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John Dehlin Facebook account from unnamed source on growing LDS/BSA rift 26 steve benson08/25/2015 04:43PM
Doug Fabrizio/RadioWest on LDS Missions want2bx08/25/2015 03:09PM
The wisdom of Miley Cyrus Stray Mutt08/27/2015 11:37AM
Martin Luther gets a square in Rome (link) 3X (nli)08/26/2015 09:56PM
Are your TBM friends "shouting" on social media? 12 Leaving08/27/2015 02:00AM
Home teachers visit less than 110 year old members! whatevs08/25/2015 09:30PM
Glen Beck being hosted for a ticketed event at local Stake Center mannaz08/27/2015 12:29AM
The "N" word among Mormons, and their use of it. 24 whatevs08/25/2015 09:53PM
Church Keeps On With BoyScouts of America, despite Gay Troop Leaders 30 amyjo08/26/2015 12:11PM
Utah is the only state with significant young white population increase anybody08/27/2015 08:04AM
BYU is such a great does it rank? 15 wanderinggeek08/26/2015 04:38PM
Why did the so-called "Prophet" fall conspicuously silent on 9-11? koriwhore08/27/2015 01:27AM
this place may make you atheist. at least polytheism is Mormonism 35 whatevs08/26/2015 06:32AM
Is anyone else's family read "Visions of Glory?" It's ruining my life. 33 BabyTapir08/26/2015 08:45PM
If you can stand more about Josh Duggar 12 laperla not logged in08/26/2015 01:54PM
Going to BYUi in the fall - is it worth it? 21 JackMormon4ever08/26/2015 01:30PM
What Once "Church People" Need to Know battlebruise08/26/2015 08:22PM
Jewish Spin on Mormon Faith Crisis Doubting Thomas08/26/2015 08:37PM
I don't have enough light within me to understand racism and wife swapping 25 koriwhore08/26/2015 10:30AM
O/T It's that time of the year again! My yearly cancer check up time!! 10 southern idaho inactive08/26/2015 02:47PM
Do anyone know anything cancer survivor birthdays!?? Not your regular B-Da southern idaho inactive08/26/2015 03:02PM
TBMs Can't Get Their Heads Around the BSA Decision (link) 23 BeerAtMoessers08/26/2015 04:12PM
Why doesn't the CULT pay someone to make golden plates? 28 verilyverily08/25/2015 03:32PM
Utah Ranks Last on Gender Gap 16 amyjo08/26/2015 01:41PM
Appeals court uphold gay marriage ruling in Kentucky(link) southern idaho inactive08/26/2015 07:36PM
Mormons will stay in Boy Scouts despite end of ban on gay leaders(link) southern idaho inactive08/26/2015 05:04PM
Looking for ex-mos in Houston Exmointexas08/26/2015 12:32AM
"I Won't Let Them Take Away My Faith" Doubting Thomas08/26/2015 06:39PM
Why would polygamists need Ashley Madison? Datafiend08/26/2015 07:01PM
How to take your missionary to events even while he's gone! 11 madalice08/26/2015 04:48PM
My mission president was such a liar!! He didnt know it though. 10 whatevs08/25/2015 09:46PM
Military transgender ban set to end next May(link) southern idaho inactive08/26/2015 01:59PM
So much for conspiracies: Church to Keep Scouting--Breaking News 10 William Law08/26/2015 12:12PM
The new law that's making it harder for people in Burma to switch religions southern idaho inactive08/25/2015 11:43PM
O/T Ginger or Mary Ann? (n/t) 35 wine country girl08/25/2015 11:55PM
An eighty-year holy man in your life? Elder Berry08/26/2015 04:05PM
Does anyone remember the "Babylon 5" epiosde with the Liahona? anybody08/26/2015 05:12PM
When will the big exodus happen? 36 sonofperdition08/25/2015 07:59PM
Not shunned or shamed 19 fool08/25/2015 06:23PM
"..the headaches and heartaches caused by polygamy have..been compensated.. 10 Elder Berry08/25/2015 07:54PM
Dan Vogel's Theory of Joe Smith the"Pious Fraud" Fails Factually (11 Parts) 28 steve benson08/25/2015 02:29AM
Mormonism isn't cool anymore. 16 whiteandelightsome08/26/2015 09:54AM
O/T Do you take the stairs? 35 Elder Berry08/25/2015 06:23PM
I know everybody has wondered about this at one time or another 35 momto15kids08/25/2015 03:27PM
Thinking of leaving the church 25 3yearconvert08/24/2015 04:07AM
Brigham Young Smoking on Hell on Wheels Doubting Thomas08/26/2015 12:07AM
What I hate most about Mormonism 35 FrodoLivesAgain08/25/2015 08:19AM
Old Timey obituary serves to make a point. elderolddog08/26/2015 02:47AM
For you Utahns, Stillwater academy/Turnabout ? OT 12 allwhowander07/30/2011 11:41AM
'sex addiction' in women--experiences with TBM ex 28 anonforthisexmorm08/24/2015 01:14PM
Why can't we find any children of Joe other than with Emma? (n/t) 42 whiteandelightsome08/25/2015 08:31PM
A blip from a mish email. Say what you will 12 cwm31s08/24/2015 07:51PM
Tuxedo and wedding gown rentals at the Mormon temple! 14 whatevs08/25/2015 11:51PM
Mormons and boob jobs...Article link Craig08/26/2015 01:15PM
Just had a thought about mormon view of god wanderinggeek08/26/2015 12:09PM