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The first time I went inactive. (links contain strong language) archaicoctober10/01/2010 01:26PM
When did worthiness interviews with minor children begin? 16 Adult of god10/01/2010 02:04PM
They are sure repeating what the prophet does.... dawn10/02/2010 05:15PM
Watch Flora Jessop tomorrow night on Fox. Troy10/01/2010 06:53PM
Kolob Kruises! Join us as we hie to Kolob, closest rock to God... Tahoe Girl09/26/2010 03:31PM
The Starbucks of churches Thread Killer10/02/2010 01:53PM
7% of Mormons don't know Joseph Smith was Mormon scarecrowfromoz10/02/2010 11:26AM
TSCC: Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotional Control eddie10/01/2010 11:08PM
In honor of conference does anyone have links to the two versions of that one conference talk persephene10/02/2010 01:26PM
Mormon commercials Anonymous User10/02/2010 01:43PM
Just saw 8: The Mormon Proposition for the first time ed10/01/2010 09:57AM
HELP!!! We're low on money.... we need more missionaries..... scarecrowfromoz10/02/2010 12:16PM
'Not All Truth Is Useful' Guy Noir, Private Eye10/02/2010 01:24PM
I just called off my mission... 46 rallychild10/01/2010 06:35PM
finally saw Wall-E Scooter10/01/2010 05:55PM
Interesting.... get her done10/02/2010 10:34AM
DC's New Mormon Mayor axeldc10/02/2010 09:18AM
Mormons and Sex Offenders 10 Hmmm...10/01/2010 06:16AM
Yes I did leave because I was offended. 22 happycat09/23/2010 06:18PM
"BYU - America's Most Popular University" Skeptical10/01/2010 09:42PM
Urim and Thummim Definition Major Bidamon10/01/2010 06:22PM
For all you Newbies and Lurkers! 27 Timothy09/28/2010 01:24PM
tbm to me: "find peace bro" + my response (mature content) Nick Humphrey10/02/2010 09:24AM
Here's a commercial I'd like to see. 13 Makurosu09/28/2010 10:04PM
Just wanted to share this - Another small for Mom : ) Cali Sally10/01/2010 09:01PM
Let's hear your predictions for Genrul Confernz 31 OlMan10/01/2010 03:31PM
Call for patriarchal blessings rt10/02/2010 04:13AM
Is Mormonism a Prosperity Gospel? 12 Sawyer10/01/2010 06:02PM
BYU can't buy a football game. 12 foundoubt10/01/2010 09:11PM
Ungreatful Dead World Tour! happycat09/23/2010 06:13PM
Quote from Joseph Smith JoD3:36010/01/2010 01:26PM
About Monsons widows 18 JoD3:36009/27/2010 12:10PM
Silk Rose . . . How is you husband? shannon10/01/2010 04:09PM
Abusive characteristics of Mormonism eddie10/01/2010 04:47AM
I'm a trouble maker 11 rutabaga10/01/2010 01:43PM
The Current Crop Of "Old Guard" Faux LDS "Authorities" Got Their $$$ & Laughed 2 the Bank...Will Up & Comers B As Lucky... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/01/2010 08:12PM
E-mail string with new Bishop (long) 23 Anon for this09/30/2010 06:21PM
General Conference=Repeat the same crap twice a year, every year. 26 Rubicon09/24/2010 12:43PM
Polling the Non-Plugged-In Pious: Atheists and Agnostics Know More About Religion Than Believers Do 32 steve benson09/30/2010 12:35AM
My 6 year old is obsessed with church 15 June10/01/2010 01:15PM
Question for Troy... BestBBQ10/01/2010 05:00PM
TBM's comment about bishop: "If someone following him around with a clipboard, he wouldn't Pixie Dust10/01/2010 06:20PM
Now my human rights theory is ready for publication. Troy10/01/2010 06:17PM
In honor of The Flinstones 50th and Joseph Smith Thread Killer10/01/2010 04:35PM
My presentation went extremely well! Troy10/01/2010 02:16AM
Can you edit messages? I just noticed a typo that I want to correct in an earlier note. n/t (n/t) Grey10/01/2010 06:05AM
Does anybody know where I can stream The Mormon Proposition? Yewt10210/01/2010 12:14PM
I Pray the board stay's up Sat & Sunday...can it be so? (n/t) Mo larkey10/01/2010 03:13PM
Here I am, working from home! matt10/01/2010 03:34PM
Mormons and Nixon OnceMore10/01/2010 12:48PM
Jack Anderson dimmesdale09/30/2010 12:40PM
Who would win a cherry sptting contest, the Devil or Jesus? Grey10/01/2010 06:01AM
Scientologist documentary on UK BBC (link). Many parallels to Mormonism and Zeezromp09/30/2010 03:25PM
My favorite trivia questions for Mormons baura10/01/2010 11:10AM
Bear attack flow chart -- On Topic BestBBQ10/01/2010 12:29PM