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Better introduce myself 11 dapperdan12/08/2010 11:54PM
Is anybody running the church? 20 Stunted12/07/2010 07:22PM
Has anyone else axed MOs from their Christmas card list? I shortened ours by at least 50% saving postage! :-) (n/t) Pixie Dust12/09/2010 02:44PM
The Blessings of Scripture Study They don't want me back12/09/2010 10:08AM
Best Lennon Quote ExMormonRon12/09/2010 02:18PM
Are non-mormons and never-mormons welcome here? 33 dude_guy12/08/2010 07:20PM
You're Not Going to Believe This! A Site Crazier Than MA&D... Seriously... 35 SL Cabbie12/08/2010 06:48AM
Joseph Smith's journal?? vhainya12/09/2010 11:39AM
The morg gave us "new names" in the temple. I think we should choose our own exmo new names. 30 helamonster12/08/2010 12:18PM
need suggestions for good cult recovery books emma12/09/2010 11:50AM
My patient said some things the other night that made me wonder if we were talking about the same Mormonism Pil-Latté12/09/2010 11:15AM
Funny thing happened on my shopping trip today. Cali Sally12/08/2010 08:20PM
A few comments about what it means to me to Make Peace with my life. SusieQ#112/09/2010 12:06PM
The Last Years of Brigham Young, e-book Nina12/08/2010 07:50PM
Church leaders playing shrink lindsaymccall12/09/2010 01:45AM
Are more people then ever finding out about church history and doctrine problems? 19 rambo12/08/2010 10:48AM
What's the WORST Mormon joke(s) you ever heard. (OK to have puns.) Here's mine: 10 Jerry the Aspousetate12/08/2010 03:18PM
Mormons and leaks Unconventional Ideas12/09/2010 10:14AM
o/t- Next month will be the 10 year anniversary of my mom's death GayLayAle12/08/2010 11:05AM
12 Days of a Utah Christmas... utahmonomore12/08/2010 11:33PM
5 People Who Started Religions Just To Get Laid 12 jolene12/07/2010 10:45AM
Wilford Woodruff tells a lie JoD3:36012/09/2010 12:37AM
LDS World Wide Leadership Conference and Tithing 10 passingthrough12/09/2010 12:47AM
Xmas Blessings axeldc12/09/2010 06:08AM
mormon church using art displays to give the church credibility with non Mormons. poster12/07/2010 08:07PM
Nephi the game. Oh no. happycat12/07/2010 12:28PM
Seminary Teacher beat me with a meter stick Yewt10212/08/2010 12:11PM
I did something bad 12 Duder12/07/2010 07:21PM
I never heard of the expression "milk before meat" until I met my exmo husband... knotheadusc12/09/2010 08:53AM
Missionary Health Insurance anathema12/09/2010 03:14AM
OT...What's Your All-Time Favorite Movie Line??? Mine Was Delivered By Strother Martin To Paul Newman In Cool Hand Luke & I'm Sure You Guessed It... 35 BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/08/2010 07:30PM
Last Week: Dreidels. Tonight: Live Nativity..... elee12/08/2010 07:37PM
is that book called journey of discourses imbadash12/08/2010 11:33PM
Video of a gay dude from SLC UT talking about his AWESOME mum. Hope she influences others. ozpoof12/08/2010 11:56PM
Just an introduction xcon60112/08/2010 11:35PM
Is Today's Missionary Presentation 4 Investigators As Deceptive...Less Deceptive...Or More Deceptive Than The Discussions... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/08/2010 07:09PM
Abuse, Incest, Coercion - Hallmarks of Polygamy Mormon Style 15 Nightingale12/07/2010 03:22PM
Anderson Cooper on CNN talking about Warren Jeffs tonight Observer12/08/2010 11:06PM
Last minute reply to "Pissed!" about Missionary Tactics in Discussions Ex-CultMember12/08/2010 10:25PM
Do Utah public schools still grant credit for attending seminary? (n/t) 15 vhainya12/08/2010 04:51PM
Religion is like a penis. 29 wine country girl12/08/2010 02:22PM
What was your 1st Anti Mormon literature you read... 48 utahmonomore12/08/2010 05:33PM
Big 15 jan12/08/2010 06:46PM
Garments zionide12/08/2010 10:01PM
I'm out by e-mail... 18 Bi-Curious12/03/2010 11:08PM
How old were you when you learned the truth? 34 lindsaymccall12/08/2010 04:37PM
Milk before meat is right! What a load of BS! 36 Pissed!12/08/2010 05:43PM
Languages 20 ExMormonRon12/08/2010 12:13PM
A Love Story - My tribute to Colonel Moroni- 13 think4u12/08/2010 12:54PM
Wine is just grape juice... Phillip12/08/2010 07:41PM
Life Lessons from The Kite Runner. helamonster12/08/2010 06:35PM
Funny quotes from patriarchal blessing 11 ashleyb12/08/2010 06:26PM
Think4u Cali Sally12/07/2010 04:14PM
"We're moving to Utah, because it's a much better environment for the kids." 20 helamonster12/07/2010 06:36PM
We met 5 minutes after think4u nailed Tom Perry 28 colonelmoroni12/08/2010 12:38AM