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In Defence of Evolution: Beautify Your Life esias09/23/2014 01:41PM
General Conference Slamtoons - First three now serving you cricket09/23/2014 10:04AM
Rough Stone Rolling : My Take Already Gone09/23/2014 01:40PM
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venus/city of enoch ex_sushi_chef09/23/2014 02:51PM
Can Mormonism answer these questions from my Dilbert Calendar? Elder Berry09/23/2014 01:38PM
Is Joseph Smith the second greatest man to ever "walk the earth"? generationofvipers09/23/2014 11:24AM
Anyone have the latest temple movie changes? video, link, etc? GadiantonRobber09/22/2014 10:36PM
Wild Burros vs Mishies 13 InvestigatorAlligator09/21/2014 03:39AM
Are mormons Apes? 19 thingsithink09/22/2014 09:09PM
Mentally ill man thrown off church property and has stalking charges 11 Cantresign8809/23/2014 05:51AM
Missionaries on Campus 18 austrobrit09/22/2014 08:09PM
The CES Letter Strikes Again 32 wannabfree09/21/2014 01:02PM
Sidney Rigdon knew Joseph Smith before 1830 and helped write the BoM . . . 35 steve benson09/22/2014 07:20AM
Anti-modesty rant Dorothy09/23/2014 02:21AM
TBM's Dont Realize They're Buying "Stairway To Heaven" They Abhor In Others (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/23/2014 11:06AM
My education opened my eyes 21 selinababe09/22/2014 01:42PM
Please don't misquote Carl Sagan! 19 The Invisible Green Potato09/21/2014 07:46AM
Moroni arrested for public intox Fascinated in the Midwest09/23/2014 10:20AM
I plan to leave the church but I'm not sure what to do. 20 carterk09/22/2014 01:02AM
The Truly Valiant from the pre-existence reside in Switzerland fakemoroni09/23/2014 11:42AM
BYU-I FB page gets article on Boise Weekly 18 eternal109/21/2014 06:18PM
Off topic (need advice) Robert09/23/2014 10:11AM
The NFL is tax-exempt !!! weeder09/23/2014 10:55AM
Preview of Bednars "put on the blinders" talk for General Conference 11 scarecrowfromoz09/23/2014 02:08AM
Jesus had a beard and Satan is clean shaving in the Temple themaster09/23/2014 07:58AM
Homosexuals and ruining families????? 18 crissykays09/22/2014 11:52AM
This just ticks me off tig09/23/2014 09:47AM
The Marriott teleporter acerbic09/23/2014 09:38AM
Went to a Vietnam vets reunion... michaelc194509/21/2014 08:02PM
OT- moving before having a job, need advice 14 fidget09/22/2014 09:42AM
Steve Davis (OT) thingsithink09/21/2014 03:52PM
Is There NOTHING BETTER for ChurchCo than the hyper-legalistic POV? GNPE09/22/2014 11:14PM
Deep Thinkers.....Mormonism and Chaos gentlestrength09/22/2014 10:59PM
For michaelc1945 14 byuboner09/22/2014 11:06PM
General Conference predictions since it's 2 weeks away!?? (n/t) 37 southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 04:24PM
Mormon ISIS 12 Cantresign8809/22/2014 09:32PM
God is Flesh and Bone 32 nonsequiter09/21/2014 11:43PM
Is the church hemorraging financially? 33 ultra09/22/2014 07:02PM
Similarities between the fundy Duggars cult and the Mormon cult. 16 joan09/20/2014 08:51PM
"Oh we're so persecuted" (some language) 16 nonsequiter09/22/2014 07:53PM
Why Don't TBMs Realize THEY Are the Ones Destroying Their Church? 14 wastedtime09/22/2014 11:20PM
When are missionaries supposed to have P-day? ultra09/22/2014 06:32PM
This Satan guy sure seems to have a lot of power 29 gemini09/21/2014 01:24PM
Ever had a bishop that had an affair? 32 themaster09/21/2014 11:10PM
The veneration of anything. jacob09/22/2014 10:31PM
I am totally confused about meet the 15 jonny09/22/2014 02:30AM
FHE-Lessons after long Sunday 3BlockCh? or just Fun&Games??? presleynfactsrock09/22/2014 09:42PM
Do Monson's views represent the church? caedmon09/22/2014 02:42PM
If the morg were really being persecuted in today's world southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 10:16PM
"My Husband Spanked Me with a Wooden Spoon," (cussing) 26 Susan I/S09/21/2014 10:12PM
mormon female dress standards at UT high school in the news again scarecrowfromoz09/22/2014 10:16PM
Resignation question jeff209/22/2014 09:08PM
O/T Home rum? Online booze delivery service thrives in Cincinnati(link) southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 10:04PM
Holy Book of Mormon proof, Batman! Chicken N. Backpacks09/22/2014 09:18PM