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How long do you think it will take for TSCC to support SSM? 34 iamanevermormon01/29/2015 02:25AM
David Whitmer Claims That JS Admits Not All "Revelations" Come From God... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/28/2015 07:46PM
Korea Seoul under Fat A$$ Mike Nichols reuben01/29/2015 09:58PM
Why was it OK for me to be baptized in a chapel, but the dead in the temple 15 6 iron01/29/2015 09:57AM
The mishies are here.... Chicken N. Backpacks01/29/2015 09:38PM
Has this discussion ever worked.. Just show me 1 proof about Mormonism. 11 6 iron01/29/2015 03:37PM
Would this bother you? anonsometimes01/29/2015 07:16PM
Had to share: Mormon Logic on GLBTQ Rights Protection (link) dydimus01/29/2015 01:38AM
Teximony Tuesday....Gag!!! verilyverily01/29/2015 07:08PM
1984 29 secularhumanguy01/28/2015 04:21PM
For knotheadusc re: your singing... 20 randyj01/28/2015 08:54PM
Why do people assume you're a bad person for not supporting <sin goes here> Elder Berry01/29/2015 04:23PM
Can someone help Oaks out with Repentance please? lilburne01/29/2015 02:52PM
Philomena 22 axeldc01/28/2015 10:35PM
Who was the wealthiest apostle... 11 Chicken N. Backpacks01/29/2015 04:21PM
Where you spit at/threatened as a missionary by "Christians"? Nathaniel01/29/2015 11:47AM
Does the church give out free Ensigns? 11 ness01/29/2015 02:59PM
LDS Adoption way way anon for this01/29/2015 05:42PM
Don't you wish you had a more normal and moderate life? 11 6 iron01/29/2015 03:13PM
Apparently, Mormons aren't the only ones to eschew science scientist01/29/2015 05:48PM
Stupid TBM Article on John Dehlin (link) 31 Tal Bachman01/27/2015 07:15PM
ThatMormonboy: 70,000 official exmos last year? 21 Cold-Dodger01/29/2015 06:48AM
Not a 'Faith Crisis'. It's an Awakening. Not 'Doubts'. Facts. thewhyalumnus01/29/2015 01:18PM
Root Canal or extraction and implant cont. OT 27 knotheadusc01/29/2015 01:47AM
Retired Exmo here: My essay on why the LDS should purge Dehlin Garett Jones01/29/2015 03:32PM
nemo missed us rhgc01/29/2015 04:31PM
Ex-Mo meetings: areas? notinkansas01/29/2015 02:07PM
PSA: FYI, I resigned and parents never found out THENAVIDSONRECORD01/29/2015 09:30AM
What was your relationship like with your TBM parents after leaving TSCC? 39 anontoday01/28/2015 04:41PM
Coming of age in the 60s 34 elderolddog01/29/2015 12:07PM
Going to See the Bishop on Sunday - Need Help 38 Panted Monkey01/29/2015 02:06AM
Why some cannot let go of the faith-based claims! SusieQ#101/29/2015 01:59PM
"Moses parted the Red Sea" but the "Mormon Moses" couldn't...... 12 copolt01/26/2015 09:08AM
Can robots be given the priesthood if the robot has a penis? elderolddog01/29/2015 11:53AM
On This Day in Mormon History (Jan 28) baura01/28/2015 08:16PM
Starting a rumor: Mormon's believe..... 24 redpill01/28/2015 02:54PM
Gay marriage--'You may support it, but not advocate it'. S L Trib--LINK 20 Carol01/28/2015 10:36PM
Somebody please tell me there in an exmo meetup this weekend in Utah throwaway301/29/2015 12:12PM
Here is my question for Elder Oaks on Trib Talk. 31 Deluded01/28/2015 09:16PM
Evidence that JS read 'The Late War' in school? Chicken N. Backpacks01/29/2015 01:16PM
"Ok Bishop So U Won't Mind That My Son Records His Worthiness Interview... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/29/2015 04:36AM
Brother Jake Presents: A Gospel Topics Commercial YT LINK Carol01/29/2015 02:42AM
Upcoming Last Vegas Meetups onendagus01/29/2015 12:58PM
The Take Home from the Church News Conference: They Don't Get It 12 generationofvipers01/28/2015 10:09AM
How can I stop the ads from showing up on websites? Nolongerin not logging in01/29/2015 11:18AM
"Martyrdom covers a multitude of sins." 12 flanders01/25/2015 06:53PM
Been attending DW's home teaching. Now she wonders why. 34 cludgie01/26/2015 07:33AM
New Support Group 14 anagrammy01/27/2015 10:42AM
Mormonism has not lost its appeal in being a pyramid for peasants to ascend Elder Berry01/28/2015 01:45PM
Elder Nelson (12) just released Kim Clark as President of BYUI during devo (n/t) 27 Cold-Dodger01/27/2015 04:46PM
TMSH, a question about God. 18 thingsithink01/23/2015 12:09AM
I just got told to take a chill pill on facebook 21 nonsequiter01/28/2015 02:55AM
'The Mormon Church's Gay Rights Charade' --Daily Beast LINK 14 Carol01/28/2015 10:44PM
My VERY Interesting Evening... 32 sportsguy01/28/2015 03:20PM
Southern Utah Ex/Postmormon lecture series February 1, 2015 soutskeptic01/27/2015 01:31PM