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How can I be Mormon "Royalty"? I was rooting for the San Francisco Giants. (n/t) steve benson10/30/2014 01:28AM
Sicko Pedophile Joseph Smith Pressured a 12-year-old Girl to Marry Him... 23 steve benson10/29/2014 12:23AM
Let's just suppose for a minute...... verilyverily10/30/2014 01:51AM
So TSCC never practiced polygamy and god did not instruct themaster10/30/2014 02:41AM
News: Ancient Teotihuacan artifacts found in tunnel ... optional210/30/2014 01:39AM
in the name of jesus christ nutbutter10/29/2014 02:21AM
"You're not important enough to stand up for yourself" Katy10/29/2014 09:06PM
Joe Smith, the Prophet Pimp MakesMyHeadSwim10/30/2014 02:10AM
What's this? BYU changing it's religion requirements to graduate? 31 CA girl10/29/2014 12:36PM
World's Sickest Manipulative Phrase: "Families 'can be' together forever" 16 generationofvipers10/29/2014 10:21AM
If someone were like Joseph Smith Carrots Tomatoes and Radishes10/29/2014 01:16AM
Father's Old Books pianoforte10/29/2014 09:21PM The 20 Most Out-There Religious Beliefs slcslc10/29/2014 11:11PM
Police: Poison likely killed Utah family of 5 (link) Ragnar10/30/2014 12:56AM
second annointing 32 dirtbikr10/29/2014 01:16PM
TSCC works for a few people (language) vastness10/29/2014 08:12PM
My husband refuses to wear his $4000 hearing aids 38 laurel10/28/2014 10:14PM
Anybody else remember the FHE manual purge of approx 1980? anagrammy10/29/2014 09:58PM
Meet the Mormons still just for Mormons... 20 jerry6410/29/2014 06:39PM
I now understand the TBM mind 33 Haunted Wasatch10/26/2014 11:44PM
A message from God: wine country girl10/29/2014 11:12PM
Arabic friendliness.... yeah you too Danny boy Shummy10/29/2014 11:15PM
75 Reasons to Conclude that Christianity is false efg10/29/2014 03:50PM
Sarah Ann Whitnew - another wife JS totally didn't do it with brucermalarky10/29/2014 08:07PM
Should the song "Follow the Prophet" be pulled ? 10 6 iron10/29/2014 01:42PM
Questions from a NeverMo Not A Mormon10/29/2014 08:53PM
The General Authorities sacrifice so much. 32 Rubicon10/22/2010 04:49PM
Looking for potential song titles for an album of tunes. . . 15 tamboruco10/29/2014 04:18PM
What are the questions asked to get into TSCC temple? 17 Strangite10/28/2014 02:59PM
List of "wives" that Joe slept with 34 rt10/28/2014 01:53PM
Does the internet improve critical thinking skills? 11 deco10/28/2014 11:19PM
Clayton's Diaries Give Lie to LDS Essay-Lowlifes with Divine Sanction 37 generationofvipers10/28/2014 10:32AM
1280 the zone on why BYU won't get into a major conference johnstockton1210/29/2014 07:24PM
No dancing without a permit in St. George 17 La_Capa10/28/2014 09:56PM
Trifling Conversation, Unchaste Conversation, and Criminal Conversation Sarony10/29/2014 05:21PM
Joseph Smith the Paraphile, probably not technically a Pedophile generationofvipers10/29/2014 07:43PM
I've seen all the recent Joseph Smith movies... Chicken N. Backpacks10/29/2014 07:53PM
Contrary to Mormon Cult Lies, Joseph Smith Advocated Blood Atonement steve benson10/29/2014 06:41PM
You aren't a "crazy" Mormon Johnnn10/29/2014 03:04PM
This one has been bugging me for days O'Brien10/29/2014 05:40PM
25 Colleges Where Students Are Both Hot And Smart Mr. Happy10/29/2014 06:09PM
G.B. Hinckley sex scandal?!?? 33 pathos10/28/2014 10:45PM
For newcomers to RFM: the angel with drawn sword redux... randyj10/29/2014 05:59PM
One Day A Donkey Fell Into a Well.... (Humor) heretic10/29/2014 03:16PM
Could you convert a married gay couple? 10 nevermo110/28/2014 05:32PM
NeverMo question about garments 13 NeverMoQuestion10/29/2014 03:09PM
Why does tori and dean seem like a mormon marriage nutbutter10/29/2014 12:30AM
Church saves the day! Ebola Relief 12 iplayedjoe10/28/2014 01:00AM
LDS Church claims I am of European Royalty 22 themaster10/28/2014 09:30AM
Bumper sticker suggestions... "Families aren't forever... if? 26 Cokeisoknowdrinker10/29/2014 12:04PM
A great line from the recent Outlander t.v. series. on topic joan10/29/2014 02:25PM
The Kolobian Chronicles ~ “Breakfast with Monson” ziller10/29/2014 12:52PM
Not just tearing down 14 blankstare10/29/2014 07:57AM
? Where can I go annieg10/29/2014 05:45AM
JS Can Have A Velcro-Fly...But LGBT's Are Supposed 2 Remain Celibate... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/29/2014 02:35PM