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Dodo Holland - Mormon Supestar esias05/02/2016 05:25AM
Have to pass through the Morridor....HELP! 17 verilyverily05/02/2016 01:11AM
The Mormon church does more with 10 percent than the Gov does with 50 30 Elder Berry04/30/2016 12:48PM
God bless this site/ex-Mormonism: another connection with old friends Mike T.05/02/2016 06:52AM
I rather doubt that this going to mentioned at boring morg church this week Anonymous 204/29/2016 08:17PM
ok is anyone else bothered by this? 10 anon for today05/01/2016 03:52PM
Anyone know how apologists handle this info? TheLateWar05/02/2016 09:02AM
How apologists work Chicken N. Backpacks05/02/2016 09:37AM
The 5/1 Chelmsford First Parish UU Report msmom05/01/2016 01:24PM
A shout out to ex mo's in the Toronto area 13 shiz05/01/2016 06:39PM
The glory of wannabee gods is... 17 Elder Berry04/27/2016 03:56PM
Three things today 11 desertman05/01/2016 03:29PM
excommunication letter? gemini05/01/2016 04:12PM
Beds in the temple? 32 KC_mo_no_more01/15/2011 12:15PM
Masturbation? overit05/02/2016 04:55AM
Open air urinal in San Francisco VIDEO LINK Topper05/01/2016 10:46PM
Love Bonb OT FrimDaHood05/02/2016 03:02AM
IT IS KNOWN 10 johnnyboy04/30/2016 02:29AM
Sunday! What are you doing instead of attending TSCC? (n/t) 27 Raptor Jesus05/01/2016 08:16AM
Some Thoughts on Hoalland in Tempe 14 Historischer05/01/2016 01:23PM
Christopher Ammon's moving speech at SLC LBGT rally. VIDEO lINK Topper05/01/2016 10:10PM
Mormons and fun or the lack thereof kjensen05/01/2016 05:28PM
Tyler Glenn News05/01/2016 08:11PM
Just angry today Tristan05/01/2016 05:53PM
where's the Prophet? 16 Heartless04/29/2016 06:34PM
Scientific look at bible 21 buriedego04/30/2016 10:03AM
Is the universe a simulation and free will an illusion? 23 Tall Man, Short Hair04/30/2016 01:56PM
I have managed to avoid LDS church buildings for over 20 years, and now... 22 fortheloveofhops04/26/2016 10:04PM
O/T Beautiful Bug Photos Cyd05/01/2016 07:32PM
Invoking the spirits of the deceased mankosuki05/01/2016 09:00PM
Fast & Testimony BS...Anyone ever heard this story? 10 Anon...05/01/2016 06:12PM
Target allows non transgendered men to use women's restrooms. VIDEO LINK 15 Topper05/01/2016 03:11AM
"We are not dependent on the historical record" 27 iduspatricius04/30/2016 12:05AM
Transgender in woman's bathroom-(Social experiment) VIDEO LINK 11 Topper04/30/2016 04:25PM
Rearranging deck chairs on The Ole Ship Zion like a "Like a Bucking Bronco" Elder Berry04/27/2016 09:44PM
would god really.... 10 anon for today05/01/2016 03:32PM
For newbies: Jeremy Runnells vs. Sterling McMurrin... randyj04/30/2016 06:14PM
O/T Yet another reason to live in Tennessee... randyj05/01/2016 06:55PM
Threatened with court yet again! wartac05/01/2016 06:23PM
A "Son Of Ham" Is Building The Noah's Ark Replica anybody04/30/2016 12:41PM
On topic, sorta. "How to pronounce 'Amen' Jewishly" Article LINK Topper05/01/2016 04:41PM
Question about prophet 24 hahahaha04/29/2016 12:23PM
Elder Holland's Lost World -- The Post War Era In Teen Films anybody04/30/2016 04:02PM
"Friends don't let friends pet" 37 posting today04/30/2016 08:31AM
Some times I think I'm a bad dad... Bentaylor2305/01/2016 01:42PM
Which church should I attend--followup after attending sam05/01/2016 02:09PM
Artist Greg Olsen 21 moonstone05/01/2016 06:54AM
Blair Watson Legacy (freeatlast) 16 shiz04/29/2016 11:42PM
Delicious scone recipe please!! 13 Sconer05/01/2016 02:59AM
Mormonism and Scientology should merge to fight the common enemy 14 anon9004/30/2016 01:46AM
Mormon Studies Review called out for fraud and imaginary history AintNoMo05/01/2016 04:16PM
Letter to my son FrodoLivesAgain05/01/2016 09:51AM
A glimmer of hope. Puerto Rico taxing churches? Devoted Exmo05/01/2016 12:55PM
OT Is there a mobile version of this site? N/T (n/t) LauraDm05/01/2016 09:31AM
1960s London: The Chapel Under Suicide Bridge esias05/01/2016 02:30PM