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Raleigh temple to close for renovations xxMMMooo01/07/2018 12:48AM
Who has seen "Star Wars: the Last Jedi?" 60 Amyjo12/17/2017 02:57PM
The next mormon profit ... Dave the Atheist01/07/2018 06:31PM
2017 was the year I got over it 13 Babyloncansuckit01/06/2018 10:20AM
TSM arrives in heaven... 13 jonessr01/06/2018 05:05PM
How the Mormon Hierarchy works: baura01/06/2018 09:16PM
Info on "Ammon Project" in Japan?? 10 cheese12/03/2013 01:44PM
so how are LD$ inc apologists going to spin this up ?? smirkorama01/07/2018 07:15AM
Toasting Monson's Departure With Hot Coffee... Southern ExMo01/07/2018 12:12AM
I buckled under the pressure and said I was Mormon 20 Courtesan au Chocolat01/06/2018 12:54AM
North Orange County CA meetup Sunday 7th in Fullerton 10:30 to 1: tutu01/03/2018 07:25AM
Re: The sex robot thread---They could be hacked to murder people. LINK 23 Topper01/03/2018 03:39PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, January 7th Bite Me01/06/2018 04:25PM
I'm starting to think they want the apostles old 15 anonyXMo01/05/2018 05:33AM
If an inactive couple blessestheir newborn baby, doesn't that Anonymous 201/06/2018 12:42PM
Standing Room Only at newly opened church in our mall Pooped01/07/2018 01:04AM
Will there be any mention of Monson's passing this Sunday at boring morg Anonymous 201/03/2018 09:46PM
Jerry Van Dyke has died (n/t) 11 bona dea01/06/2018 03:26PM
Not Everything Can Be Forgiven by the mormon ghawd ... 14 elderolddog01/06/2018 02:47PM
Today on 'Quora'--TSM Chicken N. Backpacks01/06/2018 11:49PM
Our Bishop Starts the Year Reading a Letter The Bishopric Wrote 33 SEcular Priest01/01/2018 06:37PM
Ok. It's time guys. I'll bet there's a minority in the Q15 this year 22 Levi01/05/2018 11:31AM
Utah teacher fired after students see nudity in art 60 NeverBeenaMormon12/30/2017 07:08AM
What were some of your rationalizations as a TBM? 15 valkyriequeen01/04/2018 12:33PM
LDS Inc. vs. Mormonism 28 SouthernDoubter01/05/2018 12:08PM
Told a mormon to smile today haha. Badassadam101/05/2018 03:25PM
So who will Nelson choose for the FP? 21 messygoop01/05/2018 02:36PM
NT; What’s the Most Common Last Name in the United States? (n/t) 12 quinlansolo01/05/2018 03:19PM
If God is watching us from a distance ... Amyjo01/05/2018 04:21PM
Question for SEcular Priest Xinquisitor01/06/2018 06:58PM
Mormons: GNPE01/06/2018 12:27PM
Every mormon man a sex addict 60 Extractor4101/05/2018 09:13PM
An Imperfect Plan 42 corallus01/04/2018 07:31PM
"Corporation Sole" and Succession 11 xxMMMooo01/03/2018 10:12PM
ask grams anon4this01/05/2018 04:51PM
Future Profits Anziano Young01/05/2018 10:57PM
TBMs are upset with Monson's NYT obituary 50 summer01/03/2018 10:29PM
What's the difference between "new atheism" and plain old "atheism"? 16 koriwhore01/05/2018 06:57PM
Was the SLC cop that falsely arrested a nurse a Mormon? Robert D Hales10/13/2017 09:40AM
Is there bullying in Utah schools? 30 Wondering201/02/2018 01:53PM
To all news media re: Nelson's tenure slskipper01/05/2018 07:58PM
Ok, so something strange happened today. The parents held a family council 30 Cold-Dodger01/05/2018 05:48AM
The problem with "identifying" with being Mormon 18 T-Bone12/24/2017 09:07AM
Monson’s greatest acts 27 PapaKen01/03/2018 09:43AM
Monson's Death has many stopping here to read 18 Eric K01/04/2018 09:26AM
Russ Nelson -- God's love is conditional 18 merryprankster12301/03/2018 04:26PM
Orrin Hatch new apostle? 43 Gheco01/02/2018 02:13PM
A generation of salamanders is passing... BYU Boner01/05/2018 09:10PM
What is Monson’s legacy? 25 NeverBeenaMormon01/03/2018 09:09PM
TBMs have been silent about Tommy's passing 13 sparty01/04/2018 10:04AM
Oops, The Monson's were not made whole again downsouth01/05/2018 07:54PM
Differences remain between Mormon and evangelical communities (NPR) blindguy01/05/2018 07:44PM
Without monson people will walk away. 50 Badassadam101/04/2018 12:09AM
O/T "Bomb cyclone" to slam East Coast as winter storm with blizzard conditi 28 Anonymous 201/03/2018 09:31PM
So when does Russ Nelson assume command? (n/t) Gheco01/04/2018 06:14PM