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Coming out on Facebook... 25 imperialben09/05/2014 11:31PM
Bishops probably don't care as long as you pay... sadie71109/06/2014 01:06AM
When Jesus came to N. America for his three-day weekend where was He? 20 Jerry the Aspousetate09/05/2014 07:28PM
New Mormon Movie About the Brother of Jared 14 Sperco09/08/2014 02:13PM
Super special stake conference with Elder Holland 31 anon33309/08/2014 07:49PM
(cont.) Patriarchal Abuse: Ravens cut, NFL suspends Ray Rice (GRAPHIC) 33 steve benson09/08/2014 10:30PM
The latest from the "I'm a Mormon" ad blitz LDS Church PR Dept. Special09/08/2014 01:45PM
Taco Bell's wifi blocks Stray Mutt09/08/2014 10:30PM
Third World Investigators...Does Glue Sniffing Count??? Tevai09/08/2014 05:49PM
BYU 41 Texas 7 Satan Rules 15 themaster09/06/2014 11:01PM
Denver area meetup! descartes197909/01/2014 12:29PM
Boundaries (or lack thereof) 12 dabners09/08/2014 02:38PM
TALK OF "EPIC" 100-YEAR FLOOD ONGOING IN PHOENIX RAIN DUMP 30 steve benson09/08/2014 10:53AM
Patriarchal Abuse: Ravens cut, NFL indefinitely suspends Ray Rice(GRAPHIC) 40 steve benson09/08/2014 03:53PM
Most commonly broken temple covenants 34 sparkyguru01/23/2013 09:52PM
new bishop tomorrow. zimmy09/06/2014 08:02PM
I managed to tick off the whole ward. 35 babylove09/08/2014 01:17PM
Siri now says her favorite college team is BYU Drew9009/08/2014 08:56PM
Christians aren't Mormon 29 thewhyalumnus09/06/2014 05:12PM
CFA founder dies 19 whywait09/08/2014 02:03PM
Not me - but Eliza says differently Exmogal09/06/2014 04:33PM
Monson Is NOT A Prophet...NOT Even A Qualified CEO Or COO...What Is He??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/08/2014 08:30PM
Leave the ninety and nine to rescue the one? Exmos excluded, them! 19 Hold Your Tapirs09/08/2014 08:51AM
I wouldn't say I've been "missing" church... Hold Your Tapirs09/08/2014 07:16PM
Gay celestial marriage. Which side of the altar? 16 Tom Padley09/08/2014 05:24PM
I told my parents that I'm back in organ lessons, ... jdawg33309/08/2014 09:26AM
A Way Out of the Gay Marriage Bind for LDS, inc. generationofvipers09/05/2014 09:53PM
What was the big deal over the movie "Orgazmo" that offended TBM's?? (n/t) southern Idaho inactive09/08/2014 04:54PM
Joseph Fielding McConkie has died... 34 Lori C10/17/2013 03:11AM
My brother is emailing us all his kid's letters - missions seem obsolete Elder Berry09/08/2014 01:59PM
A Most Unique Book baura09/08/2014 03:03PM
What does NOM stand for? (n/t) babylove09/08/2014 02:36PM
U.S. Air Force Restores 'God' to Enlistment Oath (link) 21 Airborne Agnostic09/04/2014 11:05PM
LDS Church (and others) urges the Supreme Court to settle Same Sex Marriage 12 Finally Free!09/08/2014 01:48PM
Polygamy is good for women!!! DWaters09/06/2014 08:37AM
OT-Mennonite worship service. What can I expect? Danielle B.09/06/2014 10:18PM
Dress code 18 scorpionking5509/08/2014 10:05AM
Should you hold out hope that they will see the light? elizabet09/08/2014 04:07PM
Boyd's "Us against Them"...again 14 BYUboner09/06/2014 03:00PM
Is Elder Bednar the Michael Scott of Mormonism? generationofvipers09/06/2014 11:53AM
He was the only sane one there and they escorted him out. 16 al-iced09/08/2014 06:55AM
Please Help Already Gone09/08/2014 03:18PM
Yet another plug at Sacrament meeting for "Bring a nonmember to southern Idaho inactive09/08/2014 02:47PM
Church scrambling to distance itself form NFL QB Max Hall. Why? 18 Anonymous Iowan10/25/2010 03:42AM
An LDS general authority's cousin is an artist. michaelm (not logged in)09/06/2014 09:21AM
50 Shades of Mormonism/Mormons...well, sorta! SusieQ#109/06/2014 04:42PM
Jeff & Susan Powells old house may be haunted 20 tumwater09/05/2014 12:21PM
How do you know your church is a cult? 23 serslyqustning198109/03/2014 08:25PM
Another reason to not listen to General Conference memikeyounot09/08/2014 02:37PM
"Wiggle room" in LDS Inc. is as fictional as Golden Plates 12 Elder Berry09/03/2014 12:19PM
Update: Disgraced BYU QB Max Hall loses h.s coaching job after arrest-- 11 steve benson09/06/2014 02:45PM
TBM's lack of wearing G's while visiting paradise 13 Anon4disone09/06/2014 02:56AM
Who wants to be a celestial heir? Lisa1409/08/2014 09:38AM
Is there anyone that went through the YW/YM's program in the 1980's... 28 Lori C09/05/2014 06:17PM
Monson's funeral 12 slskipper09/06/2014 06:15PM