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Dazzler challenge - Scotslander return and report (cursing) 25 scotslander05/26/2016 01:48PM
"How Mormons are Left Vulnerable in Utah's Opiate Crisis" (Guardian) 14 NeverMo in CA05/26/2016 12:33PM
Another take on Mormonism bradley05/26/2016 09:56PM
My Facebook feed is turning into one MLM sales pitch after another forgotmyname05/26/2016 06:41PM
Christians and Muslims Join Together To Rebuild First Mosque In America anybody05/27/2016 10:01AM
OT Woman has infection resistant to antibiotic of last resort <link> 17 saviorself05/26/2016 08:31PM
Who has stewardship over the 70s quorums? Studying05/26/2016 12:07PM
You will get a kick out of this one Forgetting Abigail05/26/2016 07:24PM
Joseph Smith quote... 15 roya1b100d04/26/2014 09:46AM
Why am I having such a hard time? Well-Duh05/26/2016 07:09PM
Inspiring quotes attributed to GBH forgotmyname05/26/2016 06:46PM
Utah Lawsuit Challenges Porn Filter Fees(link) Anonymous 205/26/2016 08:56PM
Is growth of the Church in places like West Africa REALLY wanted? 19 sharapata05/25/2016 05:47PM
We all want to know where we came from! Amyjo05/26/2016 12:11PM
I feel like such a hypocrite. 13 Anon for this05/26/2016 01:31AM
Utah man attacked for taking his 5-year-old daughter into Walmart men's bat 20 Dave the Atheist05/26/2016 12:50AM
Is having kids worth it (cont) had them05/25/2016 08:45PM
"the notion of TBM lesbians" 18 Elder Berry05/23/2016 02:58PM
New Rule For Mormon Colleagues: You Can't Act Shocked... newcomer05/25/2016 11:34PM
LDS's Deseret News nationally humiliated 13 StillAnon05/26/2016 03:06PM
Dazzler's "challenge" (continued) 20 RPackham05/26/2016 10:56AM
All about THEM! 17 shadowofadoubt05/26/2016 12:25PM
Update: Creepy text from the bishop 32 alisonwonderland05/26/2016 12:57PM
Just thinking about the zika virus... 33 dimmesdale05/24/2016 06:28PM
Are members still being chastised for caffiene consumption? 25 Quentin Cook05/24/2016 09:25AM
Your kids not temple worthy? Leave their inheritance to the Morg.VIDEO LINK Topper05/25/2016 09:55PM
Very Old Post 10 Long outdated account05/26/2016 01:32PM
"Go Toward the Light" is the author of this story still TBM? Pooped05/26/2016 05:11PM
Being a decent human being while being an ex mo 14 Forgetting Abigail05/26/2016 01:24PM
Top 15 Mormon leaders are lying and they know it! 19 koriwhore05/22/2016 01:57PM
O/T Is this legal!?? Prayer breaks 5 times a day at work!??(link) 17 Anonymous 205/25/2016 09:57PM
Flunking Sainthood-Mormon Young Women and Priesthood. LINK Topper05/25/2016 05:35PM
I'm probably not the first, but... (leaving missions early) Chicken N. Backpacks05/25/2016 04:44PM
2015 missionary media guide draft leaked ... and then removed. LINK 15 elderolddog05/26/2016 12:39AM
Elizabeth Smart to discuss BYU sex assault today on Crime Watch Daily-LInk Topper05/25/2016 03:10PM
Last trip to the Mormon temple - the straw that broke the camels back 27 jeremiah05/06/2016 12:54PM
Isnt it about time we confront this army of professional liars? 27 koriwhore05/22/2016 10:41AM
Upcoming Las Vegas Meetups onendagus05/26/2016 01:00PM
Re: You skeptics want evidence about the miracles of Christianity... quinlansolo05/26/2016 08:17AM
ziller's review of the Houston temple liesarenotuseful05/26/2016 12:14PM
What is the latest news on Thomas S Monson 11 perky05/25/2016 09:38PM
Slipping into Cult thinking Well-Duh05/26/2016 02:40AM
Can anyone Provide Me With More Information About JS and Angels? SEcular Priest05/25/2016 04:48PM
Swedenborg and Mormonism axeldc05/26/2016 07:15AM
No original thought on Facebook by TBM's themaster05/25/2016 11:04PM
For Dazzler...its been two hours. My return and report... 44 Jonny the Smoke05/25/2016 03:39PM
Sons of Helaman can cure masturbation! 19 elderolddog05/25/2016 03:13PM
G-G-Pa had second anointing--am I saved? 11 Phantom Shadow05/25/2016 11:16PM
Racism and worse in another Idaho school 21 wine country girl05/25/2016 12:17PM
Egomaniacal...much?? edzachery05/26/2016 08:39AM
There is no conflict, only truth 12 exmodaddy05/25/2016 10:50AM
Temple wet n' wild 10 Rolled tacos on a sunday05/25/2016 12:38PM
TSCC **Swearing 13 exldsdudeinslc05/25/2016 10:12PM
Mr. Happy 12 getbusylivin05/25/2016 09:09AM
O/T single moms (or dads) how do you handle nosy questions? Beanhead05/25/2016 06:13PM