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Any other witnesses here to RFK's speech @ BYU in 1968? 21 Shummy02/21/2017 11:24AM
Do you think GC will shift too...? Chicken N. Backpacks02/22/2017 11:16AM
The bones of "Kennewick man" were re-buried on Saturday in WA. 13 C2NR02/20/2017 07:16PM
Utah republican argues against equal pay for women-LINK 12 Topper02/20/2017 02:15PM
Anyone see Jackie? (mostly on topic) 20 focidave02/20/2017 01:51PM
White and Delightsome? (Somewhat OT) nomonomo02/22/2017 01:40AM
I hate late people o/t 32 Drew9008/03/2012 03:28PM
David Cassidy reveals he has dementia - forced into retirement OT 13 Amyjo02/21/2017 07:44AM
reminder ~ Re: Houston Texas Exmo meet-up ~ Mon 27 Feb 2017 5pm ~ ziller02/22/2017 01:48AM
A huge deal of insight Ragingphoenix not logged in02/21/2017 10:36PM
Norma "Jane Roe" McCorvey Dead at 69 17 anybody02/18/2017 12:36PM
i often wonder whos more messed up me or a TBM? badassadam02/21/2017 06:36PM
Church is shrinking...proof. 10 oldtimer02/15/2017 01:35PM
if mormons want to keep bringing me food ill let em 23 badassadam02/20/2017 06:16PM
Does proxy baptism of Hitler contradict church doctrine? Fred Karger02/21/2017 09:15PM
boring 17 sunbitch02/18/2017 02:26AM
Out of Bounds Obituary 14 tumwater02/21/2017 05:15PM
A visitor and his camera get kicked out of Temple Square 23 Phantom Shadow02/21/2017 03:52PM
How in the WORLD do they get away with this??? GNPE02/21/2017 10:52PM
Today's by-words / cliche for LDS GAs: GNPE02/21/2017 10:20AM
Do the more mainstream Christians actually want to mingle with Mormons? 16 cludgie02/21/2017 12:29PM
To the several 100 Britts I Baptized - 12 themaster02/21/2017 03:24AM
Mormon Serial Killers Documentary on the Children of Thunder Serial Killer canary2102/21/2017 05:47PM
I finally shredded my mission stuff 15 DontTellMeWhatToDo02/19/2017 11:07AM
o/t ~ yer Thursday Pole Dancing Thred on a Friday ~ ziller02/17/2017 08:50PM
Book of Mormon Liberty and Politics Spinmeister02/21/2017 06:09PM
are you truly off the records when you resign? 31 badassadam02/18/2017 06:50AM
i want to apologize to the god of politics 45 badassadam02/20/2017 03:35AM
It was quite the chat . . . 51 steve benson02/18/2017 07:26PM
mormonism doesnt encourage leaving the nest badassadam02/20/2017 10:46PM
Mailbag Objection to Exercise of Free Speech under the U.S. Constitution steve benson02/21/2017 02:08PM
my brother 15 aaron02/19/2017 04:45PM
What happened to Joseph Smith's child by Fanny Alger? 19 ificouldhietokolob09/22/2014 04:14PM
O/T Watching "Long Lost Families" tonight Lethbridge Reprobate02/19/2017 10:35PM
This weird caper brought to us by Mormonism cludgie02/21/2017 06:23AM
I'm surrounded my mormons but outofcontrol02/20/2017 05:56PM
My DAR registrar just informed me 15 Amyjo02/20/2017 08:04PM
Would the church oppose and ERA ammendment in this day? 12 Fred Karger02/20/2017 10:40PM
O/T Ugh...Mom is not behaving herself 13 kativicky02/20/2017 01:27PM
are most tbm's crazy health freaks? 22 sunbitch02/19/2017 01:26AM
scholarly work on pure b.s. 17 thingsithink02/20/2017 06:11PM
Mr. Miller an "uplifting" short by Don Bagley cricket02/19/2017 04:05PM
Live Feb. 15 evening honoring Grant Palmer-LINK Topper02/20/2017 04:19PM
Are courthouse weddings a better alternative? almightyluigi02/21/2017 02:01AM
Welcome to Jesusland 63 anybody02/19/2017 03:44AM
What happened to Fanny Alger? 26 NeverBeenaMormon05/07/2016 06:36PM
Why do many people rage against the Q15, yet praise Joseph Smith? 14 brigidbarnes02/19/2017 03:09PM
I do not read 21 themaster02/19/2017 06:17AM
How do you know if your spouse is gay? 36 anon 4 this02/18/2017 11:47PM
Breaking News from KSL 10 memikeyounot02/20/2017 02:18PM
How to avoid committing adultery... 21 randyj02/19/2017 02:06PM
Something's Not Right 32 windyway02/15/2017 08:24AM
Had hopes fot SIL, but she got endowed today :( 11 WickedTwin02/18/2017 10:08PM
LDS historical commemorations-a maturing church or killjoy-LINK Topper02/20/2017 02:13PM
Sort of a rant .... BYUAlumnuts02/18/2017 11:32AM