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our ward got split Pil-Latté11/15/2010 02:47PM
Porn up, Rape down H.11/15/2010 03:43PM
apronic fashion parade joho11/15/2010 11:19AM
What is titing for, if not to take care of the Church's own people? wonderer11/15/2010 02:11PM
Just lectured (College, Ethics) on abortion 30 Holy the Ghost11/08/2010 09:42PM
porn addiction article in church news left open for me? 21 exmo5911/13/2010 11:39PM
The World Has Gone Mad!!! 14 Simone Stigmata11/15/2010 12:30PM
I gave a Presentation on Mormonism and Homophobia and am now being Stalked by Missonaries... 15 tombs111/15/2010 11:01AM
this just makes me sick to read! 32 Nick Humphrey11/15/2010 08:07AM
I'm sure this has been hashed over AquaLeo11/15/2010 01:43PM
Privacy and personal space issues.... 18 The exmo formerly known as Br. Vreeland11/14/2010 10:43PM
No support group letter? anon11/15/2010 01:27PM
Racism in the current YM manual. vhainya11/15/2010 12:12PM
just thinking... loveskids11/14/2010 09:26PM
I hated being stuck in a ward. Rubicon11/15/2010 01:19PM
Meeting exmos is so "therapeutic" AnonyMs11/14/2010 05:09PM
TBM wife's ward that is. mrtranquility11/15/2010 11:33AM
Sending resignation -- Eight Less members 20 The Motrix11/14/2010 10:51PM
Following the Brethren JoD3:36011/14/2010 10:49PM
What exactly are you supposed to learn at the temple? 39 emma11/12/2010 08:15PM
I'm about to loose my very best friend; 24 whine country girl11/14/2010 01:47PM
Word of Wisdom questions I should have learned the answers to in college 35 CA girl11/11/2010 11:32PM
When baptized Mormon 32 honestone11/14/2010 03:28PM
Well, I'll be damned! 12 Exmogal11/14/2010 04:21PM
Jeremiah anachronism anathema11/14/2010 08:33AM
Heavens Gate Exit Videos rambo11/15/2010 12:35AM
Temple Recomend /Catholic Indulgences apfvrf11/15/2010 10:29AM
everyone in the 1st Qourum of Seventy has at least 3+ kids, except for one person! Nick Humphrey11/15/2010 10:24AM
The COB looks like a giant, white, erect penis... 27 Mr. Eyepatch11/14/2010 01:04PM
faith promoting rumours 13 wonderer11/14/2010 12:21PM
There is no such thing as One True Church dr511/15/2010 08:22AM
Standards Meeting Bob..not registered11/15/2010 09:56AM
Two wards combined in Branson Missouri? eddie11/15/2010 03:25AM
TSCC appears to be processing more resignations via e-mail (link). Note to Eric K and Susan I/S. 10 FreeAtLast11/09/2010 02:25PM
Has anyone heard of a non-mormon who believes in mormon dead dunking? 23 Cheryl11/11/2010 03:27PM
Another hit against the word of wisdom Jesus Smith11/15/2010 06:43AM
I'm sure lots of you know this but many immigrants to the US had no choice.... brigantia11/15/2010 04:15AM
Ah, shucks, those prophets say the darndest things! Peter11/15/2010 02:39AM
Church owned Deseret News cannot afford photographers for BYU-Colorado St. football game Stuck11/13/2010 06:41PM
ETB--extensive article on him in today's Trib gemini11/14/2010 01:14PM
What mission did you serve in? 82 Adam11/14/2010 12:36PM
If Liz Smart didn't believe Mitchell was a real prophet, continued 29 Lucky11/14/2010 10:03PM
the church screwed with my head... 25 anon11/13/2010 02:48AM
Need a job? Catholics need more exorcists. 19 dagny11/13/2010 11:01PM
So what religion are you now? 48 Ctus11/14/2010 05:00PM
North Orange County CA Exmos meet November 14/Sunday 10:00 AM AnonyMs11/11/2010 12:55AM
BYU coach Mendenhall releases "Football Comes 5th" BUT I like these alternate titles better Eric Davis11/15/2010 01:09AM
So is being a closeted homosexual a requirement for megachurch ministers? 17 Stray Mutt11/14/2010 07:10PM
cordially invited to meet the bishopric night 13 tinker2711/14/2010 01:23PM
Orgazmo. 11 Makurosu11/11/2010 08:13PM
More Morg Doublespeak Truthseeker11/14/2010 07:40PM
The Sandy Foundation of Mormonism Ollie11/14/2010 11:43AM
Benson, Ike and the Birch Society. MJ11/14/2010 03:22AM
Impossible TBM's to give gifts to. What do you give to people who have 10 of everything, and appreciate nothing? 30 motherwhoknows11/14/2010 04:13PM
Prophets Can't / Won't Mislead Us? Oh Please! 10 melissa383911/14/2010 05:49PM