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Ricky Gervais quote Stray Mutt04/25/2017 08:03PM
All I can think about right now is school, going back to school... 16 Cold-Dodger04/27/2017 01:04AM
Made a mistake and now I'm stuck 26 mica04/25/2017 09:40PM
a fun wedding reception? how dare they 28 rolled tacos on a sunday04/25/2017 11:03AM
Mormons have no answers, except "Trust the Prophet" 12 koriwhore04/27/2017 12:58AM
Warren Jeffs 13 canary2104/25/2017 12:40PM
Is deprogramming a crazy process? 38 badassadam04/23/2017 09:22PM
How come god gives relevelations only to the top guys? 20 thedocumentor04/26/2017 03:42PM
Any ex RLDS'ers want to talk about their life experience tupelo7707/13/2015 09:49PM
Utah man charged with fraud in California. LINK 12 Topper04/26/2017 04:04PM
And You Thought Alien Stories Were Wacky: Tales from the Crypt About ETB steve benson04/27/2017 12:09AM
The Impossible Gospel Of Mormonism anybody04/27/2017 01:00AM
Wow. 10 years already? JoD3:36004/26/2017 10:27AM
The Evidence for the History of Jesus 37 eternal104/24/2017 12:19PM
Any missionaries or "volunteers" in North Korea? Gheco04/26/2017 08:38PM
Your earliest church/religion/spiritual memories 16 BYU Boner04/26/2017 11:51PM
The trouble with honest TBMs 15 Elder Berry04/22/2017 09:19PM
Why does anyone believe in the actuality of biblical miracles - Pt 2 40 rebeljamesdean04/24/2017 10:03PM
NYT: The Evangelical Roots Of Post-Truth Society anybody04/27/2017 12:55AM
Christopher Hitchens on Mormons auntsukey04/26/2017 12:48PM
How much does the Church have a say in CityCreek? 12 paulk04/26/2017 12:09PM
How does handshake test differentiate between angels or pervs? 12 Perv buster04/25/2017 12:59PM
Serious Historical Problems with the Case for the Easter Bunny Jesus steve benson04/25/2017 06:45PM
Gotta problem with the BOM? It's the fault of . . . 18 Devoted Exmo04/23/2017 02:48PM
Has GBH been thrown under the LDS bus? 36 GNPE04/21/2017 10:09PM
Koranic-fueled Kerfuffle Erupts In Delaware Senate Over Islamic Prayers Shummy04/26/2017 07:44PM
Why are people so flippant about the Haun's Mill Massacre? 58 J.J.04/24/2017 10:38PM
Disfellowshiped opened my eyes 13 journeyjuststaring1404/24/2017 08:32PM
Sad end to what was so great 34 thegame201701/09/2017 08:27AM
Mormon Efforts to Exterminate the Truth about the "Extermination Order" steve benson04/25/2017 10:42PM
Telephone scams. Has anyone called to say they're your desperate grandson? 38 Cheryl04/23/2017 04:16PM
Joseph Smith's Blood Lust for Blood Atonement steve benson04/25/2017 09:54PM
Anyone Serve Under Mission President Clark in St. Louis? JustWondering09/16/2012 08:54PM
Ten Years Ago Historischer04/26/2017 04:13AM
(Post-Mormon) Happiness Is... 21 GNPE04/23/2017 02:35PM
Bill Nye's 'Ice cream' vid (anti-conversion therapy) elfling_notloggedin04/26/2017 08:59AM
Putting the Mormon viewpoint in perspective. baura04/25/2017 09:46PM
Job offer in Provo - this site has me freaking out (Part 2) 60 MoCurious04/25/2017 09:39AM
Did God cause the Big Bang and use Evolution to create Man??? 67 rebeljamesdean04/25/2017 06:36PM
Some thoughts on the firing of Beckerle from the HCI nonmo_104/25/2017 10:30AM
Can you visibly see a change when someone is called to a high calling 27 paulk04/23/2017 11:54AM
What to do with old Apostles? 18 SonOfLaban04/25/2017 09:13AM
Another sign of TSCC decay?? 12 left4good04/25/2017 06:00AM
Why do people cling to their guns and religion??? 52 rebeljamesdean04/21/2017 03:49PM
JC Penney postponing store closures and liquidation sales(link) Anonymous 204/13/2017 05:56PM
Erring on the side of Advocacy - do you (would you) too? Amyjo04/25/2017 07:21AM
Mayor of San Antonio says atheists are broken people that cause poverty 17 anybody04/24/2017 03:35AM
Dallin Oaks' crusade to preserve Religious Liberty™ Brother Of Jerry04/25/2017 04:57PM
The Bard Is Back Farm Boy04/25/2017 05:23AM
O/T Report: US cases of anti-Semitism increased last year Anonymous 204/24/2017 03:59PM
LDS Drag Queens, LDS Gay Patriarchs & Early LDS Gay Practices (2 Parts) 21 steve benson11/03/2014 10:32PM
A popular public school Bible class in West Virginia faces legal challenge( 13 Anonymous 204/24/2017 12:46PM
Religious zealots. Does this resonate with anyone else? Pooped04/25/2017 05:16PM
O/T: Has this oddity ever happened to you? SonOfLaban04/25/2017 08:34AM
Is Salt Lake City itself a good place to live? (Downtown area) 10 Jamie_H04/24/2017 07:35PM