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Sticky: No Politics = No Politics = No Politics Maude03/03/2016 01:36PM
Sticky: The Art of Courteous Posting (or How to Avoid Deletion) Maude05/20/2015 12:20PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
New Development 11 icanbemenow06/28/2016 11:48AM
Grandbaby No. 7 has arrived!! PapaKen06/28/2016 11:29AM
Judith Freeman to be interviewed in just 15 minutes. Hurry!! Twinker06/28/2016 12:48PM
O/T update on my Mom kativicky06/27/2016 08:04PM
Why wouldn't TBM's get married if there's a Temple where they live?? 20 Anonymous 206/28/2016 12:34AM
O/T - Someone here had pc problems... uvk06/28/2016 12:17PM
O/T Finally saw "Independence Day: Resurgence" with my TBM dad 15 Anonymous 206/27/2016 11:52PM
Greetings everbody! Lyle Jeffs06/28/2016 10:19AM
Started My Diet 15 Historischer06/28/2016 02:29AM
The seer stone and iPhones. Did smith play candy crush? EssexExMo06/28/2016 07:01AM
Las Vegas Meetup: 6/28/16 with Bryce Blankenagle of Naked Mormonism Podcast onendagus06/28/2016 12:07PM
"Earth Must Atone" Historischer06/28/2016 01:44AM
The best Mormons are themaster06/28/2016 07:18AM
Excluding the unworthies 6 iron06/27/2016 09:25PM
We Aren't Judging... We're Loving You 20 Fiona06/27/2016 05:59PM
Another gay Mormon suicide. It's just been posted on the other forum. 11 Topper06/28/2016 01:02AM
3 Years Ago Chapel Filled...Today 20 SEcular Priest06/26/2016 04:19PM
We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet 11 bradley06/27/2016 03:24PM
OT: Independence Day: Resurgence. (see you there! [3-D]) (n/t) elderolddog06/24/2016 04:25PM
Wake up call. Where Mormons have a sacred covering Elder Berry06/25/2016 11:38AM
Woman discovers she's a lesbian in Relief Society--Blog LINK 14 Topper06/27/2016 08:49PM
What are Mormon Funerals like? 23 seekyr06/26/2016 08:05PM
Is it tacky on wedding invitations to put where the couple is registered 14 Anonymous 206/28/2016 12:15AM
The cartoon character Dick Tracy wore a themaster06/28/2016 07:28AM
Stupid things Brigham Young said..... Brian Johnson06/28/2016 01:30AM
Yes I believe Joseph translated BoM with a peepstone because iphone! koriwhore06/28/2016 10:18AM
Cash registers in the temple Sconer06/28/2016 08:44AM
POLL: Best female Apostle candidate? SonOfLaban06/28/2016 03:59AM
The official embarkation post 17 Exmo Aspie06/27/2016 09:51PM
Very confused 17 srm201606/27/2016 03:58PM
Is there a difference? mortes06/27/2016 10:58PM
Simply Tired of Utah 23 Paul the Apostate06/23/2016 11:11PM
King Follett Discovery 20 wonderink...08/09/2011 05:50PM
Not over it yet bradley06/28/2016 01:05AM
Religious sex hate is often personal themaster06/28/2016 06:27AM
O/T. Has anyone gone swimming at Dierkes Lake this summer? Anonymous 206/28/2016 02:13AM
Sir Winston Churchill assigned to investigate Mormon Mishies the year? 1910 Amyjo06/27/2016 11:34PM
church break zoe06/27/2016 09:28PM
Mormon leadership: smugness rather than service The Ohio State06/28/2016 03:17AM
Did your wife remarry after divorcing you for apostasy? 27 Pooped06/24/2016 08:16PM
Deseret News puffs mormon intellectual gains 22 elderolddog06/26/2016 11:17AM
Can I get back my tithing? 33 The questioner06/26/2016 11:10PM
Missionaries admitted to me 27 Hail Odin06/22/2016 12:17PM
Question about resignation letters 10 Cold-Dodger06/26/2016 04:34PM
(o/t) Go see "The Free State Of Jones." anybody06/26/2016 10:39PM
Why are MORmONS more accepting of child rape than they are of gaybies? koriwhore06/27/2016 03:52PM
I keep hearing this radio ad... Chicken N. Backpacks06/27/2016 04:47PM
Happy Deathday Joseph Smith! 15 Elder Berry06/27/2016 12:42PM
Sending love to Exmo Aspie! 14 JenMikell06/27/2016 06:10PM
O/T BPD...anyone dealing with this? 24 gemini06/26/2016 11:58AM
I'm about to drop a bomb and my husband has no idea. 35 srm201606/25/2016 04:58PM
If a GA/Apostle wanted to meet with you, would you? (continued) 19 Leaving06/22/2016 08:22PM
Study: People who believe in purity & obedience tend to blame the victim 11 abcdomg06/27/2016 01:57PM
Oops...the Episcopalians show up the Mormons, sort of... (link) Chicken N. Backpacks06/27/2016 08:47PM
So according to Mormonism.... 6 iron06/27/2016 07:22PM