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Getting the Morg Shaft 15 resipsaloquitur11/24/2010 09:16PM
Garments question for women 25 vhainya11/22/2010 10:43PM
Where has the picture of Tommy with East German dictator Erich Honecker gone? 10 rt11/22/2010 01:50PM
Ex-Pats, what are you doing today instead of eating turkey? Hermes11/25/2010 11:51AM
Wearing garments is a privilege? cludgie11/25/2010 10:48AM
Victimizing organizations stagnate 6 iron11/25/2010 11:16AM
does god ever forget to withdraw the holy ghost from exmos? 24 Nick Humphrey11/24/2010 09:44AM
My thoughts as an active member... 30 Adam11/23/2010 05:00PM
Happy Thanksgiving!! ExMormonRon11/24/2010 04:28PM
Why life really sucks right now. 18 Anon OP11/24/2010 03:46PM
Betty Butterfield meets the Mormons sweet11/25/2010 12:34AM
Did Joseph Smith come to eventually believe? 11 flipper11/24/2010 06:34PM
For the gals out many of you waited on missionaries and... ExMormonRon11/24/2010 03:21PM donser11/24/2010 10:38PM
Mormons and the Hollow Earth? 16 RAG11/24/2010 05:27PM
Great apostasy makes plan of salvation nonsensical sherlock11/24/2010 07:07PM
Does mormonism have a higher tolerance for crazies because of its crazy doctrine? or is this just typical of religion generally? helamonster11/24/2010 07:57PM
Garments! wonderer11/24/2010 11:58PM
More crazy stuff you were taught Tiff11/25/2010 12:20AM
For the gals out many of you actually waited for your missionary? (n/t) 23 GayLayAle11/22/2010 06:35PM
Abusive mormon lady on Dr.Phil last week.... 39 Anonymous User11/22/2010 02:40PM
your planet coryantumor11/25/2010 12:26AM
"Mormons aren't Christian because they believe in many gods." Well, I've got news for you... 10 helamonster11/24/2010 06:50PM
A Mormon's T-Giving prayer on his blog 15 Never Mo Wife and Mom11/24/2010 02:32PM
Crazy Crap We Were Taught 31 ExMormonRon11/24/2010 03:13PM
How does The Church explain dinosaurs? 24 Jon11/24/2010 06:22AM
Mormons always bless the refreshments at a function; even if they are Milk Bone Dog Biscuits flash11/24/2010 08:52PM
Interesting 1875 Chicago trib artice on MMM...and BY 11 jw the inquizzinator11/19/2010 04:24PM
Anyone have an "LDS-church-is-BS for Dummies" handy? 11 katieastg11/23/2010 10:40PM
trying to get out of SLC airport tonight 10 smokey11/23/2010 06:20PM
Another funny mission letter video (link) 17 Levi11/22/2010 07:32PM
Happy Thanksgiving, Yankee Doodle Dandies! n/t (n/t) Canuck Exmo11/24/2010 05:42PM
Mormonism and Creationism 10 Raptor Jesus11/23/2010 07:51PM
Unfortunately Mo'ism Will Never Die Due 2 The Bureaucracy & Jobs Creation That Has Built Up Around Its Charade Which In Many Morgbot Unenlightened Brains In & Of Itself... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/24/2010 06:51PM
How to Torpedo the Ultimate Mormon Cop-Out: "But Prophet (Fill-in-the-Blank) Was Only Speaking as a Man When He Made That Stupid, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Uneducated, Appalling, Untrue, Idiotic, Ignorant, Embarrasing, Etc. Statement" ... 12 steve benson11/24/2010 02:24AM
Anti-Mormon License Plates (Feel Free To Add Some) 19 melissa383911/21/2010 08:40AM
READ THESE YOUTUBE COMMENTS! THIS PISSES ME OFF. (Language) tombs111/24/2010 05:20PM
Crown Says [Mo] Polygamy Harms the State, Society, its Institutions, and Individuals. Lawyer calls it: An Anti-Democratic Abomination". Nightingale11/24/2010 01:59PM
So Mormons are big on playing the "you'll be sorry" card and letters from God stuff They don't want me back11/24/2010 12:48PM
Is God punishing me? If so, I'd like some more. benjimanluther11/24/2010 02:08PM
Silly rules and Christ 11 sherlock11/24/2010 01:35PM
“Am I obliged to believe every absurdity?... eddie11/23/2010 08:00AM
benefits of resigning? Not resigning? 12 jon111/24/2010 12:52PM
Julianne Hough is worried. badseed11/24/2010 01:55PM
Missionary Support ExMormonRon11/24/2010 03:18PM
As a Mormon, I didn't understand what role Jesus played 30 Suckafoo11/24/2010 11:21AM
i never new JS tried to join the methodist church in 1828! Nick Humphrey11/24/2010 08:05AM
The Dinosaur Conundrum ExMormonRon11/24/2010 11:07AM
Are all you Wasatch Front folk ready for the big blizzard? 34 MJ11/23/2010 05:49PM
What is your definition of "recovered"? 17 anagrammy11/24/2010 01:43AM
New LDS Christmas Book- "Christmas with the Prophets" badseed11/24/2010 02:07PM
Roxi Copland has a Xmas song for TSA Helen11/24/2010 02:01PM
Salamander Press - releases real biography of Thomas Monson cricket11/24/2010 12:08PM
The "REAL" three wisemen and the Bethlehem Star jw the inquizzinator11/24/2010 01:01PM
Holy Cow!!! The Egyptains (not JS) got it right weeder11/24/2010 12:56PM