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Atheist professor Dave the Atheist01/13/2018 12:53AM
Stuff From Planet Utah... SL Cabbie01/12/2018 11:17PM
Brian Cox w/ Russel Brandt - Atheism vs. God 64 koriwhore01/10/2018 04:17PM
Sheri Dew - BYU Summit 23 anonthis time01/09/2018 09:19PM
Excremental epithets from leaders (swearing) East Coast Exmo01/13/2018 11:42AM
Don’t know what to do - in no-man’s land 24 startinganew12301/10/2018 07:25PM
Leaders of Utah based LDS inspired cult arrested for sexually abusing minor funeral taters01/13/2018 10:58AM
The Backfire Effect - The reason Mormons strengthen their resolve paisley7001/13/2018 08:37AM
Molly Mormon mother writes parenting book and faces backlash Tamanegi da.01/13/2018 06:40AM
So why do tbm's believe when they have read the evidence? 38 danr01/09/2018 01:54PM
Eyring Monson Funeral MrRespecrful01/13/2018 12:09AM
2 Questions about funeral from a nevermo 30 NevermoAnon01/12/2018 02:20PM
American Gods axeldc01/12/2018 09:05AM
Missionary souvenirs 19 memikeyounot01/10/2018 08:59PM
A house divided - TBM Husband and me - what to do? 13 startinganew12301/11/2018 09:01PM
Trying to find scripture that says do not take secret oaths Badassadam101/12/2018 07:36PM
John Stonestreet: How declining church attendance harms society(link) Anonymous 201/11/2018 10:20PM
Is it Me or Is Missionary Force Now a Disaster? 42 Toronto Boy01/10/2018 07:25PM
TV Show- Young Sheldon 16 nonmo_101/11/2018 09:55PM
Any Of You Exmo's In Yuma, AZ? Lethbridge Reprobate01/11/2018 08:23PM
(O/T) Can anything be done for a bone spur? 16 Badassadam101/10/2018 01:00PM
Marching Morons librarian01/12/2018 04:29PM
mormons deny everything! crazyhorse01/12/2018 05:09PM
A New “Wikileaks for Religion” Publishes Its First Trove of Documents Titanic Survivor01/12/2018 07:42PM
"Dissension is a Mormon value." Really? 15 Anonymous User04/22/2016 04:57AM
Missionary impregnates girlfriend, then dies 2 months later: child 21 Fascinated in the Midwest01/11/2018 01:59PM
St. Xavier Pilgrimage to Canada: Mormon Version of Arm to the Square? 21 Nightingale01/10/2018 12:41PM
Who do we (us RfM'ers) PRAY to anymore? seriously! 60 cutekitty12/15/2017 11:14PM
I feel so isolated from my community. It's overwhelming. 16 SLCSuburbanite01/11/2018 04:38PM
New Additions to the LDS Hymnbooks messygoop01/12/2018 03:37PM
Ever hear of the Knights of the Crystal Blade LDS sect? StillAnon01/12/2018 02:21PM
Rome Temple again making progress xxxMMMooo01/12/2018 02:42AM
Insane mormonism 12 Dave the Atheist01/12/2018 07:21AM
LDS church graffiti now being investigated as a hate crime(link) 11 Anonymous 201/11/2018 08:27PM
How can "good people" justify torturing homosexuals? 26 koriwhore01/08/2018 03:54PM
Time for a re-telling of my favorite MoStory! 10 GNPE01/11/2018 11:03PM
My take on Visiting teachers and home teachers 18 lazylizard01/07/2018 12:54PM
Joseph Smith Documentary on PBS donbagley01/11/2018 10:56PM
Autistic Mormon reporter interviews prison inmate Tamanegi da.01/12/2018 12:31AM
When Mormon Prophets God Bad esias01/12/2018 05:32AM
GAs and the middle initial 29 Darren Steers01/11/2018 08:19AM
My husband's long lost daughter is still very TBM... but 16 knotheadusc01/11/2018 02:37AM
I think HF might get a little bit with it and pick Peter F. Poopshorts munchbotaz nli01/04/2018 05:54AM
Mormon Membership Resignation, U.S. Law and the Case of Norman Hancock 18 steve benson01/03/2014 05:31PM
Freedom of Mind 12 wondering01/09/2018 04:11PM
Why can't I say no to family? 42 lazylizard01/07/2018 01:32PM
This day sucks! 11 L. L. Mean01/11/2018 03:44AM
Great timing to watch the new star wars, only one in theater Badassadam101/11/2018 06:51PM
Holy snikeys i have gotten way more views on youtube than i thought Badassadam101/12/2018 12:20AM
The value of repetition... 10 valkyriequeen01/10/2018 11:08AM
27 Years Apart 28 johntc01/10/2018 01:40AM
President Nelson extends 1,140 Mission Calls during Church Transition 19 Amyjo01/10/2018 09:56AM
My whole life revolves around making my mom happy. I can't keep doing this. 27 AnonJedi01/09/2018 04:03PM
I would pay $100 to anyone who would do this and provide video. Mujun01/11/2018 02:49PM
BOM vs Bible 11 Justin01/10/2018 04:58PM