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Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 Please read - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Mormon to Christian to Atheist 21 RebelJamesDean03/23/2017 05:04PM
Anyone losing their hair from stress ? 33 kathleen03/19/2017 10:58PM
O/T Is there a way to block certain posters? 14 hawk03/24/2017 12:46AM
I'm despairing about what I am doing with my professional life after BYU... 53 Cold-Dodger02/24/2017 12:51AM
o/t Mom is in great need of some good thoughts 22 kativicky03/21/2017 08:39PM
(o/t (?)) ~ OK ~ ok ~ ziller's thurs nite female form appreciration thred ~ ziller03/23/2017 09:32PM
Did you ever pray to find a lost item? 16 beckyannawesome03/23/2017 11:20AM
Home and Visting Teaching - suicide attack in Westminster jstone03/23/2017 11:00AM
Did Jesus ever make a joke? Any written record of a sense of humor? (n/t) 10 thingsithink03/23/2017 09:46PM
Joseph, like Trump, loved to boast and be the center of it all presleynfactsrock03/23/2017 07:16PM
Do you love the band Blind Melon? M. Uzak03/23/2017 03:20PM
Has anyone here performed a Miracle? thingsithink03/23/2017 10:15PM
The Day Sandra Tanner Bore Her Hypocritical Testimony to Me (cont) 48 steve benson03/23/2017 12:12PM
Shouldn't the minimum Age for Baptism be at least 18 RebelJamesDean03/23/2017 11:22PM
No exmo is responsible for mormon record accuracy. Cheryl03/21/2017 08:11AM
OT: Brady's Stolen Jerseys Found but the Celebration's Ruined by a Cartoon steve benson03/23/2017 11:48PM
Heber City mans/social/construct03/23/2017 10:34PM
Freemasons 11 valkyriequeen03/23/2017 11:26AM
Jodi Arial Penalty Retrial: My post re Mormon singles culture (long) 16 anagrammy12/04/2014 11:37AM
How did Ancestry, etc. get such control of SS Death Index? kathleen03/23/2017 08:46PM
There is only one race and Europeans weren't "white" until 8500 years ago anybody03/23/2017 10:06PM
Dark-skinned people are ugly? 20 baura03/23/2017 01:08AM
Mormons and christianity 22 nonsequiter03/23/2017 01:14AM
Funniest BofM scripture 13 Ihidmyself03/23/2017 05:06PM
"The key is locked inside the car and I need the key to get it out"-dilemma M. Uzak03/23/2017 05:19AM
How many noisy ex-mo's have received the Curse of Korihor so far? 20 brigidbarnes03/22/2017 11:31PM
Recent Mission President excommunicated 40 mannaz09/25/2015 09:17AM
Does LDS attract lots of nasty snarly types with a front of holiness? 22 brigidbarnes03/21/2017 10:48PM
My Reactions in SM meeting today 21 SEcular Priest03/05/2017 08:33PM
What Was Moroni Really Doing With Joseph? Tonto Schwartz03/05/2017 07:23PM
Do branches of minimal members have to suffer through 3 hours of Church? 12 sharapata03/22/2017 10:01PM
I'm Back-OT 10 applesauce03/23/2017 12:13PM
The biggest blunder in the BoM? 32 Chicken N. Backpacks03/21/2017 03:02PM
Utah among leaders of white people's "deaths of despair" getbusylivin03/23/2017 10:24AM
Your mail got opened by mistake dodo03/23/2017 03:48PM
Miracle spring water that will magically get you money 14 badassadam03/23/2017 01:21PM
book finds at DI JoD and Mormon Doctrine 1966 15 Heartless03/21/2017 09:54PM
Utah Victim in London Terrorism was Visiting Mormon Missionary Inlaws lurking in03/23/2017 11:34AM
Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear. 27 Rubicon03/19/2017 06:58PM
Healing "Miracles" -- As a Mormon, Did You Ever Believe ... 16 lurking in03/22/2017 04:56PM
neil diamond in SLC on a sunday 17 rolled tacos on a sunday03/22/2017 12:10AM
Mormon Heartland Tours 13 paulk03/21/2017 10:28PM
TSCC shady dealing re: Visas for missionaries (link) gemini03/23/2017 10:25AM
Rude or snarky things MORmONS have said to you 18 lazylizard03/19/2017 03:32PM
Interesting time with my in laws this weekend Daledobach04/04/2016 07:33PM
A catholic girl 23 Anon 194503/20/2017 04:20PM
What is the truth about the church copyright of a apostates document? Harvey Milk03/20/2017 10:02AM
Trading up: Garments --> Bikini briefs --> Thong 17 SexyMan03/22/2017 11:19AM
Who are the power players behind the Big 15? Curious George03/23/2017 12:48AM
Religious Obsession Is Hurting America 36 anybody03/21/2017 07:32AM
Don't want to argue. Why should public schools have faith-based education? 48 anybody03/21/2017 11:48PM
what do mormons believe about massage theorapy/parlors? 11 poopstone03/23/2017 12:47AM
Saving the sex slaves, Mormon style 20 generationofvipers09/16/2015 02:51PM
SL Tribune "Mormon church releases video of family accepting gay son..." 21 LGBT03/20/2017 08:42PM
The Day Sandra Tanner Bore Her Hypocritical Testimony to Me 45 steve benson03/23/2017 04:04AM