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Sticky: Ex-Mormon Conference Oct 7-9 2016 - SLC Eric K08/20/2016 10:47AM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
TBMs can't empathize with you because they don't believe you! 21 Elders Quorum Drop-out09/26/2016 05:17PM
Is the "Book Of Mormon" a fetish? anybody09/26/2016 09:41PM
Finally got validation from a cult recovery therapist invictus09/26/2016 07:05PM
The 9/25 Chelmsford 1st Parish UU Report 11 msmom09/25/2016 03:45PM
Do we know anything about the women briefly holding hands on the stand? cocoaberry09/27/2016 12:01AM
A Registry of Disapproval (Opposition) InvisiblesCubit09/26/2016 07:59PM
Will I ever stop thinking I have to get married? 26 mandyellen09/24/2016 12:47AM
I attend sacrament meeting with the wife. 12 meanguy09/26/2016 05:23PM
Dealing with crossdressing (& TSCC) 40 aquarius09/24/2016 10:56PM
General Conference predictions next weekend? 38 Anonymous 209/25/2016 03:50PM
No Help When Needed 16 paulk09/26/2016 10:32PM
Just Dropped In (to see what condition my condition was in) 51 Lethbridge Reprobate09/25/2016 04:24PM
"I wish I was white" <- What do you think of this? 28 RandomRedditor09/26/2016 01:47AM
John Dehlin 10 KingwoodTexan09/26/2016 09:13PM
Please explain why everyone in UT TBM land is described as "hot" notmonotlogged09/26/2016 11:51PM
Buccaneer - my recovery song... qanae09/27/2016 01:55AM
Special Sunday evening meeting redux jan09/26/2016 05:52AM
Gaslighting in the church scaredhusband09/26/2016 02:14PM
The difference between Montana and Utah is.... 22 poopstone09/26/2016 04:27PM
Haven't been to church... TXRancher09/26/2016 11:41PM
If you inherited million $'s, would you share with family? 32 poopstone09/24/2016 08:43PM
Define what you mean when you say the word 'god' 54 koriwhore09/17/2016 01:35PM
Why does gawd give us boners? 34 sunbeep09/25/2016 04:06PM
RMs!!! Date Yourself...What Pop Hit Was BIG The Year U Left...Mine Was... 29 BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/25/2016 04:13PM
O/T Has anyone seen the "The Magnificent Seven" remake yet!?? (n/t) Anonymous 209/27/2016 12:21AM
O/t golf legend Arnold Palmer has passed awat 12 kativicky09/25/2016 10:01PM
O/T Instead of watching the 1st big debate before November, you're 10 Anonymous 209/26/2016 09:13PM
Starbucks 19 milkbeforemeat09/24/2016 02:55PM
Why do some gay Mormons want to be part of a group that despises them? (n/t) 11 anybody09/25/2016 11:34PM
Bishop's wife is the modesty nazi... 40 Anon today09/26/2016 04:54PM
A question for you longtime apostates/critics/free-thinkers. 26 westerly6209/25/2016 11:54AM
Deseret Industries 37 antilehinephi09/26/2016 07:34AM
Southern Utah PostMormon Association to meet Sunday October 2nd soutskeptic09/25/2016 09:49PM
Reincarnation part three - evidence of fraud, telepathy? 63 got2Breal09/25/2016 09:46AM
Sorry I'm late. I don't really want to be here. Brother Of Jerry09/26/2016 12:29PM
TSM @GC? 14 Lethbridge Reprobate09/26/2016 12:24PM
Jesus in the Hardware store memikeyounot09/26/2016 06:16PM
i'm fairly inexperienced with alcoholic drinks...give me some good ideas 32 alaskawild09/25/2016 12:37AM
Heads I win, tails you lose CrispingPin09/26/2016 08:46PM
Did Retract a Story About Former Mormons? 13 levantlurker09/25/2016 07:13AM
Religious Trauma Syndrome-Some religions cause mental health problems-LINK Topper09/26/2016 09:45PM
Chief US Exorcists Claim Increasing Demand For Casting Out Demons anybody09/26/2016 01:49PM
A minor league Prez candidate said Humans must populate other planets... 38 elderolddog09/25/2016 06:11PM
What's with beer? 57 pollythinks09/24/2016 04:08PM
Ugh...I have to leave the church all over! 20 anon4this09/26/2016 02:13PM
Defend Mormon teachings on marriage, family and sexuality, LDS women urged 21 Go get'em women.09/25/2016 11:44AM
Missionary email ... 10 elderolddog09/26/2016 12:55PM
In order to make you forget the least board I posted here's something..... Princess Telestia09/26/2016 05:34PM
I'm having the mishies over - Need suggestions for discussion invictus09/26/2016 04:25PM
The butt-ugliest of butt-ugly temples 46 Mike T.09/08/2016 06:44AM
What are your "Mormon Triggers"? 33 godtoldmetorun09/24/2016 03:09AM
Activating members through callings... 17 whatintheworld09/26/2016 01:29PM
Time after Time (at least outside the IMW) GNPE09/26/2016 12:45AM
Leak 10 StandingMan09/25/2016 12:23AM
Upcoming ALL OPPOSED votes in General Conference on Oct 1 ... 10 beyondashadow09/25/2016 12:25AM