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Thoughts About Then and Now Toronto Boy10/21/2016 12:41PM
do M. royalty live under different expectations than the rank and file? 10 poopstone10/21/2016 11:43AM
Investigator/Inquiry Database roomwithaview10/21/2016 05:26PM
I am afraid of Utah. 34 brianberkeley10/19/2016 01:41PM
TBM died today and none of his TBM family was there or 12 themaster10/22/2016 12:46AM
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Spouse going back on tithing agreement. :( 47 goodeye10/21/2016 09:57AM
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OT: We saw the space station! elderolddog10/21/2016 10:00PM
I am about to file restraining orders on local lds trying to reactivate me. 17 Madatldsinc10/21/2016 07:47PM
It gets better (F-bombs and more) Former100%HomeTeacher10/21/2016 11:13PM
Some Patriarchal Blessings Posted in 1998 10 Eric K10/21/2016 10:11AM
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The oldest and largest women's organization in the world. 52 VxPx10/06/2014 07:49AM
The killers Gone girl10/21/2016 11:30PM
Does this happen to anyone else? 11 Nevermo410/21/2016 03:51PM
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Vogel vs. Hales 13 Polly Andrus10/18/2016 10:10AM
Mormon's taking over Halloween 40 Elizasnowjob10/20/2016 05:47PM
This gave me a chuckle: BoM clothing Chicken N. Backpacks10/20/2016 01:38PM
Resigning newnamesaul10/22/2016 12:23AM
The prayer of Cheezus cheezus10/22/2016 01:25AM
Hard core mormons 22 PHIL10/18/2016 09:01AM
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When celebrities join the LDS church (former US Senator last year) Oh my10/21/2016 05:03PM
DNR vs. assisted suicide 43 cantsay10/17/2016 02:29AM
I Would resign but... 11 Jimbo10/18/2016 09:09PM
My husband promised to love me "beyond death" in his vows woodsmoke10/21/2016 05:19PM
Amish thread mentioned "rumspringa. . ." catnip10/21/2016 05:20PM
kicking out the best and brightest alaskawild10/21/2016 09:49PM
obligatory thread What are YOU drinking this Friday evening? 25 matt10/21/2016 06:45PM
How to find TRUTH! 21 baura10/19/2016 07:39PM
OT - Capsaicin for joint pain, anyone have experience? 20 Jonny the Smoke10/20/2016 01:21PM
I am a "Fundamentalist Ex-Mormon"....apparently 18 tywebb10/19/2016 05:27PM
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Doofus TBM neighbor (cussing) 12 BYU Boner10/21/2016 03:31PM
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O/T vent about my employer JVN08710/21/2016 11:58AM
Oh Lord, I'm Bored. Watching Bigfoot Special on Smithsonian Channel... 21 SL Cabbie10/20/2016 01:00PM
Dan Vogel's Theory of Joe Smith the"Pious Fraud" Fails Factually (11 Parts) 30 steve benson08/25/2015 02:29AM
Cyber attacks disrupt Twitter, Paypal, and other sites earlier today. LINK Topper10/21/2016 06:20PM
Just got an interesting phone call... 19 ificouldhietokolob10/21/2016 03:34PM
Cartoons for atheists Babyloncansuckit10/21/2016 06:42PM
O/ T Two Faults "Holding Hands" Could Trigger Big Earthquakes in California Anonymous 210/20/2016 05:47PM
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Mission Field TBMs Collective Obsession with all things UTAH!! sharapata10/21/2016 05:39PM
O/T: Your internet constipated this a.m.? You're not alone. getbusylivin10/21/2016 10:05AM
"Secret Combinations" and other Mormon lingo... Shinehahbeam10/19/2016 11:55AM
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Mormon apostle caught lying to Harvard students-VIDEO LINK Topper10/21/2016 04:55PM
O/T County Board of Supervisors Enacts Anti-Clown Ordinance Through Hallowe 15 Anonymous 210/21/2016 12:13AM
Recent return trip to Barstow,ca 24 Anon4thisthread10/20/2016 01:48PM
TSCC keeps cutting jobs Godzilla10/21/2016 12:56PM
O/T Spoiler alert: DC state name to be State of Washington, DC(link) 26 Anonymous 210/19/2016 12:06AM
Woman Indicted for Hate Crime After Allegedly Stealing $160,000 in 'Blessin Anonymous 210/21/2016 02:38PM