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Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 Please read - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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Did your views on sexuality change when you left? 40 pickleweed02/23/2017 03:21AM
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Ammunition in the Food Storage Supplies? 24 brigidbarnes02/26/2017 06:18PM
Actor Bill Paxton has died :( 22 Shummy02/26/2017 11:17AM
No Mistake: "The Academy Award for absolutely, without a doubt, best steve benson02/27/2017 02:50AM
No historical Jesus 29 BartE02/26/2017 03:54PM
Church Media Seems So Artificial 12 paulk02/24/2017 12:47PM
O/t not a good week for family 11 kativicky02/26/2017 08:14PM
Mormon ex-friend says fertility issues are due to not being in the church Loyalexmo02/27/2017 01:03AM
Muslim Americans Help Repair Vandalism of Jewish Cemetery getbusylivin02/26/2017 09:48PM
Ideas for the the classic "ask anything" lesson anonfornow02/27/2017 12:46AM
Mormonism's Top 5 worse Sins 22 Elder Berry02/25/2017 02:05PM
Is it good for man to be alone. themaster02/26/2017 08:16PM
The LDS Church Has NOT Repudiated Its Official Racist, Anti-Black DOCTRINE 28 steve benson01/16/2017 11:20PM
It's Sunday!! What are you doing today instead of church! 19 kativicky02/26/2017 11:10AM
Caffiend, the Boner, and the Ontology of sin 11 BYU Boner02/26/2017 02:01AM
LDS: the Gap between 'do as I say/do as I do': ever been Wider? GNPE02/26/2017 10:48PM
spintobear Temple clothes02/26/2017 05:23PM
Mormons - 5, Nevermos/Exmos - 0 AnonInUtah02/26/2017 04:50PM
The Celestial Compression that is Mormonism Elder Berry02/26/2017 03:44PM
Utah fifth highest in personal bankruptcy. LINK 10 Topper02/26/2017 03:53PM
blonde hair and blue eyes? sunbitch02/26/2017 07:47PM
Anxiety article (March 2017 Ensign) Darren Steers02/26/2017 04:26PM
Forget Cain and the The Three Nephites. What's the fascination with Bigfoot 21 anybody02/25/2017 07:48PM
I'm despairing about what I am doing with my professional life after BYU... 40 Cold-Dodger02/24/2017 12:51AM
I went to the Target store in Centerville, UT today 23 memikeyounot02/25/2017 07:46PM
Uh Oh ... the EQ President Hasn't Done His Home Teaching 11 paulk02/26/2017 01:48PM
Leading by Example, or by Trample? steve benson02/26/2017 05:01PM
NASA's Voyager carries greeting card from earth 40 years into space (OT) Amyjo02/26/2017 08:30AM
Need the reference please themaster02/25/2017 10:36PM
Is Gonzaga the Korihor of college basketball? Agnes Broomhead02/26/2017 02:13AM
Nauvoo Expositor - Fake News? Spinmeister02/26/2017 07:15PM
How to Not Teach Sunday Without Spilling the Beans 31 windyway02/22/2017 12:58PM
mormons having babies like it will save their souls 21 badassadam02/25/2017 06:43PM
Most Utah adults unprepared for work force, ineligible for military-LINK 11 Topper02/25/2017 03:47PM
Boise, Idaho? 17 jellobeltnevermo06/24/2016 05:45PM
Taco Sunday at Church 12 memikeyounot02/26/2017 01:52PM
How Do You Explain Your Past Spiritual Experiences in Mormonism? 34 brigidbarnes02/25/2017 05:37PM
Missionary elders standing on the street in Ferguson, Missouri..... 11 Agnes Broomhead02/25/2017 04:32PM
Truth After Mormonism (or My PB and Me) Nightingale02/26/2017 03:54PM
BYU Grad Judge Quashes Monson Subpoena left4good02/26/2017 04:12PM
Who says women don't have it good in the Church? 14 paulk02/25/2017 12:17PM
Nobody‚Äôs got a clue 16 Claire Ferguson02/23/2017 01:51PM
A Wee Update on My Wife 39 Lethbridge Reprobate02/24/2017 07:01PM
When your estranged crazy TBM parent dies did you feel sad? 47 Elder Berry02/18/2017 08:05PM
Air Force shows more honor than BYU's honor code-LINK Topper02/25/2017 03:37PM
Divorce TBM husband 26 SAMATHA1202/25/2017 09:16PM
Joseph's fertility cult Babyloncansuckit02/26/2017 01:03PM
So, it would appear there's big money in temple rebuilding Levi02/26/2017 10:39AM
I am a Mormon Polygamist 18 themaster02/22/2017 06:08AM
Is the Church Supporting Survial Groups SEcular Priest02/22/2017 10:33PM
I thought leaving Mormonism would open your mind 60 anybody02/24/2017 09:28AM
Is the Constitution hanging by a thread? (cartoon) . . . 74 steve benson02/23/2017 06:21PM
Dick Van Dyke isn't a Mormon memikeyounot02/25/2017 11:43PM