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I'm having trouble with binge eating 34 Lula04/20/2017 01:12PM
faith 22 human04/21/2017 06:54AM
Ponzi Scheme in Draper Ut.... 'But Judge I'm faithful lds' 23 born in fell out04/19/2017 06:46PM
Any stories on ruthless stalking harassment ?? 11 eyestosee04/19/2017 05:21PM
Which nerd dress do you think is the most subtle? 11 Delia04/21/2017 04:03PM
What worked well (or didn't) telling family/friends you left? 16 turbo04/20/2017 01:38PM
More Persecution Claims lillium04/21/2017 11:57AM
What is jesus favorite gun ? 14 Dave the Atheist04/17/2017 01:22AM
DEAD MORMON PROPHETS Ex-CultMember04/21/2017 11:23PM
Confessions of a Serial Poster - an Easter Manifesto 20 rebeljamesdean04/16/2017 09:36PM
Mormon Musings re: Facts, Feelings, Faith, Fiction, & Fantasy 30 rebeljamesdean04/15/2017 07:07PM
Tim Allen calls God, "The Builder" 20 Amyjo04/20/2017 10:03PM
Do church leaders know it's not true? 46 Anonfornow04/18/2017 01:05AM
Scientists say our dogs really *do* look guilty when they do something bad( 14 Anonymous 204/20/2017 10:28PM
stay longer? sunbitch04/21/2017 02:44PM
Decline in Scotish churchgoing (link) 3X04/16/2017 07:35PM
Do you think that Jana Riess is correct in this statement? 14 cludgie04/21/2017 09:04AM
Utah Health Care scam company raided by Feds 14 StillAnon04/21/2017 12:00PM
Did God create Spirit Children by Sexual Intercourse? 54 rebeljamesdean04/14/2017 05:11PM
son came back from LDS Mission with Traumatic Brain Injury 54 worriedandmad04/19/2017 09:11PM
O/T Has anyone here seen "The Fate of the Furious" yet at movie theaters!?? Anonymous 204/19/2017 06:30PM
Where is Getbusylivin? 22 Kathleen nli04/17/2017 05:23PM
Jason Chaffetz won't be seeking re-election due to prayerful concerns 46 Amyjo04/19/2017 12:26PM
Can you be excommunicated for becoming an ordained minister? 27 Anonymous12304/17/2017 12:38PM
regarding this post"Utah Health Care scam company raided by Feds" desertman04/21/2017 01:56PM
Similarities of Mormonism & East Germany L.A. Exmo04/21/2017 01:12PM
science vs blessings.... 10 epidemics dung beetle04/21/2017 11:03AM
Is there anybody in the world that isn't stingy about money? 17 badassadam04/19/2017 10:11PM
Some thoughts on death and being an adult Cold-Dodger04/20/2017 03:36AM
Separation of Church and State? Not in Utah 11 memikeyounot04/20/2017 05:51PM
Various cults 21 Exmosis04/17/2017 05:18AM
Ex wife rant Rolled tacos on a sunday04/20/2017 10:47PM
Re: ziller's thurs nite ukrainian pool dance threds ~ ( srs ) ziller04/20/2017 07:50PM
significant other going camping with opposite sex (O/T) 35 a nonny mouse04/19/2017 01:42AM
How do we get in contact with a moderator? (n/t) 13 michaelm (not logged in)04/20/2017 08:13PM
It was Inevitable: Just Desserts for the Would-be Boinker Oinker (cartoon) 19 steve benson04/20/2017 10:25AM
All the young Mormon moms are "obsessed" with their kids on FB 15 notmonotloggedin04/18/2017 09:30PM
New Buzzfeed Video: "Mormon Missionary Problems" ren04/20/2017 07:45PM
Eternal families 22 nonsequiter04/19/2017 01:31AM
I'm doing the discussions! 43 HusbandofTBM04/16/2017 12:36AM
WOCA liesarenotuseful04/19/2017 01:01PM
Dress code for high school political event in Utah 18 Drew9004/19/2017 04:52PM
I Highly Recommend Watching Noah Rasheta on YouTube 12 brigidbarnes04/18/2017 01:19AM
Working for the Celestial Kingdom valkyriequeen04/19/2017 08:13PM
Mark Zuckerberg's quest to kill the smartphone could have some scary side e Anonymous 204/20/2017 02:17PM
The end of privacy? Facebook confirms it is working on mind-reading technol Anonymous 204/20/2017 02:19PM
Have I Done Any Good In The World Today...Have I Helped Anyone In Need... BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/19/2017 06:52PM
Wow, they really are trying to look mainstream Chicken N. Backpacks04/20/2017 11:50AM
OT - Jury duty 41 PapaKen04/18/2017 10:53AM
"What Divides America" NPR Interview With Mugambi Jouet 18 anybody04/18/2017 04:47AM
Video tour of renovated Idaho Falls temple xxxMMMooo04/17/2017 10:38PM
Mishie Encounter nomonomo04/19/2017 09:53PM
How TBM is Ely,Nevada?? Does the morg even have a presence there!??? (n/t) Anonymous 204/16/2017 11:23PM
So Jesus and Judas were at a bar when.... 10 Shummy04/18/2017 10:39PM
TSCC's trust gap Trust me04/19/2017 11:11PM