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I had that 'soulmate' feeling for the first time, now devastated (o/t) 20 defanon10/18/2014 01:36PM
Love Bombing Airline Passenger 15 blueskyutah10/18/2014 09:40PM
Church Dispatches Apostles to Sierra Leone and Liberia 29 Nomomo4evermo10/19/2014 02:50PM
Prophet-haunted world Elder Berry10/18/2014 01:18PM
Assumptions about my religion from strangers 15 gemini10/19/2014 11:43AM
Is The Mormon God a serious, stern god? Elder Berry10/19/2014 12:30PM
Oscar sweeps?? So many movies, so little time.... seeking peace10/19/2014 07:05PM
Visit toSalt Lake City by an early US President rogue10/19/2014 06:47PM
Loveline with Jeffery the dodo Holland lush10/19/2014 12:47AM
Mormon Newsroom releases video about garments (link) 33 bratschedan10/19/2014 02:27AM
Young Womens Medallions 24 perky10/17/2014 11:04PM
Question for RPackham or others--Fall and Redemption generationofvipers10/19/2014 06:10PM
24/7 Wall Street: "Utah Is the worst state for women." Sillymoe10/19/2014 04:39AM
Missionary bore testimony of Atheist's review of Book of Mormon bofmstories10/19/2014 05:43PM
Best dating advice - On Topic 10 CA girl10/17/2014 12:19PM
BYU Football game went into Sunday... mythb4meat10/19/2014 10:59AM
temple garms honest110/19/2014 12:53PM
Why I Am No Longer a Mormon... 10 Fully Disvested10/18/2014 09:07PM
HILARIOUS youtube video about City Creek Mall Nomomo4evermo10/19/2014 03:25PM
Testimony meeting - Blessings of not paying tithes Deluded10/19/2014 03:05PM
What has the church done to/for you? 12 robertpantera10/19/2014 12:55PM
So It Was Said 46 Years Ago...... Shummy10/19/2014 02:45PM
Do you think Daniel C Peterson Scrubs Toilets on Saturday Mornings? anontoday10/19/2014 12:31PM
TBM says plastic resin grapes Mormons loved inspired by Mary Tyler Moore. Jerry the Aspousetate10/19/2014 12:34PM
Ex-mormon starts a cult ab10/19/2014 01:15PM
osmonds (n/t) 28 robinson5210/16/2014 01:44PM
3,100 Stakes 17 sharapata10/18/2014 03:52PM
Help Get Through to my Friend, Need Your Help c48gl10/19/2014 01:11PM
Would you have married differently or had less kids? 35 yesnomaybe10/18/2014 08:55PM
Indoctrination thedesertrat110/19/2014 11:07AM
Time to pack up and move back here and live around me Elder Berry10/19/2014 12:45PM
Why I started drinking coffee Mags10/18/2014 07:57PM
We don't seem to talk about the many issues, history BOA, DNA any more? Ausguy10/19/2014 11:21AM
Wonder what bark2thebone thinks about "work for the dead" Elder Berry10/18/2014 11:17AM
Bill Carpenter's Conversion Story 26 Press10/15/2014 01:45AM
Mormon Stalking in Hollywood PapaKen10/19/2014 11:42AM
How often do the top fifteen receive the "bad news" ? cricket10/19/2014 11:49AM
Somewhere where there were NO missionaries 10 michael10/19/2014 08:22AM
Salvation For Dummies anybody10/19/2014 08:13AM
The Ten Commandments - a Mormon stumper? RPackham10/18/2014 01:45PM
Ex-Mormon Starts his own Cult, monitored by the FBI (link) Itzpapalotl10/17/2014 04:02PM
Omitting mission from life story 34 Griff10/17/2014 02:58PM
drinking too much, eating too much, shopping too much 14 yesnomaybe10/18/2014 08:45PM
U Ever Discover The Hooligan That Infected Your Family Tree With Mormonism? (n/t) 33 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/16/2014 02:06PM
Coming soon to a theatre near me.... Lethbridge Reprobate10/18/2014 10:49PM
USA Today reports on top ten worst states for women What me worry?10/19/2014 09:50AM
SIN is big Busines and the Church Wants a Major Share of the Pie SEcular Religion10/19/2014 09:05AM
Phoenix AZ temple protesters 14 mcdonkie10/17/2014 07:35PM
Mormonism is much like the Ice Bucket Challenge Rubicon10/18/2014 01:01AM
How Mormon Are You? Take quiz. dk10/18/2014 02:53PM
Remember when Correlation was a good thing? thewhyalumnus10/18/2014 01:30PM
Any member/ex member done a disetation/academic work on the cult? Lex10/18/2014 04:58PM
Is authoritarianism the real enemy? 26 The Invisible Green Potato10/18/2014 07:25AM
How is Mormonism kinda similar to Prostitution? 10 beyondashadow10/18/2014 06:12PM
O/T Anyone foster animals from their local shelter? 28 Itzpapalotl10/17/2014 11:44AM