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School Librarian up to her Jesus tricks again - I played the Santa card 12 thingsithink12/16/2013 09:16PM
Just another thought about the blacks and priesthood thing... nurshandstrengthen12/17/2013 11:29AM
The Essays on church issues are ripe for under the radar parody thingsithink12/17/2013 03:28PM
I prefer to think BY was "thrown under the handcart" rather then the bus. forbiddencokedrinker12/16/2013 11:36PM
Hypocrisy in Essay #3 Bobihor12/17/2013 03:16PM
Does LDS Inc. have a "Bleed the Beast" philosophy? 16 Elder Berry12/16/2013 02:08PM
Can I celebrate Jesus' birthday without proof he existed? 39 thingsithink12/16/2013 09:38PM
Jacaksonville Florida high school being renamed due to racism of namesake left4good12/17/2013 02:50PM
Essay #3 Polygamy 32 CtlAltDelete12/16/2013 11:48PM
"Women protest against forced marriage to deities" (link) Id Is My Friend12/17/2013 01:55PM
We need a little Smithmas, right this very minute! Elder Berry12/17/2013 01:43PM
Being pestered by Missionaries? Here's why.... 21 Anonymous User12/16/2013 08:01AM
No Mishie Visit Last Saturday!!! Dennis Moore12/16/2013 09:48PM
Give the Gift That Keeps Giving SEcular Priest12/17/2013 11:30AM
Brighamite Mormonism is failing so is Josephite going to take over? Elder Berry12/17/2013 12:50PM
What would be the LDS PR spin if they sold a temple? 12 deco12/17/2013 03:56AM
UK Tax Relief Appeal Case Lodged Against Latest Battle Loss esias12/17/2013 01:12PM
O/T Parents acting badly in grief wondering12/17/2013 12:49PM
Happy first day of Saturnalia! DeusExMalcontent12/17/2013 12:47PM
Marie Osmond's lack of garments... 31 notmonotloggedin01/29/2013 01:23PM
Meldrumism = Creationism. 14 Simon in Oz12/16/2013 12:49AM
Jehovah's Witness's real estate fire sales; revenues tanking. ConcernedCitizen12/17/2013 11:17AM
How many Southern converts to the Church and in Utah in 1852? 19 Elder Berry12/12/2013 05:10PM
My testimony of the truth secretnotsacred12/17/2013 12:38AM
Who shudders at the term, "heavenly father"? I do! 15 Cinnamint12/16/2013 08:42PM
South Park- All About Mormons pamelaf321112/17/2013 12:17AM
Lindsey Buckingham = New Prophet Garçon12/17/2013 10:51AM
Mormon (sub)urban myth CrispingPin12/17/2013 07:44AM
want yourself a bride? kidnap her! I want me a wife!12/17/2013 06:30AM
Question about excommunication 13 georgedubya12/16/2013 07:36PM
Found this gem on 22 jujubee12/16/2013 12:28PM
Peggy Fletcher Stack at it again; Column on Post-Manifesto Polygamy... SL Cabbie12/16/2013 09:57PM
Called SLC about resignition and also emailed bishop. silhouettes12/17/2013 01:53AM
If LDS Corp distances itself from Brigham Young, will they need to re-name Ragnar12/17/2013 04:54AM
TBM friend acted relieved when he said "Brigham Young" was thrown under 11 Ihidmyself12/16/2013 08:31PM
The Temple: A Place For Meditation (n/t) L Tom Petty12/16/2013 10:41PM
This is it. Coming out to my family on Dec. 30th. 10 georgedubya12/16/2013 12:32AM
Families are flippin' forever 11 Joeswife12/15/2013 10:56PM
Knee-jerk reaction emily12/16/2013 06:35PM
I felt the spirit Hold Your Tapirs12/13/2013 03:17PM
The LDS are Losing on Every Front 34 erictheex12/16/2013 08:03PM
"It's amazing, when you step outside of the matrix, hello12/16/2013 08:27PM
Hugh B. Brown: Joseph Smith Couldn't Translate the Book of Abraham . . . 11 steve benson12/15/2013 10:19PM
For those with TBM spouses, some advice icanseethelight12/16/2013 03:54PM
Temple endowment ceremony soju12/16/2013 11:07AM
Speaking of the Gilbert Temple, here's a weird news story promoting it. munchybotaz12/16/2013 07:27PM
Joan Fontaine, is dead. Keep trying to talk to your family. 24 anybody12/16/2013 03:56AM
When was the last time you DISAVOWED something? Probitas12/16/2013 09:46PM
Mark E. Peterson, "Christ In America" (1970) anybody12/16/2013 09:58PM
Lost: Mormon to Atheist 10 newlifeinvention12/16/2013 03:41PM
Holy cow, never thought I'd see those old farts admit it 32 tedd12/13/2013 03:54AM
Continued emails from random wards 10 lovehealer12/16/2013 08:08PM
Virginia Tupperwhere12/16/2013 09:28PM
The new name for BYU: Rid of Young University. (n/t) steve benson12/16/2013 08:50PM
O/T It pays to be pretty, starting in high school, research says(link) southern idaho inactive12/16/2013 12:55PM