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Live vs. regular endowment 17 alera104/23/2017 01:11AM
LDS church membership as a percentage of each country's population summer04/23/2017 01:14PM
Judgment at Nuremberg 20 Nightingale04/23/2017 05:27PM
OMG. My Mormon friend from high school is OUT of the church 15 summer04/19/2017 09:12PM
I think Kirby is on to something here... left4good04/23/2017 05:23PM
This Deserves Its Own Thread: "GBH for Dummies According to Shum" . . . 32 steve benson01/02/2014 10:03PM
O/T Feline Laryngitis, have you dealt with it? Itzpapalotl04/23/2017 09:41PM
TBMs discuss lying leaders, missionaries returning early, etc 37 Free Man04/21/2017 12:21AM
How GB Hinckley lied to Mike Wallace on "CBS 60 Minutes" about him and me steve benson04/23/2017 01:36AM
Relationship with children after they become adults 25 bohica04/19/2017 12:53AM
Why does anyone believe in the actuality of biblical miracles??? 61 rebeljamesdean04/22/2017 04:45PM
Anyone Else Finding The Parsing Of TBM Conversations Tedious & Puerile??? BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/23/2017 05:37PM
Taxi Religious Conversation in Utah 16 anagrammy04/14/2017 04:54PM
"Evidence for the Existence of God"--What Would it Take to Convince You? 60 lurking in04/22/2017 03:33PM
Grab 'em by the data. Dave the Atheist04/23/2017 12:53PM
Point of Order re "pollythinks" Thread on the Cartoonist Amongst Us 29 Nightingale04/17/2017 10:37PM
Ethnic DNA 10 lillium04/23/2017 03:02PM
Article: "It's Time To Start Calling Evangelicals The American Taliban" anybody04/23/2017 01:00AM
Interesting LDS survey Gheco04/22/2017 01:59PM
OT - How to tell if I'm talking to a Pakistani? 12 carameldreams04/22/2017 06:56PM
Do you still harbor anger? 31 sunbeep04/18/2017 04:54PM
Jon H is very mad 22 Jimbo04/21/2017 08:40PM
Missionaries, Bishops & Distractions scg7304/23/2017 10:39AM
Urine therapy helped me recover from Mormonism 25 Babyloncansuckit04/21/2017 11:40AM
Watching TBM family on Facebook talk about how happy they are kills me (n/t) 14 Cold-Dodger04/22/2017 12:19PM
Dressing the dead as an exmormon 23 seeking peace04/20/2017 01:07AM
Insulting people doesn't usually inspire them to do better. 60 Cheryl04/22/2017 02:35PM
Garments as Halloween costumes 13 evergreen09/10/2013 10:13PM
160th anniversary of the Mountain Meadows Massacre 12 auntsukey04/22/2017 02:21PM
When a faith healing sect's children die, one Idaho sheriff wants to invest Anonymous 204/22/2017 11:04PM
Deseret Cattle and Citrus development plan ren04/22/2017 01:43AM
O/T Trip to New York 36 memikeyounot04/16/2017 07:29PM
Happy Earth Day ! 14 Amyjo04/22/2017 09:00AM
O/T 6th-grade girl launches social media dress code protest(link) Anonymous 204/21/2017 08:13PM
Could a Multi-billionaire take down an evil empire? BYU Boner04/22/2017 02:39PM
You Can Check-Out Anytime You Like...But You Can Never Leave... BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/22/2017 05:34PM
What do Mormons do on a Saturday night?? 30 Nevermo109/21/2013 06:43PM
Im Drunk.. heres to leaving the CULT!.. CHEERS!! Pied Piper04/22/2017 03:24AM
Referencing former threads bona dea04/22/2017 03:20PM
Formally Quit 11 wokie04/22/2017 01:59AM
Joseph Smith one of only three people charged with treason against a state anybody04/22/2017 04:58AM
Mormonism As A Criminal Conspiracy anybody04/22/2017 05:13AM
Elder Holland's Apostolic Blessing in Russia paulk04/22/2017 09:32AM
From the Mailbag: Defending the Wannabe Boinker Oinker-"Are You Ever Nice?" 18 steve benson04/20/2017 11:09PM
The cost of operating temples - something more to consider? Mary Lou04/22/2017 01:28PM
Baptism of Children 24 mkgmt1704/19/2017 02:09PM
Name one thing worse than the Mormon scam. SonOfLaban04/22/2017 02:13PM
Possibly off topic comma the Kansas Wildfire relief convoys jan04/22/2017 02:21PM
The Scientific and Manifest Images 20 Human04/13/2017 11:51AM
Re: St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, April 23rd Bite Me04/22/2017 11:12AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, April 16th Bite Me04/15/2017 04:06PM
News item: Russian court bans "extremist" religious cult 24 RPackham04/20/2017 03:11PM
What are you drinking this fine Friday? ka0z04/21/2017 07:40PM
Is it true that when you talk to a "Paki" or other Asian-sounding people, 62 catnip04/21/2017 04:24PM
I know The Lord of the Rings is true Humberto04/21/2017 10:14AM