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More earths pollythinks06/20/2017 01:57PM
O/T but spooky: Quantum entanglement maintained from 300 miles out in space 14 Tall Man, Short Hair06/19/2017 01:29PM
Gay Mormon girl, 12, stopped, mid-testimony notcomplacent06/19/2017 09:43AM
Any recommendations for a history of religion/Christianity books/podcasts? turbo06/20/2017 09:36AM
having trouble finding meaning after mormonism 24 brainbutter06/17/2017 02:42PM
Another wave of anger 10 turbo06/19/2017 02:26PM
loud--or is it light--laughter 13 relievedtolearn06/18/2017 09:43PM
O/T - Unless you count an OMG for an agnostic... Pepé Le Pew06/20/2017 01:00PM
Mormon social media testimonials about to drive me nuts notmonotloggedin06/19/2017 02:11PM
Hold On: Joseph Smith, the Prophetic Expert on Earthquakes, the U.S. Civil War and Other Supposedly Related God-Given Punishments? Gimme a Quake, Er, I Mean Break . . . 13 steve benson08/24/2011 04:22AM
More PROOF that the BoM isTrue!! yeppers06/19/2017 06:31PM
OT: Helmut Kohl has passed away 10 cludgie06/16/2017 01:27PM
How well do you know Church teachings? 15 Honest TBM06/19/2017 11:46AM
What is the best reason Nahom is b.s.? 32 Cold-Dodger06/17/2017 11:43PM
Do the Leaders Believe? 17 Ex-CultMember06/17/2017 05:29PM
Utah driving fatalities 59 BYU Boner05/21/2017 01:30PM
Church To Install New Device LisaMeow06/19/2017 07:00PM
TSCC Africa West Area 2016 Presentation 15 left4good06/19/2017 11:07AM
Pleaz forgive me , Ann Frank........... 23 nitrameequc06/15/2017 11:10PM
Why does thd church own city creek? 20 anonymous4806/18/2017 12:31AM
The Great Apostacy and Restoration weren't Mormon Elder Berry06/17/2017 11:41AM
Happy Juneteenth ... Dave the Atheist06/18/2017 01:35PM
Is it normal to lose anger after a couple of years? 17 brigidbarnes06/16/2017 09:54PM
Why do men spit so much? 29 laperla not logged in06/17/2017 01:56AM
4 stages of grief pollythinks06/19/2017 02:10PM
For time or eternity ? Dave the Atheist06/18/2017 03:40PM
Have your car insurance rates gone up in UT for no reason? o/t 10 gemini06/14/2017 01:39PM
How often did you confess to the bishop? 55 AnnonymousOne05/16/2017 11:30AM
The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense 18 Dave the Atheist06/17/2017 01:25PM
Daniel Peterson 10 left4good07/24/2013 05:13PM
Bishop's scathing excommunication letter 29 Pooped06/16/2017 07:31PM
Mormon Miracle Pageant nolongercounted06/18/2017 04:01PM
Happy godless father's day Dave the Atheist06/18/2017 04:12PM
Where is Elder Old Dog? Six feet under, or ashes? Music vids. 17 Omergod06/18/2017 02:46AM
Happy Father's Day and Hi from a long time ago poster. Craig06/18/2017 05:53PM
New Family, Old Religion NewDad06/19/2017 12:39AM
Church Members Having Other People's Kids 20 azsteve06/07/2017 09:00AM
Question for Richard Packham about Brigham Young ANON4thissss06/18/2017 11:29PM
Found out my Ultra-TBM In-Laws are Badmouthing me to My Kids 43 paulk06/13/2017 11:34PM
Gifting people, but not the morg 15 sunbeep06/10/2017 10:32AM
My TBM roommate says the 12 year old having her mic turned off was "staged" 16 Cold-Dodger06/18/2017 09:05AM
The fun never stops...Activities for the new YM program 33 want2bx06/15/2017 11:06AM
Has your vocabulary changed since leaving the LDS Church? 46 SusieQ#106/10/2017 05:06PM
It's Sunday!! What are you doing today instead of church! kativicky06/18/2017 11:54AM
From the desert to the swamp Omergod06/14/2017 05:14AM
Are mormons creationists? 36 dr503/03/2011 03:17PM
12yo girl drops bombshell during Fast and Testimony meeting 60 Hervey Willets06/15/2017 11:24PM
GA Candidate Tells Lesbian Mom Her Faith Says She Can't Adopt anybody06/18/2017 02:43PM
Excommunication-worthy? Love_Travels06/13/2017 07:56PM
FaT bombshell video ... Dave the Atheist06/18/2017 02:06PM
This may be the day the "Faeces hits the Fan" Politic06/18/2017 04:08AM
DNA Evidence Exposes a Major Tenet of Mormon Teaching as Fraudulent 17 fairandbalancedfredo06/17/2017 10:15AM
Has it ever dawned on the guys at corporate..... NON-MO IN ZION06/18/2017 08:07AM
Happy Father's Day to the Dads of RfM! Amyjo06/18/2017 12:29PM
Polygamist Fugitive Lyle Jeffs Captured... 18 SL Cabbie06/15/2017 01:52PM