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Leaked: CHI for Apologists =) 25 srichardbellrock08/16/2016 09:49PM
What does atheism have to do with religion? (n/t) 28 Cpete08/22/2016 11:29PM
In a "pickle" (not Bednar related) :) tywebb08/26/2016 09:02AM
Crippled Inside 10 scaredhusband08/24/2016 04:10PM
Lesser known scripture parallels Bible - LDS GNPE08/26/2016 12:25PM
Mormon leader Thomas S. Monson attends ceremony naming historic Utah buildi 21 Anonymous 208/24/2016 06:08PM
How can I get my parents to respect me? 37 starting fresh08/23/2016 06:28PM
checking my ethics and/or business acumen 11 dp08/26/2016 12:02AM
A BYU grad gets caught with his pants down... 21 knotheadusc08/25/2016 08:14AM
the priesthood voice 11 obey or burn08/25/2016 10:42AM
Elders Quorum, or the Church Moving Company strikes again! 23 MoveMe!!08/25/2016 01:59PM
The new finding technique for missionaries in Rome 24 Tyrrhenia08/24/2016 12:32PM
The Essence Of The Fraud Of LDS-Inc By Its Leaders Defined In One Photo... 15 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/25/2016 04:04PM
The Painting donbagley08/24/2016 09:50PM
blueorchid where are you? 12 UGAL08/24/2016 05:36PM
Perky and cute SISTER MISSIONARY becomes atheist during mission 36 Agnes Broomhead08/24/2016 03:50PM
LDS Book of Mormon DNA just can't catch a break. Nails in coffin.... 24 Quirky Quark08/23/2016 10:17PM
Does the God of Joseph's Myth really need to be depicted fully erect? 28 koriwhore03/28/2015 04:59PM
Update on how I'm doing invictus08/26/2016 12:31AM
You may leave Mormonism but Mormonism stays within you (n/t) 10 anybody08/25/2016 08:43PM
o/t anyone deal with necrobiosis lipoidica? Always something!! jonny08/22/2016 03:36PM
The missionaries knocked on my door just now. 15 Quirky Quark08/24/2016 12:29AM
Ripping Joe's Papyri to Shreds: Mormon Egyptologist Debunks Smith's Fabricated "Translation" of the Book of Abraham . . . steve benson02/27/2013 08:37PM
Baby Josephine, etc?: Did Joe Smith Produce Polyg Kids in Non-Emma Rolics? ^08/24/2016 02:07AM
LDS singles, loser marriages. Is this typical? 23 Twinker08/23/2016 11:43PM
33 Quotes That Destroy the LDS Church's Credibility. LINK Topper08/25/2016 09:06PM
iStone Version.1 Elders Quorum Drop-out08/25/2016 06:25PM
Jebus saves family's vacation cabins from fire. KSL LINK Topper08/25/2016 09:18PM
Evidence of messed up Mormon marriage priorities invictus08/25/2016 05:42PM
OT/ Just one of many reasons i'm glad I no longer live in OHIO. madalice08/25/2016 01:01AM
ETB in full bat$&@# crazy. Is this over the pulpit? Video link Gheco08/25/2016 06:06PM
The Biggest money scams of all time(link) Anonymous 208/25/2016 02:31PM
O/T I got through my first week of school kativicky08/25/2016 03:53PM
What makes it Moral? 60 koriwhore08/24/2016 09:07PM
do garments worsen your chance of good sex? 13 damyn08/25/2016 03:34AM
One of earliest NoMo accounts of MMM, written 20 years later. LINK Topper08/25/2016 01:29PM
Setting Boundaries 20 dogeatdog08/24/2016 04:50PM
Christian norm vs Mormon norm 21 loveleigh08/16/2016 03:50AM
Transgender cake sparks outrage. Supporters tell critics to eat it. LINK Topper08/25/2016 02:41PM
When it comes to building happy, healthy, free societies... Cold-Dodger08/25/2016 02:27PM
totally O/T mobile phones make people stupid? 35 EssexExMo08/24/2016 06:57AM
RfM Ex-mos breaking the WoW in San Francisco... 15 ificouldhietokolob08/23/2016 11:51PM
Patriarchal blessings 19 Hockey Rat08/25/2016 10:14AM
Scientists discover Earth-like planet orbiting star closest to our sun.LINK 12 Topper08/24/2016 03:06PM
O/T. USANA convention in Salt Lake City memikeyounot08/24/2016 08:31PM
Going to church while on vacation 21 Stray Mutt08/22/2016 11:32AM
Contradictions in LDS scriptures-chart LINK Topper08/24/2016 03:15PM
Gay love (story update on my brother, Chief) 13 Cold-Dodger08/24/2016 11:44AM
The Question I was Never Able to Answer 55 fbtj08/19/2016 06:02PM
The Utah Territory: Mormonism's Early Example of "Divorce Mill" Morality... 14 steve benson11/12/2013 09:53AM
resign josephjrsmith08/24/2016 11:22AM
I hate the Mormon Gawd 16 dejavue08/24/2016 09:31PM
Tunnel Vision icanbemenow08/24/2016 03:14PM
Why former Mormons club together to share their struggles. article LINK (n/t) Topper08/21/2016 03:48PM
I'm "So Scared and Traumatized" by "Victim" ... Outing Myself and Update 22 shannon08/22/2016 01:44AM