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Sticky: Re Missionary who Died: Please Refrain from Posting Personal Info Maude05/08/2017 12:58PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 Please read - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Has history redeemed JFK's political reputation among TBMs? Shummy05/25/2017 01:16PM
Ward Activities are now "Neighborhood" activities 18 paulk05/24/2017 11:04PM
poll: Who else stood outside the temple as your kid married 23 no recommend05/25/2017 11:26AM
Women Needed to Tell Their Stories of Being an LDS Teenager 19 hjstone05/21/2017 08:46PM
Are mormons creationists? 25 dr503/03/2011 03:17PM
Taking Deposits now on Flights to Kolob and Land for Sale in Kolob 29 rebeljamesdean05/23/2017 05:49PM
What happens when an unmarried BYU student becomes preggers? 21 GNPE05/21/2017 11:53PM
Will the Mormon faith survive 100 years from now? 33 rebeljamesdean05/22/2017 10:10PM
O/T: Shapeshifter on Wireless Radiation. Hope RfM scientists w respond 27 kathleen05/24/2017 03:11PM
Sacramento ExMos: 17 wcg05/24/2017 09:10PM
As Monson Sinks, It's Time for SURVIVOR MUSICAL CHAIRS steve benson05/24/2017 05:57AM
Concerning classification by race. Please read and comment desertman05/25/2017 01:23PM
New Name 15 23eagle7605/23/2017 11:21PM
Five years out co post mo05/25/2017 11:34AM
Reverse Temple Covenants blueskyutah05/24/2017 02:22AM
How to raise kids outside of Mormonism 14 degenerate05/25/2017 11:18AM
Dead Sea Scrolls 23 nolongercounted05/23/2017 10:40AM
JFK Library Debuts Video Honoring His Centennial OT Amyjo05/25/2017 12:56AM
Via Lorenzo Snow cludgie05/24/2017 04:16PM
8 yr. old 15 honest one05/23/2017 08:28PM
Antwerp Belgium Stake: Two More Units Closed 15 Suzy Lee05/24/2017 08:01AM
Do people get in trouble (with he church) for posting on this site? 17 slayermegatron05/25/2017 08:29AM
Could a leadership coup happen to LDS Inc on Monson's death? 38 Gheco05/24/2017 12:59AM
What IS "anti-mormon" anyway? 24 gettinreal05/24/2017 04:12PM
Failure of Faith - (to kentish from Steve Benson's thread) Nightingale05/24/2017 10:30PM
doing the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs 12 Dave the Atheist05/25/2017 09:49AM
"This is the Place": Not What You Think--Manchester, not Salt Lake 12 steve benson05/24/2017 04:40AM
The symbol of Manchester is a bee brigantia not logged in05/25/2017 08:57AM
Why we (Humans) Lie kenc05/24/2017 04:58PM
Anyone here ever a veil worker or temple worker? 41 left4good06/09/2015 04:00PM
Be still, my recovering heart! 17 PapaKen05/23/2017 09:00PM
KY Ark Park Planning Tower Of Babel And Plagues Of Egypt Thrill Ride anybody05/24/2017 10:14PM
Oaks tells Cambodians to pay up 13 Chicken N. Backpacks05/24/2017 05:07PM
Is it possible to go back? 16 Babyloncansuckit05/20/2017 10:11AM
Ex-Quiverfull woman lived "The Handmaid's Tale" anybody05/25/2017 04:40AM
Article: How to Identify a Dangerous Cult Stray Mutt05/23/2017 04:21PM
Next OT question: Anyone else got moths the size o chickens? kathleen05/24/2017 07:17PM
"As I have loved you, love one another ... " Amyjo05/24/2017 01:40PM
More on Mormons and Creationism decultified05/23/2017 10:20PM
Missionary Visit - Very Annoyed 29 transylvania05/24/2017 07:51PM
Read the fine print on your AncestryDNA agreement. They own your DNA 17 Devoted Exmo05/23/2017 04:01PM
Religious school says black natural 'fro hairstyles aren't "christian" anybody05/24/2017 06:45PM
How to cope feeling like the only non-mormon around...? 11 rachellej05/24/2017 05:08PM
What are the most incredulous claims in Mormonism & Christianity 58 rebeljamesdean05/22/2017 05:08PM
I met a TBM girl, and... it's complicated... 36 Cold-Dodger05/22/2017 11:29PM
How Many Gold Teeth Did U Donate 4 The Temple In Your Neck Of The Woods???? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/24/2017 09:14PM
Mormon Father told chaplain he was, "No Religion" koriwhore05/24/2017 01:43AM
LDS, Inc. Doesn't Answer their phone! GNPE105/24/2017 05:21PM
Macey's grocery store in owned, right? 17 gemini05/22/2017 01:46PM
Question: Do Mormons Attack or Hurt ExMormons Growing77705/24/2017 04:56PM
Muslims to Use Stake Center for Prayer Meetings 17 SEcular Priest05/23/2017 06:57PM
Small Church Pastor's Open Letter To Rev. Franklin Graham 15 anybody05/20/2017 02:33PM
Proposed Texas bill takes aim at men's masturbation habits 37 Shummy05/18/2017 11:28PM
?? about the "Essays" 14 granny05/19/2017 12:23AM
What responsibility do we have to others after leaving the Church? 56 rebeljamesdean05/21/2017 01:23PM