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I'd like to bear my testimony. . . freedomatlast10/23/2014 09:17PM
Link to Salt Lake Tribune Column on Polygamy Essay Story... 41 SL Cabbie10/22/2014 03:49PM
Speaking of Most notorious Cog Dis people...No, TBM's come second 14 quinlansolo10/23/2014 09:56AM
Difficult to buy garments without recommend? Rockwell10/23/2014 07:57PM
It must suck to be a bishop right now! Richard R Lyman10/23/2014 12:08PM
what was the big fuss over garments and polygamy recently?? (n/t) southern Idaho inactive10/23/2014 08:44PM
Zina Diantha HUNTINGTON darthbillgr10/23/2014 06:43PM
Disgusted and disturbed, 19th century style... masonfree10/23/2014 04:27PM
Does anyone know of a list of Brigham Young's polyandrous wives? (n/t) 17 lulu02/16/2012 02:54PM
LDS Org Polyg article: I hate to say it, but most mormons bullpuckey10/23/2014 07:57PM
Jehovah Witness showed up this morning. 10 Jojo10/23/2014 01:31PM
How Smart People Wind Up With Insane Beliefs: A Case Study, Part II 29 Tal Bachman10/22/2014 04:55AM
I miss the old Salt Lake Tribune 11 Villager10/23/2014 03:44PM
What's for Dinner Tonight? shannon10/23/2014 07:39PM
Las Vegas Meetup: Historic Railroad Trail Hike in Boulder City-Sat 10/25 onendagus10/23/2014 12:15AM
"There is no greater danger than that which is unknown." wine country girl10/23/2014 07:30PM
"But Elder! We wont baptize anyone... nonsequiter10/23/2014 06:38PM
The best way to help the mormon church to tell the whole truth madalice10/23/2014 06:24PM
Parents were called on a mission 16 perfectmormongirl10/21/2014 11:32AM
Sister posted this on FB wanderinggeek10/23/2014 02:41PM
If you really wanted to insult a Mormon woman, what would you say? 56 CA girl10/23/2014 11:59AM
Polygamy Essay: Checkmate in 4 moves 24 Facsimile 310/23/2014 10:10AM
Completely O/T but need some help Riverman10/23/2014 06:02PM
Leaving Church and Impact on Kids 31 lawman10/23/2014 11:31AM
Songs Sesame Street may sing w/MoTab NoNoNazi10/23/2014 04:15PM
Post-Manifesto Polgamy Truths vs. Mormon Church Lies (1 of 2 Parts) steve benson10/22/2014 08:11PM
help part 2 thatsosirisnotabraham10/23/2014 03:12PM
Impact of Polygamy Essay on TBMs 40 anointedone10/23/2014 06:55AM
What would be your Good News/Gospel now? 17 Richard Foxe10/21/2014 09:19PM
I've become too skeptical I think because I was arrogantly ignorant Elder Berry10/23/2014 11:18AM
Meanwhile, in Scientology....... 21 NeverBeenaMormon10/21/2014 07:12PM
Something that is bugging me *10/23/2014 03:39PM
Why didn't the essay mention Emma's request of a second husband? Devoted Exmo10/23/2014 01:00PM
O/T freak out 18 Has to be anon. Sorry10/23/2014 11:51AM
Sexless Polygamy - Is there any proof? 25 Facsimile 310/23/2014 11:28AM
Anyone from Queen Creek AZ? verilyverily10/23/2014 04:09AM
The last straw-Part Deux 13 Recovered Molly Mo10/22/2014 10:27AM
Does anything in the plyg essay contradict DCP? deco10/23/2014 01:20PM
Perectuted apostates? Time to take back some ground. rodolfo10/23/2014 03:03PM
Speaking of polygamy with TBM coworkers atouchscreendarkly10/23/2014 01:14PM
I need to know I'm not crazy 24 cupcakebaby10/23/2014 12:31AM
Polygamy Essay and D&C 132 - A Modern Translation - Read the Truth William Law10/23/2014 02:07PM
Have I been listening to too much Moody Blues music lately? 28 ab10/19/2014 05:54PM
Devoted but “mad,” two black Mormons challenge church culture 11 ok10/22/2014 05:23PM
Who will be lazy now? AmIDarkNow?10/23/2014 01:04PM
WARNING: New Polygamy Essay Might Break Your BS Meter 23 Chump10/22/2014 04:53PM
Liar, Liar, Garments on Fire-The LDS Cult Believes in & Practices Polygamy 10 steve benson10/22/2014 01:38PM
Woman leaves mormonism for science, link Once More10/23/2014 01:26PM
Brigham charged $5 for a divorce? Pats Blessings $1 NoNoNazi10/22/2014 09:06PM
baseball greengobbleyguck10/22/2014 09:50PM
Why don't angels have wings? 11 tootsmcguire10/23/2014 05:23AM
Malt Liquor 12 48erhater10/20/2014 09:17PM
Has BYU been affected by people leaving TSCC in droves? 21 abinadi burns nli10/22/2014 05:18PM
Polygamy Essay -- Why abandon the BoA playbook? Sheri L Dewped10/23/2014 11:55AM
"Have you asked the golden question today?" Boyd K Pecker10/23/2014 08:01AM