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Answered prayers Sweet Spirit07/23/2014 10:40PM
How Big is Pioneer Day in Utah ? Southern ExMo07/23/2014 10:46PM
Don the priesthood practices FWIW07/23/2014 11:05PM
are Canadian mormons funny? 13 thingsithink07/23/2014 05:55PM
Where's that thread? amyslittlesister07/23/2014 09:09PM
Where would you rather live--Denmark or the Sudan? baura07/23/2014 08:32PM
What are you doing for pie and beer day? jakers407/23/2014 09:12PM
Have you seen Book of Mormon musical? 30 androidandy07/01/2014 08:07PM
Who would be the beneficiaries of the church largesse? loopyloo07/23/2014 06:41PM
I should have listened to my wife sooner 16 santosdumont07/23/2014 03:16AM
Has anyone encountered the Facebook "Danites"? Rusty Shackleford07/23/2014 04:17PM
Oxymoron: Mormon Royalty 28 Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/23/2014 02:50PM
How many Arrest Warrants did Joseph have against him? WillieBoy07/23/2014 10:25PM
Guilt, Shame, Unworthiness blueskyutah07/23/2014 05:09PM
Facebook is an LDS Inc. marketing tool that I hope backfires. 19 Unindoctrinated07/23/2014 12:29PM
Does Tommy Monson Poop? 28 Amazing Trace07/23/2014 10:17AM
What lies were in the Nauvoo Expositor 24 WillieBoy07/23/2014 03:44PM
Church In Worse Shape Than I Thought? 35 The 4th Facsimile07/22/2014 11:13PM
Missionaries and "Anti" nonsequiter07/23/2014 08:02PM
Just hit my year mark 14 lexaprosavedme07/23/2014 12:26AM
Patriarchal Blessing Boilerplate 32 BYUboner07/21/2014 05:11PM
I desperately need to win the lottery 30 anon 2112/16/2013 03:38PM
The 40 Year Old Virgin Continues... 12 very anon for this07/22/2014 11:34PM
O/T one thing for sure when I get my Social security back, I'm going 10 southern Idaho inactive07/21/2014 07:13PM
The Church knows there is an issue with attrition amongst its ranks... Lock it Down07/23/2014 07:10PM
When did you reveal the temple secrets? 26 BYUboner07/22/2014 12:46AM
Not Happy on My Mission 29 lurking missionary07/23/2014 10:09AM
Some comic relief, whether or not you are an animal lover. Video LINK Carol07/23/2014 07:43PM
Do Mormons talk about Jesus much? Try this response from a TBM 12 CA girl07/23/2014 12:40AM
Resignation letter... What do you guys think? Critique welcome 14 To hell in a handbasket07/23/2014 01:21PM
Moving and no Elders Quorum 10 themaster07/22/2014 03:45PM
must be some connections??? ex_sushi_chef07/23/2014 07:12PM
Delete (n/t) toast07/23/2014 05:59PM
Interesting contradiction in the essay on BoM translation 13 rt07/23/2014 03:30PM
Remember........... 17 madalice07/23/2014 02:21PM
Add me to the list of failed Mormon Marriages not a patriarch07/23/2014 04:12PM
God and the Big Bang boydslittlefactory07/23/2014 06:52PM
Mormonism's Disgusting Legacy of Racism Tal Bachman07/23/2014 04:51PM
O/T I'm off to see what's going on with Perkins in a little bit southern Idaho inactive07/23/2014 03:57PM
Sister Missionaries over for dinner last night Deluded07/23/2014 10:26AM
The magic of tea - a lovely cuppa - important information for mormons brigantia07/21/2014 05:01PM
Question for Steve Benson shiningwaters07/22/2014 10:59PM
Does "Holy" = "Bloody"?? Elder Berry07/23/2014 03:16PM
I Have Had Experiences Too Sacred To Talk About 28 yelp the morg07/23/2014 10:24AM
Sacred experiences why so secret?? 12 crissykays07/23/2014 01:17PM
Age Gaps Don't Necessarily Matter At All In Love, Continued 38 Tal Bachman07/23/2014 04:44AM
What would you do if strange dog runs up barking? swear 46 nonny07/23/2014 02:19AM
Interesting video panel about science vs religion hayduke07/23/2014 11:13AM
EXmormon Pioneer Day Party! Hotel Utah Saloon San Francisco July 24th 5:30. Jerry the Aspousetate07/17/2014 07:09PM
BoM disclaimers 35 Anonymous User07/21/2014 06:24PM
Shared my honest beliefs with TBM wife tonight 13 Tom Padley07/23/2014 05:28AM
@ Tal Bachman 33 smo07/20/2014 10:33PM
Rebuilding the Ogden Temple 15 already gone07/21/2014 01:36PM
Joseph's First Vision 33 My Long Schlong07/22/2014 07:19PM
Christ-like forgiveness? Really? Stray Mutt07/23/2014 02:14PM