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RS: A Polygamist Cult's Last Stand: The Rise and Fall of Warren Jeffs levantlurker02/10/2016 10:15AM
Can you request excommunication? 16 en passant02/10/2016 01:44PM
Was Paul Walker From "Fast And Furious" Still Active LDS? 29 anybody12/02/2013 06:53AM
Does anyone remember Nick Wilcox The White Mormon? 24 tanngrisnir06/02/2011 07:28AM
Was Jesus a Mormon? 16 Shummy02/08/2016 08:25PM
Udate of Situation. I gave her the Essay 13 Ace of Hearts02/08/2016 03:41PM
I Love This One, A Live Report from Behind the Zion Curtain... SL Cabbie02/10/2016 03:56PM
Taiwan earthquake 16 Britboy02/08/2016 05:54AM
Ogden the best small town in the West?! 15 In Hollywood02/08/2016 09:03PM
Remember that date/time you QUIT the CULT? I Remember What A Day!! verilyverily02/09/2016 08:23PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward Meetup - Sunday, February 14th Bite Me02/10/2016 02:11PM
Is legal adoption tied to temple dealings? notmonotloggedin02/03/2016 02:09PM
A Mormon Dilemma (Adult) 18 LeavingDelusion02/09/2016 02:58PM
Tom Phillips - Jeffrey Holland - SLDrone - outsider looking in - no spoof 19 cricket02/09/2016 10:25AM
I went to an LDS funeral today... 31 my2cents11/20/2010 07:35PM
A Little Perspective CrispingPin02/10/2016 07:14AM
Two words proving God exists 35 Elder Berry02/08/2016 02:07PM
Scenario: LDS family re-locating to Missouri! Mythb4meat02/09/2016 02:59PM
Root causes of the MMM and the formation of the Danites... randyj01/28/2016 05:56PM
Top ten Sinful Cities and top ten Saintly Cities. Jerry the Aspousetate02/10/2016 12:01PM
Mormons and Missouri. . . MIL's patriarchal blessing says she'll. . . 12 anonforthisone02/09/2016 11:21AM
A dose of Deadpool on Saturday and then Provo Temple open house. shodanrob02/10/2016 09:37AM
Mr. Diety, on Breaking up with Richard Dawkins koriwhore02/08/2016 09:47PM
My first time on RFM I wondered if I would be struck down by lightening. Anon4this02/10/2016 01:51AM
Could anyone be on "My Strange Addiction?" Anon4this02/10/2016 01:45AM
If you were depressed post-Morg, what helped? woodsmoke02/09/2016 07:09PM
North Orange County CA Meetup February 21 Not logged in kj02/10/2016 09:32AM
My dad just told me he's sorry 19 ozpoof02/08/2016 08:51AM
My front row seat in St. George, Utah 64monkey02/08/2016 10:00PM
a HUGE part of why LDS survives... GNPE02/09/2016 09:18PM
Another dead sister missionary notojo02/09/2016 11:43PM
Why are the Q15 posted pics arranged like a Pyramid? 12 never again02/09/2016 02:23PM
Breakdown (swearing and run-on sentences) 16 beeblequix02/03/2016 01:32PM
Are there ads now on RFM? anon4this02/10/2016 12:44AM
My embarrassing death phobia... Anon4this02/10/2016 01:34AM
Hell on wheels Mormon portrayals 14 notamormoncurious08/30/2015 11:33AM
As a former Mormon, what are the benefits of leaving the LDS Church? 26 SusieQ#102/05/2016 04:03PM
How long does it usually take to get the letter? 13 Crazy_stev302/09/2016 04:05AM
Yet Another Reply to Henry Bemis... Tal Bachman02/10/2016 02:24AM
land of liberty hurting02/09/2016 08:34PM
Was the the mob there to shoot or lynch JS? 21 Chicken N. Backpacks02/08/2016 05:29PM
Why does it matter to some Mormons where The Book of Mormon is set? 25 Elder Berry02/03/2016 03:08PM
Granddaughter baptized last Saturday pollythinks02/09/2016 10:19PM
What makes the Mormon church so hard to break away from? xe02/08/2016 05:26PM
Did anyone else see the Scientology commercial during the Superbowl? 6 iron02/09/2016 12:51PM
Mormons at the Restaurant 14 justarelative02/09/2016 02:32PM
Follow the Prophet!!! SCMCExposed02/09/2016 07:41PM
Orem TBM steals $28 Million 12 nowayjo02/03/2016 10:49PM
Video: Scientology's propaganda techniques exposed... randyj02/09/2016 02:14PM
TBM SIL would rather have hair/nails done than visit.. anonforthisone02/09/2016 11:47AM
Bullet Points on Joseph Smith-Garmentless Killer Who Was Killed at Carthage 14 steve benson05/19/2013 11:46PM
It was painful but I attended F&T last Sunday cognitivedissonance02/09/2016 03:34PM
Latest stream of consciousness from my stateside Elder nephew Elder Berry02/08/2016 07:29PM
Has anyone here ever had a visitation from beyond the veil? 34 shodanrob02/09/2016 09:43AM