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Two recent returned missionaries on Facebook state they're getting married 19 agnesbroomhead07/28/2015 11:55AM
Invisible husband "exposes" himself in tank top to DW's friend 36 Myron Donnerbalken07/23/2015 08:20AM
Am I the only one who feels this way ? 27 momto15kids07/25/2015 03:20PM
Relief Society Question 27 iris07/27/2015 06:28PM
Has Anyone Gotten Tattooed Since Leaving the Mormon Church? 37 brothernotofjared07/28/2015 02:10PM
OT/ I hate having a bed time 20 Beth07/29/2015 01:05AM
Anybody read any of Nibley's books? 34 whiteandelightsome07/29/2015 02:37PM
Sister missionary admires Brigham Young, considers him a "cool guy" 36 agnesbroomhead07/28/2015 11:13AM
Moving to Utah - other discussion closed 20 JDC4107/28/2015 11:48AM
You are the new President of the Church 21 Holy the Ghost07/23/2015 09:59PM
Have you any money? zulu07/30/2015 12:27AM
New acronym for FAIR and FARMS (adult) whiteandelightsome07/29/2015 05:27PM
Truth in labeling Stray Mutt07/29/2015 09:44PM
Hinckley and the 1950 Buick Roadmaster cricket07/29/2015 04:53PM
Feeling sorry for the rudderless LDSS Titanic - not! cricket07/28/2015 05:46PM
Any Other Baby-Boomers Here Remember Flubbing-Up The "Sacrament Gem"??? (n/t) 20 BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/28/2015 10:42PM
Confederate flags in Utah 36 theviking07/22/2015 08:33PM
News Flash: Joseph Smith, Jr. was a direct descendant of Jesus Christ .... 20 beyondashadow07/29/2015 01:23AM
At Book of Mormon in Capitol Theater, SLC Xyandro07/29/2015 09:35PM
BSA Decision - Legal Analysis 13 Doubting Thomas07/29/2015 01:14PM
Mormons Aren't Going to Like This Article About Successful Children 16 newcomer07/29/2015 09:00AM
Personal Note 37 Don Bagley07/29/2015 02:06PM
LGBT Dating Scene at BYU Provo...? 34 madasahatter07/26/2015 12:49AM
Happy Birthday to Normarae! 16 One Who Posted07/29/2015 05:53AM
I can't stand BYUI anymore... EPIC RANT 35 Cold-Dodger01/30/2015 05:16PM
Question: Suing to attend a temple wedding 37 Pathway07/29/2015 11:25AM
What are the odds? iplayedjoe07/29/2015 01:22PM
A critique of the Alma/Korihor debate 32 whiteandelightsome07/28/2015 05:55PM
why have there never been girl scouts troops in the church? 36 John_NoRelation_Wayne07/28/2015 03:53PM
No Smith as an apostle 12 themaster07/27/2015 07:58PM
I found Brigham Young's diagnosis Elder Berry07/29/2015 01:54PM
Be ye therefore humble...NOT! Elder Berry07/29/2015 12:45PM
Mormons chatting with Koriwhore about wife swapping and child rape. 18 koriwhore07/26/2015 12:29PM
A polygamist in every ward? 36 cattofthegarage07/29/2015 05:03AM
Call out to ificouldhietokolob 35 Bruce A Holt07/28/2015 02:17PM
Weird things legal in Utah? Niece buries infant in back yard. 21 One Who Posted07/29/2015 07:59AM
Alternatives to Religion to find some Hope. 28 beyondashadow07/27/2015 05:44PM
Beer Advice Needed 14 iflewover07/26/2015 10:46AM
Why doesn't the church fight for celestial marriage and celestial sex? 22 poopstone07/26/2015 11:14PM
How Mormon were you? 36 ElderCarrion07/28/2015 12:46PM
Is Allah and Jesus the same God or different Gods 26 themaster07/26/2015 04:46PM
Were Matt Stone or Trey Parker ever Mormon? deco07/29/2015 01:26AM
Raising miscarried fetuses in the next life? 15 AnonExed07/28/2015 10:19PM
A little history on J.S.'s Family. William & Sophronia. Joe's first kill? dydimus07/29/2015 12:54AM
R U supposed to register somewhere? 10 GeezerDogMom07/28/2015 10:49PM
Satan or Elohim? 26 CTRringturnsmyfingergreen07/28/2015 12:17PM
Today on Radio West [07/29/2015 (11 AM)]- Struggling with Divine Violence soutskeptic07/29/2015 11:42AM
Hateful TBM Facebook comments about mass resignation cont. for a bad joke Elder Berry07/28/2015 12:23PM
Germany Frankfurt mission 17 fritz07/29/2015 05:48AM
Front page of the ensign 12 crissykays07/28/2015 01:23PM
What sins are named after a city? What new cities should be so honored? 30 beyondashadow07/26/2015 04:42PM
Time to Resign from the Mormon Church 22 brothernotofjared07/28/2015 12:07PM
TBM mother and her drugs ElderCarrion07/28/2015 01:27PM
A Sad Day for the BSA 38 sonofperdition07/28/2015 11:05PM
Margaret Heffernan: The dangers of "willful blindness" AmIDarkNow?07/28/2015 05:11PM