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Kid at my daughter's school is trying to reindoctrinate her shodanrob05/21/2015 02:50PM
Build a shelf, bow, and, kneel; pray along,... Elder Berry05/21/2015 08:23PM
TBMs who blame all their life problems on not following Morg Rules 27 Anon regular poster05/19/2015 06:47AM
A BYU professor brought up the multiple first visions in class 22 Cold-Dodger05/21/2015 04:55PM
Looking up the Family Tree 18 aquarius05/19/2015 11:50PM
Jenna Kim Jones talks to Ravishly about being a Mormon in the entertainmen southern idaho inactive05/20/2015 08:12PM
I defaced an Ensign Magazine 11 Graffiti Artist05/20/2015 05:38PM
did R. Dean Udy make get released from prison yet? somnambulist05/20/2015 11:29AM
Temple image crew socks 11 cl205/21/2015 12:34PM
This just in from the Biblical Scholars 14 xdman05/21/2015 03:57PM
Returning Missionaries Cause BYU-Idaho Enrollment to Rise(link) southern idaho inactive05/21/2015 03:49PM
Want to triple your income in life? Elder Berry05/21/2015 04:19PM
Finally happening, the ward wants to rescue me. 13 Haunted Wasatch05/21/2015 12:58AM
Cheryl and the stalkers continued 10 madalice05/20/2015 04:54PM
Evangelist Franklin Graham urges Christians to pray for U.S. Supreme Court southern idaho inactive05/21/2015 03:04PM
TBM son so shattered by CES revelations, he doubts 31 Anon for this one05/19/2015 08:37PM
Great message for youth - follow a corporation or get lost and die Elder Berry05/21/2015 01:37PM
The Mormon church won't like this (new Boy Scouts policy) Titanic Survivor05/21/2015 05:20PM
Somewhat OT/Guess what TBM Dad/Ex? It is NOT ABOUT YOU! Recovered Molly Mo05/21/2015 10:45AM
LD$ Church will be first in line (link) Riverman05/21/2015 04:39PM
Recommend any videos ? left05/20/2015 10:56PM
LDS woman files police report for harassment by TBMs for speaking out left4good05/21/2015 11:14AM
Enduring caused death wish!!!! 11 crissykays05/21/2015 12:42PM
If I knew you were coming I would have not baked you a cake 14 Elder Berry05/21/2015 10:59AM
One Man's Adventures in Exmo Love, Part II 25 Tal Bachman05/20/2015 04:35AM
Many of you are butterflies bradley05/20/2015 02:10PM
Help, I’ve been sucked in! 34 justarelative05/20/2015 11:35PM
In the news....... verilyverily05/21/2015 12:53PM
There are 15 Million Members 17 Ex-CultMember05/21/2015 01:50AM
Televangelist Creflo Dollar Defends His Plans For $65 Million Private Jet southern idaho inactive04/23/2015 11:13PM
One Man's Adventures in Ex-Mormon Love and Sex, Part One 25 Tal Bachman05/05/2015 03:06AM
alteratives to donating to DI in Utah county 30 nomomomo12/19/2010 12:49PM
LDS Church members in Brazil make 3,000-mile, 6-day journey to Sao Paulo Te southern idaho inactive05/20/2015 08:08PM
Cordoba Argentina Temple: Already uplifting spirits, changing lives(link) southern idaho inactive05/18/2015 03:40PM
9 Lone Peak baseball players prepare to serve LDS missions(link) southern idaho inactive05/21/2015 11:45AM
Follow-up with Stake President about boob picture this wed 7:45pm 10 poppyseed8405/18/2015 10:12PM
Don't ask Gramps 12 seekyr05/20/2015 12:46PM
How cemeteries and smartphones play a role in LDS family history(link) southern idaho inactive05/21/2015 11:48AM
Mormon sign company gets hacked - displays obscene image scotslander05/21/2015 10:34AM
In my Ward, parents expel non-believing minor from home. 34 Deluded05/20/2015 03:34PM
What do Mormons say about Mark 12:25? 17 Whosoever05/20/2015 09:24PM
Voices in the sky Shummy05/20/2015 07:30PM
Do Mormons in law enforcement fail to protect apostates from revenge? James E Faust05/21/2015 07:51AM
I think the 15 old dbags know its a fraud, but they are emotionally bonded 6 iron05/20/2015 04:28PM
I don't understand Social Mormons or the Religious Sense of Tribe 12 ThatLittleBriggyWentWeeWeeWee05/19/2015 07:40PM
o/t sorta My wife and I have been sampling gin cocktails 20 matt05/19/2015 05:55PM
When Mother won't take M for answer: turning boys into girls anybody05/21/2015 03:45AM
I'm WAY more righteous than YOU are. . . . 20 baura05/20/2015 04:40PM
Have you read about twin flame relationships ? 17 6 iron05/20/2015 11:22AM
Just so you good people know 11 Anonn05/19/2015 12:51AM
Did anyone have personal dealings with Arthur "killer" Kane? deco05/20/2015 11:53PM
Joseph Smith succeeded because he knew what people wanted 10 Pooped05/20/2015 11:46AM
Why No New Revelations? 16 anybody05/19/2015 11:01PM
O/T Do any of you get very suffocated in relationships? 12 ThatLittleBriggyWentWeeWeeWee05/20/2015 08:46PM
Witnessed some missionary zeal....sort of 12 Lethbridge Reprobate05/20/2015 09:04AM