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Sticky: The Art of Courteous Posting (or How to Avoid Deletion) Maude05/20/2015 12:20PM
Sticky: *****NO POLITICS*****YES THIS MEANS YOU Susan I/S01/18/2015 04:40PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Board down Sat. 9 PM USEDT reopen Monday 6 AM 12 Eric K07/04/2015 06:46PM
Is it OK to refer to the new Crown Prince by the nickname "Doc"? 10 agnesbroomhead07/04/2015 03:38PM
Hair dye? NeverMo Question07/03/2015 06:03PM
I CANNOT REMEMBER thedesertrat107/04/2015 09:25PM
OT:Why aren't the world's "best" psychics using their powers to save lives? 12 lurking in07/04/2015 07:19PM
Update: So my ex boyfriend already moved on lol 16 frizzy1807/04/2015 05:34PM
Pennsylvania Governor chooses to maintain absurd liquor laws Alpiner07/04/2015 02:43PM
Going Clear - Scientology documentary Truth B Told07/04/2015 09:04PM
"I know it was from God" 19 baura07/03/2015 10:23PM
Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!! Susan I/S07/04/2015 08:58PM
SCOTUS SSM Decision kills Boyd K Packer!! (n/t) 12 sharapata07/03/2015 06:11PM
Utah Valley and Salt Lake Groups korihmmm07/04/2015 08:43PM
Funeral services for President Boyd K. Packer announced(link) southern idaho inactive07/04/2015 05:36PM
President Packer's enduring legacy includes monumental "library of the Lord southern idaho inactive07/04/2015 05:38PM
Will anyone return to the Church now that Packer is a fleck of history? sharapata07/04/2015 04:36PM
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest tensolator07/04/2015 12:51PM
This Story Gives Some Insight into the Separation of Mind and Body spiritist07/04/2015 05:31PM
Canadian court upholds denial of accreditation to discriminatory law school summer07/04/2015 08:02PM
The Mormon church brought polygamy to the West smh07/04/2015 05:15PM
Boise Area Meetup Sunday 7/5 utahstateagnostics07/04/2015 02:00AM
Update on Delta, UT Hate Crime. 18 Tonto07/03/2015 11:45AM
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Reports of F&T Meetings! left4good07/03/2015 09:21AM
How do I leave the Church without my parents finding out? xe07/04/2015 06:06PM
Happy 4th of July everyone!! Be safe and have fun!!! (n/t) southern Idaho inactive07/04/2015 06:54PM
May the fourth be with you! (n/t) thedesertrat107/04/2015 06:59PM
Resenting garments b/c they represent control. Did you feel the same? deluded07/04/2015 06:52PM
God's prophets can't lead us astray, if they tried, he would remove them... Cold-Dodger07/04/2015 03:34AM
Boyd Destroyed ANY Good Feelings I Had Towards LDS-Inc As A Youth... BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/04/2015 04:53PM
Convert Here, can anyone explain why Packer is "evil" 20 doubtingLDS07/04/2015 11:10AM
PROUD to be a GAY AMERICAN!! (n/t) PapaKen07/04/2015 11:47AM
Young Mormon couple shocked by my wife 19 shodanrob07/04/2015 09:14AM
Where (I think) Packer deserves some respect and sympathy 37 Professional Postmo07/03/2015 06:25PM
Riverton, Utah Teacher Rapes girl. No jail time? 14 sonofperdition07/03/2015 10:50PM
4th southbound07/04/2015 01:30PM
O/T Mouth problems and canker sores 23 nonsequiter07/04/2015 07:54AM
"Supernatural" Explanations 12 Henry Bemis07/03/2015 03:37PM
Packer and gay bashing axeldc07/04/2015 08:25AM
I would have given anything Waterevil07/04/2015 05:19PM
I'm a former missionary, now an excommunicated felon. Ralph07/04/2015 03:45PM
Selection of new Apostles: Will nepotism play a role? flanders07/04/2015 03:59PM
That other Mormon Prophet, Steven Veazy ! Britboy07/04/2015 05:11PM
O/T Has anyone seen the movies "Terminator Genisys" and "Inside Out" 21 southern idaho inactive07/03/2015 06:47PM
Bats at the MTC. 600 female missionaries evacuated. (link) 22 Villager07/01/2015 04:00PM
My own dear Mother's great big Exmo funeral Shummy07/04/2015 12:55PM
Any RM with no bapisms (or like one) 15 kolonko07/04/2015 12:47AM
For Steve Benson flanders07/04/2015 04:10PM
No Sympathy What so Ever tensolator07/04/2015 10:56AM
Catch me up on Nelson. I try to not pay attention. 31 Login Long Lost07/03/2015 11:15PM
Let us regal each other with Songs of Trunkiness!! elderolddog07/03/2015 02:56PM
More on my friend with the lesbian daughter 15 JamesL07/04/2015 09:46AM
Cont. London ward closure whoiam07/04/2015 03:14PM
KSL posts non flattering pic of BKP shodanrob07/04/2015 09:21AM
O/T does anyone know a great house painting website? 11 deco07/03/2015 09:51PM
Kate Kelly resigns from the leadership of Ordain Women 11 summer07/03/2015 11:17PM
poetic justice for PacKKKer iknowthischurchisfalse07/04/2015 12:16PM