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Good Article On Policy tomthumb11/26/2015 07:51AM
Chat with missionaries about SSM Policy 15 Anon Obvious Reasons11/25/2015 03:00PM
The 25 easiest colleges to get into in the U.S. 18 Ishii11/24/2015 08:41PM
Am I the only one who is going to be alone tomorrow? 36 Beth11/25/2015 11:29PM
Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity 35 CowboyUp11/22/2015 01:00PM
Lost children due to Morg's teachings Jeanette Isabella11/25/2015 08:50PM
Church members indicted in deaths gulfcoastguy11/25/2015 05:59PM
The LDS Church, Artistic Freedom & Its Efforts to Crush Cartoon Criticism 21 steve benson04/08/2015 06:40AM
Public Library Set To Open in Polygamous Community(link) southern idaho inactive11/26/2015 01:39AM
By Common Consent guy really needs to leave already 30 woodsmoke11/25/2015 07:56AM
My Birth Family Story-UPDATE 18 Lethbridge Reprobate11/25/2015 03:28PM
Thanksgiving and the Dollar Tree Dip 22 donbagley11/25/2015 07:35PM
TBMs asking questions and answers they are not prepared to hear Ishii11/25/2015 07:42AM
O/T What's everyone binge watching?? Im binge watching "Lost in Space" 34 southern idaho inactive11/25/2015 05:41PM
Meeting one of the Top 15(VULGAR) 23 buriedego11/25/2015 10:36AM
Ken Jennings denounces LDS antigay policy 37 axeldc11/24/2015 08:04PM
Anyone else not wanting to hang out with TBM this holiday season? 13 antilehinephi11/25/2015 06:20PM
Officially no longer a member 12 petra11/24/2015 12:09PM
Like his tax return, Romney reluctantly releases his Patriarchal Blessing 20 cricket03/29/2012 10:40AM
continues thread of top 15 as "intellectuals" gheco11/25/2015 12:57PM
Co-worker just advised that all his wife’s family is out! AmIDarkNow?11/25/2015 04:16PM
Why Are GA's Allowed To Formally Use Their Middle Initials...But Not Jesus? (n/t) 22 BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/24/2015 06:21PM
Apologist garbage from a TBM 18 Jersey Girl11/24/2015 05:51PM
Eastridge Stake In SLC Reconfigured Because of Dwindling Membership Numbers 19 heretic11/24/2015 09:36PM
Utah leads the nation in Boob Jobs & Porn is there a correlation 14 themaster11/25/2015 05:02AM
NPR segment Nov 24 amiable11/25/2015 01:41PM
Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is WRONG 12 Shummy11/25/2015 09:16AM
Sampling a new beverage... 10 Lethbridge Reprobate11/25/2015 03:21PM
Seer stone savagestarlight11/25/2015 03:53PM
Not speaking evil of the lord's annointed 11 Ishii11/25/2015 07:29AM
Joseph Smith Jr's Paradise Planet "Orlando" levantlurker11/17/2015 06:01AM
20th Year of Recovery from Mormonism - 126 Eric K11/22/2015 04:04PM
Ha-ha! They said "Utah nut ranch!" Myron Donnerbalken11/25/2015 08:01AM
polygamous/polyamorous familes gaining acceptance 19 ragnar11/05/2015 11:35AM
LDS.Inc steps in and stops Boston stake from shortening meeting time 26 bender11/24/2015 05:30PM
Tom in Paris, how are survivors of the terror attack recovering? GodLedMeOut11/25/2015 02:43AM
If the cult was in financial trouble, where would it show up? 27 Strength in the Loins11/24/2015 04:56AM
I think enough time has passed since the new gay policy 11 Lost on a beach11/25/2015 11:12AM
Doctrine vs. Policy 12 Elder Strangelove11/24/2015 08:00PM
Q15 Intelligence thread continued ... dk11/25/2015 12:59PM
Family gift exchange 34 scaredhusband11/24/2015 12:28PM
4 women witnesses to the Book of Mormon translation process subeamnotlogedin11/24/2015 07:53PM
Call for Memphis Exmos--NormaRae, et al onendagus11/25/2015 10:47AM
The next time you question the Q15's intelligence... 40 Bobo11/25/2015 06:28AM
Got "the letter" and a Surprise. 35 blueorchid11/24/2015 02:22PM
The Morg's abject ambivalence toward freemasonry 27 Shummy11/24/2015 09:00PM
Really helping or converting? Annon for this11/25/2015 10:18AM
TSCC is *fill in the blank* RegLurkerSometimePoster11/24/2015 10:51PM
Got my confirmation of my resignation from SLC yesterday woodsmoke11/25/2015 07:58AM
My gloves were lost but now are found, oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! O/T 12 amyjo11/24/2015 04:39PM
The White Tapir Prophecy michaelm (not logged in)11/25/2015 06:08AM
Utah Valley University 11 goat11/24/2015 12:17PM
The moon, gravity, and other realities 17 PapaKen11/24/2015 11:22AM
Utah Dad Fights For Baby He Says Was Put Up For Adoption Against His Will(l southern idaho inactive11/24/2015 11:59PM
Can I see all of my church records? 14 popeyes11/23/2015 07:18AM