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The Miracle of Forgiveness. If it has harmed you can you write a review? AmIDarkNow?12/10/2010 10:00PM
Called the MTC as Glenn Beck, Prank Call Gadianton Robber12/10/2010 05:21PM
News article: Lehite settlement found on shores of Persian Gulf! voltaire12/10/2010 03:26PM
Will Hollywood make a movie of the Smart kidnapping ? Mo Larkey12/10/2010 05:22PM
Mormon-related humor o' the day. (link) helamonster12/10/2010 07:24PM
Nehem theory and Dartmouth University 10 michaelm not logged in12/09/2010 10:30AM
Verdict in the Elizabeth Smart case 29 CA girl12/10/2010 12:42PM
Book of Mormon and "Satyr" error... a K.J. Bible error in the most correct book! Paul Davidson12/10/2010 12:18AM
Someone explain this weird "rule" to me 31 missskeptical12/10/2010 01:51AM
So, "Pissed!!!" Updates? We're WAITing... (n/t) cludgie12/10/2010 01:49PM
Let's repeat a survey done about a year ago 36 think4u12/10/2010 02:31PM
Gay and Bi-sexual teens more likely to be punished for bad behavior Puli12/10/2010 03:23PM
BREAKING NEWS: Brian David Mitchell Convicted of Being a Child-Molesting Mormon Follower of Joseph Smith . . . 11 steve benson12/10/2010 01:37PM
“Be Not Deceived, but Continue in Steadfastness” How the TSCC lies about why people apostatize in Sunday School. 14 vhainya12/10/2010 10:22AM
saviorself - please (kind of OT) 12 godlygal12/09/2010 08:54PM
Milk before meat is right! What a load of BS! part 2 55 Pissed!!!12/09/2010 05:07PM
When you became disillusioned with Mormonism, did you turn to Christianity? 37 tillamook12/10/2010 01:44AM
RPackham vhainya12/09/2010 11:15PM
Infertility in the Morg: Salt on the Wound 32 justleft12/08/2010 11:53PM
I need a good comeback line when I'm told I'm stuck in the 1800's 45 Suckafoo12/09/2010 03:10PM
My New Garments Cristina12/10/2010 12:36AM
Flashbacks from the cult... utahmonomore12/10/2010 04:35AM
My departure (part 1) 10 angryaaron12/09/2010 04:26PM
cont of fav movie lines 41 transplant in texas12/09/2010 01:36AM
Did all Stake Directories go Virtual? No more hard copies handed out after tithing settlement? Delightsome White Boy12/10/2010 01:18AM
PtLoma, you would enjoy this blog about the corporate empire that is TSCC. vhainya12/08/2010 03:51PM
Mormonism is like someone performing the M word. (Hmm . . . they even start with the same letter.) Jerry the Aspousetate12/10/2010 01:18PM
Vhainya, your baseless accusations have gone too far. Raptor Jesus12/10/2010 12:02AM
Joe Smith visits Jesus and Mo, link OnceMore12/04/2010 12:53PM
Here we go again. Resignation does NOT eliminate contact & there's no such thing as a no-contact list. 15 Cheryl12/10/2010 04:17AM
RfM Woot rating is "unsatisfactory" helemon12/10/2010 03:34AM
Realistic, non-stupid things you're grateful for. 32 maria11/19/2010 11:06AM
my friend knows more exmos than mos pharmamarm12/08/2010 09:05PM
interesting tbm argument FOR lds financial transparency Nick Humphrey12/09/2010 08:28AM
Interview with a former missionary ollie12/10/2010 10:48AM
friend w/ bennies samuel l flyinghorse12/10/2010 04:17AM
Elders QP Said that there is no longer a DO NOT CONTACT LIST! 24 Delightsome White Boy12/09/2010 08:33PM
I am new here and would like to introduce myself: colonelmoroni 33 colonelmoroni12/08/2010 06:22PM
Happy Birthday Donny!! EssexExMo12/09/2010 11:17AM
Lehi on Facebook! vhainya12/10/2010 08:34AM
Where was I reading this? The CULT now says birth control is a private matter because sex IS NOT JUST FOR PROCREATION.... ozpoof12/08/2010 11:31PM
Mr. Nobody Skeptical12/09/2010 05:15PM
I need help writing to my missionary 13 rockfish12/09/2010 03:09PM
Holy Crap! 12 ExMormonRon12/09/2010 04:16PM
Another BOM oops. Can you help? 2 Nephi 10: 20-21 13 The Motrix12/09/2010 11:18PM
Heads up! When doing a search for 'Mormons' on Google &, RFM is # 1. !!! (n/t) Carol Yearsley12/10/2010 12:56AM
Lennon on the LDS: Imagine There's No . . . 12 steve benson12/08/2010 11:02PM
the FLDS prophets picture puts things into perspective 10 Nick Humphrey11/26/2010 04:40AM
"Used religion to get what he wanted..." possiblypagan12/09/2010 07:58PM
Another reason I hate LDS tithing anon712/09/2010 08:53PM chat service 33 Cam W.12/09/2010 11:04AM
dating a mormon update 38 godlygal12/08/2010 09:00PM
True experience involving a phone call to Thomas S. Monson 34 Yewt10212/09/2010 01:28AM
So what's the real difference between mormonism and "mainstream" christianity? 32 helamonster12/09/2010 04:55PM
Why I Know The Church Isn't True 16 ExMormonRon12/08/2010 06:10PM