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On dead dunkings. The wording declares the person as mormon, no ifs &s buts 16 Cheryl02/12/2016 05:19PM
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How have you guys dealt with the emotional pain the church has caused you? 11 Ballaboy23402/13/2016 02:10AM
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O/T Need advice about Medicaid for a friend 13 summer02/06/2016 08:42PM
Tom Phillips - Jeffrey Holland - SLDrone - outsider looking in - no spoof 27 cricket02/09/2016 10:25AM
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Where's the Friday Drinking Thread, Darn it?! 20 Human02/12/2016 07:53PM
Why aren't the Q15 clearing the air in SLC? 16 shodanrob02/11/2016 04:21PM
American writers historically typecast early LDS as non-white and inferior 10 Amyjo02/12/2016 03:39PM
Overpopulation 21 transitioningout02/12/2016 04:47PM
When............? 13 nitrameequc02/12/2016 12:08AM
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The Great Compassion of the Prophet and Apostles. 10 blueorchid02/12/2016 11:55AM
I think the best thing about being an exmo is.... 24 6 iron02/10/2016 12:42AM
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Just pissed (swearing) randomgirl02/12/2016 09:56PM
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Don't smoke, drink, do drugs, curse or sleep around. Feel so out of place. 35 anybody02/11/2016 07:48PM
10-year-old just found out about polygamy aposenai02/11/2016 02:27PM
Sorry - we were down for a bit Eric K02/12/2016 11:40AM
I'm thinking about scrapping my current plan and starting over in college 15 xe02/10/2016 10:45PM
BIL "New Provo temple is tithing well spent" 12 shodanrob02/11/2016 12:15PM
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Jeremy Runnells' excommunication postponed a month 17 adoylelb02/11/2016 10:01PM
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Some early reviews of the Book of Mormon - a yeasty fermentation David A02/12/2016 04:14PM
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What Other Life Altering Or Life Affirming Decisions Did U Make @ Age 8??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/11/2016 07:28PM