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Elder Holland 34 rj12/17/2010 04:48PM
The Provo Tabernacle is on fire. 27 gemini12/17/2010 08:57AM
Celebrating "Cursed" Women everywhere 22 The Motrix12/17/2010 03:44PM
Another Inspiring Joseph Smith account from William Clayton's Journal Objective Truth12/18/2010 02:09PM
The mormon dictionary 6 iron12/17/2010 06:12PM
BYU Girls (video link) motherwhoknows12/15/2010 02:04PM
William Clayton Journal - August 23, 1843 - Spousal abuse? Objective Truth12/18/2010 04:09AM
William Clayton Journal - April 13, 1844 - Joseph's Prophecy Objective Truth12/18/2010 04:16AM
Now that gays and lesbians can legally and openly serve in the U.S. military, is the Mormon Church going to excommunicate any patriotic LDS service member who comes out? . . . 22 steve benson12/18/2010 03:59PM
The Holiday Season with the family I love. dthenonreligious12/18/2010 02:33PM
O/T - Voice of America report: Muslims saved Jews from the Holocaust during WWII (link). Prof. Plum12/18/2010 04:17PM
You KNOW about Mormon Doctrine --but where did you fit. 13 Just Browsing12/17/2010 10:48PM
Awkward Family Christmas Photos <fun link> Dave the Atheist12/18/2010 03:07PM
Question about Emma Smith: If she had divorced Joseph . . . 11 robertb12/18/2010 02:58PM
Dateline NBC tonight............NEW: Elizabeth Smart 9:00 PM S. CA AnonyMs12/17/2010 01:15PM
"Finding it hard to let go of things I should be happy to let go of", or "The Story of a Black Armband" (cuss) MJ12/18/2010 04:00PM
Anybody Here Know Now Which Part Of The Granite Mountain Chruch Vault Houses And/Or Stores The 14-Million Mint-Condition Brains Of Gullible Morgbots... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/18/2010 04:13PM
For a Saturday Giggle. :) nevermob12/18/2010 08:41AM
didnt joseph smith say that any man can see god if he has enough faith? Nick Humphrey12/18/2010 06:22AM
Ezra Taft Benson vs Martin Luther King Jr formermormer12/18/2010 05:33AM
Go UTEP! dr512/18/2010 02:23PM
Hymn #51 replaces Adam-God version JoD3:36012/18/2010 02:02PM
church removes racial references in BOM headings 13 Nick Humphrey12/18/2010 08:43AM
need help on housing in So. Cal in the new year-am going down for a bit southbound12/18/2010 12:20PM
Does anyone know the source for this quote? aaronshaf12/18/2010 04:20AM
Mormonism as the bad son-in-law: A parable O212/18/2010 01:11PM
Perhaps OT but it's Christmas related (Nativity) and amusing (link) spaghetti oh12/17/2010 01:09PM
Transitional fossils - Faces of Our Ancestors helemon12/17/2010 02:11AM
Dear God, 15 wine country girl12/17/2010 07:52PM
FYI re church funds 14 Truthseeker12/17/2010 11:10AM
Woohoo! (o/t, sort of) mateo12/18/2010 12:34PM
Was Stephen Craig married to someone after Marie Osmond..... outofutah12/17/2010 11:18PM
Need housing help-maybe going to So.Cal for a month or two southbound12/18/2010 12:03PM
Tired of the mormon soap opera? How about one from the Church of Christ (link) 3X12/18/2010 11:42AM
Official LDS list of JSJr's wives. CateS12/18/2010 05:41AM
2 guys show up at my door at 8:30 this morning with a turkey (again) . . . shannon12/18/2010 09:35AM
Proof the stone is rolling forth.... News link Mo Larkey12/17/2010 11:07AM
Povo Tabernacle burns down 33 unworthy12/17/2010 11:21AM
Do they still consider me one of them? 11 rain12/17/2010 08:36PM
The most depressing thing about cults/religions rudi12/18/2010 04:50AM
De-conversion stories - how did you discover the truth? 38 sherlock12/16/2010 05:32PM
What are the toilet cleaning callings called now? 31 Suckafoo12/16/2010 06:40PM
Virtually every story and claim of "truth" that the Mormon Church peddles I've found (upon further investigation) to be lacking in credibility. Reminds me of the advice I once was given by . . steve benson12/17/2010 07:20PM
Sex, and talking about sex, is integral to recovery from mormonism. (some language, but basically PG) 24 helamonster12/16/2010 05:18PM
Want proof that there is no god? cludgie12/18/2010 12:25AM
Bishop is sneaking off to see R rated movie anon712/17/2010 06:03PM
Wow! I just got love bombed. Charley12/17/2010 10:24PM
MADB Reporting that Racist BoM Chapter Headings Have Been Revised 24 WestBerkeleyFlats12/17/2010 01:11PM
Need some references Riverman12/17/2010 02:00PM
Provo Tabernacle burned to the ground!!! utahmonomore12/17/2010 07:07PM
Holy , what do I do now? 27 Saved - formerly known as Pissed!12/15/2010 05:42PM
Utah vodka Rubicon12/17/2010 07:35PM
I miss my brother! 15 puck12/16/2010 04:51AM
A Not So Good Morning Visit... 32 Lost12/17/2010 09:39AM
Could the LDS Church be like the state of California? Rubicon12/17/2010 07:50PM