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RfM fulfills prophecy? 29 Ascent10/17/2017 04:31PM
just had a creepy thought about the temple 23 Joe the man ho & Brig the pig10/15/2017 02:19AM
Leppard and Kersey and their wajers about who will be the first Bishop omergod10/19/2017 01:57AM
My RM niece's TBM BIL was killed in a horrible car crash yesterday 24 Amyjo10/17/2017 05:50PM
Don't need to be guided? Well, then you are arrogant! presleynfactsrock10/18/2017 06:18PM
Question about mormon influence at Utah State University 27 jwood12/18/2010 09:11PM
Beliefs 15 Babyloncansuckit10/17/2017 02:51AM
The Times They Are A Changing Anon for this10/17/2017 01:15PM
Missionary Oversight by Parents Now? 24 dogeatdog10/14/2017 10:36PM
When Prophecy Fails: Why People Believe In False Things anybody10/18/2017 10:56PM
LDS, Inc. uses recent California fire tragedy.... Still Here10/18/2017 05:07PM
I finally caved and told my mom I no longer believe.... alaskawild10/18/2017 08:30PM
New "Museum Of The Bible" Opens In Washington, D.C. 13 anybody10/17/2017 12:12AM
bad day cancer 52 desertman10/17/2017 02:17PM
What phone solicitors and missionaries have in common. pollythinks10/18/2017 06:17PM
Priesthood helps Jesus be our Savior pollythinks10/18/2017 03:26PM
The Nephites were idiots, according to the BoM Chicken N. Backpacks10/18/2017 06:15PM
The church is true--in sunny So Cal Chicken N. Backpacks10/18/2017 01:58PM
Early Christianity and sexuality commongentile10/18/2017 03:46PM
What is the real reason behind no public church financial statement ? 20 Robert D Hales10/18/2017 09:24AM
Never consign desertman10/18/2017 04:00PM
Church finances-oh my heck! 22 valkyriequeen10/15/2017 11:39AM
Passing of Apostle R. D. Hales pollythinks10/18/2017 02:31PM
For 1st time EVER, most Americans say you can be good w/o God 11 koriwhore10/18/2017 11:13AM
CRANS news Bert10/18/2017 12:30PM
Since I haven't attended in about 9 yrs.... 12 GNPE10/17/2017 11:27PM
"I'm not preaching or anything but...." Preach10/18/2017 12:07PM
Any of you former Bishops members of The Clergy Project? Jerry the Aspousetate10/18/2017 01:30PM
Top UK Neo-Nazi Kevin Wilshaw Comes Out As Gay And Jewish, Repents anybody10/18/2017 07:29AM
For you Utahns, Stillwater academy/Turnabout ? OT 30 allwhowander07/30/2011 11:41AM
Why not use your real name on RfM? Only 1 person here does. 65 omergod10/17/2017 09:10PM
"The Best Advice I Ever Received..." 50 Tevai10/15/2017 08:56PM
Utah Cheerleaders make a video of themselves using racial slurs 20 Devoted Exmo10/17/2017 10:59AM
Value Summit? Valued10/17/2017 09:41PM
Just ever so slightly OT: Butter... hard or soft? 24 elderolddog10/17/2017 03:43PM
Bible healing ahead of the science of our day Badassadam110/17/2017 01:47PM
The secret gay history of Islam 24 eternal110/15/2017 02:59PM
Hugh Hefner has died 33 Shummy09/27/2017 11:29PM
About those horses in the Book of Mormon........ 10 omergod10/17/2017 09:15PM
MAGA Hat Lawsuit: Hats Are Religious Wear Indicating Spiritual Beliefs anybody10/18/2017 07:20AM
Milenial Mormons abandon political labels 9mo into Trump era koriwhore10/18/2017 09:05AM
Viral video of Utah cheerleaders yelling obscene epithets koriwhore10/18/2017 08:52AM
Does Dieter wear lederhosen zum Octoberfest? omergod10/17/2017 10:10PM
misdirecting blame 14 scmd10/17/2017 12:37AM
Alcohol and tobacco are very bad. 10 omergod10/17/2017 01:50AM
Religion 15 Razortooth10/17/2017 03:30PM
Is Gladys Knight still a Mormon? Whatever happened to her Pips? 14 Jerry the Aspousetate06/30/2016 09:53AM
Happiness is a moral obligation cont'd, i had to come back for this 23 badassadam10/12/2017 06:18PM
Never Mo GF's response to S.Park's "All About Mos", koriwhore10/17/2017 11:29PM
Under-developed brains of 18 year old children (missionaries) 13 omergod10/17/2017 02:36AM
Do any of you still believe in eternal families? 60 fordescape10/14/2017 06:37PM
Certified Letter From My TBM Brother 54 pugsly10/13/2017 09:00PM
Diamond and gold cufflinks for the Mission President! omergod10/17/2017 09:35PM
follow the money - LDS finances in the SLC Tribune Fascinated in the Midwest10/17/2017 02:49PM