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So...Do you really want to live back in the 1950s? 60 anybody03/15/2017 02:46AM
Awesome new website collecting quotes from Mormon leaders bender03/17/2017 01:53PM
Problem understanding the essays pickleweed03/16/2017 11:49AM
My friend/crush has really overprotective guardians. Advice please? 13 DesertRose03/16/2017 04:35PM
ok ~ this is your thursday nite pole dancing thred ~ enjoy ~ 13 ziller03/16/2017 07:33PM
The "Mark Of Cain" has nothing to with Cain but adaptation to climate 14 anybody03/16/2017 08:43PM
If Joseph was alive today, would he 17 SonOfLaban03/15/2017 09:47PM
A Twisted LDS Funeral that Twisted the Life of My Deceased Ex-Mo Friend steve benson03/15/2017 03:56AM
Mormon in Miss Saigon cftexan03/17/2017 05:25PM
Preachy children’s books for brainwashing your kids tumbo10/25/2012 03:25AM
Well Folks...Just In Time For Gen-Con...Looks Like It's Being Re-Written... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/16/2017 06:10PM
Family can be your biggest enemy. 24 Rubicon02/01/2011 10:39AM
Does it really matter if everything is fake? 24 SonOfLaban03/15/2017 10:11PM
Article: how the 'nones' are affecting politics on both the left and right Cold-Dodger03/17/2017 10:42AM
O/T Salt Water Taffy! 13 Lethbridge Reprobate03/16/2017 06:03PM
Utah Mormons Ignore Their LDS Newspaper, Prophet, YW Prez & BYU 27 steve benson03/14/2017 07:45PM
Sequel To The "Three Amigos" Announced...Starring None Other Than Bednar... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/16/2017 08:44PM
To brighten your day. (link) Chicken N. Backpacks03/16/2017 12:10AM
Mormon's making monkey's of themselves AGAIN deja vue03/16/2017 12:25PM
(LDS related) BREAKING: Federal judge freezes 2nd version of travel ban 65 steve benson03/15/2017 08:40PM
8-year old Idaho boy says angels helped him lift car off day...hmmn? 15 Kristy03/08/2017 03:33PM
Mailbag(EDITED) You need to agree & show respect. If you don't, you're sick steve benson03/16/2017 03:50PM
Dude... (link) Chicken N. Backpacks03/16/2017 10:10PM
Why the Church in Europe is shrinking, and the Church in Africa is GROWING 10 Questionsforexmos03/16/2017 06:14PM
Is a degree from BYU worth the paper it is written on 36 brianberkeley03/14/2017 10:04PM
Ditch digger or attorney? 30 SonOfLaban03/15/2017 08:14PM
Many human cultures (including Mormonism) seem to have a purpose 37 Elder Berry03/10/2017 07:51AM
What if the conscience-based approach in Mormonism survived? Elder Berry03/16/2017 03:06PM
Fawn Brodie French Title appears in art... numbersRus03/16/2017 07:51PM
"Taking Out My Endowments" ??? 23 Ex-CultMember03/15/2017 08:21PM
Monson health watch Bamboozled03/16/2017 02:01PM
MormonLeaks responds to Mormon church's DMCA takedown. LINK 17 Topper03/14/2017 08:23PM
Missionary disarms and beats up armed robber tumwater03/16/2017 05:55PM
Budget cuts (not political) desertman03/16/2017 03:38PM
Stake President acted as "proxy" at my dad's funeral (a few cuss words) kolobkate03/15/2017 07:04PM
New Pew Study on Religious Populations left4good03/16/2017 05:24PM
The good Doctor in Ward Council (HIPAA) 36 anonforthis23406/06/2015 12:44PM
Help with not being in contact with TBM family. 14 anontoday103/16/2017 01:13PM
Considering Resigning 27 beckyannawesome01/23/2017 01:26PM
For those of you who may still doubt your doubts.... valkyriequeen03/16/2017 11:17AM
For an omnipotent being, Elohim is a horrible communicator. 12 Stray Mutt03/15/2017 04:52PM
O/T Obituary for Ricci Martin, son of Dean memikeyounot08/22/2016 12:49PM
Mormon attorney steals 13 million from clients and disappears? (Link) 19 thingsithink12/10/2016 01:13AM
Conformity as an indicator of intelligence. 14 MarkJ03/13/2017 08:13PM
Certified letter 31 lucia03/12/2017 09:39PM
Apple, Google, Facebook skip legal challenge to Travel Ban/Legal experts OT Amyjo03/16/2017 09:36AM
No privacy in the church. Stories? 40 canary2102/12/2017 10:13PM
Does this make you believe in God again? 28 agape03/14/2017 08:25PM
Seeking trust Elder Berry03/16/2017 07:51AM
How to avoid committing adultery... 24 randyj02/19/2017 02:06PM
Mormon 8 10 Chicken N. Backpacks03/15/2017 01:20PM
Why bother getting out of mormonism? -03/15/2017 10:37PM
Clean it up, Cedar City! Folks a-comin' to see the new temple. 10 auntsukey03/14/2017 11:05PM
Mission call letters now state, "you will be referred to as a volunteer" 11 Agnes Broomhead03/15/2017 05:09PM
Infinite Reflections/Mirrors in Sealing Rooms 29 metatron03/13/2017 10:06AM