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Some personal stories about Monson tapir4701/10/2018 10:07AM
OK ~ OK ~ OK ~ Re: ziller's thurs nite o/t thred ~ EXMO 13+ ONLY ~ (vid) ~ ziller01/11/2018 07:45PM
Who wudda thought, "I once was lost, but now am found" was meant for ex-Mos Amyjo01/11/2018 09:12AM
Old story 11 librarian01/10/2018 04:03PM
My last calling before leaving the LDS Church was being God. (n/t) God01/11/2018 12:48PM
Great news for City Creek Mall... 36 numbersRus05/31/2017 10:26AM
As the World Wobbles, the Crazies are Waxing Eloquent (LANGUAGE FLAG) 12 steve benson01/10/2018 08:39PM
Southern Utah Ex/PostMormon Lecture January 14th soutskeptic01/09/2018 02:59PM
Question for caffiend. 16 Badassadam101/10/2018 08:25AM
remembering Tommy boy Joe the man ho & Brig the pig01/11/2018 03:20AM
Can you be good without God? Boy Scouts dont think so. 22 koriwhore01/07/2018 06:44PM
Since TSM never prophesied or interpreted any prophesies.. 6 iron01/10/2018 07:36PM
Ask a TBM what 2+2 is, their reply-answer might be... 17 GNPE01/10/2018 03:39PM
Any former Stake Patriarchs here? 11 CrispingPin01/07/2018 11:45AM
Dieter's Disappointment - April 2018 cricket01/11/2018 08:32AM
"People try to win your breakfast and pass the sugar" - What does it mean? 10 Demio01/10/2018 04:00PM
Confessions of a Gaslighter (BBC Link) Ohdeargoodness nli01/11/2018 12:36AM
It's not about Eternal families it's about Eternal sex! 20 Britboy01/10/2018 10:05AM
Never Blame the Rainbows for the Rain Babyloncansuckit01/10/2018 10:15PM
I jut realized a big disconnect Bert01/10/2018 06:36PM
Today on 'Quora' Chicken N. Backpacks01/10/2018 01:13PM
What was your last calling in the church???? (n/t) 65 saucie01/09/2018 03:32PM
Righteous is a cop out 12 Babyloncansuckit01/10/2018 10:08AM
Whatever happened to Elder Nephew? funeral taters01/10/2018 09:18PM
Old dog, i need you to review my first movie 14 Badassadam101/09/2018 03:16PM
Idaho Lawmaker Brandon Hix 2018Sun01/09/2018 09:45PM
Hate speech...this qualifies notmonotloggedin01/10/2018 11:40AM
LDS Mission as a form of hazing 30 srichardbellrock12/14/2017 06:43PM
Drag and gender Will Charmer01/10/2018 04:09PM
Tithing/Donation receipt Anon4This01/10/2018 12:09AM
Per each 100 US people: 21 are Catholic; 2 Mormon; 2 Jewish; 1 Muslim 25 Amyjo01/06/2018 11:59PM
"Warning! Eternal Damnation!" (humour) anybody01/10/2018 01:57PM
Learned how to make youtube videos today, may start therapy 34 Badassadam101/08/2018 08:53PM
Horrible in laws 37 sadwife01/08/2018 02:53AM
I just did Monson's work - he's gay now 43 PapaKen01/04/2018 08:22AM
O/Transfer VHS to DVD or memory card. memikeyounot01/09/2018 08:58PM
Petition To Rewrite TSM Obituary 13 ApostNate01/08/2018 11:11AM
TBM in-laws and the death of Pope John Paul I-another sour memory 18 notmonotloggedin01/09/2018 10:57AM
Mormon “Prophet” Who Fought To Ban Gay Marriage Hailed As Hero After Death Dave the Atheist01/10/2018 01:12AM
Do they still give out Patriarchal Blessings? 27 kathleen01/07/2018 02:02AM
NPR: The Sexual Assault Epidemic No one Talks About blindguy01/08/2018 09:09PM
Buddist Monk Says Cleaning Up Is Good For You, Has Spiritual Meaning 12 anybody01/08/2018 07:11AM
NPR: Many Top Evangelical Leaders Still Reject Mormonism As Christianity 31 anybody01/05/2018 05:30PM
TBM faulty memories... 28 ificouldhietokolob01/09/2018 10:04AM
A religious con once again ... Dave the Atheist01/10/2018 12:39AM
o/t cell phone number look up question 15 gemini12/23/2015 10:41AM
Your Horoscope — Week Of January 9, 2018 Dave the Atheist01/09/2018 11:42PM
Saw this on FB. Hope it goes viral nonmo_101/10/2018 08:09AM
Readers take the time to write to update me on my genealogy 23 steve benson01/09/2018 12:40AM
LDS have new president! 23 baura01/08/2018 11:20PM
o/t Some Brit comedy to make you smile brigantia not logged in01/09/2018 11:14AM
Possible new "revelations" by Nelson 12 6 iron01/09/2018 06:36PM
My definition of forgiveness 24 donbagley01/08/2018 10:19PM
Caches of ancient Roman sling bullets exist, but none from Zarahemla anybody01/09/2018 04:34AM
Seventh-day Adventists OT 24 fordescape01/01/2018 04:03PM