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So you are hoping LDS InC is God's true religion but themaster06/25/2016 10:33PM
LDS Living Article- 6 Harmful Myths Mormon Women Hear... 10 Itzpapalotl06/25/2016 08:03PM
And The Award For This Week's Most Succint Yet Accurate Comment Goes To... BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/26/2016 05:11PM
I feel inspired to make a prophecy about LDS InC themaster06/26/2016 05:35PM
The LAST day I have to attend mormon Sunday services 15 Exmo Aspie06/26/2016 04:17AM
What are some good things to post on Facebook about the cult? 6 iron06/26/2016 02:40PM
Wake up call. Where Mormons have a sacred covering Elder Berry06/25/2016 11:38AM
vaughn featherstone - interviewing pre-pubescent children about masturbation is praiseworthy 22 Nick Humphrey03/23/2012 07:26AM
What tribe are native Americans assigned in patriarchal bless? Anon for this post06/26/2016 12:57PM
WWYD O/T parenting? anon4this06/26/2016 08:36AM
An old Handbook of Instruction.--Influenced the Nov. '15 edict. LINK Topper06/26/2016 04:33AM
First Principles of the Gospel johnberwick06/26/2016 08:17AM
Where is the promised land for Quarter-Life Crisis Mormons? 11 Elder Berry06/24/2016 07:12PM
Apostles' "word" above all else 17 Lcray06/25/2016 12:44AM
They loved the Church. They loved each other more. Twinker06/25/2016 03:43AM
I used to believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God Babyloncansuckit06/26/2016 12:09AM
Did your wife remarry after divorcing you for apostasy? 23 Pooped06/24/2016 08:16PM
easy teaching anontoday06/26/2016 10:01AM
Get your own planet after all! LINK friendlyeconomist06/26/2016 10:55AM
Make your own nametag! 21 MelindaG07/23/2013 09:08AM
Having a Perfect ExMo Saturday Lethbridge Reprobate06/25/2016 04:51PM
I'm about to drop a bomb and my husband has no idea. 31 srm201606/25/2016 04:58PM
Mormonism: the ultimate long con The Ohio State06/25/2016 02:06PM
Ballard's talk tot he World Congress of Families-prior to Nov. edict LINK Topper06/26/2016 04:37AM
Cruel body shaming by a Florida mission president--LINK 19 Topper06/22/2016 11:39PM
I crack myself up...Deconverting the mishies, one beach at a time. 13 shannon06/25/2016 05:22PM
Wanna be de-baptised?(link) Blakballoon nli06/26/2016 06:33AM
When does a lie transmute into truth? Babyloncansuckit06/26/2016 05:11AM
LDS Counseling Lcray06/26/2016 12:35AM
Priests not allowed alone with kids (link) blakballoon06/25/2016 01:04AM
patriarchal blessing 19 tmg06/24/2016 10:19PM
Revelations I'd like to see: "Apostates are delicious!" getbusylivin06/25/2016 11:55AM
Last call for June 25th party at Tahoe Joe's in Northern Calif. 13 Jerry the Aspousetate06/20/2016 01:22PM
Freezing "apostates" out of their children's lives anon for this06/25/2016 07:24PM
The number of gays and lesbians married by Mormon Bishop's themaster06/25/2016 05:55PM
Best Excuse Ever! ikandee200006/25/2016 07:28PM
The Magic of Mormonism 14 themaster06/24/2016 07:12AM
new ebook aims to keep members in 18 thatsnotmyname06/24/2016 06:08PM
Missionaries came to my door 11 Drew9006/25/2016 01:38AM
Homecoming 11 toto06/25/2016 01:53PM
For newbies: Early accounts of the Spalding-Rigdon BOM theory... randyj06/25/2016 06:06PM
Boise, Idaho? 12 jellobeltnevermo06/24/2016 05:45PM
Did You Ever Sing "We Thank Thee oh God for a prophet" in the shower? 35 BYU Boner06/23/2016 06:36PM
O/T Is anyone going to go see "Independence Day: Resurgence"?? 16 Anonymous 206/24/2016 04:29PM
I'm at the point were I want anything Mormon out if my life 11 6 iron06/23/2016 07:55PM
Doubt your doubts! 24 demoneca06/25/2016 12:55AM
Honestly can't stop chatting 31 Anonymous Today06/24/2016 05:12PM
Note to Dieter re: seerstone slskipper06/25/2016 01:40AM
If a GA/Apostle wanted to meet with you, would you? (continued) 18 Leaving06/22/2016 08:22PM
Why does God need The Mormon Church to Lie 12 themaster06/24/2016 09:01PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward Meetup - Sunday, June 26th Bite Me06/25/2016 11:58AM
Go turn on Dr. Phil Professional Postmo06/24/2016 07:26PM
We HATE MORMONS - cringe-worthy comments I made as a Mormon Elder Berry06/24/2016 06:37PM
Bishops unqualified to be counselors 33 The Ohio State06/18/2016 08:08PM
So, if God tests us with adversity, what about those... Chicken N. Backpacks06/24/2016 07:21PM