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Need help with daughter 60 Amyjo09/28/2016 10:21PM
Creative strategy enables girls to preserve their virginity for marriage. beyondashadow09/30/2016 03:48AM
single exmo, wonder about dating options 36 alaskawild09/27/2016 10:25PM
Steve Young asked on ESPN if he would sunbathe nude Drew9009/30/2016 02:54PM
Southern Utah PostMormon Association to meet Sunday October 2nd soutskeptic09/25/2016 09:49PM
Who Are You? Who are We? Revealed: Human09/29/2016 05:55PM
President Jeffrey D. Clark, “The Why of Exact Obedience” guy 24 Clark's ex-companion05/09/2015 02:36AM
Should I document my findings from GC and report back here? Exmo Aspie09/30/2016 11:54AM
The latest LGBT suicide. Braxton David Taylor-Obit with photo LINK 34 Topper09/28/2016 02:41PM
Grieving for my Husband and my Mom 33 finallygetsit09/27/2016 10:54PM
No longer will there be a connection between rape and chastity 18 LDS CHURCH REMOVES CONTROVERSI09/29/2016 11:39AM
O/T What we know about those creepy clown reports(link) Anonymous 209/28/2016 02:17PM
Nephew called to Brisbane, Australia mission 21 eternal109/29/2016 12:54PM
OT: NICU Nephew is doing well milkbeforemeat09/30/2016 12:19PM
Ye Olde Tymme Mormon Shoulder Porn baura09/29/2016 11:42PM
Shimon Peres has died OT 29 Amyjo09/27/2016 10:15PM
Will I ever stop thinking I have to get married? 33 mandyellen09/24/2016 12:47AM
The hardest word to learn within the morg culture sunbeep09/30/2016 08:34AM
Differing versions of *Emma's* stories? 15 Chicken N. Backpacks09/28/2016 10:44AM
OPPOSED! No, wait..OPPosed! Evil Speaker09/29/2016 11:10AM
Latest gay suicide condemned by Utah GOP state senate candidate. LINK Topper09/29/2016 07:09PM
Mormon colonies in Mexico 18 auntsukey09/28/2016 01:36PM
The movie " The Falls" JVN08709/29/2016 02:53PM
Ancient America Speaks (1972) (LINK) 26 Elders Quorum Drop-out09/28/2016 12:50PM
Evangelical Mishies 13 idahobanana09/28/2016 07:55PM
Joseph's Myth was wrong about coffee in so many ways... 31 Kristy09/28/2016 01:12PM
Gatorman loses his cool with Elder 20 gatorman09/28/2016 04:32PM
I never thought I'd see the day. . . 17 catnip09/28/2016 11:34PM
Looking for reference: the time Oaks said nobody talked to God atouchscreendarkly09/29/2016 05:42PM
WTF does "avoid loud laughter" even mean? 35 CrispingPin09/28/2016 09:32PM
John Dehlin 24 KingwoodTexan09/26/2016 09:13PM
Critical times for Sunday General Conference 10 getbusylivin09/28/2016 08:25PM
Product of the Cult...So glad I'm not associated anymore! (Link) Elders Quorum Drop-out09/29/2016 10:57PM
Adam-Ondi-Ahman Grounds Upkeep is a "sensative unit"??? 28 Elder Berry09/22/2016 09:25PM
Post Mormon anger-discussion with John Dehlin and Patrick Mason-LINK Topper09/29/2016 07:17PM
It really makes me wonder how many members have to....... 17 alaskawild09/27/2016 07:14PM
Two hour block coming 30 Justin09/28/2016 07:07PM
Visited the Unitarians today 40 laurad09/18/2016 12:58PM
Why does gawd give us boners? 39 sunbeep09/25/2016 04:06PM
Here's MY incentive to watch General Confrence this weekend... severedpuppetstrings09/29/2016 08:15PM
At what point did the church become overrun with Pharisees? 10 Bamboozled09/29/2016 04:43PM
I didn't know about some reasons Mormons have to watch conference 12 Mike T.09/29/2016 10:33AM
Friends! We are free! :) Elders Quorum Drop-out09/28/2016 12:32AM
Moroni 10:4 missionarymomma09/29/2016 11:59AM
Mormon Grading Scale of Members in Leaks ? 15 Hedning09/28/2016 07:20PM
O/T Navy launches investigation into sailor who didn't stand for National A 60 Anonymous 209/28/2016 11:20PM
No Help When Needed 34 paulk09/26/2016 10:32PM
a BYU student who went missing in China in 2004.... Renie09/29/2016 10:56AM
Since Mormons R Truth-Deniers How Can They Take The "Moral High-Ground"... BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/28/2016 11:41PM
How Jesus is really the center of your personal destruction in the LDS corp Lori C09/29/2016 02:06PM
The Fat Fighters... 27 knotheadusc09/27/2016 08:21AM
Door knocking. How do you knock on a door when its fabric? 16 someone09/27/2016 06:00PM
SOC 380 at BYU 13 ren09/28/2016 12:50AM
Book of Mormon Abridged diangelo09/28/2016 08:15PM
New username... 23 honeybootsnsweater09/28/2016 02:55PM