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Q for those who would hold God to a moral standard: theGleep01/03/2011 12:27PM
Ultra TBM pedants and their own silly rules 38 sherlock01/01/2011 05:44PM
Endowed women holding priesthood? 15 sherlock01/03/2011 11:41AM
Missions--service or narcissism? lindsaymccall01/03/2011 12:02PM
OH Boy! My in-laws are going on a mission! Stunted01/03/2011 12:15PM
OT: Scientology in Sugarhouse anon for this01/01/2011 10:50PM
Orson Scott Card's prediction for 2011 Stray Mutt01/03/2011 08:27AM
Then New Jerusalem being built in Utah County, no Mo Larkey01/03/2011 10:20AM
New Jerusalem goes down in Ashes anon01/03/2011 11:28AM
Try this matt01/03/2011 08:47AM
to Dagny bona dea01/01/2011 10:44PM
TBM lack of sincerity, and empathy in helping others. It is all a show. atheist&happy:-)01/01/2011 08:58PM
You are required to be tolerant of my intolerance 10 O201/01/2011 06:29PM
The atonement is a joke. How did Jesus do anything that every living person doesn't do... 15 sonoma01/01/2011 11:27PM
To: Elle Bee 14 MJ01/01/2011 11:40PM
Now, I am crying for joy. matt01/03/2011 09:34AM
MY Home Ward growing up was famous for last minute sacrament bread improvisations. 25 sonoma01/01/2011 03:07PM
To sonoma: since you like axing questions so much, I have a question to ax you if you dare. 32 Raptor Jesus01/01/2011 11:27PM
Serious Question: FOR ALL OF YOU WHO BELIEVE IN "GOD," would you kill anyone if, according to your stated/ascribed-to personal belief or knowledge, this "God" told you to? . . . 30 steve benson01/01/2011 07:04PM
Church-owned Bonneville v. IRS, can one of you savvy attorney's look at this old case? vhainya01/01/2011 11:49PM
More evidence of Morg Money Troubles? 15 Stunted12/31/2010 05:20PM
Thoughts on officially leaving the Church katysalsa01/01/2011 06:27PM
Non-Mormon Thought for the Weekend munchybotaz01/01/2011 10:28PM
To Believers... since you can produce no evidence for god (however you define him/her/it) 39 sonoma01/01/2011 08:48PM
Now i know why all the good lessons and activities that used to happen at church are not happening anymore: 32 karin12/25/2010 06:11PM
Missionaries now living with ward members... 28 mike12/31/2010 08:10PM
(Partly OT) Trade schools clamoring for Student Loan dollars..... Pollyanna01/01/2011 07:59PM
It never felt right...I'm PWI & ranting! 10 travis12/31/2010 12:33AM
Did anyone here serve a mission in Scandinavia? 14 anon01/01/2011 12:30AM
I realize now, sadly, that I can't function unless I completely walk away & never look back 21 Tristan-Powerslave12/29/2010 04:20AM
BYU Ecclesiastical Endorsement and Tithing Curious01/01/2011 02:51PM
Continuation of "Going to BYU" thread 13 Summer01/01/2011 02:05PM
Just bought "In Sacred Loneliness" for my TBM wife 30 Adam12/20/2010 05:51PM
So sick of TBM in-laws outofutah12/31/2010 12:05AM
what could possibly be that urgent? 20 goldenrule12/31/2010 07:04PM
Cultural Identity Theft (Or Why I Really Loathe the BoM) [one guano reference] 14 elee12/30/2010 08:03PM
A Latter-day Saints recommitment for the NEW YEAR soutskeptic01/01/2011 12:15PM
Re having baby New Year's Eve Anonymous User01/01/2011 05:56PM
My fantasy... go to testimony meeting and give this as a testimony.... 10 Tauna12/30/2010 09:56PM
what's the issue with the film 'Wall-E' and the morg? EssexExMo01/01/2011 03:10PM
Special pleading O201/01/2011 06:32PM
Ultimately in life, one has to decide who to believe in the search for truth. 38 sonoma01/01/2011 03:46PM
Anyone here serve a mission in Holland/Belgium? rt12/28/2010 01:23PM
Was cleaning out a closet yesterday... 10 Pil-Latté12/29/2010 05:57PM
Mother Theresa's take on lying (for the Lord) Jobim01/01/2011 05:01PM
Just watched a programme called QI... freedomissweet01/01/2011 04:39PM
"Non Sequitur" does it again! "The Invention of Religion" RPackham01/01/2011 02:17PM
Has anyone left the temple because of the washing and annointing? 23 possiblypagan12/30/2010 08:07AM
Happy New Year! Look at What God Hath Wrought: Deadly Bombing of Christian Church, Christers Fight with Muslims in the Name of Jesus's Redeeming Blood, Etc., Etc., . . . 44 steve benson12/31/2010 11:20PM
Bishop wants to meet with me, shares "inspiring" Monson quote 18 intellectualfeminist12/31/2010 02:14PM
Ahhhhh ....... New Years Day Dave the Atheist01/01/2011 01:34PM
LDS Inc's History Of Transparency When It Comes To #'s Of Any Kind...R We Really 2 Believe There's 50k+ Missionaries Out There Selling Moronism Door 2 Door? I'm Gonna Claim There's Less Than 10k... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/30/2010 01:31PM
So how did 2010 work out for you? 43 CA girl12/31/2010 02:21AM
Dumbing Down the YW Resources anagrammy12/30/2010 12:37AM
Happy New Yeat to all southbound01/01/2011 02:29PM