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Sticky: Request to help fund Recovery from Mormonism Eric K05/29/2016 10:49AM
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Sticky: *** Guidelines,Censorship, Trolls, Rumors and Religious Wars *** Administrator09/15/2010 05:26PM
Thought of something awesome - we are closer to Jesus than Mormons! thatsnotmyname05/30/2016 10:26PM
You'll find THAT out when you get to the Temple... 12 Jamshid Rohani05/30/2016 10:33PM
o/t Curse you, Microsoft! ÷÷÷shakes fist impotently÷÷÷ 32 matt05/29/2016 07:21PM
Are all Mormons Narcissism??? 15 hahahaha05/29/2016 06:48PM
ANZAC Day - very OT 17 Aussieblokesarebest04/24/2016 03:10PM
LDS church tampers with witnesses on death penalty case Mike T.05/31/2016 06:38AM
Cruise with a GA 19 antilehinephi05/28/2016 06:52AM
I've been a bad boy! 32 BYU Boner05/29/2016 05:36PM
Family, isn't it about time? 18 TheBishop'sDaughter05/30/2016 10:33AM
How many exmo home brewers are out there? 20 helamonster05/27/2016 05:01PM
My Mother!!! 10 angel33305/30/2016 04:34AM
The Missionaris v The Ward OzDoc05/31/2016 05:26AM
Why does Mormonism view Elsa as a threat? 19 anybody05/30/2016 09:28PM
about my wife's experiences at byu 19 scmd05/27/2016 03:54AM
Are these things still pushed in the Morg? BYU Boner05/30/2016 07:52PM
what I miss the least about meetings 17 sam05/29/2016 07:07PM
Bad Drivers O/T Dave the Atheist05/31/2016 02:03AM
TBM mom accused me of "cherry picking"... peacelovemoana05/31/2016 12:10AM
Why was the five points of fellowship removed from the Temple Endowment? 13 Jamshid Rohani05/30/2016 09:45PM
Oh moan, on women and careers 18 satans sister05/26/2016 10:39PM
Advice on Pandering to a TBM Males 17 Ready to Pull Hair Out05/30/2016 07:13PM
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Hymns I'd like to see/hear... getbusylivin05/30/2016 07:12PM
Nevada Judge Handcuffs Woman Defender 24 StillAnon05/28/2016 03:49PM
You cannot read this and believe they don't know . . 12 Devoted Exmo05/30/2016 04:25PM
the guily taketh the truth to be hard... liesarenotuseful05/30/2016 06:27PM
Ran into a mission companion tokki05/30/2016 11:56PM
Raped by a coat hanger in Mormon town Dietrich, Idaho 10 Sassafras05/30/2016 06:01PM
global warming (man made) is a religion - a false one 23 worm05/28/2016 11:26PM
Why is it a major no no to dicuss accepting a calling but... 10 messygoop05/30/2016 05:39PM
No Style tensolator05/31/2016 12:28AM
College project 33 Sabrinap05/30/2016 06:49PM
The Three "Types" of Investigators in my mission 21 Jamshid Rohani05/30/2016 01:45AM
Was everyone's combined Priesthood and Relief Society on "Lifetime Learning Anonymous 205/29/2016 04:36PM
Bizarre requirement from Utah apartment complex (link) 18 ragnar05/30/2016 01:50AM
Could this girl be the DUMBEST SISTER MISSIONARY ever? 33 Agnes Broomhead05/29/2016 07:08PM
One of my pivotal changes from Mormonism makes me a monster saver 11 Elder Berry05/29/2016 07:22PM
I wish the church was true--so much. 17 sam05/29/2016 05:01PM
Is It Legit 2 Tell A TBM In Conversation That More R Leaving Than Joining? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/30/2016 07:58PM
Zora Neale Huston: dedicated to VerilyVerily elderolddog05/30/2016 11:38PM
Church always learns "the hard way" (Nigerian temple) 13 Jamshid Rohani05/29/2016 07:27PM
Cigar and Scotch 15 sam05/30/2016 04:26PM
Top 15 Mormon leaders are lying and they know it! 20 koriwhore05/22/2016 01:57PM
Living Scriptures: Anybody here ever work for them?? Jamshid Rohani05/30/2016 10:52PM
Green aprons made in China Marco not Rubio05/27/2016 05:15PM
Exmo Aspie proudly presents "The crazy YSA ward" 12 Exmo Aspie05/30/2016 02:45AM
Wait, so they give you a new name in the temple? Are they all white names? 29 abcdomg05/28/2016 10:11PM
Mission field letter: Investigator slams missionaries with research. 14 Maizyday205/29/2016 07:32PM
Strangest patriachal blessings 27 Lyle jeffs05/28/2016 08:02AM
Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day. Susan I/S05/30/2016 05:53PM
Oh Wow. Here's a guy's real Homor Code File. 17 Topper05/29/2016 08:58PM
Semi-OT about poster 'Happy Hare Krishna' (anonymous this time)05/30/2016 05:59PM
Utah man attacked for taking his 5-year-old daughter into Walmart men's bat 32 Dave the Atheist05/26/2016 12:50AM
Doubt springs eternal getbusylivin05/30/2016 10:36AM
Another great letter 16 Elijah Unabel05/27/2016 11:18AM