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Oh, please...and this guy is a DOCTOR of 35 years! Chicken N. Backpacks02/14/2017 09:30PM
Did being a licked cupcake screw you up forever? 13 anononymous02/14/2017 01:16PM
The Joys of visiting teaching valkyriequeen02/14/2017 09:37AM
Warning! Watch for cupid today, he may force you to marry a 14 yr old (n/t) notrab02/14/2017 05:58PM
o/t Oroville Dam, CA -- EVACUATION - Failure imminent? 22 jiminycricket02/12/2017 09:08PM
Porn Site Redirects Utah Patrons To Sex Ed Videos Instead Of Porn anybody02/13/2017 08:05PM
What's with checking for garments? 32 dk05/23/2012 05:07AM
I am old (cussing) 35 BYU Boner02/09/2017 12:33PM
Ive been reading........ nonsequiter02/14/2017 04:28AM
The reality of TBM Thought 20 mmmna02/13/2017 06:12PM
valentines day, mormons, lonely ): sunbitch02/14/2017 10:28AM
For a laugh--"Joseph Smith's Valentine's Day Schedule" Chicken N. Backpacks02/14/2017 03:11PM
Question for Randy J. rt02/14/2017 03:54PM
Was Joseph Smith really a democrat? What happened afterwards? 13 poopstone02/13/2017 08:10PM
How many people do you think find the social conception of "true" love? OT 36 Anonuser02/07/2017 12:59AM
Tennessee Seeks To "Defend Natural Marriage Between One Man And One Woman" anybody02/12/2017 07:40AM
Am i going to hell for enjoying craft beers 37 Pied Piper02/13/2017 03:21AM
Saving the Institution: Time for LDS-like Essay Rollout by the White House? 10 steve benson02/14/2017 07:47AM
CES Letter -- Not Impressed 63 Brother John02/12/2017 09:47PM
I added to my wife's shelf 10 paulk02/13/2017 06:09PM
Mormons don't get nekkid in the Temple anymore. baura02/14/2017 11:09AM
12 yr old girls can still marry in the USA 28 anybody02/11/2017 09:09PM
Mormons and Masons. Who is the boss ExtremeVetter02/13/2017 02:39AM
Church Basketball drove me out 28 Dennis Rodman02/11/2017 11:44PM
Afterlife continued midwestanon02/13/2017 10:00PM
The Docs at the Air Force Academy - A good laugh CTRringturnsmyfingergreen02/14/2017 11:35AM
reminder ~ Re: Houston Texas Exmo meet-up ~ Mon 27 Feb 2017 5pm ~ ziller02/13/2017 11:33PM
What are the most beautiful temples of any religion 14 brianberkeley02/13/2017 10:59PM
Can poor African LDS members immigrate to the United States? 18 thingsithink02/08/2017 11:31PM
Mamma Mia! Would polygamy be better with one woman and many men? (n/t) 14 Elder Berry02/12/2017 01:18PM
ACOA, me, Mormonism...triggering, probably cussing...long 35 BYU Boner02/09/2017 08:14PM
Mormon parents in grocery store on Sunday 11 samwitch02/12/2017 05:02PM
Vetting to go on a mission 17 ExtremeVetter02/13/2017 02:27AM
Ezra Taft Benson led me out of the church 24 brianberkeley02/07/2017 09:07PM
Question for Atheists: if there's life after death, what will you think? 60 Amyjo02/11/2017 04:39PM
Rod Meldrum to speak on BofM DNA evidence. Is anyone able to go and return C2NR02/13/2017 12:35PM
Kayakers please stay off DEADLY flood-stage rivers! Search n Rescue Guy02/13/2017 12:39AM
For Religious Conservatives, Success and Access at the Trump White House(li Anonymous 202/13/2017 05:44PM
Nevermore family Offended02/13/2017 08:15AM
Church's stance regarding leggings as pants 31 Heretic 202/10/2017 04:29PM
if there was true healing in the church i may have stayed badassadam02/13/2017 12:01AM
Oroville Dam CA eroded all the way across 59 kathleen02/09/2017 08:44PM
Does anyone know if "Budah" from Fox 13 Utah is Mormon? 17 Rusty Shackleford11/22/2013 10:57AM
O/T For those interested in science nonamekid02/13/2017 01:13AM
Significant Departures from Mormon Doctrine - 13 Healed02/11/2017 10:10PM
Overturning erroneous beliefs Darren Steers02/13/2017 12:18PM
Do you need a leader? 17 koriwhore02/10/2017 10:53PM
Ricky Gervaise explains Atheism to Steven Colbert 11 koriwhore02/12/2017 05:48PM
If Alexa were a Mormon... 11 BYU Boner02/11/2017 09:40PM
Sunday triggers me bad 21 badassadam02/12/2017 12:14PM
It Dawned on me Today SEcular Priest02/12/2017 11:51PM
overprotective/strict TBM parent stories? sunbitch02/12/2017 12:06AM
Missions Teaching Latin American They Are LAMANITES? Ex-CultMember02/12/2017 04:14PM
O/T How does one punish teenagers in today's world!?? 22 Anonymous 202/11/2017 12:22AM
O/T Yet another of my favorites has passed on. Al Jarreau memikeyounot02/12/2017 03:12PM