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Sticky: LDSOrg Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: No Politics Please, Cussing in the subline = DELETED and Blog Policy Administrator09/15/2010 05:35PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Did you ever see someone 'not' dress up for church 27 shiningwaters07/27/2014 09:25AM
700 names on the ward list 16 themaster07/27/2014 06:31PM
Trophy Husband and Mormon women 13 dodgeawrench07/27/2014 09:32PM
Do you ever call their bluff? Should we? 16 CA girl07/27/2014 01:23AM
What exactly is EFY? and how is it different from youth conference? Brethren,adieu07/28/2014 12:13AM
How much does a set of temple clothes cost? WinksWinks07/27/2014 11:22PM
Arrogant, rude, pushy mish May have lit "EXIT" sign for DH. 14 Anon for this one07/27/2014 02:19AM
What would be your ideal afterlife? 28 Knight in Waiting07/27/2014 11:16PM
Couples: Age Difference (cont.) lee grey07/27/2014 04:57PM
Revelation Gays can be cured 28 themaster07/27/2014 07:18PM
Do you still believe in Jesus? 30 santosdumont07/27/2014 05:27PM
Is apostasy an anomoly for the grapevine? exodus07/28/2014 02:10AM
Has the church ever stated gays are born that way? 23 fearguiltpromise07/27/2014 02:03PM
anybody know of any seminary/institute teachers who discovered the fraud? 22 funeraltaters07/27/2014 11:12AM lee grey07/27/2014 05:11PM
Masturbation is a single male problem 17 themaster07/26/2014 10:14PM
Is this typical of the morg with missionary farewell/ homecomings in southern Idaho inactive07/27/2014 09:04PM
girlfriend wants to leave on a mission 31 dudeman07/27/2014 09:38PM
Obedience plazadelsol07/28/2014 01:21AM
What you never hear in church 11 hfo07/27/2014 11:37AM
Now you can tell a Mormon modesty monitor gentlestrength07/27/2014 04:55PM
Witness of the Holy Ghost a conditioned response? Tom Padley07/28/2014 01:01AM
Divorced and Living the Law of Chastity? 10 Lorenzo Snowjob07/27/2014 05:00PM
I have discovered the meaning of "Too sacred to discuss" 15 brucermalarky07/27/2014 05:15PM
Catch me up for the last 2 weeks, please munchkin07/27/2014 11:56PM
When the benefits of leaving Mormonism are realized elciz07/25/2014 10:04AM
Clear doctrine on women SB07/27/2014 01:58PM
The Book of Mormon Getting Clobbered Again! 26 backyardprofessor07/26/2014 11:15PM
I just revealed the 1st token of the Aaronic Priesthood 30 brucermalarky07/27/2014 01:27PM
The tro11 exmo wannabe is back to faking names and posting tbm morg bs Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/28/2014 12:31AM
I refuse to resign and I am not a member of any LDS Congregation 30 themaster07/27/2014 01:24PM
Why I prefer the word tribe regarding Mormonism. (Updated) long SusieQ#107/27/2014 11:30AM
Do the Big 15 and GAs attend a regular ward.... 25 NeverbeenaMormon07/26/2014 04:27AM
Hinkley...."They are expected to conform" 25 Anonbeliever07/22/2014 06:26PM
Obituary states RM left the mormon church due to doubts 17 Just Wondering07/27/2014 07:56PM
A brand new TBM defense for burning the printing press 19 ragingphoenix07/27/2014 09:29AM
I hate the Holy Ghost right now for what this implies. .. 14 ultra07/27/2014 10:33PM
"Are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen?" 18 baura07/27/2014 03:15PM
My life was better as a active member... 41 redrooster07/27/2014 05:03PM
Morg's single greatest historical issue always has been... 10 NoToJoe (Unregistered)07/27/2014 10:58AM
What's the big deal over TLC's reality show "Sister Wives"? (n/t) southern Idaho inactive07/27/2014 05:32PM
RE/ The little factory 10 dimmesdale07/27/2014 09:00AM
Saw the mishies; made my day. Got lost; ended up at the temple. lenina07/27/2014 11:51AM
Searching LDS cars for liquor bottles...... ConcernedCitizen07/27/2014 12:55PM
Temple clothes - eBay or Craigs List? 13 WillieBoy07/27/2014 06:40AM
Sunday! What are you doing instead of attending TSCC? (n/t) 35 Raptor Jesus07/27/2014 11:17AM
temple font greengobbleyguck07/27/2014 06:24PM
Boyd K. Packer's "Little Factory" pamphlet (link) 31 3X07/28/2013 05:24PM
What In the Hell Is Wrong With Spiderman? janeeliot07/27/2014 10:33PM
Seen on a TSCC parody site rationalist0107/25/2014 02:58PM
Dinosaur pushing a handcart!???? 26 Becca07/27/2014 04:35AM
The new book Skull Valley got me through two days of airport agony. dagny07/27/2014 02:25PM
My friend and his Bishop gave blessing at hospital. Can I tease him? 14 thingsithink07/27/2014 01:53PM
To the guy posting on YouTube as 'newcarabu" 22 charles, buddhist punk11/07/2012 04:32AM
"Simple Man" vs. 15 Zillion Hours Worth of Mormon Garbage 10 Tal Bachman07/27/2014 05:21AM