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Sticky: ***You do NOT need to register to post here*** Susan I/S11/18/2014 01:42AM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: No Politics Please, Cussing in the subline = DELETED and Blog Policy Administrator09/15/2010 05:35PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
La Grande 22 The Dude11/23/2014 02:18AM
family bearing testimony blindednomore11/24/2014 02:06PM
It's not TSCC's fault members don't know, it's the members fault... dydimus11/24/2014 02:56PM
Freke and Gandy, "The Jesus Mysteries" (continued thread) 13 RPackham11/24/2014 12:44PM
Where are the women apologists? EM11/23/2014 10:37PM
WHY CAN'T YOU GET OVER IT WHEN IT WAS SO LONG AGO? 19 Elder Berry11/23/2014 12:03PM
Score: LDS 1, Ex-Mo's 0 21 TruthTeller11/24/2014 11:44AM
Relief at the Death of an Abusive Parent 30 Gay Philosopher11/23/2014 10:24PM
Book Recommendation? 11 Johnny Bugeyes11/24/2014 12:56PM
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mormon caveat on "revelations" nonsequiter11/24/2014 01:14PM
Updates on Sheila and Tyler Osmond 28 Huntsville, AL Native05/02/2013 12:34AM
How does the church use its income to bless the lives of people? Elder Berry11/24/2014 01:30PM
What does the church do with its wealth? 33 waterevil1211/23/2014 11:16PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLUDGIE!!!! (n/t) 27 wine country girl11/23/2014 01:07PM
Church turning off hot water? 28 mythb4meat11/23/2014 12:35PM
Is "ask gramps" still in business? deco11/11/2014 09:04PM
Dance card drama! Bishop commits felony 24 bob...not registered02/17/2013 01:06PM
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Things I didn't know growing up in the church... tofino11/24/2014 02:26PM
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Helping Young Siblings from TBM Parent Indoctrination jMormon11/24/2014 01:20AM
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[Videos] Complete footage of Eyring, Monson, Uchtdorf not praying during co genconfprayers11/23/2014 09:35PM
Someone tell me where Jesus actually mentions "priesthood" 21 byuboner11/23/2014 06:21PM
Help! What kind of containers are safe for storing Vodka? 20 koriwhoremonger11/24/2014 11:28AM
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Does my 10 year old daughter have to sign the resignation? 16 King Benjamin11/23/2014 07:59PM
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DNA/Native Americans, Another Proof Polygamy Was Dreamed Up By Joseph? exmo_wannabe_throwaway11/24/2014 01:44PM
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Race esaay and bizarre interpretation by relative 13 blankstare11/24/2014 07:36AM
Hasten the Work 10 dinah11/22/2014 09:02PM
Why Scientologists don't walk away when they find out about Xenu 16 anybody11/23/2014 06:52AM
Why do people stay in the church? 11 peiriannydd11/24/2014 11:31AM
TBM BIL cured with blessing and olive oil needs more ASAP themaster11/24/2014 08:48AM
Heard something strange as I sat in foyer today anon123411/23/2014 08:40PM
Anyone else stressing about the upcoming holidays? 32 knotheadusc11/18/2014 02:57AM
MyTBM neighbor wants to have a BBQ with my family 34 pied piper11/23/2014 05:35PM
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CODE RED CODE RED $6,150 A WEEK 40 waterevil1211/23/2014 11:34PM
LD$ Inc. versus Catholic Church - Both businesses? 19 Phazer11/21/2014 03:04PM
Forcing anyone, especially teens and young adults, to attend church is pointless. 31 knotheadusc02/27/2011 11:56AM
On Topic: Leter from Mrs Head to MLK re: Mormons and Blacks bookratt10/31/2014 11:36AM
Praise to the man who communes with threatening angels forcing molestation Elder Berry11/23/2014 12:44PM
conversations with missionaries on my door step 23 inyorkshire11/23/2014 06:11PM
Paul Toscano's quote worth re-quoting 11 cludgie11/24/2014 07:17AM
The downside of the church growth story in Latin America. 14 kingbrigham11/19/2014 07:08AM
I guess my wife still doesn't trust me - lying for the Lord? koriwhoremonger11/24/2014 11:39AM
I finally talked to some Mormons about the essay. ExMoBandB11/24/2014 05:24AM
I have a meeting with TBM sister....advice 17 fudley11/21/2014 03:01PM