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O/T Can a employer take away everyone's cell phones while they are work!!?? 36 southern idaho inactive04/17/2014 01:55PM
My message to all those 'scared' to leave the cult... 10 DuckyWucky04/17/2014 05:26AM
O/T (ish?) Talents never feel "good enough" 29 Knight in Waiting04/16/2014 11:27PM
On This Day in Mormon History (Apr 18) baura04/18/2014 12:56PM
What I am saying Elder Berry04/18/2014 02:08PM
If one day is one thousand years to God, was T. Rex a Lamanite? (n/t) thingsithink04/18/2014 05:46AM
I've been gone since Jan...should I attend one meeting? 11 byebye04/18/2014 02:40AM
Does BYU allow catholic ecclesiastic endorsements for exmormons? 24 anonBYU04/17/2014 02:38PM
Dustin Lance Black Hits Back at Alma Mater For Shaming Him politicaljunkie04/18/2014 11:42AM
What is the "electronic Confidential Records system"? 11 nonforthis04/17/2014 10:48PM
the five steps of conflict resolution. .. sonofzeus04/18/2014 12:30PM
Find True Religion jerry6404/17/2014 02:42PM
hey Mew wanderinggeek04/18/2014 01:20PM
Any Montanans on here? 15 bella1004/13/2014 04:25PM
Easter and pressure for church alwaysaskingtiff04/18/2014 12:33PM
I just don't understand Mormons and abortions 36 Elder Berry04/17/2014 08:26PM
Missionaries' most over-used words... 30 flanders04/17/2014 01:56PM
bish won't let me sit in on an interview with my 12 year old 58 schmowned04/18/2014 11:16AM
Hmm.. Bank of Utah owned Jet lands in Tehran. What's going on? Devoted Exmo04/17/2014 11:11PM
Friday's good! PapaKen04/18/2014 12:21PM
Finally read the Passion of Raptor Jesus kolobian04/17/2014 12:24PM
At UVU, Elder Oaks sees hope despite "alarming" religious liberty trends 24 southern idaho inactive04/17/2014 11:05AM
Experience the Pure Love of Christ soutskeptic04/18/2014 11:48AM
Hell is for liars, unless you are protecting a mormon testimony. Elder What's-his-face04/18/2014 11:27AM
having to say good-bye 28 Once a poster04/17/2014 08:24AM
Denver area meetup on 4/19 13 descartes197904/08/2014 01:11PM
Severe anxiety over the world being a dangerous place and societies failing 15 Anon for this04/17/2014 10:08PM
Your thoughts on this? nonsequiter04/17/2014 11:56PM
Family tales from brig's bizzare breeding brothel 14 Shummy04/17/2014 05:05PM
This bodes well for strict religious adherence... nonmo_104/18/2014 09:37AM
God has his son killed so he can forgive you for .... 31 NoMoNoHow04/17/2014 08:37PM
My friend is DEAD. DEAD!!!! And she been replaced so quickly. 32 Anon For This04/17/2014 11:39PM
for strawberry -- it's all about survival 22 icedtea04/17/2014 05:24PM
Missionaries can't count 14 roslyn04/18/2014 12:21AM
On This Day in Mormon History (Apr 17) baura04/17/2014 09:16PM
Thank the Blood Moon: Xtian says media ignores anti-Xtian persecution(more) 21 steve benson04/16/2014 11:28PM
OT… It may be time to move again in a few months... 19 knotheadusc04/17/2014 10:18AM
The Book of Mormon claims No. 1 spot on list of life-changing books(link) 26 southern idaho inactive04/17/2014 11:03AM
Easter, the pagan fertility festival (**warning: may offend Christians!) 36 RPackham04/17/2014 11:03AM
The greatest untold story never told Easter Offering04/18/2014 05:41AM
Tyler Osmond's band has "distanced ourselves from the (Mormon) religion" 22 sharapata04/17/2014 12:49PM
Elizabeth Smart talks forgiveness and pressing forward during speech at Bos 14 southern idaho inactive04/17/2014 03:42PM
Recent New York Times opinion piece: "Raising a Moral Child" (link) Keen Observer04/18/2014 03:17AM
Enduring meetings??? 12 crissykays04/17/2014 02:08PM
Transcript of Oaks' Speech at UVU Symposium on Religious Freedom 10 Utah County Mom04/17/2014 04:15PM
Haven't been feeling too well.. 18 Knight in Waiting04/17/2014 10:25PM
Question about saluting the flag in an odd manner mew04/18/2014 12:15AM
You know what really bugs me 13 LostAndConfused04/17/2014 06:40PM
I'll keep my scriptures mrcoffee8404/17/2014 11:19PM
@michaelgbluth: utahstateagnostics04/18/2014 12:17AM
It's Easter! Time to compare Bible Jesus & Mormon Jesus Elder What's-his-face04/16/2014 01:00PM
Challenging Mormons Nonnon04/17/2014 11:24PM
Visiting with the Young Elders Tomorrow. Suggestions? 13 OlMan04/17/2014 05:36PM
OT- I feel guilty I worry more about homeless dogs than homeless people. (n/t) 22 anon forever & ever; amen&amen04/17/2014 03:02PM
Mormon talk at work, want to hang myself (swears) peterlynched04/17/2014 09:56PM