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It's coming 12 slskipper12/06/2017 11:31PM
I Tested the New Ward Council Program for Church Starting in January 41 SEcular Priest12/03/2017 07:03PM
OT Happy 100th Birthday to Finland! ipo12/06/2017 10:07AM
Re: Conspiracy Theories a reply Thinking12/06/2017 10:49PM
Important post about those that suffer from anxiety 27 Badassadam112/01/2017 03:39PM
helpful or faith-promoting work of LDS missionaries? Fascinated in the Midwest12/07/2017 01:49PM
#MeToo Presents Unique Challenges For Mormon Women anybody11/29/2017 05:48PM
Australia has legalised same sex marriage! fluhist not logged in12/07/2017 11:24AM
Bishopric counselor arrested for sexual abuse [|]12/07/2017 12:48AM
Ann Eliza Webb Young Death — 100th Anniversary Book of Mordor12/07/2017 11:37AM
Pat Bagley Cartoon... SL Cabbie12/07/2017 11:26AM
o/t ~ Re: California Fires ? ~ 17 ziller12/06/2017 09:46PM
The Holdouts Amyjo12/07/2017 11:24AM
Six year old writes scathing letter to Santa OT Amyjo12/07/2017 11:54AM
Bannon Attacks the Mittster for Going on Mission to Avoid Vietnam 53 Just Wonderin12/06/2017 01:03PM
Saw the worst book called nonbeliever guide to the book of Mormon crazyhorse12/06/2017 10:47PM
Utah County Commissioner accused of sexual harassment... numbersRus12/06/2017 02:37PM
Opening Up Nature's Monuments to Desecration and Despoilment (cartoon) 15 steve benson12/05/2017 11:24PM
Mount of Immorality: Where's the LDS Church to Kick Butt & Take Names? steve benson12/05/2017 10:38PM
To our friends in So. California 25 [|]12/05/2017 03:21PM
Cults don't morph into cults, they start that way waunderdog12/05/2017 09:10PM
"You know, bishop, the phrase, 'the glory of ghawd is intelligence', elderolddog12/05/2017 08:38PM
Gave the old bishop both barrels in my kitchen..... 45 cutekitty12/04/2017 12:52PM
O/T On this day in history... looking in12/06/2017 02:54PM
Stupid Nevermo Question 14 sunnynomo03/04/2014 12:49PM
Ex-Mormon now leads New Zealand (link) NLI12/06/2017 02:12PM
If you once believed in conspiracy theories but no longer do now -- 61 anybody12/01/2017 06:46PM
What if members determined their own worthiness? 17 Justin12/05/2017 03:25PM
Two of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are Mormon 43 Noorganizedreligion4me12/04/2017 08:22AM
Perfect time to name the church for pedophiles-LDS! 27 cutekitty11/28/2017 09:58AM
20 things you never see in malls anymore(link) 43 Anonymous 212/01/2017 07:47PM
Quinn -- self admitted socialist - half baked intel 62 Phazer12/01/2017 02:26PM
Krampus Has Returned... anybody12/06/2017 05:45AM
Here’s the RfM link to the bio that I’m thinking of shopping... GayLayAle12/05/2017 11:10AM
What defines a "rich life" outside TSCC? 26 cutekitty12/02/2017 05:39PM
O/T-ish: Reincarnation - my new greatest fear. 22 sparty12/04/2017 06:06PM
Question about Grant H. Palmer 16 exmointhepnw07/24/2014 05:57PM
Amateur Explorers Find Vast Underground Tunnel Network Beneath The City anybody12/05/2017 09:22AM
"You shouldn't mock someone's religious beliefs" 55 donbagley11/26/2017 05:53PM
Do missionaries still tract door-to-door? nt (n/t) 18 Razortooth12/01/2017 10:36AM
More on the masturbation issue 18 slskipper12/03/2017 02:00AM
Still angry after many years 27 sendrover12/01/2017 12:56PM
Jeremy Runnells introduces the CES Letter, v2.0 10 summer12/03/2017 08:20PM
Do you care about recovery? 38 gatocurioso12/01/2017 03:51PM
Lets Discuss Weeks Two and Three of Priesthood and Relief Society 17 SEcular Priest12/04/2017 01:25PM
Badass baptism 11 Investigating atheism12/04/2017 11:26AM
Regarding Boyd Packer... elderolddog12/05/2017 09:21PM
OT Neil Young Archives 10 memikeyounot12/05/2017 01:03PM
Was Taking Away the Lamanites' Facial Hair Part of the Curse? 20 Dull McLeod12/04/2017 03:24PM
MORmONS baptized Trumps dead parents koriwhore12/05/2017 04:28PM
Thomas S. Monson - my only and last connection to the Morg. . . 10 tamboruco11/30/2017 04:32PM
Gatorman needs positive thoughts 33 gatorman12/02/2017 03:15PM
Another Fundamentalist Mormon Cult-Another Profit?? Lethbridge Reprobate12/05/2017 11:49AM
Garments and missionaries 13 spintobear12/04/2017 05:16PM
My 'TBM' Brother has lost the plot - Nuts 13 lilburne12/04/2017 11:48AM