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Before you make the leap and come out about your non-belief overlord08/03/2015 12:19PM
24th anniversary of losing LDS scout in CA wilderness 11 Myron Donnerbalken08/03/2015 10:31AM
Why is there such a need/desire for wards to take roll and attendance? 26 goodeye08/02/2015 09:45PM
Is LDS Inc. really pulling out of Boy Scouts? 15 KrisR08/02/2015 11:01PM
Pink Floyd Dave the Atheist08/02/2015 08:59PM
A MAJOR sin in the OT was to have anything to do with false idols/gods 6 iron07/31/2015 11:19AM
Is This Just Another Coincidence ------- Or Something Else? 19 spiritist08/02/2015 07:36PM
Process to resign from church Unbelievable08/03/2015 11:23AM
Best way you've found to start the questioning? ificouldhietokolob08/03/2015 12:21PM
Fleeing the FLDS: Followers are Abandoning the Notorious Sect In Droves amyjo08/03/2015 07:09AM
The result of sending items to our military in Afganistan. 13 Danielle (nli)08/03/2015 08:30AM
Local ward decided they wanted to beome a Red Cross shelter (swearing) Danielle (nli)08/02/2015 09:18PM
OT: Realtor in Salt Lake/Davis Counties Wendolene08/03/2015 12:31PM
Mormonism vs empathy 6 iron08/03/2015 12:29PM
Anyone know what happened with his appeal? 11 Elder Berry07/27/2015 06:06PM
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Joining the Catholic church...need advice on the process 32 IMout08/02/2015 11:19AM
O/T Science confirms it: Retirement is good for your health(link) 35 southern idaho inactive08/01/2015 01:19PM
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Humor as an aid to recovery 11 Exmointexas08/03/2015 07:19AM
General Conference predictions even though it's 2 months away?? (n/t) 23 southern Idaho inactive08/02/2015 03:44PM
(O/T) Jericho, Cecil The Lion's brother, shot dead by poachers (UPDATED) 32 anybody08/01/2015 02:30PM
django nonny for this08/02/2015 12:11AM
Mormon missionaries blame God for JS and BY screwing their follower's wives 20 koriwhore08/02/2015 05:17PM
Re: The face of a Coward God, took another young victim.... quinlansolo08/03/2015 11:26AM
Prophets aren't really prophets whiteandelightsome08/02/2015 07:55PM
Treatment of siblings : mo vs non 25 Anonymity12308/02/2015 05:29PM
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LDS Culture: Too Much emotionalism, or too little? 12 GNPE08/02/2015 03:47PM
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How did the morg make the BSA a joke? 13 southern Idaho inactive08/02/2015 11:39PM
Keeping my daughter busy on Sunday 12 hausfrau08/02/2015 06:52PM
No Tithing Dollars were harmed in the Killing of this Moose greensmythe08/03/2015 07:51AM
topic at church today, gay boy scouts, yay! (when will this ever end?) 22 poopstone08/02/2015 02:54PM
Bayes Theorem and Mormon Apologetics. baura08/02/2015 03:55PM
Debate between Julie Rowe and: slskipper08/02/2015 03:47PM
List of Issues Regarding Moroni’s Promise (long) 29 holytheghost07/15/2015 05:48AM
TBM Sister drinks a cup of coffee 14 themaster08/02/2015 06:46PM
Can I get some Mormon critics comments on this? 26 whiteandelightsome08/01/2015 05:01PM
How many church leaders are Sociopathic? 15 Cactus Jim03/19/2014 10:06PM
As a convert why did you join in the first place? 25 Exmointexas08/01/2015 01:47PM
Some of my old Mormon training must still be sticking. Stray Mutt08/02/2015 11:30PM
Has Anyone heard of this book: As I Recall, by Leonard Hartley Cold-Dodger08/03/2015 12:27AM
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Writing resignation letter now...advice needed. 21 formermollymormon08/01/2015 05:25PM
Any insight on Julie Rowe, modern Mormon prophetess? 24 Benvolio04/30/2015 01:50PM
How would you improve upon the 10 Commandments? (n/t) 36 Pil-Latté03/03/2011 12:23PM
what are they really saying to each other??? o/t 35 gemini07/26/2011 11:10PM
Best money I never spent on therapy! brandywine08/02/2015 05:22PM
Who are the Mormons saying that the Lamenites are? 26 whiteandelightsome08/01/2015 08:37PM