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What is the flds church? crazyhorse11/20/2017 10:15PM
I'm torn. levantis11/20/2017 02:27AM
Today on 'Quora' Chicken N. Backpacks11/20/2017 01:14PM
Mormonism: If it didn't have so much to hide, there wouldn't be so much pa GoingHome11/20/2017 07:13PM
Most profound Don Bagley short yet - top five for sure 16 cricket11/20/2017 02:11PM
The Dark History Of Mormonism — From Child Brides To Mass Murder anybody11/21/2017 07:02AM
What nicknames have you come up with for the lds church? crazyhorse11/20/2017 10:12PM
The Relief Society Standard 16 pollythinks11/18/2017 08:41PM
Let's not let the death of Manson overshadow the passing of Malcolm Young. 15 steve benson11/20/2017 08:55AM
MORmONS STILL want to pawn off part of blame for MMM onto Indians 12 smirkorama11/20/2017 12:18PM
Everett Bikini baristas going to Federal Court... 11 GNPE11/20/2017 01:10PM
Just saw a FB post with a smiling, happy Mormon family Anon for This One11/20/2017 02:44AM
Mitt Romney's current church calling? 39 summer11/18/2017 01:41PM
Bishop interviews 17 Godzilla11/17/2017 11:46AM
Lds church going to make a third district crazyhorse11/20/2017 10:08PM
Joseph Smith Changed His Revelations isthechurchtrue11/20/2017 09:37PM
Sign of the nail. Sure sign of the nail. Highest temple ordinances? Tom Padley11/20/2017 08:19AM
For all we know, Ancient Egypt Under Ramesses Could Be Like North Korea anybody11/20/2017 06:37PM
Polygamy dating site hookup featured on Life with Lisa Ling 15 Amyjo11/19/2017 11:19PM
Life after mormonism is fantastic! 12 Becca11/20/2017 01:58PM
Touched by one last angel ...Della Reese dead at 86 Shummy11/20/2017 04:04PM
The Sins of Bro Curtis JudyQ11/20/2017 07:55PM
Wiener in the Sky 26 East Coast Exmo11/17/2017 04:31PM
AC/DC founder & lead guitarist Malcolm Young has passed 25 Amyjo11/19/2017 08:53AM
OWN's "Greenleaf" MoCurious11/20/2017 04:42PM
Goodbye boner 22 Badassadam111/20/2017 02:22PM
Just Baptized and Leaving 21 GoingHome11/19/2017 11:30PM
Mother Marries Both Son AND Daughter anybody11/20/2017 11:36AM
Ever get from mormons you must respect my beliefs 16 crazyhorse11/17/2017 03:52PM
Why do mormons do i testify for? crazyhorse11/19/2017 11:02PM
Yahoo touts new MORmON temple in Idaho for LDS Inc smirkorama11/20/2017 11:50AM
Unearthed Miniature Carving Changes Our Understanding of Bronze Age Art Dave the Atheist11/16/2017 12:31AM
Friend-requests from totalitarian-people I left Joined Facebook11/19/2017 06:13AM
Struggling with NOT trying to push my uber TBM wife into my way of thinking 16 Tom Padley11/19/2017 10:34AM
Sending love to the Badass 31 BYU Boner11/15/2017 12:59PM
One major surgery is all that stands in my way 15 Badassadam111/15/2017 06:09PM
Sausage Roll Jesus Is back -- this time as art anybody11/20/2017 09:12AM
Is this place more or less just a hang out for people that have 52 Badassadam111/06/2017 07:56PM
Mormons are very arrogant! crazyhorse11/19/2017 07:31PM
I can't believe i didn't see this until 4 decades later. God is not in the alaskawild11/19/2017 06:02PM
Oaks & Ballard: Face-To-Face (YSA) Q&A Review11/20/2017 02:33AM
Mormon definition of sin Razortooth11/16/2017 03:14PM
Mormons are blind 13 crazyhorse11/17/2017 10:53PM
Why did Joseph Smith make the book of Mormon up for? 19 crazyhorse11/17/2017 10:04PM
lieing abot "chastity" overit11/18/2017 04:35AM
2 Missionary Stories SEcular Priest11/19/2017 09:18PM
Struggling with critical thinking 23 Becca11/19/2017 05:23AM
"Is it possible to love somebody who did bad things?" Sarah Silverman koriwhore11/19/2017 07:19PM
Stay away from group Mormon hub crazyhorse11/16/2017 08:32PM
Mormons can't answer hard questions crazyhorse11/19/2017 05:02PM
Why are MORmONS such liars? 21 koriwhore11/04/2017 04:52PM
Visit from Missionaries pollythinks11/19/2017 03:06PM
(o/t) Time Traveller From 2028 Comes Back To 2017 To Warn The Earth anybody11/19/2017 12:49AM
Mormons change subject that is to hard crazyhorse11/19/2017 10:57PM
The new Bible museum tells a clear, powerful story; it could change the mus Anonymous 211/19/2017 09:57PM