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Do any of you still believe in eternal families? 60 fordescape10/14/2017 06:37PM
Certified Letter From My TBM Brother 54 pugsly10/13/2017 09:00PM
Diamond and gold cufflinks for the Mission President! omergod10/17/2017 09:35PM
follow the money - LDS finances in the SLC Tribune Fascinated in the Midwest10/17/2017 02:49PM
Restaurant Recommendations - SLC and Provo 20 iris10/16/2017 02:32PM
There Is No Sharia Law State Court In Texas 60 anybody10/14/2017 06:09AM
The guy in london that sued the church Badassadam110/17/2017 04:31PM
MLM’s strike again. My family is back to pedaling. 13 BI10/17/2017 02:44AM
Mormon swingers in Maryland Throwawayname10/17/2017 03:58PM
A real prophet would say, coffee good, texting while driving bad 6 iron10/17/2017 05:40PM
A bright blue sky and a monarch butterfly OT rhgc10/17/2017 05:00PM
OT. We said goodbye to our "little girl in a cat suit," Miss Kitty. 39 SusieQ#110/09/2017 11:02PM
In 1833, Joseph Smith said the world would soon end. Like, now? (cartoon) steve benson10/17/2017 02:05PM
What Mormon principles have you retained? 47 jackman10/13/2017 10:49AM
What's going on w/ Anonymous 1? 10 CateS10/07/2017 02:17PM
Don't want to be baptized! 41 crazyhorse08/22/2017 10:12PM
Some faiths more likely to turn to religion for answers to science 11 Soft Machine10/17/2017 02:23AM
Astrology, folk beliefs and TSCC 18 Tom Padley10/09/2017 11:02PM
Its true, honest! I'm not lying about the truthfulness! 12 yeppers10/16/2017 11:09AM
Two Mormons have won Nobel Prizes -- Name them. baura10/16/2017 07:04PM
Dating in your 30s outside of utah Rolled tacos on a sunday10/13/2017 07:39PM
Why does the Mormon Church allow pedophiles to circulate among its members in anonymity? 38 heretic11/27/2012 02:22PM
New Evidence Of Islamic Influence In Scandinavia During The Viking Era anybody10/14/2017 08:43PM
Proof that Joe Smith was a Knowing, Impious Fraud: His Kirtland Bank Scam 20 steve benson10/16/2017 12:11AM
Save tonight eagle eye cherry Brig Young style warning explicit Joe the man ho & Brig the pig10/17/2017 01:32AM
What about the mystic frog that was in the stone box with the gold plates? anybody10/16/2017 02:59PM
Perfection + Type A personality = High blood pressure ..... Help! 30 kathleen10/15/2017 01:01PM
Shortage of Mormon men to women - especially in Utah 26 Amyjo10/14/2017 02:22PM
I just misread something from D&C 95 Chicken N. Backpacks10/16/2017 07:09PM
Was J. Smith Not Just a Counterfeit Prophet But a Counterfeiter for Profit? steve benson10/16/2017 09:08PM
Administation block my accounts for 6 months or so 54 Badassadam110/14/2017 04:27PM
My rebuttal of Ted Callister's talk... grudunza10/16/2017 01:50PM
Was Jesus White? 12 Mamacita10/16/2017 03:10PM
do non mormons Fast? 19 berta10/14/2017 08:31PM
As a TBM, did you at least feel your self esteem was being damaged? 26 6 Iron10/15/2017 06:48PM
ExMormon conference this week in SLC MormonThinker10/16/2017 05:04PM
Mormon Fashion Sense MoCurious10/16/2017 02:33PM
HBO's "Room 104" left4good10/15/2017 09:53PM
I feel like such an idiot for buying into Mormonism for so long 31 Tom Padley10/14/2017 02:39PM
The one thing it'd take to get me to be a TBM again is, koriwhore10/15/2017 10:48PM
The Council of Fifty: What the Records Reveal about Mormon History 26 Tom Padley10/07/2017 12:37PM
How Many of Us Once Eagerly Defended the Church Online? 13 brigidbarnes10/15/2017 01:39AM
I think my grandson missionary has a girlfriend... 18 elderolddog10/15/2017 04:09PM
American woo 10 Dave the Atheist10/15/2017 08:57PM
I am still upset about the massacre in Las Vegas.... memikeyounot10/15/2017 08:29PM
LDS Church Luciferian? 14 FreeMe11/01/2011 03:45PM
Dan Vogel's Theory of Joe Smith the"Pious Fraud" Fails Factually (11 Parts) 31 steve benson08/25/2015 02:29AM
How Oaks and FARMS Made a Mad Rush to Save the Holy White Salamander 19 steve benson03/04/2015 05:27PM
Come Come Ex-Saints, No Spoiled Old Fables Fear: Anthem for Ex-Mo Believers steve benson10/16/2017 12:49AM
Did JS Skip Town With The Church's Money? Logger10/15/2017 01:42AM
Was told i was misguided by a mormon and an exmo in the same week. 16 badassadam10/12/2017 12:44AM
I never had it this bad... Kirby SL Trib. deja vue10/15/2017 10:34AM
Why would you go BACK to the church?! 15 Missingfriendlysanebanter10/14/2017 02:53PM
One of the big whoppers of modern "prophets" Elder Berry10/15/2017 06:54PM