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Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home Maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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Gold Converts - Who is the Shinest? 10 ohdeargoodness01/22/2018 02:49AM
What percent of the bible are stories about Jesus! 10 brook01/21/2018 09:52PM
We're leaving, but teenager is upset. toby197801/22/2018 12:38PM
Muslims, Latinos Join Together to Promote Unity with Halal Tacos(link) Anonymous 201/21/2018 10:03PM
Advice Needed 25 anitlehinephi01/21/2018 05:47PM
Large number of visitors here this week 23 Eric K01/20/2018 09:52AM
The flu... tell me all about your experience please. (n/t) 27 saucie01/21/2018 02:04PM
Golden Plates were nothing but a frock of white sand; "damned fools fixed" paisley7001/22/2018 01:11PM
Monson = Hypocrite 12 Birdman01/22/2018 01:44AM
Increase in temple renovations = paranoid money laundering? Old Name Levi01/22/2018 12:42AM
The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like Without It ? ~ (srs) ~ (n/t) 27 ziller01/21/2018 03:25PM
Blacks & Cadillacs: Racist LDS History that the LDS Church Seeks to Hide steve benson01/22/2018 09:15AM
Maude said, " topics of racism and "sins of the fathers" are important " 16 elderolddog01/21/2018 08:53PM
McConkie on Evolution, Science & His "7 Deadly Heresies": What He Told Me 10 steve benson01/22/2018 04:58AM
Wishing the Badass a Swift Recovery 12 ohdeargoodness01/22/2018 02:50AM
What percentage of active posters on this site live alone. 40 pollythinks01/19/2018 09:11PM
The pyramids in central america and the mormon's obsession with them. Badassadam101/22/2018 01:55AM
Science vs. Bruce McConkie; the natural world vs. the supernatural dogma 13 paisley7001/21/2018 12:00PM
The origins of Home Teaching and interrogations by Bishop Microphallus paisley7001/21/2018 08:44AM
OT Question for people who've raised backyard chickens 27 Topper01/21/2018 08:41PM
Not so "white and delightsome" dept: The Colour Of Indian Gods anybody01/21/2018 08:57PM
What are your thoughts on baptism for holocaust victims or anyone the Mormo 44 crazyhorse01/21/2018 12:13AM
Hamilton NZ Temple to close for renovations xxMMMooo01/20/2018 11:57PM
Mormon girl dating tips... knotheadusc01/21/2018 06:01AM
leaving a cult is like leaving prison, adjusting to the real world 15 Badassadam101/20/2018 07:54PM
Hate Speech Has a Friend In Silence: Lessons From the Holocaust OT 22 Amyjo01/21/2018 09:28PM
(O/T)Anybody have surgery on their spine? I am nervous as (cussing) 26 Badassadam101/21/2018 02:45PM
Seriously, how many couples 51 mightybuffalo01/16/2018 08:11PM
no "J" till the 15th century 28 vigilant01/20/2018 12:55PM
Why marry? 12 Amyjo01/20/2018 11:38AM
You should be happy to know me 16 Clarity01/20/2018 02:25PM
Are Political Posts Still Allowed Here? Anonymous123401/21/2018 10:57PM
To the lurkers here, some meat and potatoes paisley7001/20/2018 09:45PM
Ezra Taft Benson's Bigoted Blasts Against the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. steve benson01/22/2018 03:33AM
Do you find that some deaths in the Ward receive less sympathy? Jordan_L01/21/2018 04:47PM
I was embarrassed watching the new 1st Presidency 23 oh well01/20/2018 01:06PM
Here is THE challenge: Come up with something more stupid ...... 18 smirkorama01/19/2018 07:59PM
OT - Does anyone know of an over-the-counter remedy for ear infections? 24 YardWomanSandie08/21/2011 09:20PM
MORmON LIARS and the LIES they tell: We are not trying to convert you!!! smirkorama01/21/2018 10:42AM
O/T just how deadly is influenza!?? Especially to those who are 28 Anonymous 201/17/2018 06:29PM
Narcissistic sister is off her meds. Just thought I'd share the drama. 15 Anontoday01/17/2018 05:32PM
Amazing video of Holland subeamnotlogedin01/19/2018 10:21AM
Tonight at the Chinese Buffet 15 memikeyounot01/18/2018 11:49PM
Old thread: "A manipulation most vile" summer01/21/2018 09:51AM
What will you do for all eternity? 60 elderolddog01/21/2018 12:59PM
I'm Not Sure We Teach This Anymore... 11 Great Gordo's Ghost01/20/2018 11:14AM
Close Encounters of the MORmON Temple Kind smirkorama01/21/2018 09:38PM
Why are Mormons always offended? crazyhorse01/21/2018 06:27PM
Cold & Flu Season - Please be Careful!!! Ohdeargoodness nli01/21/2018 04:17AM
Merriam-Webster definition of "preaching" LINK Topper01/21/2018 05:26PM
LD$ Inc must be really feeling some pain and suffering smirkorama01/20/2018 09:15PM
Did the new so-called prophet or counselors serve missions? 17 NormaRae01/16/2018 12:28PM
Church rationalizes demoting the best man it has to its detriment 135 Amyjo01/18/2018 06:55PM
OT: I am freaking out about this flu and people are such jerks! 34 anxietythroughtheroof01/19/2018 09:25PM