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Sticky: No Politics = No Politics = No Politics Maude03/03/2016 01:36PM
Sticky: The Art of Courteous Posting (or How to Avoid Deletion) Maude05/20/2015 12:20PM
Sticky: *****NO POLITICS*****YES THIS MEANS YOU Susan I/S01/18/2015 04:40PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
There will be a trans lesbian prophet in the year AD ____ (place your bets) (n/t) 15 anybody05/05/2016 04:25PM
A guy's sister turns him into the HC office forgrowing a beard. LINK 10 Topper05/05/2016 11:07PM
To "attend" or not attend a temple wedding I can't see anyway... 27 Xyandro05/03/2016 04:54PM
For any land holders or farmers, what does this mean? madalice05/06/2016 02:23AM
Did you believe the Prophet knew your thoughts or could read your mind? anybody05/06/2016 03:01AM
most hated hymn - continued 14 Strength in the Loins05/05/2016 04:06AM
Does the Morg even need members anymore? 16 abcdomg05/05/2016 02:25AM
Busiest Religion!? 11 damyn05/02/2016 02:21PM
Are there mormon hymns & primary songs you like & miss? Cheryl05/06/2016 07:20AM
A shout out to ex mo's in the Toronto area 15 shiz05/01/2016 06:39PM
Questions for individuals GAs BYU Boner05/05/2016 08:53PM
To contact or not? Anon Regular05/05/2016 09:40PM
Pensions for Emeritus GAs commonsense05/05/2016 09:36PM
For those in sexless marriages 27 Very Anon For This05/04/2016 09:12PM
O/T Fort McMurray wildfire 28 looking in05/03/2016 08:55PM
Monson will be the first prophet that the church does not disavow 13 Holy the Ghost05/05/2016 07:55PM
Oliver Cowdery admitted that Book of Mormon cribbed from Solomon Spaulding ^05/06/2016 06:54AM
How many of you guys believe in the Spaulding theory? 21 goodlyexmormon05/05/2016 09:39AM
O/T Yet another reason to live in Tennessee... randyj05/01/2016 06:55PM
My husband (nonmember) doesn't understand 14 MotherHustler05/05/2016 12:34AM
Trans/bathrooms, o/t 22 woodsmoke05/05/2016 10:28AM
HELP! I was supposed to talk in church today but I prepared nothing. 28 goodlyexmormon04/24/2016 08:52AM
For those in Marriages with just too much sex 16 themaster05/05/2016 07:21AM
Tapirs at the gate Razortooth05/05/2016 08:11PM
Fire in Fort McMurray Alberta is so much worse! 15 verilyverily05/05/2016 07:48PM
"The Psychopathic Corporation" A Clinical Diagnosis by Dr. Robert Hare-LINK Topper05/03/2016 09:37PM
What would you do if you found this man in your bathroom? 12 Elder Berry05/05/2016 06:46PM
What did you learn today that you didn't already know? 28 kolobian05/04/2016 10:03AM
Swear words are attacking families. 12 Raptor Jesus05/05/2016 07:34PM
Shout out to Lethbridge Reprobate! (NT) 20 Amyjo05/05/2016 07:34AM
Israeli Man Files Restraining Order Against God anybody05/05/2016 04:33PM
NEW GAME! GNPE05/05/2016 10:33PM
If there is a god CrazyTapir05/05/2016 10:52PM
Today is National Day of Prayer!??? (n/t) Anonymous 205/05/2016 07:44PM
Doctrine Over Self-Bednar speaking at April 24 stake conference. VIDEO LINK 15 Topper05/04/2016 06:37PM
100% GUARANTEE to Keep Mormons & Missionaries Away 33 Ex-CultMember11/06/2010 01:25AM
Looks like J.S, may have copied his first vision experience, too. LINK Topper05/05/2016 11:03PM
O/T Is anyone going to see "Captain America: Civil War"??? 14 Anonymous 205/05/2016 06:16PM
Need help disentangling the absurdity of sealing (for curiosity's sake) Elder Berry05/05/2016 07:53PM
Do I have this right? 25 spoonemore05/04/2016 09:52PM
Another Book of Mormon rip off BYU Boner05/05/2016 11:56PM
Meet (trans woman) Janet Mock 16 anybody05/04/2016 09:41PM
Serendipity (found a poem by Mary Oliver) ipo01/17/2011 09:48PM
Is this a new commandment? Disconnect ?? 18 SusieQ#105/05/2016 12:14AM
Am I an extreme idealogue or am I surrounded by extreme idealougues? 13 Cold-Dodger05/05/2016 03:45PM
Scientists smash record for human embryos grown in lab--Article LINK Topper05/05/2016 06:50PM
Masonic symbolism--"The Blazing Star of Sirius" VIDEO LINK Topper05/05/2016 07:52PM
I had a moment of anger and borrowed creativity. scaredhusband05/04/2016 11:42AM
Disconnects in LDS practice/culture... GNPE05/01/2016 11:24AM
The solution to all your life problems: imaworkinonit05/05/2016 09:31PM
TBM cousin tells me Brigham Young had more than 100 wives?! Amyjo05/05/2016 07:11PM
North Carolina Leaders Show No Signs Of Surrender on LGBT Law(link) Anonymous 205/05/2016 07:18PM
The Ghost Children of Mormon Country Amyjo05/05/2016 02:41PM
Crazy Seminary Class: Stupid Prophet Lesson 10 Exmo Aspie05/05/2016 01:41PM
If you spouse cheated did your Bishop 12 themaster05/05/2016 09:15AM