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Active Non Believer 24 anb9906/21/2017 07:27PM
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Banned from a funeral that starts soon- long 50 DNA06/20/2017 02:26PM
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Frederick Douglass left slavery but he couldn't leave it alone. (n/t) (n/t) baura06/22/2017 11:09PM
Savanna's story and being gay in the LDS Church... and now church policy 18 SusieQ#106/23/2017 02:29PM
Court Unblocks Infamous Mississippi "Religious Freedom" Law anybody06/23/2017 04:17PM
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O/T Has anyone ever driven US-93 to Ely, Nevada? Is it haunted!?? (n/t) 17 Anonymous 206/24/2017 05:02PM
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Oh yes,just blame the people for not converting(stupid agency)! 16 nevermo406/22/2017 05:46PM
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What do I have to do to get excommunicated? 32 anonymous4806/18/2017 09:27PM
Hello Utah... GNPE06/24/2017 01:16AM
anyones non-mormon significant other help them out of mormonism? jasmine06/24/2017 04:13PM
Bad health advice 15 Dave the Atheist06/22/2017 09:22AM
Chris - Word Study - Did you ever see Nahom? Oregon06/24/2017 04:42PM
Current PR nightmare solution - Dallin Oaks resigns cricket06/24/2017 12:08PM