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Living in BYU housing, but they're not going after me 16 goldrose08/13/2017 05:36PM
LDS Racism in Black & White: (1) Joseph Smith's Official Support of Southern Slavery (2) Mormon-Owned Black Slaves in Heaven (3) Black Slaves in Heaven with Skins Changed to White 27 steve benson03/31/2013 10:22PM
Bushman: "The dominant [Church history] narrative is not true..." 12 nevinpratt08/12/2017 11:12PM
Help finding video on Spirit in other religions atouchscreendarkly08/14/2017 12:54AM
Anthem AZ 20 fromdahood08/13/2017 05:11AM
Southern Night Fight: Tryin' to Shut Up Glen Campbell at ETB Family Reunion steve benson08/14/2017 12:47AM
RIP, Glen Campbell (cartoon) 46 steve benson08/10/2017 12:05AM
I could see another one of these happening... 23 Elder Berry08/09/2017 02:10PM
SHAME on the Church over Hamula! 17 AnObserver08/11/2017 03:54PM
A Sunday funny for y'all: Mitty flashing his garms Shummy08/13/2017 05:09PM
Princess Telestia is back with a new moniker and a kind of ot story Nightmare Olea08/12/2017 09:16PM
It is never too late 13 sam08/13/2017 03:25PM
BYU Art Exhibit about women being discriminated within the CHURCH!!! 12 goldrose05/06/2017 10:21PM
New Mormon word Orthodoxymormonic 15 Elder Berry08/11/2017 11:39AM
Why on earth are missions so long? 14 Salt Punk08/11/2017 09:32PM
No Man Knows My History 26 Anon370855V08/09/2017 08:00PM
(o/t) Charlottesville Cartoon anybody08/13/2017 12:54PM
How 21st century Mormonism Apologetics can win 20 Honest TBM08/11/2017 04:45PM
This just seems so "Mormon" to me. Triggers memories of cultural Utah 12 Elder Berry08/12/2017 10:28AM
3 Women/2 men are MORmONs, creating dating crisis, drive fake tit biz in UT koriwhore08/13/2017 10:35AM
Has the LDS made a statement on the happenings in Virginia? (n/t) Bang08/13/2017 02:18PM
Polygamy revelation desertman08/13/2017 01:40PM
OT 40,000 children work in cobalt mines of the Congo. LINK 28 Topper08/08/2017 04:20PM
"Mormonism, nothing so hilarious could possibly be true, or all bad." Atheist/Cultural Mormon08/12/2017 08:14PM
Mo Mailbag Mania: Exchange with a Self-Confessed "Weird" Wannabe Researcher steve benson08/12/2017 09:44PM
What to wear to BOM musical? 29 funeral taters08/09/2017 10:03PM
marriage Feeling guilty08/11/2017 06:01PM
Just Truly Too Bad Provo's BIG University Wasn't Named After Orson Pratt!!! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/12/2017 08:20PM
Office of Church Patriarch Succumbs to Homosexuality & Insider Family Feuds steve benson11/06/2014 05:05AM
Hamula was Exed for... 53 Elder Berry08/09/2017 08:00AM
N Orange County CA meetup Sunday August 13 Brea Panera tutu08/07/2017 10:50AM
Now the end begins: Apocalypse ? (Non--political) 25 Amyjo08/10/2017 08:44AM
Could the West Coast come under attack from N.Korea? 25 Elyse08/11/2017 06:50PM
You are just being critical of the church. 14 yeppers08/09/2017 11:49AM
Mormon church responds quickly to pedophile fallout! 26 Lyle Jeffs08/04/2016 01:42PM
A Question to Current/Former Bishops 27 azsteve07/30/2017 08:39PM
Parking at the church messygoop08/11/2017 05:43PM
Time 23 Babyloncansuckit08/10/2017 12:12PM
Mormon neighbor's latest antics.... 32 bluebutterfly08/10/2017 02:06PM
I'm Mike Norton's ex-wife 40 happycamper7308/12/2017 12:12AM
True freedom (slightly OT) Chicken N. Backpacks08/10/2017 01:45PM
Another LDS sex crime by leader (Texas) 10 left4good08/11/2017 06:13PM
Should "Shaun of the Dead" be considered scripture? bradley08/11/2017 02:51AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, August 13th Bite Me08/12/2017 09:47AM
Scientology and Mormonism... numbersRus08/11/2017 05:59PM
Hell on wheels Mormon portrayals 19 notamormoncurious08/30/2015 11:33AM
"He Thinks He'll Keep Her" Stray Mutt08/12/2017 12:29AM
Baby switch: How a Mormon family dealt with an old secret 13 memikeyounot08/11/2017 04:06PM
Hamula's brother-in-law speaks out 36 danr08/09/2017 06:27PM
Comparison of Benjamin Franklin to Joseph Smith sab18sj08/11/2017 04:38PM
The latest leak from a Woman/Young Woman's point of view. 27 Lori C08/08/2017 05:33PM
"Some May Push and Some May Pull"--Remember This: The Story's Bull 12 steve benson08/11/2017 03:09AM
You are stuck with me for eternity 15 bluebutterfly08/10/2017 02:17PM
The would be "perfect" Mormon wife -- and you can get as many as you want anybody08/10/2017 08:33PM
How much would a mormon handcart go for? 21 brook08/10/2017 02:27PM