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Sticky: The Art of Courteous Posting (or How to Avoid Deletion) Maude05/20/2015 12:20PM
Sticky: *****NO POLITICS*****YES THIS MEANS YOU Susan I/S01/18/2015 04:40PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Do you have any money? Obviously you've sold out on your signs and tokens.. Elder Berry11/29/2015 10:53PM
stupid rules from your mission 21 funeral taters11/29/2015 12:55PM
Weird Hinckley Talk in GC Historischer11/30/2015 06:11AM
O/T Does Anyone Here Lucid Dream Or Astral Project? Mason11/30/2015 12:10AM
Minimum Core Belief to Consider Oneself 'Christian'?? 23 dogeatdog11/29/2015 03:23PM
Fallen for a TBM -first and last time Bruisedwings11/30/2015 04:34AM
anyone know if Utah politician Trestin Meacham starved to death? hello11/29/2015 11:44PM
Did any of you write journals? Blakballoon11/30/2015 03:15AM
Twitter blocked on chapel wifi 17 cwm31s11/29/2015 02:24PM
Pity Party : I HATE how people R your friends if U~R in the same ward..... momto15kids11/29/2015 02:06AM
Why did the church stop doing extracurricular activities and sports? Cold-Dodger11/29/2015 11:18PM
How will it play out when my grandson comes out of the closet? 13 I suppose I'm anon for this11/29/2015 01:46PM
What was the combined Priesthood and Relief Society about this week?? 21 southern idaho inactive11/29/2015 01:46PM
"Lack of sex" 14 Stray Mutt11/29/2015 12:43PM
Online petition asking artists to cancel MoTab Christmas performance Musician11/29/2015 10:13PM
Thankful for missionary blogs 13 heat2711/25/2015 01:34PM
Temple names anonfornow11/29/2015 05:41PM
Jacob 5-why resignations and bad publicity don't matter byuboner11/29/2015 02:47PM
The LDS Cult Can't "Ex" You If You Choose to Leave, Thus Saith the Law steve benson11/12/2015 01:38AM
The q15... Believers, delusional, or evil ?? 34 6 iron11/28/2015 08:59PM
O/T Tom Waits Bone Machine donbagley11/30/2015 01:40AM
My Birth Family Story-UPDATE 29 Lethbridge Reprobate11/25/2015 03:28PM
Ya bleedin' wafer! What's wrong with ya? elderolddog11/29/2015 11:10PM
Flavored Darts Fired in Utab Feud Over "Dirty" Soda(link) southern idaho inactive11/30/2015 12:24AM
The Chosen, The Rich 33 blueorchid11/28/2015 12:54PM
I cant believe the people in sunday school! 23 Mason11/29/2015 12:58PM
Abortion thread (cont.) 10 levantlurker11/29/2015 08:35PM
OT/found out my bf has serious health issue 19 Recovered Molly Mo11/27/2015 10:40PM
What is the cure for insufferable ignorance? 17 Elder Berry11/27/2015 09:55PM
Trying not to be gay. 24 memikeyounot11/29/2015 01:03PM
If morg church services was like the "Sister Act" movies..... southern idaho inactive11/29/2015 02:03PM
MARRIAGE TO A TBM 13 ANNONN11/29/2015 05:34PM
Sunday! What are you doing instead of attending TSCC? (n/t) 21 Raptor Jesus11/29/2015 02:54AM
The definition of insanity CrispingPin11/29/2015 10:37AM
Church tries to assert made-up authority...meets real authority. 24 ebizzlefoshizzle11/29/2015 10:51AM
Why don't Joseph's successors wear hats? 17 Elder Berry11/28/2015 05:33PM
TBM Dad's oldest brother passed on. He was 78. Dad is doing Ok southern idaho inactive11/29/2015 02:48PM
Help Thy Fellow Closet Exmo 18 pianoforte11/29/2015 08:38PM
The Hypocrisy of Upper Class TBMs 32 commonsense11/26/2015 12:24AM
Tithing Themorgmasher11/29/2015 10:04PM
Of plants and prophets 10 Shummy11/29/2015 07:20AM
We had to fight in court for our legal right to resign! 31 Tristan11/29/2015 12:43PM
O/T How does one find someone's phone number??? 14 southern idaho inactive11/29/2015 06:10PM
Origin of the name "Nephi" 26 RPackham12/24/2010 01:34PM
O/t was homeschooling now is psychopath 17 lue11/29/2015 06:06PM
Healthier and Happier as 'Estranged One' dogeatdog11/29/2015 03:02PM
Jonah Lomu's funeral : "what to expect from a Mormon funeral" anonAnglo11/19/2015 05:45PM
I'm free! 10 nightwolf98311/28/2015 03:39AM
I squashed mormon patriarchy at thanksgiving stoppedtheinsanity11/27/2015 12:02PM
Going to try and ask this question without sparking a political flame war 35 Cold-Dodger11/29/2015 12:04PM
o/t Life is so "sacred" they have to murder people matt11/29/2015 07:23PM
Mormons leaving for new rural Colorado sect 31 Memes circa 200011/28/2015 02:47PM
I bet evidence for The Book of Abraham is just waiting on the other side! Elder Berry11/28/2015 03:09PM
Social media blocked at church 29 Gone girl11/29/2015 12:19PM
I'm thankful to not be Mormon today raiku11/29/2015 02:44PM