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If the Mormon Church can't stop annoying me with ads on unrelated site I notmonotloggedin08/07/2017 11:14PM
Well, the new Macey's was busy on this first Sunday opening 10 gemini08/06/2017 06:29PM
LDS prophecy to come true anon in case flamed08/07/2017 08:06PM
Reasons (plus) why CK sounds anything like a heaven...... 14 presleynfactsrock08/05/2017 08:46PM
Sorry, not the Book of Mormon' movie version we'd like to see. Chicken N. Backpacks08/07/2017 06:02PM
The British Pageant 2017 jstone08/07/2017 11:16AM
Sister Missionary electrocuted in Guatamala 31 Whiskeytango08/06/2017 12:03PM
Darran Scott (Director of Mormon Yankees)mormon priest guilty of sex crimes justice108/07/2017 06:06PM
Mormon Politicians Resist Sex Ed in Schools they oversee aloysius08/06/2017 07:08PM
Listen up Morgue: "I don't have no use for what you loosely call the truth" steve benson08/07/2017 03:23AM
Washington DC, and the saints Omergod08/02/2017 10:52PM
"Holy S&%t, We're In A Cult..." anybody08/07/2017 02:46PM
Yay mormon tips Dave the Atheist08/07/2017 12:27AM
Ugh...the mindset of sheeple TBMs 14 nonmo_108/06/2017 08:48AM
MLM and Mormons Anon1708/06/2017 05:42PM
Follow up on bishop suddenly released last week: 11 cutekitty07/23/2017 09:02PM
I don't get Hispanic Mormons 35 isthisnameok?10/16/2013 11:10AM
badge in and out to get in church building 34 frankie08/10/2014 09:12PM
When an atheist says why should i believe in Jesus 18 eternal108/01/2017 12:44PM
How crazy Mormon is Highland, Utah? 31 HopiBon09/06/2011 09:07AM
Cover of this month's Ensign 23 df&l08/05/2017 08:20PM
The God of Pete Townshend bradley08/06/2017 05:01AM
This one doesn't surprise me. Mormonism was founded by a sexual predator Elder Berry08/02/2017 07:11AM
Do Mormons tend to respect authority more than other people generally? 21 Elder Berry07/31/2017 11:56AM
The Book of Mormon musical in Sal Tlay Ka Siti 10 memikeyounot08/04/2017 02:21PM
Church's top lobbyist picked to head the state office that drafts laws Cold-Dodger08/06/2017 07:41PM
Did any mishes have a " Brother T" on yours? GNPE08/07/2017 01:23AM
Risk taking behavior, feeling invincible 12 shapeshifter08/04/2017 04:41PM
Any good way to say goodbye? 23 luckylucas08/04/2017 05:23PM
What happened to Anonymous 2? CateS08/03/2017 09:12PM
What would your personal hell look like? 35 dinosaurprincess08/04/2017 10:48AM
Insightful FB Post by Utah Legislator on How TSCC Shapes Legislation left4good08/05/2017 05:09PM
kindness relievedtolearn08/04/2017 01:10AM
It's Sunday, what are you doing instead of church! kativicky08/06/2017 12:38PM
The Fable of the Hen - by Don Bagley cricket08/05/2017 02:39AM
OT: I'm in the middle of a really weird fight with my family 18 Xander9108/06/2017 02:52PM
Dampridz, the new way . Or, joweless Omergod08/06/2017 08:27AM
Thanks, Jeffery H.- we now have a new buzzword 19 slskipper08/02/2017 07:25PM
Atheism vs cultural illiteracy, Part Three catnip08/06/2017 02:56PM
This mormon signed his name to this letter 17 nonmo_108/06/2017 07:56AM
wokie post re. drinking (cont.) 14 pollythinks08/05/2017 04:20PM
Did LDS, Inc Blatantly Ignore or Circumvent any of it's values in your case 14 GNPE08/03/2017 10:51PM
Mormonism is uniquely American in its origins Amyjo08/06/2017 07:35AM
Article on Unsolved Languages - Mentions Joseph Smith's Failed Translations Eric K08/06/2017 08:17AM
Mormons like to claim famous non-mos are actually mormons. LOL 23 Cheryl08/03/2017 03:18PM
Garments on 'American Ninja Warrior'? Chicken N. Backpacks08/05/2017 11:31PM
Former Utah senator criticizes ... lobbying by Mormon church Bang08/05/2017 08:36PM
What's the difference between the Devil and the Antichrist ???? 16 Amyjo08/05/2017 11:01AM
Another pigshop luckylucas08/05/2017 08:36PM
160th anniversary of the Mountain Meadows Massacre 17 auntsukey04/22/2017 02:21PM
Please pray for these precious lost souls 11 SonOfLaban08/05/2017 12:05PM
"Required to dress in period clothing" Hmmm...a made up period? 34 Chicken N. Backpacks08/03/2017 02:54PM
Famous critiques on the Book of Mormon JBF08/05/2017 01:11PM
You want a fight? Then let's talk about keys... 14 messygoop08/04/2017 02:52PM
Is New Atheism Dead? 45 koriwhore08/02/2017 10:29PM