and the miracle of #&@^*$ baura08/21/2014 12:41AM
What are the Seven Warning Signs of Mormonism? cludgie08/20/2014 08:25PM
What are the warning signs of a narcissist in dating? (o/t) (n/t) 32 anongirlyes08/19/2014 06:29PM
I'm OUT shum08/20/2014 11:36AM
My god! How difficult it must be? michaelc194508/20/2014 09:49PM
Book plug...for potential investigators verilyverily08/21/2014 01:15AM
Do Tommy Monson & Jeff Holand go to the hair salon together duskus08/21/2014 12:53AM
OT - Ricky is the best dancer ever!!! sonoma08/20/2014 11:52PM
Mormons turn to Internet to preach, but sometimes Internet turns on them hayduke08/20/2014 10:09PM
I don't want children ever. 31 me too08/20/2014 04:30PM
Meet the Mormons movie - in theaters on 10/10/14 36 PapaKen08/20/2014 09:38AM
do any of yall see eachother at church and secretly smile? nevermo108/20/2014 06:33PM
Before the three hour block... 31 shiningwaters08/20/2014 12:05AM
This is why I'm biased against religions of all sorts 32 Pooped08/20/2014 12:25AM
I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO CAP-LOCK ON MY IPAD! (n/t) 11 sonoma08/20/2014 10:06PM
This is sure to make you GAG! ultra08/20/2014 10:01PM
Should exmormons support BYU? 19 behindcurtain08/20/2014 03:49AM
Recovery from Colorado Denver South Mission 39 Blank08/20/2014 08:00PM
(OT:sort of) / M-bation (adult) name withheld08/20/2014 07:38PM
Anyone in the general spokane area? mew08/20/2014 09:14PM
A Farewell to Harms donbagley08/20/2014 08:20PM
Respond to stake pres email pt. 2 35 escapedin201208/20/2014 10:11AM
Any update on John Dehlin's meeting with his SP ? (N/T) (n/t) 32 Great Inquisitor08/16/2014 10:58PM
passionate intensity Yeats08/19/2014 10:34PM
Who did Adams sons and daughters marry? 30 WillieBoy08/19/2014 02:48PM
My Friend has a giant, colossal LDS book collection! Mythb4meat08/20/2014 12:24AM
Grand daughter has a body poster in her room PapaKen08/20/2014 06:36PM
My Bewilderment 14 False Doctrine08/20/2014 04:37PM
Besides Joe and Brigham, who was the worst prophet. 37 johnstockton1208/20/2014 12:08AM
Three Nephites ice bucket challenge I let the dogs out08/20/2014 04:25PM
Brother Jake's BYU commencement speech (link) sassypants08/20/2014 07:25PM
Till Kingdom Come. Elohim's Celestial Climax & You The Celestial Bouncer08/20/2014 03:31PM
Purity Bribe 24 Ms. Nobody08/19/2014 08:23PM
Standing for Something. Argument Ensues. 35 Nightingale08/20/2014 04:08PM
What Utah created in trying to "preserve" marriage... Brother Of Jerry08/20/2014 06:42PM
Marriage seems like a swamp of thick despair. Cinnamint08/20/2014 05:10AM
i need to talk to someone face to face ***Brisbane AU 19 yankeedownunder08/13/2014 07:12AM
"Mormon church set to debut new documentary" (link) Prof. Plum08/20/2014 04:59PM
Besides The BOM...What Else Have U Had 2 Crawl Over Under & Around 2 Exit? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/20/2014 02:22PM
Does anyone else miss the warm fuzzies? 25 Juliette08/20/2014 03:20AM
O/T What happens if your unemployment runs out and you still do not southern Idaho inactive08/20/2014 04:21PM
#sharegoodness campaign, cont It'sRaining08/20/2014 02:51PM
Did I Say 30 Billion Tons of CO2 a Year? I Meant 40. cienfuegos08/20/2014 09:59AM
If paying a full tithing is a condition of employment with LDS, Inc., Tiny Tears08/20/2014 03:34PM
Wives & Families Of GA's Should Also Be Held Accountable 4 Enabling Them!!! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/20/2014 03:48PM
Stake emails are becoming nauseating sherlock08/20/2014 12:37PM
Mo-Pologists: What's In It 4 Them? Notoriety? Company Men? Ego? $$$? Other? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/20/2014 02:29PM
Since "Casper" The Holy Ghost Can Be Clinically Created...What Good Is She? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/20/2014 02:25PM