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Excellent Video on DNA vs. the Book of Mormon 14 SL Cabbie07/16/2017 01:57PM
What were your W.o.W. experiences (EXCLUDING the "Heated Beverage" issues)? 16 caffiend07/21/2017 12:30AM
Change in Policy on Women and Callings? El Stig07/18/2017 12:22PM
Mormon Dances - Continued azsteve07/21/2017 11:17PM
23rdSt. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, July 23rd Bite Me07/22/2017 02:03AM
"Imagine Dragons singer wishes he could're-knock' on mission doors" Bang07/22/2017 01:22AM
Kid doesn't want to go on a mission? Abandon him in the wilderness! 44 baura07/20/2017 02:03PM
re-capturing my youth 13 cutekitty07/18/2017 10:50PM
Christian Destroys Atheist Illuminati Dave the Atheist07/21/2017 10:53AM
Project Serpo Babyloncansuckit07/21/2017 05:59PM
(o/t) Pudsey the dog has died... anybody07/21/2017 04:01PM
I'm finally being honest with the church Babyloncansuckit07/20/2017 11:31PM
Mormon dances 29 drilldoc12/30/2013 03:46PM
Turkey dropping evolution from school curriculum. Let's not do this. 14 anybody07/20/2017 05:36AM
Steve Benson 21 Washed and Disappointed04/16/2013 10:38PM
Going back for the family... 56 Anon-tday07/18/2017 04:48PM
Name of pet 11 pollythinks07/20/2017 12:28PM
Oh Julieanne! Goes topless on honeymoon (good for her) 11 gemini07/20/2017 10:47PM
Did you participate in the Prayer Circle? Did it affect or traumatize you? 23 Agnes Broomhead07/17/2017 12:51PM
Should Teen Read Dark Tower Books? 17 generationofvipers07/17/2017 10:33AM
Boss tells woman a headscarf isn't allowed -- so she shows up in cosplay anybody07/20/2017 03:09PM
Afraid to be labeled Atheist? 60 shapeshifter07/14/2017 10:32AM
"What about Thad?" - angry 22 Infinite Dreams07/16/2013 11:10AM
I attended a LDS funeral yesterday and it's one I'll never forget. 19 Anniegal07/18/2017 10:43PM
It was 33 years ago today.... 13 James Bryan O'Neil07/17/2017 08:47PM
Worldview test 12 Babyloncansuckit07/20/2017 01:33PM
is carthage the carthage in Missouri? jonny (the girl)07/20/2017 06:00PM
Texas Support Groups Roger07/20/2017 02:36PM
Just found out who the second and third presidents of the church were.... Heartless07/20/2017 09:33PM
So even R. Kelly is taking cues from JS and the Mormon cult now? Itzpapalotl07/20/2017 09:09PM
Picking noses and breaking bread 20 yeppers07/19/2017 12:45PM
(In General) Should or Shouldn't we all be a bit hypocritical? GNPE07/20/2017 05:34PM
What it's like trying to help a TBM Anon : /07/19/2017 02:13PM
Mormon secret vault on list of places on Earth that you cannot visit. 20 koriwhore07/19/2017 11:42AM
Downtown Salt Lake City memikeyounot07/19/2017 01:58PM
The Reported Layout & Contents of the Over-Hyped "First Presidency Vault" 11 steve benson07/19/2017 04:33PM
Why doesn't Mormonism accept trangenderism? 13 baura07/19/2017 09:02PM
Blog calls out "lies" of CES Letter 10 Pathway07/18/2017 12:10PM
So tired of the persecution complex... 10 left4good07/18/2017 06:44PM
ot: martin landau dead n/t (n/t) 16 wow!!!07/16/2017 08:55PM
Wonder what..... flutterbypurple07/19/2017 12:04PM
Trivia Question for Mormons baura07/20/2017 11:40AM
For the recently departed - is questioning still considered sinful? Elder Berry07/18/2017 08:16AM
Reorganizing Matter... 20 nomonomo07/19/2017 01:30PM
Another beer, dear? 24 nyetmo07/19/2017 08:59AM 21 abby07/18/2017 06:10PM
JW's visited today! spiritist07/18/2017 04:14PM
BYU-Idaho Adjunct prof. Fired over Facebook Post 28 Whiskeytango07/18/2017 10:27AM
Pretty sure this is how marriages end 44 Bentaylor2307/14/2017 02:23PM
RM charged with crimes in Thailand... 11 ificouldhietokolob07/19/2017 03:15PM
New attempt at debunking the CES Letter (brand new article) 26 yeppers07/17/2017 01:49PM
TBMs Who Have Noses Let Them Smell: Your Garmies R Stinkin' Up Your Chapels 24 steve benson07/17/2017 04:13PM
Friend has been reading "anti" stuff during church due to boredom C2NR07/17/2017 02:44PM
Ann Eliza Webb Young "Wife No. 19" 22 Book of Mordor06/06/2014 01:11PM
"Decoding The Darkest Secrets of the Vatican"-documentary Video LINK Topper07/19/2017 06:06PM