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BYU changes policy that investigated rape victims for violating honor code SusieQ#110/27/2016 01:14PM
NeverMo healing from TBM breakup- cupcake 45 butterfly4810/25/2016 09:08AM
OT Here's a VIDEO of continuously live streaming Euro news. LINK Topper10/27/2016 12:45PM
I'm an Exmormon that just got engaged to an ex Muslim... families active 38 Delightsome White Boy10/26/2016 11:31AM
Stunted 17 applesauce10/26/2016 10:56AM
My Nazi TBM wife moved out today after 25 years together... 52 Exmo2b10/23/2016 01:20AM
The most evil thing you can do besides murder. 24 themaster10/26/2016 11:37PM
O/T Wildlife populations plunge almost 60 percent since 1970 -WWF(link) 12 Anonymous 210/26/2016 09:47PM
Study shows religious people understand the world less. LINK Topper10/26/2016 10:18PM
Who is going to Hell? (joke ahead) quatermass210/27/2016 02:58AM
End of Times news... Major quakes in Italy elderolddog10/26/2016 04:46PM
#MormonMafia is trending on Twitter levantlurker10/27/2016 06:30AM
god takes out the trash 28 Dave the Atheist10/25/2016 12:38AM
Joseph Smith papers reprobate2110/26/2016 05:05PM
O/T Missing daughter of "Piano Guy" memikeyounot10/26/2016 04:29PM
20 Years Ago Today My Mom Passed Away 11 Lethbridge Reprobate10/26/2016 02:33PM
Who is going to Burn in Hell? beyondashadow10/26/2016 10:25PM
Rasband 15 TJC10/25/2016 10:12AM
I've reached a major milestone in my recovery Elder Berry10/25/2016 10:10PM
OT:New Scientist Post on Porn - TLDR: not a problem elfling_notloggedin10/26/2016 09:44AM
Why is Robert Kirby not excommunicated? 20 Hugh Nibley10/24/2016 11:44PM
New Mormon/Gay website officially up. (n/t) Topper10/25/2016 08:13PM
What's real vs fake: Ancient Papyrus from 7th century BCE find Amyjo10/26/2016 06:02PM
What the &^%&. I was excommunicated??? 60 ificouldhietokolob10/25/2016 11:26AM
Dark skinned curse and Polynesians 14 Curious9910/25/2016 01:37PM
Sending healing wishes for Cludgie's son. (n/t) 13 auntsukey10/24/2016 11:37PM
BYU Title 1X update, going in the right direction. lINK Topper10/26/2016 03:28PM
Something last night Chicken N. Backpacks10/26/2016 12:14PM
From the Call-In for Christ Center: How Would You Answer Jesus? 11 steve benson10/26/2016 02:37PM
Feminine and Masculine Speaking Styles East Coast Exmo10/26/2016 07:39PM
Spouse going back on tithing agreement. :( 61 goodeye10/21/2016 09:57AM
FINALLY! Secret of Morg's Success REVEALED!!!! 11 GNPE10/25/2016 12:48PM
The Inner Workings Few People Want to See SEcular Priest10/26/2016 11:03AM
Our Souls, Heaven and the Afterlife 62 cynful10/24/2016 04:54AM
The Genetically-Poisoned Catastrophe That Has Sprung from Mormon Polygamy topped10/26/2016 03:13PM
Mormons and inbreeding 37 volrammos03/03/2012 07:54AM
is there any evidence/documentation for.... GNPE10/26/2016 02:43PM
It sucks to work for Mormons and with Mormons 16 elciz06/05/2014 10:08AM
Exmormon Conference video or audio Provo Girl10/25/2016 06:32PM
Joseph Fielding Smith Gay newnamesaul10/26/2016 01:30PM
LDS Drag Queens, LDS Gay Patriarchs & Early LDS Gay Practices (2 Parts) 20 steve benson11/03/2014 10:32PM
Office of Church Patriarch Succumbs to Homosexuality & Insider Family Feuds steve benson11/06/2014 05:05AM
SP Interview and Request 30 Anon-B10/24/2016 09:33PM
Can TBM's perform non-TBM Weddings? 21 nomonomo10/24/2016 10:58PM
Mormon and Gay (CNN article) is very interesting (n/t) Anon1234510/25/2016 03:23PM
Mourning because I know I will never have a relationship with my mother 17 sisteroutsider10/25/2016 12:22PM
First Vision 17 newnamesaul10/25/2016 03:46PM
JW's and Friends 15 Mormoney10/25/2016 02:58PM
Early 70's church manuals for research? exmo8210/24/2016 08:39PM
Evil (Mormonism vs. Gays) getbusylivin10/25/2016 10:26PM
Where's Mormon and Trans? sd allison10/25/2016 07:52PM
Kentucky Ark Promoter Ken Ham Says "Aliens Can't Possibly Exist" 20 anybody10/25/2016 04:47PM
One Lie Leads To Another: the Science Behind Dishonesty Amyjo10/25/2016 09:10AM
TBM Died No Family More Details Part 2 19 themaster10/23/2016 08:44AM
Leaked Morg notice-ministering to people with same sex attraction LINK Topper10/25/2016 08:08PM