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Sticky: *****NO POLITICS*****YES THIS MEANS YOU Susan I/S01/18/2015 04:40PM
Sticky: ***You do NOT need to register to post here*** Susan I/S11/18/2014 01:42AM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: No Politics Please, Cussing in the subline = DELETED and Blog Policy Administrator09/15/2010 05:35PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
I just learned that the bishop told my parents i resigned the second he got 10 neopornadvocate01/27/2015 01:14AM
Questions Re: Name Removal 10 Pathway01/26/2015 01:53PM
Utah ranks happiest state in the US 17 notinkansas01/26/2015 09:20PM
Let's SAVE the youth by making seminary even MORE miserable 31 ultra01/26/2015 06:22PM
When a prophet gets a boner... byuboner01/27/2015 03:47AM
Having my first drink of alcohol this weekend. Any suggestions? 29 Jerry01/26/2015 09:28PM
Source of Addiction exldsdudeinslc01/22/2015 10:58PM
FAIR makes me want to SCREAM!!!! 20 Chump01/26/2015 05:13PM
Kind of OT: People who need/expect a lot of appreciation irritated&annoyed01/26/2015 09:22PM
Craving wholesomeness & positivity 17 lenina01/24/2015 11:27PM
3 conspiracies I have been a victim of... 16 6 iron01/26/2015 04:37PM
Does LD$ really have a mission in Cambodia? agnesbroomhead01/26/2015 06:18PM
O/T injections for arthritis and rotator cuff issues verilyverily01/27/2015 02:27AM
Update to closed thread. Senior Church Security Officer/LinkedIn profile orthus01/26/2015 08:33PM
Seems Many People Of Different Faiths Want 2 Meet The Pope...But Monson??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/26/2015 10:51PM
OT: Cold and windy, and both my cats sleeping on the couch with me. cludgie01/26/2015 08:57PM
Call the waaaaaahmbulance! cludgie01/27/2015 05:53AM
Tithing and "Intangible religious benefits"? peaceinfreedom01/26/2015 11:07PM
Bishop told me *I* was the one who needed an open mind 23 freeatlast201501/26/2015 08:50PM
Why? 11 Godzilla01/26/2015 11:25PM
Are the GAs required to have temple recommends? Shummy01/26/2015 12:29AM
Not Garmet Appropiate Dress gezzzzzzz Battle-Ax01/27/2015 03:12AM
Please Get Your Conspiracy Theories Straight on the LDS Illuminati Thing- 28 steve benson08/18/2013 08:41AM
Been attending DW's home teaching. Now she wonders why. 11 cludgie01/26/2015 07:33AM
IF GNPE01/27/2015 01:00AM
Mormon day at work 19 blindednomore01/26/2015 08:08PM
A silly adult joke: What did Joseph Smith say to Emma... randyj01/26/2015 11:18PM
Any word on the outcome of Dehlin's hearing? Anon for this01/26/2015 11:44PM
A brother of mine is about to go on mish, but doesn't want to. 22 Cold-Dodger01/26/2015 12:59AM
It’s true* sb01/26/2015 11:01PM
I KNOW that Thomas Monson is a Prophet because he helps people with crabs! thewhyalumnus01/27/2015 12:55AM
O/T SL Cabbie or anyone: What's a good DNA Ancestry test kit? (n/t) thingsithink01/26/2015 11:59PM
Anyone seen "Going Clear" the Scientology documentary? deco01/26/2015 06:33PM
Not on my watch! ( A Bishop Rood Story) ultra01/26/2015 05:57PM
'There are no tough investigators,only unprepared Missionaries' 12 nevermo101/26/2015 03:03PM
Sundance: Scientology Film Subjects Called "Brave," Get Standing Ovation randyj01/26/2015 10:31AM
TBM Blog: "Why the First Vision Isn't That Important" 32 thewhyalumnus01/26/2015 06:15PM
Utah health plans o/t gemini01/25/2015 06:35PM
New Church Essays - Hadn't thought about this! 15 CaptainCanuck01/26/2015 04:13PM
Read this in a novel and kind of liked it! Think I'm going to steal it... elderolddog01/26/2015 10:12PM
porn 25 greengobblyguck01/26/2015 12:34PM
Going to buy my first non-LDS underwear! 11 freeatlast201501/26/2015 09:07PM
A Wyoming Mormon Lawmaker slurs American Indians 33 michaelm (not logged in)01/24/2015 09:40AM
Will there Ever Be Another Down to Earth GA? Searcher01/26/2015 06:53PM
OT - Scientology documentary 'Going Clear' shocks Sundance filmgoers 15 saviorself01/26/2015 05:03PM
Am I the only one who couldn't get on here? 23 saucie away from home01/25/2015 11:31PM
OT: Any experiences with Rhinoplasty (and do I need one?) 28 NoseGirl01/25/2015 07:01PM
There’s Plenty of Morg $$$ in this Part of the Vineyard 10 jiminycricket01/26/2015 03:17PM
Worried about earthquakes and volcanoes erupting and signalling the end ? 17 SusieQ#101/26/2015 05:31PM
***Hugh please mail me Susan I/S01/26/2015 09:44PM
Excommunicate TSCC?? truthbetold01/26/2015 09:40PM
Goodbye to Chunkie dog. 21 Dorothy01/26/2015 02:10PM
Help me with the history of the LDS essays: Disregard--found it 10 cludgie01/26/2015 07:18AM
On This Day in Mormon History (Jan 26) baura01/26/2015 05:41PM
Why are temples closed on Sunday? 15 Shummy01/25/2015 11:37PM