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Cont. thread about gay animals. 26 brefots06/30/2013 04:50PM
Incredible revelation from FAIR 16 twojedis07/01/2013 02:57PM
Had to say goodbye to my dog. 33 pigsinzen06/30/2013 07:53PM
Called on a mission to proselyte via the internet? westchaseexmo06/30/2013 09:36PM
Teacher doing racism experiment in class deco07/01/2013 01:11PM
first vision subeamnotloggedin07/01/2013 08:35PM
How do you view Mormons v. how they think we view them? 14 CA girl07/01/2013 12:05PM
Actor Kevin Rahm talks about leaving Mormonism and other stuff Sunbeam07/01/2013 11:08AM
You should be grateful for the love bombs! 16 goldenrule07/01/2013 02:15AM
Got in trouble on mission for saying "First Visitation" kolobian07/01/2013 12:56PM
BKP left4good07/01/2013 05:42PM
How to keep mormon missionaries and lovebombers away! rodolfo07/01/2013 07:32PM
What might exmo replacement covenants look like? Inverso07/01/2013 06:52PM
LDS Membership Numbers Made Up? Probably Not... 26 Ex-CultMember07/01/2013 01:19PM
Need a great massage therapist in SLC! O/T (n/t) Erictheex07/01/2013 06:46PM
Comparison of dollar $ figures for LDS and other organizations doubleb07/01/2013 06:35PM
The church is building empty stake centers out in the mission field. 33 forbiddencokedrinker07/01/2013 10:54AM
True Religion at City Creek ... The Irony stoned rolling forth07/01/2013 11:29AM
If ignorance is bliss, do we have a right to destroy it? 32 darksprout06/30/2013 04:00AM
Legality of LDS Church Online Proselyting Regulations and Concerns? 14 Flyinghigh07/01/2013 04:11AM
Graphic Display Of What Happens When U Tell Any TBM They Don't Know Jack!!! BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/01/2013 05:31PM
Joseph Smith in the Backseat @ The Work of Salvation Missionary Broadcast iris07/01/2013 09:44AM
Impact of Mormon settlement on the Western United States 10 releve06/27/2013 11:16AM
Why spiders should adhere to the WoW Hayduke07/01/2013 12:48PM
OH the Irony... Nevermo107/01/2013 03:21PM
Add me to the list of people love bombed this week 10 bluezebra06/30/2013 09:52PM calling for my father dit07/01/2013 12:13PM
Is FAIR spamming youtube? sstone07/01/2013 03:09PM
It really sucks to be gay! Another of the long "What makes MJ tick" posts. 32 MJ06/28/2013 11:05PM
Were 500 attending your old ward? 34 Inky06/30/2013 07:26PM
Iced tea weather in Central WA cludgie07/01/2013 10:46AM
No Conversion Talk, Nothing But Fun pewsitter06/30/2013 06:23PM
O, Canada! PapaKen07/01/2013 11:47AM
Our poor hard working refrigerators in this dastardly heat. Some tips 11 Carol Y.06/30/2013 06:22PM
North American, Mesoamerican, and South American History 12 Gay Philosopher06/30/2013 11:37PM
96 years of historical distorting - who alive needs to apologize for this? Elder Berry07/01/2013 12:25PM
At what point is the 2nd Coming "late"? 35 regularguy06/30/2013 10:47AM
The true number of alive members is 38 pewsitter06/30/2013 01:20PM
If Mormonism is God's true church, why is it failing miserably? 28 ozpoof06/29/2013 11:19AM
Joseph Smith 10 ladell06/28/2013 10:32AM
One Possible Way To Respond to Reactivation Efforts, But Need Help heretic07/01/2013 01:08PM
Why is Moroni facing the wrong way on the Portland temple (n/t) 27 Paint06/30/2013 07:44PM
Inside scoop regarding today's announcement.... 11 pigsinzen06/23/2013 04:22PM
A fun topic: Mormon repellant dk07/01/2013 12:17PM
Missionaries and Beer brothergalileo07/01/2013 10:46AM
Why don't we just poison the well for the Cult? sonoma07/01/2013 11:56AM
Where can I pick up a hardened heart? 25 procrusteanchurch06/30/2013 08:26PM
History Buffs: Saints, Sinners & Reformers in Western NY, Fascinating Read Senoritalamanita07/01/2013 11:48AM
What's in a Cup of Coffee? (video link) badseed07/01/2013 11:48AM
Fact vs. Truth: an exercise in mental gymnastics... Rowell back07/01/2013 10:38AM
Miracles are happening as The Lord is hastening His work. sherlock07/01/2013 04:38AM
Santa Rosa CA. Meet -Up runningyogi07/01/2013 10:54AM
God help us if/when the Scientologists & the J.W.s wine country girl07/01/2013 09:45AM
What is everyone doing for summer? 26 chelseamarie06/28/2013 10:09AM
1/3 of church members are addicted to PORN & 8 years old 15 pewsitter07/01/2013 12:09AM