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STUPID GA sayings time 52 Google09/21/2017 09:32PM
I wonder if Coca Cola 18 donbagley09/21/2017 07:01PM
If the technology had been around, what would Joe Smith have tweeted? (n/t) 13 Gheco09/23/2017 02:34AM
Need Some Help Re BoA 25 Cr@ig P@xton08/26/2014 04:05PM
Met a group of plygs the other day. 26 Cheryl09/22/2017 11:43AM
OT, worried. auntsukey09/22/2017 01:56AM
35 million for the BoM-New Song for LDS CORP jkdd25909/24/2017 01:25AM
To boner: watch 'symphony of destruction' by megadeth 12 badassadam09/23/2017 01:38PM
Missionaries came to my door and i stood my ground (cussing) 33 badassadam09/22/2017 07:17PM
The equinox is here, welcome to autumn 19 anybody09/22/2017 09:25AM
heard there gonna make members clean temples now too how nice.... 13 Joe the man ho & Brig the pig09/23/2017 11:29PM
Sex Robots in the Celestial Kingdom? elderolddog09/23/2017 03:54PM
Caffeine at BYU. Finally. Really. 61 memikeyounot09/21/2017 10:58AM
backstreet boys "I want it that way" Joe smith style Joe the man ho & Brig the pig09/22/2017 01:26PM
Featherstone masturbating speech 13 Omergod09/22/2017 01:08PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, September 24th Bite Me09/23/2017 11:12AM
If You Are Not On Top of the Issues, The Church can make a Person Feel Wort 13 SEcular Priest09/23/2017 06:00PM
Gold and Green Ball ? 25 Southern ExMo09/19/2017 10:11PM
Craig Cardon: Proof that the Mormon Lord Works in Obnoxious Ways steve benson09/23/2017 07:07PM
Two men in suits at my door bluebutterfly09/23/2017 02:43PM
Love you long time Korea omergod09/23/2017 04:20AM
Yep! It's a cult. 11 Leaving09/22/2017 01:43AM
Email from my TBM sister... memikeyounot09/23/2017 03:38PM
Dotards, and what they mean 24 Omergod09/22/2017 12:30PM
Cult tactics Dave the Atheist09/23/2017 02:29PM
SAHM and Mormonism 27 goldrose09/21/2017 03:42AM
Watched a good video last night, about not wanting sorrow but restitution. 25 badassadam09/20/2017 12:40PM
The $35m BoM, full of most perfect mistakes and all! (link) 35 Chicken N. Backpacks09/21/2017 11:45AM
The real reason for the Little Cottonwood Canyon vault 15 thedocumentor09/20/2017 05:19PM
O/T I'm so tired of being the family lightening rod. Anon for this One09/22/2017 12:34AM
Ultra-Orthodox Men Now Wearing Blindfolds To Avoid Seeing "Immodest" Women 36 anybody09/20/2017 09:36AM
Christian Numerologist: World to end Sept. 23, 2017 63 Bang09/17/2017 12:22AM
Music for September 23rd! BYU Boner09/23/2017 01:44AM
With cold caffeine OK at BYU now... slskipper09/23/2017 01:11AM
O/T Need Help with a Quote nomonomo09/12/2017 11:52PM
Reasons for living 12 Paladin09/22/2017 05:11PM
Can't say no? caedmon09/23/2017 10:52AM
Mormons manage to lower the bar even lower ... 52 bezoar09/20/2017 12:45PM
Because the One True Church NEEDS a Lobbyist left4good09/22/2017 09:00PM
"I wish I'd spoken up when..." 16 left4good09/22/2017 03:53PM
CA Cable Company Accidentally Announces The Apocalypse On Live Television anybody09/22/2017 11:57PM
My birth son's birthday is today 34 Amyjo09/21/2017 10:26AM
They Have Changed the Wedding Ceremony in Temple 30 SEcular Priest09/20/2017 07:49PM
I double dog dare you 38 mobegone04/06/2011 04:47PM
How many female BYU students get degrees in Family Studies? 27 brigidbarnes09/21/2017 03:48PM
For my friend, Badass (cussing and triggering) 31 BYU Boner09/21/2017 09:38PM
Response to some of you 12 badassadam09/21/2017 07:33PM
Judge Calls Rapist an "Extraordinary, Good Man" Anon370H55V09/22/2017 05:11AM
Trying to understand Roy Moore and the desire for theocratic rule anybody09/22/2017 01:38PM
NAS Jacksonville Hospital Staff Called Black Babies "Mini-Satans" 31 anybody09/21/2017 09:19AM
Roy Moore: Evolution is fake and homosexuality should be illegal 16 anybody09/21/2017 07:14PM
Favorite Primary hymns ... Got any ? 62 Amyjo09/07/2017 09:59AM
who do you think the most evil gas are? 23 Joe the man ho & Brig the pig09/20/2017 09:36PM
Greg Trimble, righteous surfer dude. Chicken N. Backpacks09/21/2017 02:10PM