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What is So Wrong With Getting Offended? 32 way2lazy2login05/04/2015 01:50AM
Polygamous marriage may be bad for a man's heart. LINK Carol05/04/2015 06:26PM
Need help with blood atonement - the missionaries are roaming (Cussing) Beth05/04/2015 09:49PM
Just talked to a nevermo who said the Jaredites came over in "Keggers" onendagus05/04/2015 03:47PM
Lutheran, LDS leaders forge common ground during Lutheran's regional meetin 14 southern idaho inactive05/04/2015 12:29PM
Another divorce due to Mormonism mormonthinker05/04/2015 01:44PM
Who/What are missions really for? 10 doubtingLDS05/04/2015 06:42PM
Sister Missionaries - Return and Report - #3 19 justarelative05/04/2015 12:37AM
Scammy tactics fortheloveofhops05/04/2015 03:08PM
New order Mormons outraged over rape of missionary in Chile--LINK Carol05/04/2015 06:17PM
Off the Keyboards of Children on Missions Johnny Canuck05/04/2015 08:04PM
NO MORE: End mormons' sexually invasive interviews of children. F.B. LINK (n/t) 10 Carol05/04/2015 01:09AM
Clueless article claims Mormons are "tolerant of other people‚Äôs opinions" 21 Quoth the Raven Nevermo05/03/2015 09:26PM
Science Confirms: The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Will Live 22 randyj05/03/2015 10:16PM
Maniac Mailbag time: Your writings on immigration policy are of the Devil steve benson05/04/2015 11:55AM
Religion by force - A parent's right 21 wine country girl05/03/2015 11:24PM
What are the numbers as far a Mormons leaving in droves? 34 shodanrob05/04/2015 11:24AM
FINALLY!!! A How-To Guide 4 All Of Us Ex-Mo's Who Over-Complicate Mo'ism... BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/04/2015 06:28PM
Breaking News: Dead Shooter in Garland TX Muhammad cartoon event was UoU steve benson05/04/2015 05:31PM
Sister Missionaries in our Ward in Over Their Heads 24 SEcular Priest05/03/2015 07:44PM
Can "bearing one's testimony" convince someone that the church is true? 10 pollythinks05/04/2015 01:36PM
President Uchtdorf shares advice with young single adults in California(lin 17 southern idaho inactive05/04/2015 12:27PM
Is this the reason(s) "tscc" requires formal wear? {link} hausfrau05/04/2015 11:46AM
Son loses girlfriend due to Mormonism 25 mickeymousemormon05/02/2015 01:58AM
Ditching School for the Morg Temple thewhyalumnus05/04/2015 04:25PM
Meeting with Stake President last night (Return and Report) 37 peregrine03/01/2012 07:58AM
Steak Presidency in our area made special announcement 34 shodanrob05/04/2015 12:58PM
Monson in it til death. SLTrib 26 StillAnon05/01/2015 04:21PM
Masochist vs. Sadist Pooped05/04/2015 03:45PM
Sister Missionaries - Return and Report 18 justarelative04/28/2015 01:13PM
O/T 40 years ago ... 31 michaelc194504/29/2015 07:41PM
New method to fleece the members 30 crathes04/30/2015 10:05AM
O/T Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Janice Rand on "Star Trek", Dies at 85(link) 19 southern idaho inactive05/04/2015 12:37AM
Too Many Missionaries In My Neighborhood 18 azsteve05/03/2015 11:50PM
Biggest challenges with family realtionships 13 iwhisper05/03/2015 02:49PM
"TBM" Approaches Me Off-Board and Offers a Truce in Return for My Silence 35 steve benson05/04/2015 08:13AM
every phone call a fast + testimony opportunity! hopefulhusband05/04/2015 10:00AM
The Mormon Cult's Standard Operating Procedure of Corraling & Controlling 11 steve benson05/04/2015 07:45AM
I just sent in my resignation through email 12 selina M.05/03/2015 07:48PM
How modern prophets changed my mind on gay marriage Already Gone05/03/2015 12:11PM
OT: Advice please on difficult, possibly dangerous situation with neighbor 26 mustbeanonforthis05/01/2015 01:10AM
Took my power back/rewriting/deleting automatic thinking scripts SusieQ#105/04/2015 01:26PM
Mormonism - religion of conscience relief Elder Berry05/03/2015 08:50PM
Three sets of missionaries working our neighborhood tonight 17 Armand Tamzarian05/03/2015 09:07PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday, April 26th - Harmons Meetup Bite Me04/24/2015 06:17PM
Sister Missionaries Assaulted in Chile ichabod05/04/2015 01:09PM
Yea, I gazeth out overeth the Universe THE MORMON MESSIAH SPEAKS05/04/2015 12:04PM
Manny Pacquiao's Mom: Son lost because he became "Born Again" 10 Senoritalamanita05/03/2015 02:46PM
This says more about her strength of character than good things about Morg Elder Berry05/04/2015 12:24PM
On This Day in Mormon History (May 4) baura05/04/2015 09:58AM
Check out today's Postsecret Itzpapalotl05/03/2015 12:53PM
A Relief Society request to provide a positive testimony about Joseph Smith 12 pollythinks05/03/2015 06:31PM
I'm so glad we had this time together crunchynevmo05/03/2015 09:39PM
Dodged a bullet Annie Onymous05/03/2015 11:35PM
Need Advice. Asked to give a Sacrement Meeting talk after 4 hrs inactivity 31 mickeymousemormon05/02/2015 02:57AM