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To RHGC: How I am an 8th Generation Mormon 8thgeneration06/26/2013 09:51AM
Part 2: what's so wrong with masturbation? Probably a bit adult 26 sherlock06/25/2013 04:49PM
So, the huge church announcement was 2 days ago.... 33 Chicken N. Backpacks06/25/2013 11:49AM
Contiuation of the " I just heard a funny story''= mormon absurdities Hasteningthwork06/26/2013 08:20AM
Church Mall Earns $200 Million in 9 months 14 ForcedToBeMorg06/25/2013 03:20PM
The Facebook of Mormons to replace door-to-door missionaries(link) Southern Idaho Inactive06/25/2013 04:05PM
OMG LOOK what the "truth" fairies 19 LEELA06/25/2013 03:52PM
worst TBM dating experiences? 34 woodsmoke06/25/2013 03:38PM
Mormonism is still practically unheard of around here. 34 Makurosu06/25/2013 12:06PM
OT Richard Dawkins and music quiz06/25/2013 10:32PM
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knocking on death's door 15 Elder Berry06/24/2013 06:13PM
Nice news article about a Mormon family supporting their gay son Other06/26/2013 03:52AM
OT: What is your opinion about parents sleeping with their kids in same bed 31 Senoritalamanita06/25/2013 02:53PM
Big meetinghouse with many empty rooms midweek, w/ only a few mishies there Carol Y.06/25/2013 09:51PM
Exmormon facebook page? Just Me06/26/2013 02:59AM
Transitioning Kids Out of the Church ck06/26/2013 12:41AM
Will the ChurchTours Include Secular Priest06/25/2013 10:20PM
Millions of users are leaving Facebook (bad timing for LDS, Inc.) 28 just a thought06/24/2013 12:56PM
Hilarious acts done in the name of Mormonism. 18 Makurosu06/25/2013 02:52PM
How do I get my Mormon friends and family to see the truth? 27 Regulargal06/24/2013 10:13PM
What False Doctrines did the BOM correct? 8thgeneration06/25/2013 11:32AM
What did God do about Joseph Smith's death? 12 perceptual06/25/2013 12:36AM
How my TBM friends are sharing their message of salivation toto06/25/2013 04:42PM
Here is my prediction regarding the open houses with mishies. 12 Levi06/25/2013 07:32PM
Worshiping a God that use to be a man rusty12306/25/2013 10:39PM
Mormon advancements in society perceptual06/25/2013 09:33PM
Mishies Confined to Barracks. Boredom Abounds More Than Ever. 30 Nightingale06/24/2013 05:58PM
These two threads by SEcular Priest have me concluding failure = success Elder Berry06/25/2013 07:14PM
PROOF THAT GOD IS REAL! baura06/23/2013 11:34AM
New thoughts on who is responsible for my prior beliefs.. 11 kolobian06/25/2013 11:50AM
Is the gay community pointing the way for us? baura06/25/2013 08:21PM
Futuristic computer Bible interpreter perceptual06/23/2013 03:13PM
Just heard a funny story and i had to share it here 36 Pil-Latté06/20/2013 01:56PM
How do u get over that FEAR? 19 brothergalileo06/24/2013 10:38PM
Vent: chewed out on facebook for response to hypothetical scenario 38 rainwriter06/25/2013 01:20PM
"My Mission Homecoming" 12 baura06/25/2013 12:55AM
This image needs to get on FB and Twitter #LDS/,#Mormon decline 22 gentlestrength06/24/2013 03:42PM
So Ward Council is going to start filling out this form on you 37 lulu06/25/2013 03:37AM
Where LDS inc is strategically missing the boat 30 The Oncoming Storm - bc06/25/2013 10:58AM
How does online missionaries get butts into pews? 10 dk06/25/2013 10:28AM
Why wasn't the historic announcement that all missions.... 23 Stumbling06/25/2013 08:45AM
tithing and the mall 26 subeam06/24/2013 05:59PM
All Missionary efforts to be stalled? Nicene06/25/2013 03:12PM
JS off spring? Yes/No X'd at 1006/25/2013 01:42PM
What's so wrong with sex between consenting non-married adults 42 sherlock06/25/2013 12:53PM
Bill to legalize rape in Texas deco06/25/2013 03:53PM
experiences of early returning missionaries caedmon06/25/2013 04:39PM
The time has come to resign 12 Nowisthetime06/25/2013 04:13PM
Is there an App for this site? (n/t) EXON4606/25/2013 04:17PM
One of the wondering sheep 31 arbrndad06/19/2013 04:05PM
Searching for literature 19 lexaprosavedme06/25/2013 11:01AM
Hugh B. Brown--how Mormons need you now cludgie06/25/2013 01:11PM
FB missionaries-pre-emptive strike rutabaga06/25/2013 02:24PM
"Thank you Jesus!" schlock06/24/2013 03:05PM