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Sticky: ***Braindead and Carl Pagan, planet of the ape, please mail admin**** Susan I/S08/17/2014 03:44PM
Sticky: LDSOrg Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: No Politics Please, Cussing in the subline = DELETED and Blog Policy Administrator09/15/2010 05:35PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
eternal family doctrine even for non members? gemini09/01/2014 09:17AM
How can no one have leaked church emails or financial reports yet? 21 Tal Bachman08/31/2014 11:19PM
Thomas "The Ear Wiggling Prophet" Monson is living proof of evolution. cricket09/01/2014 09:23AM
First Taste of Wine 29 bella1008/31/2014 08:16PM
Unable to remember childhood 10 fred09/01/2014 12:29AM
What did you think of your first Endowment experience? 22 Paul the Apostle08/31/2014 06:29PM
Bednar 21 NewPerspective08/31/2014 09:34PM
Finances of the LDS church. 10 amomnomo08/31/2014 10:40PM
Is the story of Jesus original? 11 testimonyman08/31/2014 07:21PM
Is this local, or is TSCC really desperate? Zeniff09/01/2014 07:49AM
Which GA do you fear the most? 29 L Tom Petty08/31/2014 06:55PM
special fireside coming up, Holland is the main event anon33308/31/2014 10:40PM
How do you keep going 18 Wandering08/31/2014 11:04AM
Noodly Jewellery for Yoo Kendal Mint Cake09/01/2014 08:44AM
Isolation feelings 10 preferAnon08/31/2014 11:22PM
Obedience is the first law of heaven? 17 anonnon08/31/2014 08:07AM
Ex-mormon Dog Names 31 txnevermo08/31/2014 06:42PM
Stuff my bishops said... BYUboner09/01/2014 02:35AM
Stump the Mormon #11 16 RPackham08/31/2014 04:31PM
Wife Number 19 by Ann Eliza Young 12 The StalkerDog™08/29/2014 07:32AM
19th Wife fluhist09/01/2014 04:40AM
Hi...I'm a Mormon and I believe.... Hi! I'm a Mormon and I believe08/31/2014 04:44PM
Mormons are happy people? I think not! Juliette09/01/2014 03:48AM
The Earth after the 2nd coming, Baby Sitting Hell 15 outsider08/30/2014 09:25AM
Update on my mom and her breast cancer... knotheadusc08/31/2014 10:13AM
Mobilized For War themaster09/01/2014 05:07AM
Pleasantville themaster08/31/2014 04:44AM
Anyone in the Hull/East Riding area? boogles8408/31/2014 07:27AM
Better names for "Meet the Mormons" movie 13 generationofvipers08/31/2014 04:19PM
Funeral of my ex-husband yesterday 11 gemini08/31/2014 12:35PM
Narcissistic parents was the big problem, Mormonism was secondary 18 paradox08/31/2014 09:03PM
Return with honor El Stig08/30/2014 04:27PM
Does every religion deserve a blue ribbon? thingsithink08/31/2014 10:49PM
Sunday! What are you doing instead of attending TSCC? (n/t) 22 Raptor Jesus08/31/2014 11:06AM
Two friends will be exalted. One is Stake Pres/the other less active 14 sherlock08/31/2014 10:46AM
Does TSCC ex people who are involved in fraud? 26 soju (logged out)08/31/2014 12:58PM
Did you know any Mormon "Don Juans"? Paul the Apostle08/31/2014 11:25PM
Suggestions for a new Utah County nickname 27 hangar1808/29/2014 01:21PM
Any Utah State Aggie football fans... randyj08/31/2014 09:31PM
Maybe a stupid question, but redfeather09/01/2014 01:07AM
Anyone know about emotional support animals? To hell in a handbasket09/01/2014 12:19AM
Why are women so attracted to "Spiritual" men? 20 Elder Berry08/28/2014 11:59AM
question for former ordinence workers... Already Gone08/31/2014 03:03PM
You have no rights and please remain silent thewhyalumnus08/31/2014 10:53PM
Just thinkin' ... beyondashadow08/31/2014 06:41PM
Top 10 Bizarre Mormon Beliefs Dave the Atheist08/31/2014 11:36PM
Saw BOM musical last night Nolongerin can't login08/31/2014 09:15AM
Why do so many believers REALLY get into the whole "grovel" thing Ihidmyself08/31/2014 10:17PM
Followup on hanger18's county name thread. New state bird and flower for UT Jerry the Aspousetate08/31/2014 07:31PM
Yet ANOTHER version of the First Vision 11 baura08/31/2014 08:39PM
Was anyone's combined Priesthood/ Relief Society meeting on Matthew 5:48? (n/t) southern Idaho inactive08/31/2014 05:31PM
mormonism explained (yet again) Dave the Atheist08/31/2014 10:19PM
(almost) No Consistency in Mo 'leadership'; how they process it GNPE08/30/2014 11:18AM
Does anyone else think Jeff Lindsey is really losing his mind? 22 brook08/31/2014 12:41AM
Mormon families adopting later in life, why? brook08/31/2014 11:26AM