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Sticky: The Exmormon Foundation Conference!! October 10-12, 2014 Susan I/S09/02/2014 07:18PM
Sticky: LDSOrg Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: No Politics Please, Cussing in the subline = DELETED and Blog Policy Administrator09/15/2010 05:35PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Evolution is still a fact 25 Steve Davis09/22/2014 06:27AM
"Oh we're so persecuted" (some language) nonsequiter09/22/2014 07:53PM
God is Flesh and Bone 27 nonsequiter09/21/2014 11:43PM
What happened to Joseph Smith's child by Fanny Alger? ificouldhietokolob09/22/2014 04:14PM
Who is the Mormon movies actor that left the church? 33 Riverman09/16/2014 05:38PM
My education opened my eyes selinababe09/22/2014 01:42PM
Pat Robertson having a twit on paying taxes: It's God's money" 12 Villager09/22/2014 05:10PM
Missionaries on Campus austrobrit09/22/2014 08:09PM
Is the church hemorraging financially? 11 ultra09/22/2014 07:02PM
This Satan guy sure seems to have a lot of power 25 gemini09/21/2014 01:24PM
The CES Letter Strikes Again 21 wannabfree09/21/2014 01:02PM
Was Mormonism just the wrong cult for you? 17 Stray Mutt09/21/2014 01:45PM
Done with sex - didn't see it coming 37 Anon for this09/22/2014 12:46AM
Homosexuals and ruining families????? 15 crissykays09/22/2014 11:52AM
Ever had a bishop that had an affair? 29 themaster09/21/2014 11:10PM
"Meet the Mormons" mentioned 3 times during church yesterday! 31 southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 12:35PM
I hope that my TBM family remembers my Birthday this year. It's October 5th southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 05:23PM
When are missionaries supposed to have P-day? ultra09/22/2014 06:32PM
40day fast for missionary work??!! crissykays09/22/2014 05:41PM
My little road trip from HELL 23 ultra09/22/2014 11:55AM
"My Husband Spanked Me with a Wooden Spoon," (cussing) 24 Susan I/S09/21/2014 10:12PM
O/T relationship advice needed 34 formerrlds08/24/2014 07:43PM
A neighboring ward gets more members. cwm31s09/22/2014 03:07PM
General Conference predictions since it's 2 weeks away!?? (n/t) 19 southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 04:24PM
Singles District President themaster09/22/2014 06:48PM
YW Medallion 21 tomie07/29/2013 07:17PM
The Mall and what the church said 10 Bert09/22/2014 04:15PM
Do Monson's views represent the church? caedmon09/22/2014 02:42PM
Not your average exmo gal: Davinia Catarina (adultish) 3X (nli)09/21/2014 01:30PM
Thoughts on the Book of Mormon musical 10 shiningwaters09/21/2014 08:30PM
O/T Rejection hurts 48erhater09/22/2014 05:37PM
OT- moving before having a job, need advice 11 fidget09/22/2014 09:42AM
Similarities between the fundy Duggars cult and the Mormon cult. 14 joan09/20/2014 08:51PM
Scott Whiting’s conference talk actually made me nauseated. 19 dec10/06/2012 06:50PM
Scientist and Religionists: Can you recommend a book for me? 32 thingsithink09/19/2014 09:53PM
I am totally confused about meet the 14 jonny09/22/2014 02:30AM
Russel Nelson visits Phoenix East Stake today 11 nun09/22/2014 01:33AM
Went to a Vietnam vets reunion... michaelc194509/21/2014 08:02PM
Drinking and a TBM Spouse 34 June09/21/2014 05:50PM
O/T Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States(link) 12 southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 03:04PM
Wild Burros vs Mishies InvestigatorAlligator09/21/2014 03:39AM
Sidney Rigdon knew Joseph Smith before 1830 and helped write the BoM . . . 21 steve benson09/22/2014 07:20AM
My family will be doing this on Sunday - helping a World Record attempt brigantia09/19/2014 06:41AM
Steve Davis (OT) thingsithink09/21/2014 03:52PM
Please don't misquote Carl Sagan! 13 The Invisible Green Potato09/21/2014 07:46AM
I plan to leave the church but I'm not sure what to do. 12 carterk09/22/2014 01:02AM
Speaking of Misquoting Sagan: Another Try at Making Him a Galactic Goofball steve benson09/22/2014 11:16AM
Crazy unprofessional morg behavior in Centerville. (A word) 33 Cheryl07/26/2013 06:10PM
Why was this year's Primary program on "the family a proclamation to the wo southern idaho inactive09/22/2014 12:51PM
young children ridiculous09/21/2014 05:49PM
A Little Learnin' Is A Dangerous Thing heretic09/22/2014 02:40PM
Sexual Allegations against Joseph Smith mormonthinker09/22/2014 02:16PM
Fred Roberts agnesbroomhead09/21/2014 05:00PM
Mormonism's Sexual Predator Prophet Joe Smith Locks a Teenage Girl in a Room & Tries to Convince Her to Marry Him. She Defiantly Refuses & Is Therefore Labeled a Child Prostitute-- 29 steve benson05/28/2011 02:32PM
service is cleaning another members house?? 14 topazanon09/22/2014 10:44AM