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cont SMART PEOPLE grubbygert04/22/2014 08:48PM
Fukuoka Mission - Okinawa tacos recipe 17 Kahuna11/21/2013 02:37PM
To serve or not to serve: BYU star athletes discuss the role of missionary southern idaho inactive04/22/2014 08:44PM
New Jersey lawsuit seeks to ban Pledge of Allegiance(link) southern idaho inactive04/22/2014 08:42PM
Have Many-Most-or All SMART PEOPLE Checked Out of MoMism? 33 GNPE04/21/2014 04:27PM
How long until they discover the pit of weapons and armor? utahstateagnostics04/22/2014 03:38PM
C'mon MoTab Choir, sing this, I dare ya! Chicken N. Backpacks04/22/2014 07:59PM
Resignation: Meeting with the bishop 33 michaelgbluth04/21/2014 08:52PM
In The Atlantic this mo.: “The Movement to Ordain Mormon Women” (link) The 1st FreeAtLast04/22/2014 05:58PM
Jokes about Jesus 31 T-Bone04/19/2014 10:33PM
"Because of Him" analysis anagrammy04/22/2014 03:05PM
What did your bishop do for a day job? 33 madalice04/22/2014 04:26PM
Thirty years to 100 10 rhgc04/22/2014 08:51AM
TBM 12 quatre04/22/2014 02:44AM
Dude compares LDS leadership to Russian criminals deco04/22/2014 05:47PM
Disgusting comment made by SIL 31 JediMasterAFC04/21/2014 11:21PM
Absolutely FREAKING Amazing Apologetic Gymnastics BOA 21 ultra04/22/2014 02:52PM
Dear Mormons...Please Stop Looking @ Porn U R Causing The Calif Drought! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/22/2014 05:15PM
Small sheets of TP 21 themaster04/21/2014 07:31PM
OT- anybody else dealing with the AOL flood of email spamming / spoofing? (n/t) anon forever&ever; amen&amen04/22/2014 05:03PM
What's Wrong with... giving public lands to the LDS Church? dalebroadhurst04/22/2014 05:03PM
If you don't think that the Bishopric and other leaders 12 wardcleaver04/21/2014 02:53PM
OT-I am beyond pissed 33 mew04/22/2014 12:02PM
Utah Heat Wave 28 Tupperwhere05/14/2013 09:12PM
Can therapist disclose confidential info to bishop.. 32 AnonReg04/22/2014 01:05PM
Ultimatum by Church Of Building 16 anonymous4now04/22/2014 01:13AM
Shame for wanting sex (kinda adult) (mostly o/t) 14 anonforthisone04/21/2014 11:38PM
hey Mew 18 wanderinggeek04/18/2014 01:20PM
Sign in LDS Church lobby gentlestrength04/22/2014 02:38PM
The New Girl's Rant brandywine04/22/2014 02:22PM
Has the MoTab ever sung in latin? 13 Chicken N. Backpacks04/21/2014 07:32PM
"Because of Him" ? We all know they mean Joseph Smith. anagrammy04/21/2014 08:33PM
Joseph Smith Polygamy Article In Salon Magazine anybody04/22/2014 01:59PM
Are resignations up, down, sideways, or any way to tell? Brother Zelph04/22/2014 12:42PM
Serve "God" 2 Years In A Milieu Of Deprivation Misery & Squalor...But Why? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/22/2014 01:20PM
Church was hardly "boring" idleswell04/22/2014 12:36PM
My wife gets mad all the time-please, anyone.... 32 Blahhhh04/22/2014 06:36AM
O/T Global Soundscape Project Mnemonic04/22/2014 01:44PM
How Mormons are like the Sambia of Papua New Guinea politicaljunkie04/22/2014 12:30PM
God's Cattle Battle: Brother Fundy Bundy Invokes Mo'ism against the Feds 31 steve benson04/21/2014 08:07PM
Dustin Lance Black Hits Back at Alma Mater For Shaming Him 10 politicaljunkie04/18/2014 11:42AM
My Bishop Is Awesome 10 TheIrrationalShark04/21/2014 10:34PM
Resigned 10 Weeks Ago 14 mayerbabe04/22/2014 02:18AM
Dating an ex mormon... 19 tattedandsinful04/21/2014 04:18PM
Where to live in SLC that's less LDS 32 nminmylife11/08/2011 04:35PM
O/T Age difference? 32 strawberryshortcake04/21/2014 09:45AM
New church documentary? gemini04/22/2014 08:55AM
Did any of you convert with your family as a child/teen? Nevermo1.04/19/2014 01:58PM
I've been OUT for 10 years this month morgbotnot04/21/2014 11:43PM
I can't believe the @#$% I went along with poem04/22/2014 09:22AM
Reading Scriptures daily makes life 'magically delicious' ultra04/21/2014 11:53AM
Just saw the Book of Mormon musical 14 Leo Walsh02/11/2014 01:23PM
Understanding the OT God 13 themaster04/21/2014 02:26PM
High On A Hill Cowers a Mormon Chapel Beneath a Suicide Bridge esias04/22/2014 09:32AM
Elders walked into my strip-club....TWICE!!! 31 Xorol04/21/2014 05:45PM