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Confessions of a Smoker 36 donbagley08/28/2016 05:22PM
maybe I was never a mormon after all Heartless08/30/2016 11:54PM
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law 10 brianberkeley08/30/2016 12:24AM
Mormons in Honolulu. 21 AnonRegularPoster02/06/2014 08:42PM
DH is depressed due to fallout of! 24 anontoday08/30/2016 06:30PM
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My proposed solution to the global warming problem... randyj08/30/2016 10:50PM
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TBM compliments my never-mo wife RPackham08/30/2016 11:00PM
church won't give up stolen tithing 14 soul searcher08/30/2016 02:52PM
Predatory practices of religious people NotInAnyMore08/30/2016 02:35PM
"If your personal beliefs cause you to deny objective truths, 20 koriwhore08/29/2016 07:49PM
Alcohol in the bloodline 24 IsaacJacobs08/30/2016 06:34PM
Great sacrament service fails 30 Myron Donnerbalken08/30/2016 09:58AM
Missionaries (actors) in beer commercial. In Spanish LINK 11 Topper08/30/2016 07:39PM
Is the Mormon Church helping with flood relief in Louisiana? 12 themaster08/18/2016 09:51AM
For newbies---refuting Mormon apologists on the Book of Abraham... 17 randyj08/29/2016 09:13AM
Bruce the Moose 20 BYU Boner08/28/2016 06:44PM
O/T ? (Unless you want to kick God in the invisble balls for creating Irony dydimus08/30/2016 02:40PM
(o/t) Katrina: 30 August 2005 anybody08/30/2016 05:07PM
cont. baby boy names list kak75 aka kak5708/30/2016 09:32PM
My son married a mormon outside the temple 41 igobygrace08/26/2016 02:52AM
O/T Is this a good deal for Malwarebytes?(link) Anonymous 208/29/2016 08:08PM
Is 'garment wedgie' still around? (n/t) letsgetreal08/30/2016 06:45PM
Another money maker--The Mini Sacrament Kit--LINK 12 Topper08/30/2016 04:47AM
Latest and last email from my stateside elder nephew Elder Berry08/29/2016 09:07PM
Favorite Dawkins book? 27 cinda08/27/2016 06:58PM
Beards 33 Hockey Rat08/28/2016 03:06PM
Thought of something awesome - we are closer to Jesus than Mormons! 21 thatsnotmyname05/30/2016 10:26PM
SEC sues LDS Church 15 StillAnon08/30/2016 09:14AM
If the third is on a Saturday, you get your SS on Friday or on Monday?? (n/t) 12 Anonymous 208/29/2016 08:09PM
BY 17 tumwater08/29/2016 01:11PM
NASA: Earth is warming at a pace "unprecedented in 1,000 years" 55 anybody08/30/2016 12:31PM
Coffee addiction may be genetic ! 15 Amyjo08/29/2016 09:25AM
So very sad 11 walt disney08/30/2016 02:59PM
Perky and cute SISTER MISSIONARY becomes atheist during mission 47 Agnes Broomhead08/24/2016 03:50PM
What does atheism have to do with religion? (n/t) 54 Cpete08/22/2016 11:29PM
I teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves Justin08/30/2016 03:05PM
Which baby boy name do you like best? 60 JosieJo08/29/2016 07:30PM
Full 1984 temple endowment audio--LINK Topper08/30/2016 04:52AM
Sex is like chocolate and chastity like veggies 36 sd allison08/28/2016 02:16PM
Why any recovering person has a duty to read antimormon literature 13 Cold-Dodger08/30/2016 06:46AM
O/T Gene Wilder passed today 24 memikeyounot08/29/2016 04:52PM
BoA Essay is an admission it is not true 39 Tom Phillips08/28/2016 07:11AM
Obituary for Reed Benson 22 memikeyounot08/28/2016 06:54PM
BYU makes the "Shame List" Atari08/30/2016 05:02AM
Legal Reasoning: Is the Endowment a Valid Contract? 24 Historischer08/27/2016 05:54AM
Ex Stake President in Laguna Niguel CA off to jail for fraud. 22 Delightsome White Boy05/06/2014 05:39PM
BYU Advisory Council preparing final recommendations of sesual assault.LINK Topper08/30/2016 01:10PM
Social Conformity-Brain games--fascinating video LINK Topper08/30/2016 01:20PM
What's morg missionary work like in Panama City, Panama?? (n/t) Anonymous 208/29/2016 08:13PM
Fairly extensive record of Joseph Smith's money digging accounts Whizjamison08/29/2016 01:01PM
When applying for a job, how damaging it is.... 20 Tyrrhenia08/29/2016 11:22AM