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Sticky: A Thanks to Susan I/S for Her Years of Administrating the Board 208 Eric K03/05/2015 05:22PM
Sticky: *****NO POLITICS*****YES THIS MEANS YOU Susan I/S01/18/2015 04:40PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
What does it take to move up the ladder in the Mormon hierarchy? 17 rt04/01/2015 06:58AM
You Know You've Lost the Anti-Gay Fight When You've Lost NASCAR & Walmart steve benson04/01/2015 03:12PM
Looking for suggestions... iplayedjoe04/01/2015 12:40AM
Time 19 bradley04/01/2015 09:58AM
Is RFM an "apostate group?" 31 lastofthewine03/31/2015 12:52PM
Fair's response to CES Letter 22 tm29003/29/2015 06:31PM
O/T Best headline today, not April Fool's joke rationalist0104/01/2015 05:01PM
As U All As A Witness PLEASE ACCEPT My Apology 4 My Previous Post Thanks! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/31/2015 07:42PM
i Humbly Beseech Ye For Sound Counsel (O/T) 24 Wannabeanon4this03/26/2015 02:22PM
Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally cancel Indiana show in response to Indiana Re southern idaho inactive04/01/2015 03:11PM
The Immaculate Confection ziller04/01/2015 10:10AM
What is the funniest moment in general conference? (link) 21 nonsequiter03/31/2015 03:58PM
has DCP learned nothing???!? april fools not an excuse to be an ass lemmie04/01/2015 03:30PM
O/T McDonald's restaurant workers to get 10% pay raise(link) southern idaho inactive04/01/2015 04:05PM
Announcement: I am getting married! wine country girl04/01/2015 03:56PM
Did you ever feel like Tom Cruise (or his girlfriend) as a TBM? Elder Berry04/01/2015 12:38PM
Do I eat the cookies?? 11 Scully (not logged in)04/01/2015 09:17AM
Women receive the priesthood! Kate Kelly returns to Revelations04/01/2015 03:25PM
"Christians are more concerned with waging culture wars than washing feet" Cold-Dodger03/31/2015 02:22PM
Talking with Ex-Mo's online while you were still TBM funn04/01/2015 02:59PM
Why is he sending me emails like this?!! Is this flirting? Does he seriously think I'll come back? (Got an email from my missionary) 19 Calypso02/06/2012 08:50AM
What does this mean? misterzelph04/01/2015 02:35PM
Anyone going to watch Pulpitpalooza after Good Friday? (n/t) 16 Elder Berry03/31/2015 04:07PM
I'm repenting and going back to church, you all should join me 12 zarahemlatowndrunk04/01/2015 11:21AM
The AUDACITY of my TBM Neighbor!!!!! 32 ANON4thispost04/01/2015 11:54AM
Indiana Pizzeria Tells Local News Station They Won’t Serve Same-Sex Marriag southern idaho inactive04/01/2015 03:09PM
Like a light on a hill Utah's counties glow white like their temples Elder Berry04/01/2015 09:16AM
Happy crazy weekend. Slightly OT jcrichards04/01/2015 02:25PM
AR gov. sends back religious freedom law after Walmart pressure eunice04/01/2015 02:46PM
BYU Student misterzelph04/01/2015 02:11PM
Ex mo fun when you're retired, Missionary baiting 101 (part 2) Exmointexas04/01/2015 11:41AM
Scientologists Are Engraving The Words Of L. Ron Hubbard On Steel Plates anybody04/01/2015 02:23PM
April Fool's Warning Historischer04/01/2015 02:26AM
New Wards CrispingPin04/01/2015 02:01PM
Is Mormonism scary or pathetic? 19 Exmointexas03/31/2015 05:50PM
LDS Church Attack on Gay Marriage Same as Its Attack on Black Civil Rights 17 steve benson12/29/2013 12:58PM
General Conference riddles - trivia - nonsense. cricket03/31/2015 07:30AM
How would you respond to the claim?––"it just doesn't strike me as a book of 24 Cold-Dodger03/31/2015 03:26PM
Here is What is Wrong with Sustaining Monson 20 SEcular Priest03/30/2015 06:46PM
Mutual Oppression: It's Not as Black Man vs. White Gay as Some May Think steve benson04/01/2015 01:38PM
Does anyone REALLY believe that Monson does his own tweets? 17 sharapata03/30/2015 08:59PM
Legal action? Farfromhere04/01/2015 09:58AM
The Mailbag: White Gay Men Can't Be Discriminated Against Like Black Men 31 steve benson03/31/2015 07:56PM
Divorce? Didn't see it coming. 14 whawha03/30/2015 06:41PM
Shout Out To Conference Watchers: Heroes of Historical Research esias03/30/2015 12:25PM
T.V. ratings for General Conference Reality Check04/01/2015 11:17AM
By their lack of apologies ye shall know them 22 Elder Berry03/28/2015 01:00PM
Church detective called 28 rationalguy11/20/2012 01:50PM
(o/t) ??? Hermann Göring's Nephew From SLC, UT Flew B-17s In WW II ??? anybody04/01/2015 09:05AM
Since when are patterned tights not allowed? 30 Type one03/29/2015 08:00PM
beyondashadow Returns and Reports on Life Between Lives hypnosis . . . beyondashadow04/01/2015 12:42AM
A thought-provoking article on alcohol addiction 31 Tal Bachman03/24/2015 03:56PM
First Presidency Letter to be Read This Sunday.... Bite Me04/01/2015 11:12AM
Thank you Saucie for telling us years ago that today is Zelph's Birthday. Jerry the Aspousetate04/01/2015 08:50AM
OT April Fool's Day! 16 hopefulhusband03/31/2015 12:12PM