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I have lurked for a long time without ever posting, but this really got me going... damnrightimavandal12/13/2010 03:28AM
Can't get a serious answer (sexual content) 31 Uncle Dale12/12/2010 05:05PM
'tis the season to celebrate what mormons worship JoD3:36012/12/2010 09:37PM
Current Calling, if you still go to the LDS Church 18 Deluded12/11/2010 05:57PM
BOM now a free ebook in Project Gutenberg [ugh] charles, buddhist punk12/13/2010 10:49AM
The Mormon approach to doctrine is the most dishonest imaginable tillamook12/13/2010 03:12AM
Gawker. com gets hacked Jose Jiminez12/13/2010 10:24AM
Is BYUTV supposed to make the church a lot of $$ since it is on dish network wellsville12/12/2010 08:30PM
Anyone else go to the Messiah Concert in Draper UT last night? dontevenremember12/13/2010 08:36AM
Logic is Bad - per SM speaker Crathes12/12/2010 05:25PM
Can Anyone Help "aGayMormon?" Gay Philosopher12/12/2010 10:31PM
the National Geographic 28 quinlansolo12/12/2010 08:24PM
Very disappointed...husband did not get job out of Utah 15 runner12/11/2010 02:54PM
I want an apology! 32 guyfawkes12/12/2010 05:52PM
The Bible and a broader historical perspective eddie12/12/2010 06:14PM
A mutilated Money Mailbag solicitation from Christianity, Inc.: We are here suffering in the birthplace of Jesus--in order to bless you with a spiritual rebirth (after you first replensish our wallets) . . . steve benson12/12/2010 05:08PM
Additional proof the church protects the abuser / not the victims 10 stillsmallvoice12/12/2010 04:41PM
When are mormon teachings of the devil? D&C 50 JoD3:36012/12/2010 10:28PM
I'm back and ready to reconvert you all to the TRUE CHURCH! 31 ultratbmmegalord12/11/2010 01:26PM
MSNBC and the smart kidnapping bona dea12/12/2010 09:51PM
Stuff I wanted to say in EQ today 10 Major Bidamon12/12/2010 04:10PM
The First and Greatest Commandment 23 Anon12/12/2010 02:40AM
How soon will 2010 Conference podcasts be available? n/t (n/t) dcpott12/12/2010 07:59PM
Orange County California December 12 Meet up 24 AnonyMs12/03/2010 07:09PM
Have you had your quality mirror time today? LehiExMo12/12/2010 06:11PM
Hipster Joseph Smith 16 mateo12/11/2010 05:23PM
Video Update: The Exmo Recovery Book Project commenceth! athreehourbore12/12/2010 05:51PM
time wasted on church rambo12/11/2010 02:31PM
The Incomparable Joseph Smith Freevolved12/12/2010 04:41PM
All About the Mormons? South Park - HILARIOUS 13 rockfish12/11/2010 11:50PM
To my Mormon freinds--stop trying to love me back into the church 21 Provo Girl12/10/2010 10:55PM
Anyone see the mo' sisters on minute to win it? missskeptical12/12/2010 04:22PM
From the Believer Mailbag: Christians Who Want to Have It Both Ways--We Can Express Our Views In the Wake of Someone's Death But You Can't . . . 22 steve benson12/10/2010 04:51PM
Milburn Boggs Lillium12/12/2010 02:43PM
dangers of temple recommend saviorjoe12/12/2010 04:20AM
The Collapse of Evolution (Continued) mormon41112/12/2010 12:41PM
Why people stay even after their discovery of the truth about the church 10 KoEx12/12/2010 02:11PM
Loud laughter and irony. Skooby12/12/2010 12:15AM
SUU Prez busted for soliciting prostitute 30 StillAnon12/11/2010 07:55PM
survey, continued. I believe there was only one ( 6 iron?) 37 think4u12/10/2010 04:23PM
US obesity rates, Utah ranks 44th 30 vhainya12/06/2010 07:42PM
A Funny Video Sofie12/11/2010 09:56PM
Why I never got a testimonkey, or Nephi I Dieter12/12/2010 01:21AM
DVD "Mormon Proposition" on shelf at Blockbuster anagrammy12/11/2010 07:18PM
Volunteer labor, my neighbor, and his lawsuit over injuries on the job. vhainya12/12/2010 07:18AM
Okay folks...I'm fickle, and I'm going to do it. 20 wendell12/11/2010 06:39PM
We just received The Miracle of Forgiveness as a Christmas present 32 anon712/10/2010 10:39PM
The church is led by Satan 21 Misfit12/11/2010 10:20AM
The mall is so clear to me now.....please help? 21 Mormon Observer12/11/2010 12:43PM
dangers of temple recommend saviorjoe12/12/2010 04:20AM
sorry for the double post saviorjoe12/12/2010 04:45AM
The Collapse of Evolution 46 mormon41112/11/2010 10:26PM
I am the office Mormon-Answer-Man. Raptor Jesus12/11/2010 10:22AM
Elizabeth Smart wants to be a prosecutor...and her dad comments, "That it's subject to change". 36 Tauna12/11/2010 09:25AM
Told a Morg at work I'm an exmo, she wanted my name and said she will bring in an Ensign for me. 22 ozpoof12/11/2010 05:37AM