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Can site members message other members with comments or suggestion? 11 amyjomeg03/20/2015 08:41PM
If dark skin is a curse and mark of Satan then why does everyone want it? 13 anybody03/21/2015 12:32PM
Daniel Dennett rationalist0103/21/2015 09:11PM
Spouse Cheating on Me 31 generationofvipers03/20/2015 10:25AM
Elder Bednar visits LDS Church's Pacific Area, rededicates New Zealand MTC 15 southern idaho inactive03/18/2015 12:06PM
Recent LBGT law change in Utah nonmo_103/21/2015 09:30AM
Henry Bemis...Paging Henry Bemis... 33 Tal Bachman03/18/2015 05:51PM
obligatory thread What are you drinking this Friday evening? 39 matt03/20/2015 06:48PM
No-bid construction contracts/LDS INC. $ 20 Ex-Sister Sinful Shoulders03/19/2015 04:34PM
Christofferson in the SL Tribune 10 Already Gone03/20/2015 06:44PM
All in All...I Think I Prefer Kidnap Breakfasts!!! :D N/T (n/t) 16 Tevai03/21/2015 02:17AM
Mind Control Bingo Card for General Conference. LINK Carol03/21/2015 03:10AM
On This Day in Mormon History (March 21) baura03/21/2015 06:40PM
19 Year Old Friend Getting Sealed Today ohdeargoodness03/21/2015 02:59PM
Utah theocracy screwing up their cash cow again 10 nonmo_103/21/2015 07:58AM
"Mormonism: Teaching Ignorance Since 1830" Yessir03/21/2015 12:03PM
Missionaries are embarrassed by their own scriptures koriwhore03/21/2015 12:41PM
Anyone Else in a "Reactivation" Mission? ohdeargoodness03/21/2015 02:57PM
The History of Joseph Smith – It Gets MUCH Verse! (Part 5) Book of Mordor03/21/2015 04:24PM
Las Vegas Meetup: Saturday March 21st Tiki Party onendagus03/19/2015 12:47PM
Seen so much stuff, met so many people on RFM through the years 34 matt03/18/2015 07:11PM
Nothing is confidential if you are excommunicated or disfellowshiped 17 IMout03/21/2015 01:32AM
for all of you Cave of Forgotten Dreams fans scooter03/21/2015 02:04PM
Negativity towards Mormons................wasted energy 35 staind03/21/2015 02:41AM
From the Mental Meltdown Mailbag: You "rant," I "reason" . . . steve benson03/21/2015 02:16PM
experience with reaching out 17 scmd03/20/2015 02:44AM
For those still journeying - An essay from Religious Non-theists MarkJ03/21/2015 01:28PM
Posting About Blogs On RfM Tevai03/21/2015 11:18AM
Why doesn't the church actively seek to legalize polygamy? 23 PolyJoe03/20/2015 10:39PM
The Crucible of Doubt by Terryl and Fiona Givens 33 Cold-Dodger03/19/2015 09:19AM
Utah workers are "disengaged" 17 BYU Boner03/19/2015 10:41PM
Autoincorrect sins mightily and seeks your forgiveness. Beth03/20/2015 09:16PM
Is this proper "bible" english? 21 Chicken N. Backpacks03/19/2015 09:15PM
How seriously do LDS bishops take confidentiality in general? 29 Cold-Dodger03/20/2015 03:12PM
Deseret News hides the truth 10 michaelm (not logged in)03/20/2015 10:23AM
You might notice a large number of troll posts 24 matt03/08/2015 10:15PM
What's the difference between a patriarchal blessing and a fortune cookie? 31 justarelative03/20/2015 05:00PM
Hey Baby Boomers! U Remember When "The Exorcist" Was The Taboo Movie... 25 BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/19/2015 08:37PM
The wicked take the truth to be hard bradley03/21/2015 02:34AM
Salt Lake Temple - Elevators 23 Truthbetold03/16/2015 03:06AM
Can Urchdorf become leader if Monson dies suddenly? 33 James E Faust03/20/2015 06:10AM
If California is at it again. 30 IMout03/21/2015 12:07AM
Mission Question -- Do you get a 5 month "break"? 11 azanon03/20/2015 01:41AM
o/t Pastafarianism is dangerous and should be banned! 31 matt03/15/2013 07:40PM
O/T ... Being there, but just to take videos and photos elderolddog03/20/2015 09:54PM
On This Day in Mormon History (March 20) baura03/20/2015 10:27PM
There must have been a historical John Frum 10 schweizerkind03/20/2015 04:25PM
o/t Captain Kirk is Climbing a Mountain 4 hour version??? WoW! matt03/20/2015 09:40PM
Re:Would any of you consider himself/herself "Amoral"? quinlansolo03/19/2015 07:04PM
California is at it again! 35 MJ03/20/2015 08:35PM
CNN: The Friendly Atheists Next Door (link) exodus03/20/2015 10:57PM
Black Mormon woman: LDS Church needs to “make amends” for past racism... 34 randyj03/19/2015 11:04PM
List of how you feel with and without the spirit 11 Drew9003/20/2015 06:45PM
MIL died while a Senior Missionary 13 themaster03/20/2015 12:28AM
I just want to say--fabulous new user names! Chicken N. Backpacks03/20/2015 07:09PM