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Missing chapter of Book of Abraham tells how the internet started. Jerry the Aspousetate01/13/2017 01:47PM
Prophets book scootergirl5701/13/2017 04:25PM
Remember "Prophecy--Key to the Future?" Should I buy it? cludgie01/13/2017 08:44AM
Mormon country music celebrity Cody Alan comes out as gay. LINK 11 Topper01/12/2017 03:48PM
Is this correct? kathleen01/10/2017 09:35PM
Well, that's what happens when you leave the church ... 15 CA girl01/13/2017 12:34AM
Red wine for health--which tastes best for a new drinker. 48 Pariah01/07/2017 06:08AM
o/t ~ ziller presents ~ yer thurs nite pole dancing vid ~ ><((((‘> 10 ziller01/12/2017 10:28PM
Since God & Jesus Are Mormons...Do They Share Their "Gospel" w/ Other Gods? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/13/2017 02:01PM
How to sue TSCC in the US lilburne01/13/2017 09:07AM
My TBM wife had an interesting response to the "living allowance" 30 paulk01/11/2017 11:39AM
The LD$ Cult'$ Hi$tory is No My$tery on How It Pay$ It$ Top Bra$$ steve benson01/13/2017 12:42AM
Update - S. Alberta Mormon Father Who's Son Died From Lack of Medical Care Lethbridge Reprobate01/12/2017 05:27PM
Utah college kids more stressed than ever... poopstone01/13/2017 12:19PM
Mormonism In Europe: The Right To Be Forgotten anybody01/13/2017 11:47AM
URL/IP Address (sort of OT) notmonotloggedin01/12/2017 12:14AM
Ok you temple endowment Lucifer lovers, ever thought of 12 cricket01/12/2017 07:01PM
Anybody Know...Where God & Jesus Go On Their Father & Son Summer Campouts? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/12/2017 12:40PM
Last fast and sacrament meeting... 11 canary2101/12/2017 02:23PM
Was JS's polygamy and marrying girls at age 14 legal ? 33 6 iron01/12/2017 02:58PM
Why was I ordained a Deacon? ificouldhietokolob01/11/2017 06:58PM
Hawaii and BYU... 10 Stacia01/11/2017 01:28AM
Jeremy Runnels 2016 Exmormon of the year---LINK Topper01/12/2017 10:46PM
MormonLeaks confusion explained (hopefully) 11 Craig C01/12/2017 10:10AM
Sit back and let Auntie Wendy tell you all about sex.. err, I mean intimacy 16 NormaRae01/12/2017 11:45AM
Anybody Know The EXACT DAY & TIME God & God Jr Visited JS In The Grove??? (n/t) 30 BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/10/2017 11:12PM
Critique of Wendy Nelson's sex talk-Podcast LINK Topper01/12/2017 11:11PM
Sometimes Church Culture Can't Get Out of It's Own Way paulk01/11/2017 09:06PM
For thiose who have not had Iced Coffee.. you need to try this 17 iceman01/12/2017 11:57AM
Thre of warren Jeff's child brides still missing. Dailymail Article LINK Topper01/12/2017 10:40PM
Sis. Missionary says she deserves to go to heaven more than Mother Theresa 12 koriwhore01/10/2017 09:21PM
Fake News...Create Your Best Headline You'd Like 2 See About Mormonism... 15 BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/12/2017 04:30PM
How Mormon General Authorities are Paid 13 steve benson01/12/2017 03:50AM
Which one is worse - Battlefield Earth or Abinadi the musical? 18 praydude01/07/2017 03:23AM
Where's Ziller? 18 BYU Boner01/10/2017 09:36PM
Don't you find it strange Mormons don't see what is plainly evident? 17 koriwhore01/11/2017 04:00PM
GA's not using tithing money for salery, mall, ect 12 pathfinder01/11/2017 02:10PM
The SILVER BULLET To Break Your TBM Shelf? 24 Ex-CultMember01/11/2017 04:43PM
I was a Mormon when I was a child, I am not a child, so I am not Mormon sb01/12/2017 01:54PM
Therapist says we should move... 12 anontoday01/11/2017 10:50PM
A Critical Response to the Deseret News, from Mormon Leaks-LINK Topper01/12/2017 03:45PM
A mishie story: Go easy on your supply of BoM's messygoop01/11/2017 03:12PM
Question about relocation to FL or SC 60 slipperyslope01/08/2017 04:44PM
Article from the Atlantic: The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like focidave01/12/2017 09:43AM
Gag reflex when I hear the LDS Church referred to as "the" church? 19 T-Bone01/09/2017 07:11PM
Too funny not to share 13 MandyElle01/11/2017 08:17AM
Mormon Leaks vs Mormonleaks A new name01/11/2017 12:45PM
Profit$: How LD$ Inc. Handle$ It$ $ecretive $uper $lew of Bu$ine$$ Op$ steve benson01/12/2017 04:56AM
Petrouchka donbradley01/12/2017 03:57AM
Received an imvitation to a temple wedding,, 25 unworthy01/08/2017 12:07PM
Will Monson answer a subpoena? 25 George P Lee01/06/2017 03:18AM
Charles Templeton: The "Over-Educated" Pastor Who Dumped God for Darwin steve benson01/10/2017 11:11PM
Do GA's pay tithing? 11 64monkey01/10/2017 03:51PM
LDS tax exempt commercials coming up. 16 StillAnon01/10/2017 04:46PM
Mormonleaks threaten our democracy! - PRopoganda arm of LDS Inc 13 koriwhore01/11/2017 03:50PM