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Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
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Spearing, Cutting & Castration: The Blood-Spilling History of the LDS Cult ^07/27/2016 11:13PM
Um, I've been gone for a while. Benson? O' Brother, where art thou? 14 toto07/10/2016 12:24AM
Help... New Seminary app, prohibits parents from accessing 22 VultureTamerNotLoggedIn07/27/2016 02:29AM
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Mormons say they aren't "doomsdayers"? Chicken N. Backpacks07/25/2016 05:14PM
Christmas on Sunday this year...? 31 dogeatdog07/25/2016 01:13AM
"...ask God for direction, Have a good day" 20 koriwhore07/25/2016 09:05PM
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Is Charles David Scoville a mormon? He's the latest Utah Ponzi guy 12 elderolddog07/27/2016 04:20PM
Did you really believe the Brethren could see and commune with Jesus? (n/t) anybody07/27/2016 10:47PM
Who remembers the K96 Soundoffs? Bamboozled07/22/2016 08:56AM
i dont know what to do 19 mdoreenruthclark07/24/2016 02:34PM
Quorom of the 12 Apostates 11 ApostNate07/04/2016 09:52PM
Denver exmormon hike always1234learning07/27/2016 09:58PM
still dead inside 24 kaci07/14/2016 10:09PM
Mormon Enigma 30 dimmesdale07/25/2016 08:58AM
Nephites and Romans 12 RPackham07/27/2016 06:26PM
Workflows to create alternate media using a subjects sound bites cheezus07/27/2016 06:11PM
Has anyone ever heard of a "do not rebaptize" list? 15 CO207/27/2016 04:41PM
Jesus isn't coming to save us Babyloncansuckit07/27/2016 07:30PM
Pastafarian not allowed to wear colander! 14 eternal107/27/2016 02:42PM
How did you know it was time to divorce? 18 Anonymous #567807/27/2016 11:40AM
Is there a site location for all the info about polygamy? Quirky Quark07/16/2016 04:29PM
How to find out who has left exsoeurorleans07/27/2016 04:49PM
10 Cities To Escape From Utah F.Y.I. 27 Amyjo07/24/2016 04:55PM
Bishop Rick the unannounced visitors 18 scaredhusband07/27/2016 11:23AM
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Planned Parenthood Punks LDS Inc, steals their CTR symbol 20 koriwhore07/27/2016 12:49AM
Pioneer Day at Hotel Utah--Thanks Phantom Shadow07/26/2016 08:39PM
Shouldn't it say '(Some) Visitors welcome'? 13 Nevermo407/26/2016 06:06PM
Old book on Google-"The Women of Mormonism" The Story of Polygamy LINK Topper07/27/2016 04:59PM
So, how many missionaries are walking around with an awful guilt-complex?? Cold-Dodger07/27/2016 01:09PM
Not communicating like Jesus Christ Elder Berry07/27/2016 12:33PM
We didn't want to emotionally manipulate the kids. McKay Cahtso07/27/2016 06:39AM
Is omeletinoz ever going to finish the story? Lost on a beach07/27/2016 02:46PM
Church presidents dying sooner? Or chosen older...? ificouldhietokolob07/26/2016 06:58PM
Nuanced belief and the strengthening of shelves atouchscreendarkly07/27/2016 12:37PM
Why doesnt this forum just say, from the get go, that this is a pro atheis bigboy07/27/2016 03:03PM
What do you say to this? 27 Whatdoyousay07/24/2016 12:06PM
Another obituary...for a GA most of us...... memikeyounot07/27/2016 01:39AM
A phony. A fraud. Misogyny. Ol Joe 12 BigBoy07/21/2016 06:12AM
My Dream of Dancing With My Father 15 donbagley07/26/2016 05:10PM
A lot has happened in 6,000 years! :-) (link) Chicken N. Backpacks07/26/2016 08:18PM
Mission calls are inspired. Seriously? 18 dancingdiva07/25/2016 01:43PM
Lamest tagline. Ever. 17 Chicken N. Backpacks07/25/2016 06:40PM
Thank you scaredhusband 11 Elder Berry07/20/2016 08:45PM
The first time I heard the word masturbate I was 11 years 20 masterrator07/15/2016 01:19PM
What can I think now of Mormonism that is useful for the rest of my life? (n/t) 24 Elder Berry07/25/2016 08:48PM
How much should LDS church give to humanitarian aid? 21 poopstone07/21/2016 09:42AM
TV psychic Miss Cleo dead at 53... 13 randyj07/26/2016 07:25PM
New convert ostracized levantlurker07/26/2016 08:37PM
Ward temple trips Rolled tacos on a sunday07/25/2016 10:08PM