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Issac Bailey:"Franklin Graham's god isn't mine - is he yours?" anybody03/27/2017 11:23PM
Whiplash Woo-Woo: Whipping Up Xtian "Miracles" but Whipping Down LDS Ones 24 steve benson03/27/2017 03:37AM
OT/HJRes 86 valkyriequeen03/28/2017 09:43AM
Confronting others on religion is a mormon mindset. 26 Cheryl03/27/2017 10:56AM
Mormon Stories 711-714 seemingly taken down? Zeezromp03/28/2017 03:29AM
Deseret Industries raising prices - fast! Why? 21 tamboruco03/26/2017 03:40PM
justify christ 34 -03/25/2017 03:58PM
Issac Bailey:"Franklin Graham's god isn't mine - is he yours?" anybody03/27/2017 11:23PM
OOPS, I might have made a mistake! 26 lazylizard03/25/2017 02:54PM
Burning BOM 16 incognitotoday03/26/2017 10:57AM
Anyone want to start a church? What should we call it? 17 RebelJamesDean03/26/2017 03:23PM
Do you feel comfortable having a stake patriarch being on the school board? Agnes Broomhead03/27/2017 06:16PM
"Concerned Christians" in Mesa AZ, THEY ARE FULL OF IT! my story... 26 tombs103/16/2013 01:33PM
Who Can Take a Stab? Is there evidence re self-replicating life - 60 thingsithink03/25/2017 11:44PM
every knee shall bow and every tongue confess 24 -03/25/2017 12:46PM
O/T Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from NPR memikeyounot01/18/2017 02:05PM
Houston Exmo Meet-up ~ 13 ziller03/13/2017 05:01PM
My friend Jack RPackham03/27/2017 01:54PM
Two different girls, two different eras-but the discrimination is the same anybody03/27/2017 07:14PM
SL Trib Will the Word of Wisdom Ever Change? LINK Topper03/27/2017 05:32PM
O/T Is the new "CHiPs" movie as really as bad a "Dumb and Dumber"(link) Anonymous 203/26/2017 03:43PM
WHAT?....NO FRIDAY BOOZE INQUIRY?? 17 Lethbridge Reprobate03/24/2017 10:28PM
Does Starbucks do "steamers" outside of Utah? 31 cludgie03/24/2017 01:29PM
Do you like the band Staind? 13 M. Uzak03/25/2017 03:38PM
Patriarchal Blessings beckyannawesome03/27/2017 12:11PM
Oh no! It wasn't a joyful day in Rome! 25 Tyrrhenia03/26/2017 11:58AM
wow, this forum has impressed me 14 -03/25/2017 05:52PM
The things that contradict the other things 14 Disbelief in Albany03/27/2017 07:30AM
Being in need of something that can only be had by not being in need M. Uzak03/27/2017 06:22AM
"Church with our Friends" special Sacrament Meeting 15 rainbowjello03/24/2017 11:06AM
There's no bad reason for leaving mormonism. Cheryl03/27/2017 05:09AM
Why haven't modern day Prophets performed a single miracle? 35 RebelJamesDean03/20/2017 03:15PM
Do U have ONE MoTab tune U enjoy? GNPE03/26/2017 02:10PM
The Reason For Four Wards to a Building 26 westernwillows03/24/2017 03:16PM
O/T commercial plug: Father Michael's Roastery 14 cludgie03/25/2017 11:34AM
A vacation is coming Disbelief in Albany03/27/2017 09:33AM
Delusional Mormon Justin03/26/2017 06:12PM
Sunday morning 11 scootergirl5703/26/2017 08:35AM
The phenomenon of "blue lies." Mormons use these same techniques. Devoted Exmo03/27/2017 09:59AM
Curiosity Killed the Walking Dead Cat Realitycheck03/27/2017 08:56AM
Congregations heed the call to shield immigrants(link) Anonymous 203/26/2017 08:06PM
Monsons Hobby- who knew? 28 anonnnnnn03/26/2017 02:00PM
O/T Update time kativicky03/26/2017 09:21PM
Does LDS attract lots of nasty snarly types with a front of holiness? 28 brigidbarnes03/21/2017 10:48PM
Islamophobia isn't unique to America. It's also in India. 46 anybody03/24/2017 01:42PM
Final moments of being Mormon? 29 Disillusioned03/25/2017 01:35PM
What Am I Bid For Circa 1975 Freeze Dried Food Storage Pre-Jesus Return... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/26/2017 07:08PM
It's Sunday!! What are you doing today instead of church! 16 kativicky03/26/2017 07:49AM
A couple is suing Georgia to name their daughter Allah(link) Anonymous 203/26/2017 02:28PM
Does anyone remember the Free to Choose video slideshow series in seminary? 32 mkay07/15/2011 12:46PM
Quick Question 15 seamaiden03/16/2017 01:08AM
External Locus of Control puppet03/26/2017 03:26PM
Muslims actually do condemn terrorism. Here's the evidence. You decide. 17 anybody03/26/2017 01:20PM
Why do a number of people who leave Mormonism stay Christian? 27 summer03/25/2017 03:09AM
Missionaries get served.. 11 blakballoon03/24/2017 07:17AM