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Didnt go to church to hear the GA speak, instead I'm dealing with a nasty Anonymous 212/04/2016 04:37PM
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What's the one question you'd love for a Mormon to answer honestly 18 koriwhore12/04/2016 04:14PM
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Credibility Up in Flames: Joseph Smith & James E. Talmage Smoked Cigars steve benson12/05/2016 03:26AM
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Why is it ok to stage the BoM on B'way but not the Quran on Bway 27 koriwhore12/04/2016 05:46PM
Are mormon allowed to drink hot chocolate drink? 14 Jimmy Swaggart12/03/2016 03:17AM
Word of Wisdom Jesus turning water into wine 21 MandyElle12/01/2016 09:42PM
update on edzachery 16 edzachery12/04/2016 01:28PM
I just want honest answers to my serious questions. koriwhore12/05/2016 01:10AM
What do you imagine the nature of "God" to be? 37 catnip12/03/2016 02:20PM
If individual States required an open civil marriage. Heartless12/04/2016 03:20PM
Holy Ghost is Heavenly Mother? upThink12/04/2016 04:11PM
So proud of my kid. This was made by students at Southern Utah University! 10 Elder Berry12/04/2016 12:44PM
HIV positive Mormon here. cantsay12/01/2016 06:43AM
What is Remnant church of Jesus Christ (independence, MO)? jonny12/04/2016 10:32PM
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Has leaving the church affected the way you decorate for Christmas? 37 kativicky12/03/2016 06:52PM
RE:TITHING-- It is 10 desertman12/03/2016 06:03PM
School district's memo on Santa Claus sparks social media uproar(link) 38 Anonymous 212/01/2016 06:17PM
It's Sunday!! What are you doing today instead of church! 17 kativicky12/04/2016 08:56AM
The 12/4 Chelmsford 1st Parish UU Report msmom12/04/2016 09:06PM
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Anybody discover the truth about TSCC while teaching seminary? Nancy Rigdon12/04/2016 02:08PM
O/T Classic Books suspended by Va. school for racial slurs(link) 16 Anonymous 212/02/2016 03:15PM
`Cuz Jesus said to Shun People paulk12/04/2016 05:45PM
Monson's "Nasty" Coke Habit & the LDS Church's "Fizz"tory of Flip-Flopping 15 steve benson12/02/2016 03:59AM
Science Debunks the Benefit Claims of Prayer to a Sky Daddy Who Ain't There 10 steve benson12/02/2016 04:41PM
Ted Ralph has died 10 Chris Ralph12/04/2016 04:52PM
Christopher Hitchens: "What can be asserted without evidence..." 16 getbusylivin12/04/2016 09:22AM
Does the God of Joseph's Myth really need to be depicted fully erect? 30 koriwhore03/28/2015 04:59PM
Have you read these books? auntsukey12/04/2016 05:24PM
God does find car keys 12 Babyloncansuckit12/03/2016 10:17AM
Smithmas is coming... 16 Elder Berry11/24/2016 01:06PM
Prayer feels just as good as sex for mormons 39 Drew9011/29/2016 03:28PM
Could Jesus Christ have 'made it' in SLC? 14 quatermass212/02/2016 09:49PM
Shun City - short story by Don Bagley cricket12/04/2016 03:56PM
Well documented proof Mormons are lying through their teeth! koriwhore12/04/2016 02:39PM
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BYU Flunks art student for Bare Shoulders 40 StillAnon12/02/2016 08:15PM
Love is a powerful force. (link) de ja vue12/04/2016 01:42PM
What is the value of praying? 42 SusieQ#112/02/2016 01:50PM
op/ed-those who have left TSCC deserve unconditional love (link) gemini12/04/2016 01:40PM
The Book of Abraham: Joe Smith's crudely-plagiarized primitive pagan porn steve benson10/05/2015 05:28PM
2017 predictions for The Morg? 41 Elder Berry11/19/2016 04:17PM
Baby blessing = member of lds cult Toothfairy12/03/2016 10:38AM
Anyone Else Not Do "Santa" With Their Kids? 25 westernwillows12/02/2016 06:35PM
I find the Church Social Media Campaigns Gimmicky paulk12/03/2016 02:59PM
Apparently us apostates left "a cartoon of the church" not the REAL church. koriwhore12/03/2016 05:59PM
Again, The Ubiquitous Friday Question..... 10 Lethbridge Reprobate12/02/2016 07:30PM