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SHOULD I JOIN LDS LIVING IN UTAH COUNTY 13 josephsmithseer01/14/2017 10:16PM
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Jesus didn't pay my debt. He bought it. 10 kvothe01/16/2017 01:26AM
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I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of homophobic saints.... tig01/15/2017 05:12PM
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Anyone here wish to persuade an investigator to cancel his upcoming baptism 10 Agnes Broomhead01/15/2017 12:18PM
Mormon school teacher and scout leader convicted on 87 counts. LINK Topper01/13/2017 06:08PM
Leave now and don't look back - probably not what you're thinking 61 oooo01/14/2017 11:31PM
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Musings for Sunday, because we're not in church (well, most of us) Chicken N. Backpacks01/15/2017 09:45AM
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Family history = temple property 16 Amyjo01/12/2017 06:13PM
Is it Me or is the Church Getting Weirder by the Day 14 SEcular Priest01/14/2017 11:14AM
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