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Sticky: LDSOrg Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: No Politics Please, Cussing in the subline = DELETED and Blog Policy Administrator09/15/2010 05:35PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Craziest belief? 31 hypnosisplz07/23/2014 01:50PM
How do I talk to Mormon missionaries without seeming hostile? 15 AmiableAgnosticAtheist07/23/2014 07:56PM
Bart Ehrman's new book "How Jesus Became God" 12 backyardprofessor07/23/2014 11:50PM
Awkward single Mormons meets Jersey Shore funeraltaters07/23/2014 10:29PM
can i just say I am soooo tired of living in Eagle Mountain, Utah jonny07/24/2014 01:10AM
If you don't believe in Mormonism, what do you believe? donbagley07/24/2014 01:01AM
Morality of M'ing (adult) guilty conscience07/24/2014 12:32AM
Happy Pioneer Day! Prophet Woodruff tells a lie Elder What's-his face07/24/2014 12:01AM
One more sign that the church, in current form, is doomed generationofvipers07/23/2014 10:58PM
Historical trivia: Temple brought down the Berlin wall 13 procrusteanchurch07/23/2014 08:14PM
OT-Smart phone life, who has had one for over three years? 17 Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/23/2014 08:22PM
Weird Youth Activities... nonsequiter07/24/2014 12:35AM
mishies sitting at park just watching kids play Jonny07/23/2014 10:43PM
Saw the 3rd New Temple Video Today 10 Toronto Boy07/23/2014 06:41PM
O/T I'm definitely in the door at Perkins! 14 southern Idaho inactive07/23/2014 08:48PM
We need a Monson pic in the $900k Audi- link Cokeisoknowdrinker07/24/2014 12:28AM
Is the rule of three always followed? 17 shiningwaters07/23/2014 02:30PM
Apostasy a sin next to murder 22 hayduke07/23/2014 03:29AM
Not Happy on my Mission, Part 2 Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/23/2014 08:47PM
The Day I "Took Out My Endowments" HHH07/24/2014 12:50AM
Neuchatel Switzerland? nomonomo07/24/2014 12:37AM
A reverend, a rabbi and an athiest... upThink07/23/2014 09:36PM
Falling Skies - Mormon dig fudley07/24/2014 12:34AM
"Mormon Congregations Day of Service" news article RPackham07/24/2014 12:17AM
Words from Thoreau I wish I had known BYUboner07/23/2014 11:11PM
For Those Former TBM's Who Stopped Quit Because of Learning the Truth... 21 Ex-CultMember07/23/2014 10:46PM
My visit home 19 orion7407/23/2014 11:50AM
Did any of you REALLY pay attention to catnip07/23/2014 11:49PM
Essays aren't working, so maybe this?....sure. 11 ConcernedCitizen07/23/2014 11:10AM
Who's going to the Hotel Utah Exmo Pioneer Day Party in SF tomorrow? 13 sonoma07/23/2014 04:05PM
Answered prayers Sweet Spirit07/23/2014 10:40PM
Book of Abraham: Simple Enough For A Child To Understand david dim-whitmer07/24/2014 12:16AM
How Big is Pioneer Day in Utah ? Southern ExMo07/23/2014 10:46PM
Don the priesthood practices FWIW07/23/2014 11:05PM
Getting rid of all the Mormon crap! 14 releve07/23/2014 01:02PM
N/T Satan's apron in the live endowment BYUboner07/24/2014 12:01AM
are Canadian mormons funny? 13 thingsithink07/23/2014 05:55PM
Where's that thread? amyslittlesister07/23/2014 09:09PM
Where would you rather live--Denmark or the Sudan? baura07/23/2014 08:32PM
What are you doing for pie and beer day? jakers407/23/2014 09:12PM
We shouldn't exist. baura07/23/2014 11:30PM
Candle passing BYUboner07/23/2014 10:44PM
Have you seen Book of Mormon musical? 30 androidandy07/01/2014 08:07PM
Mission Presidents Handbook...thought TSCC couldn't shock me anymore 17 Unindoctrinated07/23/2014 06:26PM
Who would be the beneficiaries of the church largesse? loopyloo07/23/2014 06:41PM
I should have listened to my wife sooner 16 santosdumont07/23/2014 03:16AM
Has anyone encountered the Facebook "Danites"? Rusty Shackleford07/23/2014 04:17PM
Oxymoron: Mormon Royalty 28 Quoth the Raven Nevermo07/23/2014 02:50PM
How many Arrest Warrants did Joseph have against him? WillieBoy07/23/2014 10:25PM
Re: Age-Gap Romances, cont'd. icedtea07/23/2014 06:42PM
Guilt, Shame, Unworthiness blueskyutah07/23/2014 05:09PM
Facebook is an LDS Inc. marketing tool that I hope backfires. 19 Unindoctrinated07/23/2014 12:29PM
Does Tommy Monson Poop? 28 Amazing Trace07/23/2014 10:17AM
The GA That Breaks Rank With "The Brethren" Will B The REAL Hero Of Mo'ism! (n/t) 11 BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/22/2014 09:17PM
What lies were in the Nauvoo Expositor 24 WillieBoy07/23/2014 03:44PM