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Blast from the Past: Articles & Pics from Provo's "Star Palace" Disco Days 24 steve benson03/26/2015 04:19PM
Harry Reid joke - and others on the radio today on M.F.'s Whad 'Ya Know? moremany03/30/2015 02:52AM
OT Seeking advice from Grandparents out there....OT 14 Anon for this03/28/2015 08:16PM
Licked Cupcakes (mostly OT - Adult) Lost on a beach03/30/2015 02:35PM
What's the point of being an apostle of ghawd if you never preach 10 elderolddog03/30/2015 02:39PM
I had this thought yesterday in church... 13 Cold-Dodger03/30/2015 05:47AM
"Scientific" Claims for Psychic Powers Debunked . . . 13 steve benson03/29/2015 08:56PM
By their lack of apologies ye shall know them 15 Elder Berry03/28/2015 01:00PM
Science frees us from the blood and sins of our generation Elder Berry03/30/2015 12:42PM
What you won't hear at GC 29 slskipper03/28/2015 07:11AM
A note to the missionaries runtu03/30/2015 01:09PM
The Mormon Prognosis. lilburne03/28/2015 05:03PM
Apology from a TBM 13 nolongersearching2703/30/2015 01:27PM
LDS church lobbyists somnambulist03/30/2015 08:03AM
A divorce? Didn't see that coming 32 whawha03/30/2015 06:04AM
Mormon, father of 7 kids, kills his wife in front of them 18 almost03/27/2015 11:17AM
Does the God of Joseph's Myth really need to be depicted fully erect? 27 koriwhore03/28/2015 04:59PM
Kristy Money in the Trib: Teachers, consider well before teaching new polyg hello03/30/2015 04:08AM
Jesus doesn't matter, religion is make-believe, and Mormonism is fake 31 anybody03/29/2015 05:14AM
You will not lose your membership or temple privileges 23 Elder Berry03/24/2015 05:14PM
Went to church today... Fully Disvested03/29/2015 07:45PM
Dating - singles - Oaks & LDS FAILED policies (continuation) moremany03/25/2015 08:11PM
For Star Wars Fan(atic)s only. So far off-topic it's out of the universe... Jerry the Aspousetate03/30/2015 11:56AM
New term being used in print, "Book of Mormon" effect?!?! dydimus03/30/2015 10:49AM
What's your story? Paul H Dunn's vs. Father Shay Kearns cricket03/28/2015 06:21AM
Palm Sunday Anyone? 11 Historischer03/29/2015 06:01PM
Why did I answer the phone 24 Ryan03/28/2015 02:35PM
Is it just me? I'm so ready for the Easter/Jesus is risen propaganda They don't want me back03/30/2015 10:42AM
O/T: How do you deal with YEARS of "stuffed" anger that 12 Mega-Anon for this one03/29/2015 12:54AM
Obese spouse cont. verilyverily03/27/2015 05:29PM
All publicity is good publicity...right? nonmo_103/30/2015 08:35AM
"Love Is All You Need" -- A short film where heterosexuals are abnormal anybody03/30/2015 10:00AM
More on Consciousness... Papa Bear03/28/2015 05:40PM
What would happen if someone got up and started praying to Joseph Smith? (n/t) anybody03/30/2015 02:58AM
What is the dictionary definition of Mormon. And what if you . . . Jerry the Aspousetate03/30/2015 09:25AM
"When someone kills himself and 149 others, it is not a suicide" 30 amyjo03/29/2015 09:25PM
Wish there was someplace we could go phonybaloney03/30/2015 07:24AM
Today is my birthday and I am happy to be an Ex-Mo... 45 verilyverily12/11/2014 07:59PM
"They don't have the members they once did...the internet is killing them." randyj03/29/2015 11:26PM
I am a "black" mormon - is this an oxymoron? Knew? How new? moremany03/24/2015 02:49PM
God to finally appear in public on April 11 10 Dark Lord03/29/2015 07:29AM
A big reason LDS shut out Blacks...too much soul for your SM. ConcernedCitizen03/27/2015 04:54PM
Immodesty, nudity, porn vs. violence Free Man03/30/2015 12:59AM
DAB - Bednar visits tomorrow as authority to name new stake pres 30 moremany03/21/2015 09:58PM
Swim Herchel Swim (back in the days) ProvoYUB ska band late 80's, early 90' 10 moremany03/23/2015 02:42PM
"Lead Me Not Into Temptation; (don't deliver me to evil "church" parents) moremany03/29/2015 10:06PM
Scared to throw out the day I ditched my garments! 24 shannon03/28/2015 05:38PM
Conference is REALLY on Easter weekend? 23 verilyverily03/28/2015 05:40PM
Feed My Starving Children and Mormons...? dogeatdog03/17/2015 09:11PM
How is "new" adoption service different from the earlier one? Villager03/29/2015 10:30PM
Having trouble choosing a church after Mormonism? Jerry the Aspousetate03/29/2015 11:15PM
New senior missionary opportunities evergreennotloggedin03/29/2015 09:59PM
FLDS, Jessup and Oprah carrietchr103/29/2015 12:30AM
No wonder The Mormon Church Loves Boy Scouts newcomer03/30/2015 12:41AM
forced adoption 1990, welcome to the mormons 14 Schmuck03/29/2015 01:41AM