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The Lamanite Generation! 29 Britboy05/18/2016 10:06AM
percentage of gays in the church? 38 sunbitch02/05/2017 12:58AM
A modern Joseph Smith: con man and bigamist Amyjo02/12/2017 07:44PM
What do mormons encourage with an exmo spouse? 10 Myth02/12/2017 06:00PM
Address Unknown Politico02/12/2017 07:42PM
Why does the Church think it's ok to "Assign" People to anything, anytime? 15 paulk02/11/2017 12:52PM
A cultlike message "Never (please respond) 22 desertman01/29/2017 04:46PM
Chaffetz, that didn't go too well. 34 scooter02/10/2017 11:24AM
Do you think many wards have a pervert or polygamist in the ranks? 29 Cheryl02/11/2017 04:39AM
is anybody here between the age of 25-35? 58 badassadam02/09/2017 02:51AM
Hymns 'in the bedroom' 15 Allie02/11/2017 08:55PM
advice needed regarding dealing with family functions 17 ss02/10/2017 03:15PM
It's Sunday!! What are you doing today instead of church! kativicky02/12/2017 09:50AM
Baptized by Priest instead of Father 10 cochise02/11/2017 06:48PM
Young Evangelicals Are Not As Politically Conservative As Their Parents anybody02/12/2017 10:11AM
Everytime I see an ad telling me I can get answers to my Q's re: Mormonism koriwhore02/11/2017 01:45PM
My Mom Reconnected with Her Family 10 Dolly02/12/2017 07:24AM
if god helped an athiest 44 badassadam02/08/2017 04:19AM
Great Line from Bill Maher on CNN: Pledges to Become a Mormon . . . 22 steve benson02/10/2017 10:02PM
Is it possible to leave without reading "anti-mormon" material? 41 pickleweed02/11/2017 07:33AM
Boy Scouts face renewed push to let girls join the ranks-LINK 21 Topper02/10/2017 06:41PM
Eternal Increase: the carrot that didn't work for me. 17 Stray Mutt02/10/2017 12:51PM
A 2013 ward budget sheet. Young men got higher amt. than young women. LINK 27 Topper02/07/2017 08:05PM
Members Leaving over Offences 56 鍾益飛02/05/2017 06:01PM
Reasonable Question? GNPE02/10/2017 02:32AM
my neighbor is a Jehovah's witness 24 badassadam02/10/2017 09:05PM
More relevant now: How LDS church sends undocumented aliens on missions 12 cludgie02/10/2017 09:08AM
Interesting Conversation with Not-so TBM Girl soyunateo02/11/2017 02:05PM
O/T Flu season hitting its peak in 43 states(link) Anonymous 202/11/2017 10:43PM
How different are we really? ikandee200002/11/2017 07:16PM
Sister Wives Stars Join Hundreds of Polygamous Families Protesting Bigamy L Anonymous 202/11/2017 01:40PM
Maher says he'd give Romney $1million and become a Mormon if Mitt took over koriwhore02/10/2017 09:32PM
How to Make a Lie Seem True-LINK Topper02/11/2017 03:40PM
Why Won't Mormonism Die? 30 anybody02/10/2017 07:16AM
NYT: Arson Confirmed In Texas Mosque Fire 12 anybody02/09/2017 10:19PM
O/T Scientology and Amazon Audible pickleweed02/11/2017 04:51AM
How many members will TSCC claim at April Conference 21 themaster02/10/2017 10:12AM
Wyoming/BYU football documentary on 1969 game montanadude02/11/2017 01:42PM
Does the church prohibit girl joinig brownies and girl guides? Fred Karger02/11/2017 03:11AM
Local Utah Legislation and Mormonism SubonaMissionofChaos02/11/2017 04:24PM
o/t update kativicky02/11/2017 11:19AM
watched the second matrix movie on tv and.. 11 badassadam02/10/2017 01:40AM
Hubble has found ancient galaxies that gave universe first light-LINK Topper02/11/2017 03:48PM
Mormon Extermination of the Facts About that "Extermination Order" . . . 20 steve benson08/25/2013 01:05AM
Does Utah suck or Mormons make it suck? 11 snappycracker02/10/2017 01:19PM
Dystopian Christofascist Novel "The Handmaid's Tale" Sales Increase anybody02/11/2017 02:18PM
Linus could still talk about Christmas under Kentucky bill(link) Anonymous 202/10/2017 08:40PM
Embarrased by Bishop at High School Graduation ninjago02/11/2017 09:58AM
Apeirophobia: Anxiety about becoming an immortal god? You aren't alone anybody02/10/2017 08:34PM
Mormon Feminist Jana Riess on LDS Growth Dip/White Apostles Enrages TBMs steve benson02/11/2017 04:03AM
Covering Up Its Faults? LDS Inc Built Its Conf. Ctr. on a Known Fault Line? 30 steve benson10/04/2015 03:38PM
A Comet, Eclipse, and a Full Moon ALL Tonight! (Look up or you'll miss it!) 16 Amyjo02/10/2017 12:09PM
Getbusylivin's cat 19 kathleen02/10/2017 01:53AM
Best Program to Create a Website? 10 Ex-CultMember02/09/2017 11:25AM
Does Correlation in Mormonism mean LIE themaster02/10/2017 11:37PM