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Reasoning with Mormons 36 sstone07/25/2013 06:41AM
Oh My! Mormonites Have Invaded my Cable Television.... SL Cabbie07/29/2016 01:17PM
I posted the Carol Lynn Pearson article to FB... 26 randyj07/26/2016 10:29AM
Did you really believe the Brethren could see and commune with Jesus? (n/t) 33 anybody07/27/2016 10:47PM
abusive church honest 107/30/2016 02:15AM
Leak: Ward's financial data spreadsheet (cont'd from closed thread) 27 summer07/29/2016 01:17AM
Help... New Seminary app, prohibits parents from accessing 34 VultureTamerNotLoggedIn07/27/2016 02:29AM
My Mother's Will 35 anon for this07/27/2016 06:06PM
Benson takes on the pigs. 11 ^07/27/2016 09:22PM
How to find TRUTH! 22 baura07/28/2016 06:07PM
Richard Norby's Story. memikeyounot07/29/2016 11:54PM
Membership 'stagnates nationwide' - link on new IN temple 11 Recovered07/29/2016 02:28AM
To you apostates 19 CrispingPin07/25/2016 08:36PM
My favorite scripture.. Joe got one right! MoLarkey07/29/2016 02:38PM
Since I haven't seen it tonight, what are we drinking? 18 helamonster07/29/2016 07:28PM
How many of you needed therapy because of Mormonism? 20 Babyloncansuckit07/28/2016 10:32AM
Just learned about the cave full of Jaredite records in Sanpete County RPackham07/29/2016 05:18PM
Utah Boy Scouts evacuated StillAnon07/29/2016 12:29PM
God's annointed respect no bounds saltinecracker07/29/2016 05:27PM
Spearing, Cutting & Castration: The Blood-Spilling History of the LDS Cult ^07/27/2016 11:13PM
Thanks poster "Ron" for much needed advise on a now closed thread. Quirky Quark07/28/2016 02:34PM
Irrational anger, as an exmo, toward short shorts. atouchscreendarkly07/28/2016 07:57PM
Older people doubt more than the younger aged? cwm31s07/29/2016 03:42PM
So, the LDS church spends 1.2 billion on humanitarian aid Chicken N. Backpacks07/28/2016 01:39AM
If you think you need religion to have morals, ethics and honesty koriwhore07/29/2016 03:40PM
Mormonism is a Venn Diagram that isn't one Elder Berry07/29/2016 02:57PM
Calderwood's 'Voices From the Dust'--the usual pick and choose? Chicken N. Backpacks07/29/2016 02:04PM
"I never had a problem keeping the rules, but .... 12 elderolddog07/28/2016 04:59PM
O/T - Hope that this is progress for LGBT acceptance validation07/29/2016 12:41PM
(o/t) Jerry Doyle, Michael Garibaldi on "Babylon 5," Dead anybody07/28/2016 12:51PM
Marriott in transition? LonesomeTraveler07/28/2016 09:55AM
What do you say to this? 35 Whatdoyousay07/24/2016 12:06PM
Mormon rape victim gets the blame. koriwhore07/29/2016 02:15AM
Nauvoo Vacation 16 surprenant07/12/2016 11:48AM
LDS church pulls missionaries from Turkey. 34 Myron Donnerbalken07/28/2016 06:32AM
Another obituary...for a GA most of us...... memikeyounot07/27/2016 01:39AM
Announcing an excommunication 17 Rolled tacos on a sunday07/28/2016 12:21AM
We Resigned 25 eunice07/26/2016 02:56PM
(anyone else?) LDS church gives Written Approval to hate & lies! GNPE07/28/2016 09:09PM
Weird Mormon XXXX LINK Topper06/28/2016 01:55PM
How much should LDS church give to humanitarian aid? 23 poopstone07/21/2016 09:42AM
What would it take for you to believe the Mormon Church was really honest? 10 koriwhore07/28/2016 09:44PM
Survey, Survey, Survey. Unofficial Survey 20 FastAndTestamony07/28/2016 05:39AM
Temple tour josephjrsmith07/28/2016 12:27PM
Leak-financial data spreadsheet for a ward in Davis Cty. Utah, LINK 35 Topper07/28/2016 05:28PM
The CoJCoLDS is still a CULT with a capital "C" westerly6207/28/2016 03:54PM
patriarchal blessings for black people liesarenotuseful07/28/2016 02:29PM
Garment protection Razortooth07/25/2016 12:27PM
Severely dissapointed (ot) icanbemenow07/28/2016 12:42PM
secret tunnels 13 jenn04/06/2012 01:46PM
Need help with The Book of Mormon Elder Berry07/28/2016 02:32PM
Pastafarian not allowed to wear colander! 23 eternal107/27/2016 02:42PM
Cog diss'--LDS is the "Amurr'can religion, yet... Chicken N. Backpacks07/28/2016 12:02PM
Is Charles David Scoville a mormon? He's the latest Utah Ponzi guy 17 elderolddog07/27/2016 04:20PM
Wake/Memorial service at LDS church? Fascinated in the Midwest07/28/2016 09:21AM