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Uchtdorf Dodged A Bullet ... Foresight01/17/2018 12:35AM
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What is the new morg First Presidency going to do first!?? 12 Anonymous 201/16/2018 10:25PM
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How long will Nelson live as morg CEO!?? He's 93 and that's older than Anonymous 201/16/2018 10:22PM
More revisionist History - Jodie Arias mini series 14 eaglejedi01/15/2018 09:48PM
OT The Coffee Dilemma 24 mightybuffalo01/16/2018 08:24PM
Update on my leaving and med school 50 mightybuffalo01/05/2018 01:46PM
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Article, 'Mormonism’s Crisis of Faith' 15 Titanic Survivor01/13/2018 12:19PM
A missile warning for Hawaii......38 minutes to ponder the hit 42 tutu01/14/2018 10:40AM
Is the morg's way on pornography over!?? Or are they keeping 11 Anonymous 201/16/2018 10:27PM
Nelson Press Conference Fails - mic drop ending cricket01/17/2018 07:09AM
Nelson's fist 24 Godzilla01/16/2018 11:53AM
In my mailbox today, from our local church 13 memikeyounot01/16/2018 09:37PM
I'm going to take the first step...need some advice 40 corallus01/10/2018 01:46PM
"Not just about a cake shop": LGBT people battle bias in everyday routines( Anonymous 201/16/2018 10:50PM News Conference January 18th, Salt Lake City 10 moremany01/15/2018 09:10PM
MLK Jr Day "I have a dream" OT 18 Amyjo01/15/2018 11:36AM
The great dumbing down Dave the Atheist01/17/2018 01:01AM
Join me at Protect LDS Children news conference Thurs SLC cricket01/16/2018 10:39AM
The First Presidency Chicken N. Backpacks01/16/2018 09:45PM
Archaeologists find little evidence of the Bible being true paisley7001/17/2018 12:04AM
How should I tell people that I really don't want to go through the temple? 16 JaemieH01/16/2018 04:35PM
12 Tribes of Israel? 10 brook01/16/2018 11:26AM
Today's Flat Earth Thread (sadly, no joke) 18 L.A. Exmo01/15/2018 07:51PM
Monson already thrown under the bus Heartless01/12/2018 11:41PM
Quorum of the twelve apostates. Dave the Atheist01/17/2018 12:30AM
O/ T Teens consuming laundry detergent pods in viral "challenge"(link) 26 Anonymous 201/13/2018 03:28PM
TBMs comments/reactions to new 1st presidency? bluebutterfly01/17/2018 12:21AM
When did you first realise you were brainwashed? (n/t) 30 anybody01/12/2018 11:04PM
Charlatans will continue to prey on the weak and simple-minded paisley7001/17/2018 12:14AM
Therapy sucks(cussing) 22 Badassadam101/15/2018 04:25PM
Continuation of '" Hate Missionaries" 15 scmd not logged in01/15/2018 05:08AM
MLK quote that Mormons would hate CrispingPin01/15/2018 10:22AM
Men, protect your genitals. Oaks is in the first presidency. 14 Atari01/16/2018 11:35AM
What do I say to missionaries? 55 floatingnevermo01/13/2018 09:03AM
I wonder if the new presidency of the church get raises along with 13 saucie01/16/2018 06:49PM
Instead of paying tithing, go skiing 20 chipace01/15/2018 12:51PM
$5.00 Christmas gifts for progeny 52 notmonotloggedin01/13/2018 01:30PM
Drinking game for the next time your spouse makes you watch icanseethelight01/16/2018 05:39PM
Trump approval highest among Mormons. Why? 25 koriwhore01/15/2018 01:27PM
Divorced TBM celebrity ex-wife marries nevermo and is fine with it. 16 Anon for this...01/15/2018 08:52PM
What a difference a month makes. Heartless01/16/2018 04:56PM
Any advice on exit plan? 32 saffainoz01/14/2018 07:13PM
Online Challenged TBM Threatens ExMo's with a Rotting Disease 18 brigidbarnes01/16/2018 05:30AM
So it's Oaks and Erying (N/T) (n/t) 53 angela01/16/2018 11:07AM
It's coffee enemas again ... 22 Dave the Atheist01/14/2018 03:09PM
Is birth country random? 24 May01/16/2018 02:27PM
Flash brief - Prez Nelson - Oaks 1st and Eyring 2nd - Uchtdorf out 16 tamboruco01/16/2018 11:08AM
I suspected that these parents were religion-connected... (link) 10 ragnar01/16/2018 08:32AM
Did the new so-called prophet or counselors serve missions? NormaRae01/16/2018 12:28PM
Missionaries are a third rail issue among mormons & exmos. 27 Cheryl01/14/2018 10:01AM