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God gave us two men, born in DARKNESS, both named Joseph, to test us. Agnes Broomhead06/22/2017 02:33PM
introduce myself 24 laralee06/20/2017 12:22PM
Wiccanism 19 pollythinks06/22/2017 12:39PM
Utah County bishop arrested on charges of sexual abuse of minors summer06/23/2017 09:04AM
From tonight's Provo Daily Herald memikeyounot06/23/2017 01:12AM
It's Funny how Returned Missionaries Refer to Their Missions 34 paulk06/19/2017 04:14PM
BYU Grad Charged in Espionage Case 12 left4good06/22/2017 08:40PM
I Found My Patriarchal Blessing 15 Lethbridge Reprobate06/20/2017 07:21PM
I don't understand - {admin note - leaving up as a good example of a TBM} 44 NotSureAboutThis06/22/2017 04:52PM
The More Someone Takes Mormonism Seriously... sharapata06/22/2017 12:57PM
wide purse straps block out name tag of sister missionaries paulsal06/22/2017 07:52PM
Belgium:  Zero or negative unit growth every year since 2000. kingbrigham06/22/2017 06:59PM
Accurate assessment of LDS leaders & members? GNPE06/22/2017 03:29PM
Is the Mormon Heavenly Father the worst father ever? 19 Atari06/20/2017 03:27PM
Resigned 22 txrancher06/21/2017 02:04AM
12 year-old coming out makes New York Times left4good06/22/2017 04:36PM
Yet another ‘Exorcism’ 10 Dave the Atheist06/22/2017 09:12AM
Paul H. Dunn 32 EXON4606/13/2017 04:02PM
Wonderful post on Kay Burningham's blog: Mormonism, An American Fraud 24 Twinker01/10/2012 10:26AM
Frustrated: discussions only happen once in a blue moon with my TBM friends 10 Cold-Dodger06/22/2017 01:13AM
Breatharians ... 23 Dave the Atheist06/16/2017 11:15AM
O/T Phoenix heatwave creates creepy 911 dejavu 24 Shummy06/21/2017 02:13PM
Family celebration: we are all out of Mo-ism!! 16 catnip06/20/2017 02:35AM
De-bunking an Ensign article on Restitution GNPE106/21/2017 12:15AM
Change in Mormon views on religious based discrimination against LGBT LGBT06/21/2017 10:15PM
Trump appointee Falwell wants to gut Title IX sexual assault provisions 30 summer06/20/2017 04:55PM
Exactly where are the secret mic control buttons on the stand? Villager06/22/2017 02:23AM
The Boner tries a new food *chirp* 31 BYU Boner06/20/2017 04:53PM
LDS debuts new info: Mormon and Gay 11 Fascinated in the Midwest06/20/2017 09:42AM
"Gaia " Nonsense & Other Unconscious Gibberish Peddled by Silly Humans 23 steve benson06/20/2017 11:20AM
The meaning of the word 'Orwellian' Cold-Dodger06/22/2017 01:37AM
do they give priesthood blessings for masturbation? (n/t) 16 thingsithink06/20/2017 10:56PM
12 year old Savannah's parents coming out to CNN re supporting daughter 77 Amyjo06/20/2017 04:50AM
Per bishop: ex died because God got sick of messin' with him. 13 kathleen06/21/2017 03:28AM
Sign in car window tumwater06/20/2017 03:02PM
This may not be the life I would've asked for; It is the life I was given 26 Amyjo06/19/2017 05:23AM
Excellent Short YouTube Video on Actual Native American Migrations... SL Cabbie06/20/2017 09:16AM
Character assassination 13 Pooped06/19/2017 12:59PM
Summer Solstice laralee06/21/2017 03:57PM
Is the universe horny? baura06/21/2017 04:14PM
The Movie 'Spotlight' and the Mormon Church jdoubledub06/21/2017 12:57PM
Is the universe hungry? East Coast Exmo06/21/2017 01:23PM
"Is the Universe Conscious?" [When Science and Metaphysics collide !] 60 Amyjo06/16/2017 11:08PM
Public Shunning at church 18 shapeshifter06/19/2017 02:28PM
A 'Somebody' sighting a block away from SLC temple square pollythinks06/19/2017 07:47PM
"The Double Bind" WOW! 18 shapeshifter06/17/2017 11:32AM
A Spiritual Popular Song UrylianDilmun06/21/2017 06:40AM
Names Mormon give their children 65 pollythinks06/19/2017 02:18PM
Dr Seuss commemorates Horny Joe Shummy06/21/2017 10:37AM
The Second Coming is near at hand 21 Elder Berry06/19/2017 08:52PM
the Black Sheep 22 theBlackSheep06/18/2017 04:23PM
Einstein: a True Visionary for Our Times 23 Amyjo05/03/2017 08:23AM
Anyone here read Garnet Schulhauser's books? Renders Religion Obsolete! beyondashadow06/20/2017 03:02AM
OT Adam and Eve....and animals (related to procreation) txrancher06/20/2017 10:17PM
First stake closure in Australia (Sydney) 21 Anonymous User03/13/2011 09:26PM