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I had an affair (with someone from here) 63 Anonymous12301/14/2017 02:30PM
Do you think it would have been worth it to stay, just so you're not alone? (n/t) 15 Cold-Dodger01/13/2017 11:06PM
ten million Americans identify as LGBT--lINK (n/t) Topper01/13/2017 06:10PM
The not so Sacred Grove 22 laurad01/13/2017 08:42PM
For Dr. King's Sake, Admit: The LDS Cult Has NOT Been a Long Foe of Racism steve benson01/15/2017 06:03AM
Just gave in and said it 31 MandyElle01/12/2017 09:52AM
Friday the 13th ..... keep calm 19 Dave the Atheist01/13/2017 01:06AM
What to tell elderly parents 19 ftw01/11/2017 07:05PM
I Just Learned that Eldridge Cleaver Joined the LDS Church 10 Senoritalamanita08/07/2013 11:27PM
Another WTF FB post 17 Chicken N. Backpacks01/13/2017 03:02PM
Have you ever tried to ask a TBM about sacred not secret when Jesus.... Chicken N. Backpacks01/14/2017 05:53PM
pooh flinging orangutans, or the orange deseret news nowaytoday01/14/2017 08:24PM
Obligatory thread What are YOU drinking this Friday evening? 12 matt01/13/2017 05:36PM
Ecclesiastical matter WTF 14 bettydee01/11/2017 06:57PM
facial hair-question and observation gemini01/14/2017 09:18PM
Feeling nauseous (TV show ref) 11 Exmo Dad11/20/2010 08:55PM
RM offended I didn't know my birth country well invictus01/14/2017 01:56PM
Thomas Monson and his hunting dogs, ca. 1969 10 cludgie01/13/2017 10:16AM
Oh & BTW Elders...We'd Rather Have You Come Home In A Pine Box Than Ever... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/14/2017 02:55PM
Which LDS leaders were/are secretly gay? Let's speculate! Gheco01/14/2017 03:48PM
I need to stop engaging TBMs on Facebook 19 funeral taters01/13/2017 01:53PM
Looks like mormons are in good company 17 memikeyounot01/13/2017 12:00PM
Double-Culting and Breaking Out Twice. Happen to Anyone Else? Calilawyer01/14/2017 12:15PM
Religious Mental Health Issues Spinmeister01/13/2017 11:26PM
is this cheating? 30 anon (but i bet admins see IP)01/10/2017 10:50PM
Mailbag Mania: Hubby/Wife TagTeams on Lincoln, Navy SEALS & Religious Tests 18 steve benson01/13/2017 04:32AM
If Mormons and fundies hate Muslims why do they want to be just like them? 10 anybody01/13/2017 12:56AM
Bryce Harper. Successful young morg memikeyounot01/14/2017 01:38AM
OT, but Utah news. Be careful on the road! Chicken N. Backpacks01/13/2017 09:37PM
Senator Hatch questions Sen. Sessions on porn Gheco01/13/2017 08:40PM
Paying tithing while at BYU 26 BYU Boner01/10/2017 10:43PM
Truth 'is' restored ..... You won't believe this (thankfully) Zeezromp01/14/2017 05:12AM
Utah dating homework tells girls: be 'feminine' and 'don't waste his money' 31 anybody01/12/2017 08:06PM
I have never been archived by Eric K 13 Elder Berry01/02/2017 01:43PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, January 15th Bite Me01/14/2017 01:33AM
The Myth of Genealogy MarkJ01/13/2017 11:28AM
First time I made coffee 25 lifefromanewview01/12/2017 09:54AM
Mormonism and compulsive lying >.<01/07/2017 09:39AM
Is this Mormon Grief? 24 GregS01/11/2017 10:57AM
REPOST-Long: Staying Married-How I made it work with a believing husband. SusieQ#105/15/2015 08:29PM
Do GA's Get Free Room & Board? Ex-CultMember01/13/2017 06:48PM
is there a dating site for exmormons?? 30 jonny01/11/2014 06:10PM
Sister just left/expo support northern utah Annon01/13/2017 03:31PM
O/T Help, please! I have a Super USB Cassette Capture unit. It won't work! 11 matt01/12/2017 07:53PM
OT-Five clever car tricks to deter wintertime ice. LINK 10 Topper01/12/2017 04:36PM
New Infants on Thrones discussion about Mormon Leaks-LINK Topper01/13/2017 05:59PM
The Man Who wrote the essay on the BOA was a fraud?Exploring Mormonism LINK Topper01/13/2017 05:56PM
Missing chapter of Book of Abraham tells how the internet started. Jerry the Aspousetate01/13/2017 01:47PM
Prophets book scootergirl5701/13/2017 04:25PM
Remember "Prophecy--Key to the Future?" Should I buy it? cludgie01/13/2017 08:44AM
Mormon country music celebrity Cody Alan comes out as gay. LINK 11 Topper01/12/2017 03:48PM
Is this correct? kathleen01/10/2017 09:35PM
Well, that's what happens when you leave the church ... 15 CA girl01/13/2017 12:34AM
Red wine for health--which tastes best for a new drinker. 48 Pariah01/07/2017 06:08AM
o/t ~ ziller presents ~ yer thurs nite pole dancing vid ~ ><((((‘> 10 ziller01/12/2017 10:28PM