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You know it's fake. They know it's fake. They just want to climb the ladder anybody09/14/2013 11:53PM
Ex-Mormon shame Uncle Dale09/15/2013 12:05AM
How long did it take when you left? 26 Funny09/12/2013 10:47PM
PTSD and Other Anxiety Sufferers: Alpha Stim Gay Philosopher09/15/2013 01:20AM
Just got a Facebook ad from about seminary. Really stupid. 11 cludgie09/14/2013 10:57AM
Did anyone else have this? 16 Bartok09/13/2013 09:57PM
Davis county meetup!!! jangadai09/15/2013 12:55AM
Jr. Jots and tittles Paint12/28/2012 10:31PM
An interesting vid on gay shame and vulnerability MJ09/14/2013 11:18PM
my mother requested different home teachers-and she is 85. deco09/14/2013 12:47PM
Not Even Once Sex Club - intimacy advice from a virgin 33 Zelphster09/13/2013 06:13PM
Thoughts for Hold Your Tapirs from your sister happiernow09/13/2013 11:29PM
Relationships with family in the cult wmsmith1109/14/2013 04:07AM
Question about the "m" word. 17 Twinker09/13/2013 08:23PM
Best depiction of Joseph Smith anon for now09/14/2013 02:02PM
Speakers & teachers who loved to tell stories about "bad kids"... (Cursing) Tristan09/13/2013 11:56PM
Hipster JS rationalist0109/14/2013 05:59PM
Cub Scout Goes missing for 30 minutes... 13 erictheex09/13/2013 12:00PM
Along the lines of "religiously correct" language.... derrida09/13/2013 11:56AM
Push-back in Africa 32 left4good09/13/2013 08:59AM
OT - What's your dream car? 33 Frightened Inmate #209/14/2013 02:29PM
Where can young singles meet guys or gals? 31 exmo5909/14/2013 12:55AM
Why I'm atheistic-agnostic Tristan09/14/2013 03:13PM
Any Washington Spokane Mission alums here? 11 story10007/19/2012 01:35AM
How to _not_ dress like a Mormon 32 rainwriter09/13/2013 10:38PM
It's all your fault, you bad ex-Mormons! Uncle Dale09/14/2013 01:34PM
O/T For computer nerds 23 spicyspirit09/12/2013 02:43PM
Do bishops still require sex violators to read 22 mormonista09/13/2013 10:34AM
Continued: Qwick-witted comebacks for rude or clueless TBMs (n/t) 23 ChrisDeanna09/13/2013 07:50PM
A TBM sees a tendency in the LDS church. What do you make of it? 13 derrida09/14/2013 01:36PM
Real Jesus to masturbator Chicken N. Backpacks09/14/2013 02:08PM
Will this mainstreaming thing ever happen? 11 Stray Mutt09/14/2013 01:06AM
Church sets a Bad Precedent for itself: GNPE09/14/2013 12:46PM
Where's Motrix--We're in the Matrix! Chhicken N. Backpacks09/14/2013 01:08PM
Like sheep Stray Mutt09/14/2013 12:57AM
Mormon Fraud Chronicled rick beals09/14/2013 12:55PM
Antibiotics on missions 15 linesinker09/13/2013 07:35PM
TBM's who listen to Queen 33 archytas09/13/2013 10:32PM
Morgs, 7ths, JWs cliodude09/14/2013 02:23AM
Felt a need to go back to the Mo's... 19 utahmonomore09/14/2013 02:25AM
religion is like internet explorer Dave the Atheist09/12/2013 10:11PM
For branandco, BabyCenter gay thread Susan I/S09/13/2013 09:13PM
sick, sick, sick...child bride dies on wedding night 34 Nancy Rigdon09/13/2013 06:45PM
My 14 yr old son's exit letter 15 dcgsage09/13/2013 03:23PM
@ Richard Packman. Was that story true about the burn-up of the JS papers? Twinker09/14/2013 09:58AM
Mormons, Pagans and Naked Women Jerry the Aspousetate09/14/2013 09:46AM
The Morg isn't the only church... Doxi09/14/2013 09:02AM
Why do so many RMs leave the chuch (con't) 33 ramonglyde09/13/2013 03:13PM
Overheard conversation on a plane 31 anon4areason09/13/2013 10:23AM
Psychological manipulation, through fear, for sexual favors is rape. 29 forbiddencokedrinker09/13/2013 03:22PM
Can a Bishop eventually become a GA? 32 Lenina09/13/2013 04:06AM
wishing for a normal relationship with parents sha'dynasty09/13/2013 09:05PM
The Witness Wore Red--new book 10 laurel09/12/2013 07:08PM
Anyone heard of missionaries in the "surge" being sent to Australia? 30 ozpoof08/28/2013 01:27AM
Surprised no one's done this... 32 Nat the Nevermo09/13/2013 01:46PM