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Seen on a TSCC parody site rationalist0107/25/2014 02:58PM
The new book Skull Valley got me through two days of airport agony. dagny07/27/2014 02:25PM
My friend and his Bishop gave blessing at hospital. Can I tease him? 14 thingsithink07/27/2014 01:53PM
To the guy posting on YouTube as 'newcarabu" 22 charles, buddhist punk11/07/2012 04:32AM
"Simple Man" vs. 15 Zillion Hours Worth of Mormon Garbage 10 Tal Bachman07/27/2014 05:21AM
news 15 hello07/26/2014 05:44PM
O/T can you be on unemployment and still get food stamps? southern Idaho inactive07/27/2014 08:50PM
Still paying the price of being married to a tbm 11 happyfeet07/27/2014 01:50PM
New mishie assigned to Kiev, to preach in the Russian language 24 agnesbroomhead07/24/2014 02:54PM
North Orange County CA meet up...........August 3/Sunday kj07/24/2014 09:37AM
Brother Jake finally explained church dicipline. Are you a wheat or a tare? Jerry the Aspousetate07/27/2014 05:11PM
LDS Singles 11 axeldc07/27/2014 03:12PM
RE: Danger in LDS Chapels!!!! Is yours on the list? Big M07/27/2014 01:58PM
Legal push to make resignation easier? 20 Tom Padley07/27/2014 12:17PM
All Relgions are False 38 blueskyutah07/24/2014 07:04PM
This was seriously just posted in a LDS Singles Facebook Group... 18 london07/27/2014 10:54AM
becomeing god EXON4607/27/2014 12:52PM
Link says 79% of Mormons pay 10% tithing. Were you in the 79%? Or the 21%? 31 Jerry the Aspousetate07/20/2014 03:58PM
It's that time of the year again! The morg is pressuring members southern Idaho inactive07/27/2014 05:22PM
Is it true that women shouldn't touch the sacrament tray? 27 brook07/27/2014 12:14PM
Review of Book of Mormon musical GC07/27/2014 03:20PM
Everybody's Doin' It releve07/27/2014 10:15AM
Heaven Is For Real 34 nicole s07/27/2014 11:46AM
Donny Osmond in "White and Nerdy" vid NeverMo in CA07/27/2014 04:23PM
Neil Ransom/Kate Kelly on Mormon Stories - It's up! ellenl07/27/2014 01:28PM
O/T What's the odds of getting a job after sending a second "Thank You" car southern Idaho inactive07/26/2014 04:58PM
I "came out" as an ex-mo yesterday on fb... uteman80107/27/2014 11:03AM
Do people really play Farmville on the phone during Mormon church services? (n/t) thingsithink07/27/2014 02:06PM
BKP infamous "Little Factories" Talk ('76);was anyone here in the audience? 32 zenmaster07/25/2014 08:53PM
the church of quotes abrabeef07/27/2014 02:29PM
Mr. Monson 17 thedesertrat107/25/2014 12:06PM
It's true, Joseph only had ONE wife WillieBoy07/27/2014 12:39PM
OT- By Christmas I'm hoping to be living in Washington!! 26 fidget07/26/2014 05:35PM
Has Ted Nugent been reading the Book of Mormon? (Link) 27 Tal Bachman07/24/2014 04:00PM
Do TBM's Watch Modern Family? 36 Ex-CultMember07/27/2014 12:09AM
Some sent the flaming missionaries round! 12 O'Brien07/26/2014 09:09PM
Young Men President reawakening07/27/2014 10:11AM
Adamisfree2006 meets our very own "notamomo" IRL... adamisfree200607/27/2014 11:47AM
LDS "Style Guide"....WE tell you what words you can use........... ConcernedCitizen07/27/2014 11:44AM
You might be a redneck Mormon if your belt buckle has a temple on it. Or... 12 Jerry the Aspousetate07/26/2014 01:35PM
Being cremated while wearing temple clothing..... randyj07/26/2014 11:41PM
Could Anything Bring You Back To the Morg? 31 Prosper07/27/2014 12:53AM
Please Help--Wife Punishing Son Harshly for Seeing Porn 31 generationofvipers07/27/2014 12:14AM
Been inactive for 3 months 11 Inactive307/27/2014 12:18AM
How many times was Joseph Smith convicted of fraud? quickman07/27/2014 04:55AM
Masterbation question 12 Robert07/26/2014 05:18PM
When does the feeling of wanting to go back go away? 34 anonforthisone07/26/2014 10:35AM
Thoughts on THE LEFTOVERS (on HBO) etc. verilyverily07/24/2014 08:36PM
God wants you to help her become a lawyer... 17 knotheadusc07/26/2014 09:31AM
My theory re/ Modern Family and Mormons dimmesdale07/27/2014 08:32AM
Brandon Flowers demands a lot of booze backstage deco07/26/2014 10:57PM
Going deeper with temple symbols Godzilla07/26/2014 11:40PM
Where did I go wrong? 17 ragingphoenix07/22/2014 08:35PM
The cult of a TBM family 27 BYUboner07/25/2014 05:43PM
No Adam, No Noah, No Moses, just a bunch of lies 43 themaster07/20/2014 09:11PM