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Sticky: ***THINK before you post*** Susan I/S08/23/2015 02:46PM
Sticky: The Art of Courteous Posting (or How to Avoid Deletion) Maude05/20/2015 12:20PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Legal advice on Inheritance & LDS Church 15 frackenmess08/28/2015 10:17PM
Mormons and everybody else 6 iron08/28/2015 09:59PM
Jewish Monotheism used to be Canaanite Polytheism. 24 En Sabah Nur08/28/2015 02:48PM
judgement day (foul language warning!) applesauce08/28/2015 12:23PM
Actually Trump would make a great apostle. deco08/29/2015 10:21AM
BYU is such a great does it rank? 19 wanderinggeek08/26/2015 04:38PM
Spare the rod, spoil the child...So were you spared or spoiled? 18 Shummy08/28/2015 11:11PM
The Time Magazine Article that is making some TBMs upset 24 commonsense08/28/2015 12:47AM
So there I was The Dude08/29/2015 08:38AM
Putting An End To The Scam of Mormonism azsteve08/29/2015 09:59AM
Missionaries came over today (swearing) 10 Raptor Jesus08/28/2015 11:28PM
Hurtful confession from estranged friend 12 should have known08/29/2015 12:51AM
The Fine Art Of LDS Proof-Texting...What's Your Favorite Mormonism Example? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/28/2015 06:01PM
My TBM mother is managing to astonish me these days Itzpapalotl08/28/2015 09:02PM
Fortunetellars on their craft:"It's a scam, sir" (link) southern idaho inactive08/28/2015 10:51PM
Risky business: Fracking wastewater used to irrigate thirsty CA crops 12 Shummy08/27/2015 04:55PM
Let's be realistic about attending the exmo conference. 21 Cheryl08/27/2015 06:22PM
Who Among The Brethren Would Have The Moxie To Pull Off A Revelation? 10 anybody08/28/2015 01:35PM
Beer 22 goat08/28/2015 09:18AM
Do you suppose that when Lucifer was a little boy he was.... 10 momto15kids08/28/2015 05:08PM
Fox coverage of Alison Parker tragedy gives prevention advice 27 anagrammy08/26/2015 08:11PM
OT Bizarre Photos from Mars...signs of life, or has Internet done a number? 24 amyjo08/28/2015 08:06PM
I did it. I finally watched Napoleon Dynamite 29 Itzpapalotl08/28/2015 09:10PM
CONT -General Authorities don't pay tithing? CONT smirkorama08/29/2015 03:41AM
Just had a lovely online chat with the Missionaries! 19 Nevermo1.08/28/2015 02:50PM
The crazy Lengths Toronto Missionaries are going to!! 12 Nevermo1.08/28/2015 02:16PM
nevermore ? at a loss...08/29/2015 12:47AM
Less than 1-in-a-billion chance that the Book of Mormon is not ancient! 28 lurking in08/28/2015 01:11AM
Time to come clean! byuboner08/28/2015 11:58PM
Doom and Gloomsday "revelations" 25 Annie Onymous08/27/2015 01:02PM
Advice given to new missionary... byuboner08/28/2015 10:48PM
Can coffee make you feel sick? 16 AnonForNow08/28/2015 03:17PM
Brian Keith Dalton a.k.a. Mr. Deity is an ex-mo NOLDS4ME08/28/2015 09:44PM
General Authorities don't pay tithing? 35 Washed and Disappointed12/10/2012 04:30PM
Brigham young verses Orson Pratt poopstone08/29/2015 01:05AM
Nahom as seen by a real historian ladell08/29/2015 01:40AM
Does religion create narcissists? 28 celeste08/27/2015 12:42PM
The interesting case of Parley P Pratt 10 Bobert08/28/2015 05:54PM
Oh yippee another GD fireside! goodeye08/29/2015 12:41AM
obligatory thread What are YOU drinking this Friday evening? 23 matt08/28/2015 07:51PM
Getting Drunk for the First Time Itzpapalotl08/28/2015 11:04PM
Buried Nazi Gold Train Resurfaces O/T amyjo08/28/2015 08:35PM
Mormonism makes lying taking the moral high ground like this[Fill-in-Blank] Elder Berry08/27/2015 04:30PM
Cat's out of the bag, and it's not gonna go back in. 23 Cold-Dodger08/27/2015 01:50PM
Kentucky Clerk asks US Supreme Court to intervene in marriage case(link) southern idaho inactive08/28/2015 07:54PM
20 Greatest Choirs in the World... Guess Who's Missing? Doubting Thomas08/28/2015 01:22PM
Why are missionaries so damn immature? 34 Theret08/24/2015 05:18AM
Most creative exmo poem ever - hope it goes viral on YouTube 14 cricket08/27/2015 11:41PM
Steve Hassan's book Bagheera08/28/2015 05:54PM
The Ultimate in Goofball: Ezra Taft Benson Part of Plot to Kill JFK? steve benson08/28/2015 05:41PM
FYI--feeding the hungry in SLC seeking peace08/28/2015 04:10PM
Utah Swindlers swindled by swindler... 11 randyj08/24/2015 08:43PM
What is the actual LDS position on Darwinian evolution? 32 finnan haddie08/27/2015 05:13PM
This funny when you think about it...The POS Chicken N. Backpacks08/28/2015 04:42PM
Dudes sexting dudes; the Ashley Madison stag club for amoral morons 22 Shummy08/27/2015 08:22PM