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Zen riddles and Moronic social ultimatums 24 M. Uzak03/17/2017 06:31AM
Why it's so hard to leave Mormonism & moving forward. (LONG) SusieQ#103/04/2017 03:57PM
Chuck Berry is dead SAD 17 themaster03/18/2017 07:09PM
It's Sunday!! What are you doing today instead of church! 15 kativicky03/19/2017 11:04AM
What Would Jesus Facebook? 11 SonOfLaban03/18/2017 11:14PM
Oh the Irony of Using Shopping Malls as Modern Great and Spacious Buildings paulk03/19/2017 04:48PM
TBM grandparents 10 valkyriequeen03/19/2017 12:27PM
Joseph Smith Seen In Hell 11 Jenza03/19/2017 08:22AM
Boyd K. Packer was right! baura03/18/2017 10:33PM
adventures in Utah County aaron03/19/2017 01:32PM
Mormon women should not seek the priesthood getbusylivin03/19/2017 12:16PM
Linda K. Burton has created a perfume (parody) Elder Berry03/18/2017 06:46PM
A 13 year old gay LDS youth commits suicide 17 summer03/17/2017 07:20PM
O/T - Choosing a career over a relationship (kind of) 11 anon0103/19/2017 02:47AM
O/T Is your J.C. Penny about to close(link) 26 Anonymous 203/17/2017 02:44PM
Adaptation: The most basic gospel core SonOfLaban03/18/2017 07:51PM
Percentage of BIC's who leave Mormonism is 10 themaster03/18/2017 11:10PM
Does anyone know where I can get Deadpool03/19/2017 05:33AM
Will Chuck Berry's name be dead dunked in 1 year from now 10 themaster03/19/2017 12:23AM
Heath Issues Worsening. Evil Apostate Getting Her Just Desserts? 16 brigidbarnes03/18/2017 04:38PM
anybody else get the cold shoulder from a beautiful mormon girl? 63 badassadam03/13/2017 05:02PM
I didn't know Chuck Berry died Dave the Atheist03/19/2017 12:08AM
exmo blessing Rameumptom03/18/2017 02:07PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 10 Susan I/S03/17/2017 06:00PM
Divorce isn't necessarily the end of happiness 56 Stray Mutt02/25/2016 07:34PM
Still HERE 24 Lilith03/15/2017 02:43PM
Mormonism In A Nutshell...Mormon Mom 2 Gay Son...Check Your Testosterone... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/17/2017 05:28PM
Something's Not Right 37 windyway02/15/2017 08:24AM
Temple promises "TEST" the LDSc makes you make, as a child! 23 moremany03/03/2017 11:12AM
Any ever feel sorry for the poor schmucks in suits? 15 paulk03/18/2017 01:00PM
BYU costs 30 thinking03/15/2017 06:22PM
Patheos-KiwiMormon gatorman03/18/2017 11:12AM
is the church getting softer on discipline? 16 poopstone03/15/2017 07:11AM
Always look on the bright side of life 11 Babyloncansuckit03/17/2017 10:55PM
This photo gave me chills. Like a photo from Hell 23 Elder Berry03/16/2017 08:55PM
St. Patrick’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated. It should be mourned. 45 got2Breal03/16/2017 09:29PM
Happy valley observation on Middle age Mormon Men 27 Just wondering03/15/2017 12:45PM
A Friday night song for Exmos: Eagles' "Already Gone" getbusylivin03/17/2017 07:05PM
they dont take responsibility for the person they created 18 badassadam03/18/2017 04:21AM
Any exmo meet ups in Austin, TX? alikat03/18/2017 02:18PM
Weekend thread - what are you drinking, or thinking about drinking 11 moremany03/17/2017 09:44PM
Magical Thinking and The Book of Mormon 47 windyway03/09/2017 05:31AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, March 19th Bite Me03/18/2017 01:38PM
Hello from Mormon missionaries in South Park LINK Claire Ferguson03/16/2017 05:44PM
VA State Rep. got 17 yr old pregnant, has other children with other women 15 anybody03/17/2017 12:01PM
Story or Adam and Eve based upon Egyptian pharaoh and princess 19 Questionsforexmos03/13/2017 04:25PM
going on a trip with entire family, wonder if i should let them know i left 21 alaskawild03/17/2017 12:08AM
Gospel Topic Essays in Foreign Languages? windyway03/18/2017 05:26AM
Hollow LDS Temple Symbols... 24 neogalileo03/16/2017 03:54AM
POLL: Was Eve sexy or not? 43 SonOfLaban03/16/2017 05:55AM
Herb Alpert is my favorite human. 16 SonOfLaban03/16/2017 06:51PM
Party! scootergirl5703/17/2017 04:19PM
Resigned 14 scootergirl5703/16/2017 01:00PM
Magic wand ready? How would you change BYU? 27 getbusylivin03/15/2017 08:56PM
Joseph Smith and slavery 32 lulu03/03/2012 03:19AM