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N. Orange County CA Brea on Sunday at Panera kj07/07/2015 08:00AM
Elder: A Mormon Love Story 17 Shunn06/25/2015 07:49PM
Mental illness in Mormonism and superstitions 34 nosko06/20/2012 08:16PM
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Parade of missionaries.... memikeyounot07/06/2015 10:59PM
Not the mormon corridor... dimmesdale07/06/2015 03:57PM
Anybody else have this problem? uloveme07/06/2015 09:20PM
New York times video ! Wow! 12 PaintingintheWIN07/06/2015 08:08PM
Did they ever quantify how much African ancestry ... 21 Void K. Packer07/06/2015 01:52PM
what would a modern prophet teach? 12 hopefulhusband07/06/2015 03:16PM
Nelson & Eugenics ohdeargoodness nli07/06/2015 10:18PM
Boise Area Meetup Sunday 7/5 utahstateagnostics07/04/2015 02:00AM
A little poetry hawk07/07/2015 02:59AM
Any RM with no bapisms (or like one) 30 kolonko07/04/2015 12:47AM
Sorry if this is already a done deal but WHAT DID THE LETTER SAY? verilyverily07/06/2015 07:15PM
Glenn Beck Silenced! 26 michaelc194507/06/2015 02:10PM
Could a LDS coup happen with the death of leadership? 21 deco07/06/2015 10:09PM
Boyd Packer: Funerals should have a gospel purpose summer07/04/2015 10:13AM
PROUD to be a GAY AMERICAN!! (n/t) 10 PapaKen07/04/2015 11:47AM
Off the record General Authority comments re Packer's death cricket07/06/2015 08:47AM
How are new apostles chosen sybian07/07/2015 12:19AM
Latest from my missionary nephews. 21 Elder Berry07/06/2015 12:55PM
We're not beholden to cult representatives who show up at our door. Cheryl07/06/2015 02:42PM
O/T: colorado - advice toto07/07/2015 01:07AM
O/T this is why I will not visit Australia ... Dave the Atheist07/06/2015 01:35PM
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Reports of F&T Meetings! 28 left4good07/03/2015 09:21AM
I am so glad I was never a Mormon... justarelative07/06/2015 10:48PM
President Packer's enduring legacy includes monumental "library of the Lord southern idaho inactive07/04/2015 05:38PM
Don Bagley's at it again - "After Life" 11 cricket07/03/2015 05:06PM
Do the apostles drive cars? deco07/06/2015 10:33PM
shrinkage LA county jeff207/06/2015 03:16PM
The Birth of American Jesus ificouldhietokolob07/06/2015 09:04PM
Please, go back to Church . . . seriously, before it's too late. 16 baura07/06/2015 05:24PM
Some elders won't have to buy suits for their missions!! 15 elderolddog07/03/2015 12:24PM
Mormons among the Americans most likely to deny evolution 16 Soft Machine07/02/2015 03:12AM
Keep the Sabbath! - New video from TSCC 36 Chump07/02/2015 02:18PM
Today the world is a better place deco07/06/2015 01:55PM
I looked out the window and what did I see? iplayedjoe07/06/2015 03:27PM
Washington the Warrior 10 Exmopatriot07/06/2015 11:19AM
Will anyone return to the Church now that Packer is a fleck of history? 15 sharapata07/04/2015 04:36PM
ExMo and Mormons in Transition Meetup in Arlington, TX michaelc194507/06/2015 07:13PM
Beauty never faileth ElderCarrion07/06/2015 06:21PM
The afterlife of latter-day apostles? 16 commongentile07/06/2015 09:05AM
Boyd Destroyed ANY Good Feelings I Had Towards LDS-Inc As A Youth... BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/04/2015 04:53PM
Religious Trauma Syndrome wine country girl07/06/2015 05:49PM
New Here, help with the acronyms. sonofabish07/06/2015 05:19PM
Bishop keeps showing up unannouced 16 shodanrob07/06/2015 12:56PM
Exed 5 years ago. Received an email from new SP. 33 AnonExed07/06/2015 09:28AM
Convert Here, can anyone explain why Packer is "evil" 25 doubtingLDS07/04/2015 11:10AM
In light of the recent passing of Boyd K. Packer... Elder Berry07/06/2015 01:54PM
Fast offerings 19 Blackheart44007/06/2015 10:45AM
May the fourth be with you! (n/t) thedesertrat107/04/2015 06:59PM
Selection of new Apostles: Will nepotism play a role? 15 flanders07/04/2015 03:59PM
How do I leave the Church without my parents finding out? 14 xe07/04/2015 06:06PM
so "my bishop" sent me a letter 16 greenAngel07/06/2015 10:17AM