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The Church as it will be 50 years from now... 25 Quantumtheory12/13/2014 10:48AM
Disturbing funeral comment 33 Fishbird12/18/2014 08:20PM
Momos and awkward social skills jesuslovesfutbol12/20/2014 09:22PM
Ogden PostMos Coffee Meetup on Sunday 12/21 utahstateagnostics12/19/2014 08:20PM
The Ex-Mormon Creed 11 Sandy Birch12/20/2014 12:11AM
The old offended line.. 13 evilapoststaedil12/20/2014 11:40AM
A comment on Greg Trimble's polygamy apologetic..... randyj12/19/2014 05:34PM
Guess who owns the largest "for profit genealogy" co. in the world? anon for this one12/20/2014 07:49PM
Rules for Dealing with a Charity SEcular Priest12/20/2014 08:10PM
No junkies at xmas please 27 licoricemoratorium12/20/2014 12:38AM
Does LDS Inc. pass the (reformed) Scrooge Test? Elder Berry12/20/2014 11:42AM
Nervous about leaving 14 jonesb12/20/2014 06:25AM
If Joseph Smith were alive today, what kind of car would he be driving? 29 Jerry the Aspousetate12/20/2014 06:11PM
You know that "deep" scripture that you as a tbm tried to understand? 13 Already Gone12/20/2014 01:40PM
article: Egypt antiquity ministry slams BYU over mummies claims.. 17 Titanic Survivor12/19/2014 11:24AM
Another real life "Footloose" in the news! (link) southern idaho inactive12/20/2014 07:18PM
All About That Book 30 Random Anonymous Chick12/20/2014 12:30AM
Anyone have any experience with CK Builders from Pleasant Grove Utah? deco05/31/2014 07:07PM
Christmas lights on building MRM12/20/2014 06:03PM
Christmas with my Mormon Family 22 emelles12/19/2014 02:56AM
Would you wear a gun to church 33 themaster12/20/2014 01:04AM
north american health care 10 nha jo jo12/20/2014 11:49AM
Funny How "Traditional Marriage" Means 1 Thing Here & Another In Heaven!!! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/20/2014 07:43PM
Examining the "Jesus Never Existed" Argument: Where did the myth originate? 30 Tall Man, Short Hair12/20/2014 05:01AM
I'm taking a writing class this semester taught by Orson Scott Card 34 Teddy Blanchard12/20/2014 04:06AM
Bad News for Carrier Bashers: His Research Has Been Peer Reviewed (link) 38 steve benson12/20/2014 01:09AM
Mormonism is My Tribe. Is it yours? 54 MyTribe12/20/2014 02:20AM
Humor...I have a friend who wants to become a Mormon...... gentlestrength12/20/2014 06:53PM
John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff Already Gone12/20/2014 01:50PM
Anyone left on RfM who did a 2 1/2 year mission? How about 18 months? 40 cludgie12/18/2014 08:42AM
Probably O/T Vintage Holiday Dishes- Ever see one at a ward Xmas Party? Itzpapalotl12/20/2014 01:48PM
As We Celebrate his birth... (Video link) dejavue12/20/2014 06:17PM
take off the beanycopters for a moment 37 istandallamzed12/19/2014 02:01PM
Genetics disproves the mormon plan of salvation. 20 forbiddencokedrinker12/20/2014 09:59AM
Went to Temple Square to see the lights Already Gone12/20/2014 01:30PM
New stakes in MO and AR 12 Pittsburg12/16/2014 07:55AM
Exmormon alchoholic Brother was better off as a Mormon. 10 chainsofmind12/20/2014 01:11PM
And today's bias is . . . seekyr12/20/2014 08:40AM
Forget Santa Claus, Virginia. Was there a Jesus Christ?(link) southern idaho inactive12/20/2014 10:11AM
Blueorchid : Please expound Already Gone12/20/2014 01:38PM
Painting themselves into a corner CrispingPin12/19/2014 12:12PM
It's been a year since Newsweek announce "Saints Go Marching Out" dydimus12/19/2014 11:20PM
Will there be any mention of Jesus Christ at morg services since Christmas southern idaho inactive12/20/2014 10:30AM
early start on drinking this evening 10 matt12/19/2014 01:14PM
Best protest signs for GC in front of the Great and Spacious Bldg koriwhore12/20/2014 12:22PM
Atonement? peechy12/19/2014 02:54PM
Honestly, what is WRONG with some women? (rant - mostly OT) 21 CA girl12/19/2014 05:08PM
Re: Should I go back to a BYU school? cont'd. icedtea12/19/2014 10:15PM
Six Weeks of an SSRI (Viibryd) 17 Gay Philosopher11/28/2012 10:48PM
Conversations with my daughters Jane12/19/2014 02:34PM
on not having all the answers 13 dinah12/19/2014 01:52PM
Came home and roommate was talking with home teachers 11 jcrichards12/19/2014 01:36PM
Obligatory Friday Thread: What are YOU drinking tonight? 25 Timothy12/19/2014 05:00PM
Writing a book Raging Phoenix not logged in12/20/2014 04:51AM
Holiday Card from the bishopric apples12/19/2014 08:32PM